Dark Souls 3 is Thinking of Ending Things

Do steam games work on windows 11can quest 2 play steam vr games DARK SOULS™ III review Music it would be absurd to say that dark souls 3 is underrated the game has as high a meta score as the rest of the series it had a massive launch and long lasting player base it sold 10 million copies in the past five years there are plenty of other games other aaa games that would cut off a toe for those kind of numbers dark souls 3 is the furthest possible thing from an underappreciated gem however and you knew there was a however coming i dont feel that dark souls 3 holds quite the cultural cachet of the other titles in developer froms slash-em-ups you know like where the other games have super devoted followings people who will passionately argue that theyre the absolute best or absolute worst dark souls 3 just kind of exists its not at the top of many peoples lists but its not at the bottom either it is almost technically unassailable from a sheer craft standpoint pretty faultless and yet 2016 was the year that inside came out the last guardian doom titanfall 2 and yeah dark souls 3 also its not unusual to get series fatigue lacking some huge reinvention of style or setting but dark souls 3 seems especially victim to this because the story itself feels kind of exhausted here we are another poor soul going to re-light the fire or let it go out again heres the castle heres the big dragon here are the gargoyles again it is more fun to play than it ever has been but personally the idea of learning a bunch of new lore and new proper nouns wasnt nearly as appealing as in past games why would i when it felt like we were just retreading old ground and most damning of all dark souls 3 seemingly couldnt help but pull in shadows of its former self bosses and names and locations in a greatest hits collection of souls glories from days past ann orlando is back baby the central hub is firelink shrine again youre fighting ornstein again and now hes got an axe im presenting these things as negatives because well because im setting up the points im going to rebut youve seen a video essay but also because when i talk to people about dark souls 3 this is what they bring up that its just unfortunately derivative that it feels like its out of ideas that the world doesnt have much to say compared to the boundless depths of the first two and this is where i disagree because while i understand the frustrations i think dark souls 3 knows exactly what its doing dark souls 3 the echoes of its past the corruption of its characters the collapse of its themes is the entropic scream of a dying world dark souls 3 is thinking of ending things near the beginning of charlie kaufmans film im thinking of ending things based on ian reeds book of the same name jesse plemmons character jake asks jesse buckleys character if he can hear a poem she wrote she protests says that shed prefer for him to read it but he keeps asking and eventually she relents coming home is terrible whether the dogs lick your face or not the poem is long and tortured and raw although the movie hasnt exactly been warm up until this point the recitation of this poem is one of the first glimpses of how bleak im thinking of ending things really is the weather immobile like a broken limb while you just keep getting older the thing is this poem isnt original to the film its called bone dog and it was written by a poet named eva hd years before the movie came out this on its own isnt that unusual what makes the presence of this poem unsettling is that later on in the film jesse buckleys character finds eva hds book in jakes childhood bedroom she realizes that the intimate part of herself she shared in the car part of her own world isnt hers its a moment where the artifice of the films narrative and her characters existence reveals itself from the perspective of say a friend whos looking at their phone for most of the movie im thinking of ending things is a story about a woman who goes on a car ride with her boyfriend to his parents house they eat dinner they start to drive home and then things go enough off the rails that even the friend would have to notice it ends in a high school with both jake and the girlfriend disappearing from the plot and being replaced with this old school janitor guy who weve been seeing flashes of throughout the movie Music the truth of im thinking of ending things is that very little of it is real the whole thing the car ride the dinner with parents the late night stop at the ice cream shop in the blizzard its all an imagined reality playing out in jakes head jake is in that reality the young man visiting his parents with his girlfriend jake is really that old school janitor he is thinking of ending things and while he does during the final days and hours of his life hes mentally reaching around for anything to hold on to this is where the poem comes from something that he encountered years ago when hes incorporating into this fantasy this is also where the woman comes from in truth she was never his girlfriend shes just someone he briefly encountered during bar trivia we were celebrating our anniversary stopped in for a drink and then this guy kept looking at me just one of thousands of such non-interactions in my life jake the janitor is pulling all of these into a sort of end of days miasma their connections and context blurring in his mind in his room we also see a book from critic pauline kale and later on in the drive home his girlfriend both recites one of kales reviews while adopting her whole affect his age beauty is deep and beyond ingenue roles rolands from the gold are young rolands externalizes schizophrenic dissolution mabel fragments towards the end jake does a speech thats basically ripped directly from a beautiful mind another dvd on his shelf these arent easter eggs they draw attention to themselves their bizarre digressions they destabilize our idea of what were watching details keep shifting around the womans name is lucy or louisa or ames i know that ames is that short for amy that doesnt sound right time doesnt stay consistent trying to get a clear picture of whats actually reality feels almost pointless its just not what the story is about Music dark souls is a series with a tremendous amount of lore but i have to come clean ive never been much of a lore guy i mean i dabble i watch body video im not a monster but for me knowing the specific land a character came from or a bosss history or whatever is never as important as the overarching themes of the plot and i guess the the vibes of the story and playing dark souls 3 especially a vibe fueled first playthrough often feels like fan fiction i mean in one of the fights from this game you kill a giant with a storm ruler a sword thats not even from this series havel is back and he appears to have used his dragon tooth to kill an actual dragon theres the sense that dark souls 3 is kind of like playing with all your action figures at once in the genuinely incredible abysswatchers fight youve got enemies styled like the legendary artorias from the first game fighting each other at the same time theyre fighting you you got a bionicle fighting a power ranger over here but not dissimilarly to bone dog and im thinking of ending things these encounters start to feel not just self-referential but wrong in a more profound sense for instance no one whos played dark souls 1 will ever forget the ascension to anor londo golden sparkling city high above the first several hours of playtime and orlando is present in dark souls 3 as well another stop on its greatest hits tour but its not the glimmering vista we encountered in dark souls 1 its the shameful afterimage maybe your first time in anor londo maybe your fifth you get bored and rambunctious and you decide to throw something at gwynevere and as soon as you do she screams and disappears and takes the sun with her and the real city reveals itself dark and cold and dead and thats the anor londo that comes back in dark souls 3. its not romantic its not glorified in orlandos tricks the incredible endless hallway the magic painting are gone the giant blacksmith has slumped over in the corner and in the grand hall that originally housed the shining ornstein and smo now has a half-eaten corpse of gwyndolin another boss from the first game popped it around by some unknown horror theres a sort of unnerving dissonance at the heart of a lot of dark souls 3s call backs because it does feel like youre supposed to be excited about them youre supposed to get the fun light bulb moment the id recognize this place endorphins followed by the slow realization that what you remember has been decaying for all the time you let it slip from your mind and orlando is a ghost the ash lake is burning things cant go on much longer in im thinking of ending things jakes house has an off-limits basement there are plenty of unsettling things that arent in the basement dead farm animals strangely familiar childhood photographs parents with an unorthodox tempo of conversation it means that the basement weighs even more heavily on our mind what worse things could be in there if this is whats out in the open whats still being hidden away dont look down in the basement the answer again is the artifice after dinner lucy slash lucia ames finds her way down into the basement and finds things that are to her completely inexplicable a bunch of janitor uniforms in the washing machine paintings that she could have sworn she painted but here they are and signed with jakes name theres really no way for her to make sense of these things to us though with a meta-textual knowledge of the story and tone there are ominous signs that nothing in this world should be taken literally in one of the last areas in dark souls 3 after following a path off the side of a garden theres a room that simply has a chest sitting against a wall but because this is a souls game if you go behind this chest and smack the wall it falls away to show darkness but as you walk into that darkness it reveals itself to be a perfect copy of the very first area graves and cliffs and even the whole of firelink shrine devoid of life and light there is as with everything a bunch of lore here stuff about failed quests and relinquishments of duty and even different timelines but for me its more simple than that this is the games basement hidden away down non-essential pads and behind illusory walls this is the spot where our understanding of the world falls apart and our idea of ourselves an important character with a quest and motivations starts to fracture who and what are we in the context of this dead mirror of what we thought we knew throughout im thinking of ending things lucy at all keeps getting phone calls from herself in the movie its for the duration of the car trip in the book its been happening for weeks the phone calls have a mans voice on the other end one she doesnt recognize what we ultimately come to understand is jake breaking the walls of his own imagined reality he keeps saying the same Music just one things one question to answer the question as is made explicit in the final pages of the book is simple continue or not go on or it is called im thinking of ending things after all the cleverness of the book and the film storytelling is that by making lucy the main character the threat and the horror of the situation are externalized she is trapped in a world thats thinking of ending things whether she wants to go with it or not the dark souls series has really always been obsessed with this question do you go on or not in the series parlance linking the fire means essentially continuing forward with the current world although paradoxically it also means throwing yourself into the flame so god this is more complicated than i thought the age of fire is the era that these games take place in its an age where humans can build big castles and learn to sword fight and continue in an endless monarchical procession the age of fire is broadly speaking not good all these horrible monsters and corrupted humans you fought over the past three games thats the age of fire it is not a great time but it is known at the end of the first game the first of your two choices is to prolong the age of fire keeping the world at more or less its status quo your other choice is to leave to not rekindle the fire to walk into the dark this is treated as kind of the renegade option and in the following games its clear that even if you didnt rekindle the fire someone did the age of fire is still happening in dark souls 2 even if the names and locations are different and the age of fire is still happening in dark souls 3 and god its tired this is the age of fire after three games six dlcs countless cycles infinite lore videos by dark souls 3 the world is bringing itself to an end crashing in on itself whether you like it or not this is why characters and locations from the earlier games keep showing up this is why more bosses in dark souls 3 seem to be in pain than any other game in the series this is why when you reach the drag heap everything is colliding with everything else and rolling into oblivion Music there are technically the most possible endings in dark souls 3 out of any souls game but there arent really what are your choices you can try and rekindle the fire like you did in dark souls 1. it barely works the embers sputter and you sit below the cold sun choices 2 and 3 you summon the fire keeper she puts out the fire or you kill her the fire goes out choice four you take the fire you walk away the fire is out theres the facade of agency here but it all leads to the same conclusion because its not really your decision to make anymore its the countless cycles before this dragging the world to its breaking point its the one question to answer to continue or not and again its not our choice to make in my mind all of these choices arent particularly important because they dont feel like the end of the story anyway that comes in the final dlc for the game the ringed city to be honest a lot of the ringed city is kind of nonsense for me i dont know what this place is or why its important i dont know why its escaped the gravity that everything else is being crushed under i know there are lore answers to this i told you im just running on vibes its beautiful and thematically empty to me until you reach the very end of it walking up these stairs and finding this woman and touching her egg and it crumbles and then im just gonna let it play out here Music this is the real end of dark souls dust and ruin and fallen kingdoms and its here whether you chose to prolong the fire or not dark souls 3 shows us a land stretched to its breaking point and forced to keep going until ultimate collapse there is more than a touch of grandiose absurdity at the end of both of these pieces your final fight is against a guy named gail whos lasted till the end of time killing either a whole lot of people or literally everyone depending on what theory you subscribe to im thinking of ending things the film ends with jake performing a full musical number to a packed audience gale holds more than a passing resemblance to maybe the series most famous boss artorias the song jake sings is from oklahoma theyre both still made of the shadows of art that came before them but that doesnt make them not Music spectacular and then well this is where my parallels end because im thinking of ending things as much as its a cerebral look at how our influences impact us and as beautiful as some of the sequences are it is unavoidably a story about one man deciding to end his own life and its tragic it is profoundly sad the fact that we can guess at some of the aspects of his life that led him here doesnt make it any less of a tragedy the souls series however has never really been about individuals these are stories about eras of time and countless generations and while this is what i love to do personify abstract concepts draw lines between concretely human feelings and the imagined feelings of cities and lands and worlds its very important in this case to define the limits of this analogy dark souls 3 is about the entropy of ending things about how scary and chaotic that process can be but it is not about suicide and this can be seen by the very last thing you do in the game taking the remains of your climactic fight with gail and giving them to a painter she sits in a burning building surrounded by flames but shes confident shell be able to take this material and use it to paint a new world dark souls 3 is thinking of ending things but its end isnt ultimately represented by loss but new life the last message of this game is about our ability to take those losses and move on and really that can be read in whatever context youd like move on from grief from fear from artistic tedium dark souls 3 is a firework an explosion an argument for why it should probably be the last dark souls game and a meditation on why thats okay it is the lump sum of all its influences crashing in on themselves in a ending finale and making room for whatevers next Music you know there are a lot of really interesting differences between the book and the film im thinking of ending things i didnt bring this up in the essay because because not every essay has to be about everything but i do find them really fascinating for instance the book is is much scarier than the movie in some really fascinating ways i i bring this up because i actually recorded a couple thoughts or i thought i was gonna record a couple thoughts i actually recorded seven minutes of thoughts on this topic and if you were watching this video on nebula instead of youtube you would be hearing those thoughts instead of this ad right now and she sees him and he kind of lays down on the floor and he puts his arms by his sides and and he kind of crawls down 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