Dark Souls 3 - The Beauty of the Abyss Watchers

Free f1 games on steambest games to pick up on steam sale DARK SOULS™ III review Dark Souls 3 is pretty alright you know I think the first one was designed better but I dont mind because I think the third installment has possibly the best boss in the entire franchise the covetous demon from Dark Souls 2 is the best god damn sorry its the abyss waters I mean right before you even meet them the abyss watchers are unique and interesting everything leading up to these guys is designed to create a foreboding sense of mystery the first thing you encounter is a shambling path leading you on normally you just move on but up ahead you see something two groups of enemies fighting each other and as far as I can remember this is only the second time this happens in Dark Souls 3 so already this area has set itself apart and creates a sense of mystery and because the strategic move is to let them fight it out and then pick off the stragglers youre encouraged to wait and contemplate what youre seeing chances are youll notice how weird it is to see two groups fighting but youll also notice this slow ominous drone in the background I think I think the next boss might be Slenderman furthermore if you played the first game youll know what these guys are dark rates an enemy heavily connected to the abyss and yet no abyss in sight if you havent played the first game its just a cool creepy new enemy which is still somewhat ominous once youre thoroughly creeped out youll make your way out the path mopping up the bad neighbor who is putting weed killer on the garden while youre there and then the crescendo so you know this  __  is a boss doll its huge as  __  theres a boss behind it actually as far as Dark Souls is concerned maybe the door is the boss but when you approach it here the clash of swords what the boss is already fighting someone thats never really happened in a Dark Souls game it creates mystery and interest as opposed to walking through the door and playing  __  peekaboo like with the last three bosses Oh wheres he hiding that is good papa and when you pluck up the courage to open those doors you witness what I think is the coolest cutscene in Dark Souls Laughter what in the name of artorias have I just walked in on the bus is fighting itself and its surrounded by corpses of seemingly the same guy I really cant begin to describe just how awesome this is to me this idea is so weird and unique nowhere in Dark Souls does this exist hell no where in other games does this exist - take what you would traditionally think of as a boss a big enemy dead set on killing you and you alone and flip that on its head so thats more like youve walked in on some crazy battlefield where youre just another contender its strange and unnerving questions flood in like what why and how do you see out of that apart from a Cyrus the dancer and the twin princes this was like the kind of thing that Dark Souls 3 needed so much more of Dark Souls 1 had so much creativity and passion poured into it I mean it was about the same for the bosses like the moonlight butterfly the gaping dragon the four kings and the sword Papa but the areas especially had so much more creativity lakes with islands of ash and giant foggy trees sheer cliffs with countless pieces of thrown together scaffolding black endless voids a completely burnt out tower covered in ash spider nests long bridges whenever is inside a  __  tree this tree may be hollow but the experience certainly isnt in Dark Souls 3 its all pretty generic you got the snow level you got the lava level the smoke level the castle level the Skelly level hey why does every Dark Souls gonna have a skeleton level its not even part of a typical elemental level design that people feel like they just need to do I mean at least do something different with okay I take it back all right thats enough visual design wait no this knife looks like the worlds most painful vibrator okay now were done even when we get into gameplay the abyss Watchers still carry that uniqueness having a couple of the same enemies charged at you is fine having timed multiple enemies that force you to bounce safety with your speed is more interesting but having timed enemies where the second one of the two additional enemies that spawned is on your side is  __  genius not only is this probably the most unique combat scenario for a boss in the whole Dark Souls franchise its also probably the deepest whereas most scenarios in Dark Souls generally force you to split up enemies or play around their movesets the abyss watches give you so many goddamn tactical decisions to make at the start you might want to play risky and put down as much damage as you can but knowing that if you go to have you wont notice the next watch or spawn in then if to abyss watches scare you you can  __  the  __  out until the third one arrives and when he does you can 2v2 that  __  or use them as bait and wail on the real boss but you can also take the risk of trying to take one hour early so that you and your ally can wail on the boss together you have so many strategies to consider and the answer you arrive at is going to be dependent on your play style and your items but then if your ally and your enemies spawn in a certain location you may be tempted to change your strategy on the fly to play it safe or take a golden opportunity no matter how you look at it the abyss watchers provide something that a lot of bosses dont have a truly dynamic combat scenario its satisfying and its challenging unless youve got a friend which I mean I didnt do because I mean what do I look like a  __  I also play without embers cuz Im a man but this isnt the only cool thing about the abyss Watchers theres a lot of subtle stuff that makes fighting this boss even more fun so I love combat in Dark Souls but one drawback of its system is that it does require some level of memorization especially with bosses or enemies with really high poise some moves are really good in the way that theyre telegraphed you can tell exactly where the swing will strike and you can work out where to dodge to but you still need to memorize the combo if there is one and also when the charger bends which you think youd be able to estimate in certain circumstances but you know win attack Patton is finished and when you can strike and not every build-up to an attack its obvious I can tell this is a horizontal swing that with what the hell is that why are you so far back you never go oh sure but as soon as youve learned that youre left with an interesting combat scenario where you have to quickly observe your opponent and move to put yourself in the best position to counter find ins outs manage your health and your stamina - do I keep fighting can I take a hit do I grab Esthers now do I have enough time to be greedy and put in another swing and then theres the whole pre-fight section where youre considering what youre fighting and what the best gear is for the scenario unfortunately memorizing isnt necessary for all this but memorizing sucks its a straight line it doesnt have choice to it its just bashing your head against a brick wall and I dont need to prove that to you all you need to do is think back to school and writing things down wasnt that boring thats because you were never forced to change your approach depending on the scenario so how can we help this we make it easier to remember distinctiveness appropriately something V abyss Watchers do with every other part of the design they also do really well here all the abyss watches attacks are very distinctive from each other youve got the planted stance lunge the sword high in the air sweep charge even the moons without build up a clear as glass the only gap closing move without buildup puts him in the air now its super easy to remember what attack this is the combos are definitely less so mind you but unlike the pontiff his sword isnt 20 times the length of my patience so Im not punished for rolling backwards cuz I cant be bothered to memorize this theres a couple of different ones and they all contain small fast swings with no build-up so its harder to discern them from one another but all of them end with very clear strikes that look like the end the three hit combo in particular is actually one of the clearest three built-up swings ending in a drop that sends a dust cloud everywhere see how much easier this is to remember now I know exactly when I have my opening but this move is pretty genius in the way it plays around counter-attacks the smoke clouds actually double as well a smoke cloud it obscures vision right when youd want to launch a counter-attack you dont know whether youre launching into another abyss war or even if youre just too late with your counter and youre jumping straight into another one you have to pay attention to your surroundings and estimate where everything is going to be a second from now or specifically dodge in certain directions to put yourself in an angle where you can actually see and this smoke cloud always signifies the end of a combo he never sends up smoke if his combo is not finished and he might not notice this consciously but you do subconsciously this smoke cloud makes the moon feel heavy and as a result final and this is especially important when you get into his second phase a lot of his moves are still easy to remember but now they have little twists on them you can still exploit them but his combos the one thing that are hard to remember now have a ridiculous range and you think theyre to have a similar problem to the pontiff where hes  __  volatile at close range and you really cant do anything next to parrying which a lot of players dont like to do which is a topic for another video but unlike the pontiff when he gains his extra range advantage and youre forced to close a gap if you want to do damage you can actually keep far out for the hard to remember part of the combo and only move in for the last hit because you know its the last hit boom fire explosion instead of a smoke cloud and theres basically no tracking on it so you should have no problems rolling around to his side while I still trying to unbond fire sword this isnt just where you can exploit him this is where he was designed to be exploited this is the problem with some of the people are designing Dark Souls everyone who fails looks at it from a surface level perspective they think this game is hard our objective is to beat the player its not its  __  not thats not to say make it easy but huh put it this way as a designer your player should have left for the bathroom more times and you can count and left the game as many time as they beaten it I must have died to the abyss watch as a good 30 times but I did it and the feeling of standing there in that quiet room that just a second ago was alive with the sounds of clashing steel and a bellowing choir with now nothing to do but taking the simple pleasure of peace ambience at a job well done it was a feeling of true satisfaction and that was the beauty of the abyss Watchers you steaming crossword clue Music: Dark Souls - 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