Dunk Souls III

Hollow knight steamsteam asparagus in microwave DARK SOULS™ III review Okay now, the secret to this guy is that you have to wait until he is just right below you. And then you go for the plunging attack. And- here we go, here we go. Oh fuck. IT WASNT ME! IT WASNT ME, STOP! Dammit! Just a lit- a little too early on that one. Okay I think I got the hang of it now; these guys all die in one hit! What the fuck is that? What the f- try ranged battle Of COURSE! Try the ranged battle! Oh my God, no. Im sorry, it wasnt me. It wasnt me, it wasnt my idea you got- Im playing with a USB steering wheel! Its not my fault! Its not my fault. try jumping Okay. You probably get, like, an item down here... ...No, you just die. Uh uh. I aint never listening to one of these ever again in my life. Be wary of left? That means the monster will be on my right. Hes probably will attack from- Dammit! Now, you gotta wait until hes just right under you. Here it, here it is! This is the- What the fuck! No no no dont- Ha ha ha! BACKSTAB! Bitch! Ooh! Get em outta here. What! Why is there three of that guy?! Oh, cos its Dark Souls three. They put three of every guy- Maybe I can just sneak past. I have no flasks left. Oh god no. I just need to sneak past, and get to the bonfi - Is he chasing me? I dont think hes cha- I just need to find a bonfire... ...are you FUCKING kidding me. Thank you, Dark Souls. Just run through the whole thing. Just run- where is the bonfire? Huh, Charleston? Wheres the fucking bonfire? Huh? Huh, Reynolds? I have a hundred guys chasing me. I need to find the bonfire- Please, do not shoot the arrow at me. Ive been through so much shit just to get this fa- *gasp* Its down there, its down there! Okay yeah, this is looking like where it would be. Maybe past the red door. Thank you, Dark Souls. Dont you shoot your shitty dragon breath all over my perfect T-bones! He burnt them to a crisp. Im gonna get up- Im gonna get up- Im gonna get up- Im gonna get up th- Get up- Im gonna get up there and Imma beat the shit outta this dragon. Its as simple as that folks. You go in the dungeon, and you get a treasure chest. I think Ill take my reward- aaand of course. Thank you, Dark Souls. Come on, what are you doing? Youre not even trying! What are you bringing him over here for? God damn idiot. Kill em! Oh my god, these people are WORTHLESS! If you want something done right, you gotta do it all by yourself. Thats what I always say. Come and get some you fucking Eskimo- GAH! SHIT! FUCK! I STILL HAVE HEALTH! I still have enough health to win! I can do this! Thats a hit! Hit him, you piece of shit! I did it! *laughing* So, uh, if you guys need any help beating the game, just send me a YouTube comment. Dont laugh. This gives me POISON resistance. Look, guys! Its Stray Demon from Dark Souls 1. He was, uh, the first monster you encountered in that game, actually. He was just kind of a mini-boss. He wasnt very tough... um... If you could- if you could put me down now, Stray Demon- Thank you, Dark Souls 1. illusion ahead. 76 appraisals - its gotta be real. *failure horns* Oh my god, no. No, turn the video off! The bigger they are, the bigger they fall! The secret to beating this giant, is to use this little corner over here against him. Hes at a disadvantage here. Because watch, watch this. He tries to reach in, and he cant quite get you. So you just- You keep waiting for him to reach in and you whack his hand every time cus hes such a dumbass that he cant- *he can* Dont laugh. Some guy invaded me and I have this fire trap here. So when he comes in, I- oh shit, there he is already. Okay. Woah woah woah woah wha- Aaand activate the trap! Whered he go? Okay, here we go. Round two. Trap! Activate! Here we go! Dont you touch that cup. Dont... ...dont you touch that cu- WHYD YOU GOTTA TOUCH THE GOD DAMN FUCKING CUP A new challenger approaches, but does he have what it takes, to be a champion? Oh, hes pretty good. Hes- hes good. He knows what hes doing. Hes got this. Oh! Get em outta here! Youre gonna need a better guy than th- Uh oh. liar ahead no invisible wall ahead So that means... ...that there IS a wall- *failure horns* No! NO, no, NOOOO! Stop! There should be a feature that you- say in the microphone stop and the enemies dont- How is he on the elevator? No. Thank you, Dark So- Those are filet mignons! DONT YOU F-! *angry Dunkey noises* Thats it! Now you fucked up! Dont you EVER burn my steaks. Impossible, huh? Not if you know the correct techniques. Now watch, for this boss I like to lay down right next to him, because he has a gigantic electricity axe. You dont wanna get hit by that. Now he also has a charge attack, see? So Im gonna actually... Hes getting kinda close, Im gonna try and reposition myself here, to get in a better spot. I think here is good. Yeah, this should do. At this range, he probably cant hit me- And its as simple as that. You just need the lay down emote- Okay now, for this guy, this- this guy is fucking bumper cars! Hey! I got some ribeyes down here! Of course! The weakness is his head! What is this one say- *gasp*! Plunging attack! The plunging attack is the most reliable move in the game... Its time to die, dragon! *clunk* I dont even have this game. playstation games on steam deck Its not even me playing either its my little brother so its not my fault install steam games on android how do i trade games on steam delisted steam games steam must be running to play this game new world free co-op games steam