Dark Souls 3 - Worthabuy?

Fun games to play steambroky steam DARK SOULS™ III review Dark Souls 3 is it worth a buy lets read the words the world words at the develop Dark Souls continues to push the boundaries with the latest ambitious chapter and the critically acclaimed and genre defining series prepare yourself and then grease the darkness guys guys this has got to be gaming yeah its the best game Ive ever ever played it is astounding amazing brilliant I just cant fault that there is literally nothing wrong with this game this is the first perfect game that has ever ever been released on the PC this and Ive been PC gaming for 20-odd years guys but nothing nothing nothing prepared me for the amazingness that this game has brought to me I am absolutely staggered I was so impressed with this game that upon defeating the first boss I took all my clothes off and ran up and down my village front street yelling yabba-dabba-doo yabba-dabba-doo with the bell with the Bell guys directing all the Dark Souls fanboys that have gone now dont have enough yeah all right gotta go to the review now awesome yeah guy said Dark Souls 3 what a pile of King piss this is how can have a pile of piss I suppose it could be frozen like if it froze as its coming out of your dick and that it could be a pile what kind of where do I start where Ill start at the beginning guys Im using a mouse and keyboard so well get over that get over that fact its my preferred weapons of choice I have tried this game with a controller and yes it works with a controller fine but I dont like a controller in this game says that it works with a mouse and keyboard so there you go now this actually works control wise better with a mouse and keyboard then all the other Dark Souls games I found it easier to turn and  __  like that with the keyboard and mouse much better than I did in any the Dark Souls games the problem with the keyboard and mouse in this game is that the game doesnt give a  __  that you using the keyboard and mouse as you start off the game and Im very you to duck so Im gonna  __  clue how to play Dark Souls games to be honest but I do now but you know until I played this I didnt really get off on the  __  so you go along and it has all these hints on the floor and Ill say ah press here to do this well Im using mouse and keyboard it knows Im using mouse and keyboard because I selected mouse and keyboard yes it gives me all the instructions as if I was using a controller and like not knowing how to do cooking anything unless I go into the options in each stage and look up what the equivalent of right bumper is to my keyboard bindings Lizzie awful King programming by this amateur King company that cant remake PC games to save the lives this is worse than Batman guys this is this port is worse than Batman because not only have they totally  __  up The Binding of the keys but half of the key commands dont even work if youre on a keyboard mouse for example I cant kick I cant parry I cant repost just cant do it Im Kim so the way I like to look at it is this all you guys are using a controller I like the kind of thing it uses youre on easy mode am playing hardcore mode Im playing on a keyboard a mouse which is much harder than a controller I dont have as many abilities as you guys so therefore get good and use a keyboard and mouse then you can come and tell me he good at Dark Souls so Im clear on hardcore mode so Im telling everybody else whos playing it on  __  mode so whats the kid like that in dough for that in over that well it is boring in my opinion what you do in this game is you fight trash mob trash more trash more trash more trash mob then youll fight a boss and the boss fights revolve around wool roll hit block wool backstep hit block hit roll back step wall wall because he did a double he did a double attack the boss there towards a wall rule for that youre invulnerable wall when you rule you cant be hit you say its all about time and its all about watching the boss and when hes committed himself to an attack thats when you have to commit yourself to get the  __  out of the way of it and thats what it is in every single bite now the boss fights can last about 10 minutes and if you make maybe two mistakes during the boss fight you will be dead it is one of the most if not the most unforgiving game Ive ever played in my life even I was shocked at an update some tough games in my time book nothing prepared me for the brutality of Dark Souls 3 its like you know be wife walks in the room it says awkwardly cook at a play in the middle boss fight thanks just put it down though  __  I was I took me 10  __  minutes I hadnt I almost had him and you distracted me with a cup of cooking tea its all you have to not just start the boss fight again but you go back to the nearest bonfire now this causes a big problem because if youre playing anything other than a knight youve got a pretty much a 70% chance of been crashing which is Cain annoying now update the knight luckily so I didnt have that problem also I thought I was playing the night because I thought hey look Ill clear the night I like metal I was a paladin in all my RPG games so I kind of like the shiny armor  __  so Im you know going through the tutorial I found this I dont always like an animal covered in ice its just like a really tough thing and so it ripped me it to shove me because I didnt understand what was going on and then I realized alright its kind of like a boss thing so I went in and I just watch what it did and it rolls it jumps and its just a time again its time you just wait for it to commit just commit itself then you go and hit it jump out the way its committed itself hit hit prod prod detain off like five hit points of it you know when every time you fathers so thats why it takes like ten minutes for a fight and then you kill it and then you move on and then I came to the first proper boss which is this guy who you pull a sword out of them this is the first boss its a tutorial boss but its gonna boss and again this guy mr. predictable it does like to sweeping moves if you get in too close you dont stab you and Squire round and round and saw what which looks like this and then after you get into half LT turns into this mutated spasm thing which is the most confusing thing they kill ever because you cant tell what the  __  its doing its the worst looking boss I think Ive ever seen in a game in my life it is just awful and  __  Lee done its just garbage its like a guys legs and half of his torso with this giant I dont looks like someones had a giant  __  on him and the  __  is just like trying to hit here and then hes got the skeleton floor its kind of soft dub that you dont know what its doing you dont know you cant tell whether its attacking or defending so all I did is I just run in and just ripped its Pierce and thats how I did it with all the characters that Ive played on so but back on the night I I did that and then I went to this Citadel to level up but there was a woman there and I accidentally because the keyboard controls us wolf dog I accidentally hit her with me sword dinner and so she says awkward computer Im not speaking to you again Im like it was a fin accident look all right up in a  __  awful console port with a mouse and keyboard cook me some slack loaf because Ive just had a fight mr. big bet you know what he killed me three times well technically killed me twice hes when I rolled off the  __  cliff when I was fighting them but you know at the end of the day Ive had a hard time Im learning the game just cut me some slack and let me level up no no you hit me with your sword so you can just go  __  yourself and so I lost my temper and she had a friend who was sitting they looked depressed as  __  so I hit him with the sword on my way out and he didnt like that since we two shot at me and then I thought all right hear them so I respawn and I respond in the same room as them and every time I respawn he leaped from two shots me and I went on the forums I asked if theres a way out of this and they said no you have to start the game again and Im like are you  __  serious are you oh yeah I get I thought we could Im not gonna play the night Im gonna play a different classroom cuz I was getting bored with the night anyway it was so boring the kind of you know rural stab stab block block back back roll roll stab stab block block back back roll roll stab stab block block back back you know it was just getting so  __  I was I was I was yeah so I ruled this guy with a spear in a sword I thought he might be a bit more interesting and it crashed when I got near the bonfire with that guy so I roll up i roll Manson and that crash and so then a role of warrior and then now the biggest boss Ive ever seen is the bonfire boss it just keeps crashing my game triple-a game guys its 40 pound this game and you know 55 if youve got the deluxe edition and its been out for a while its streamers have had this for  __  months and then were mentioning these bugs but when they were streaming it weeks ago and theyve done called a fix them on launch and the reason Ive stopped playing the game is is because we Knight character Scott and its the only character really that you can progress without having to go through all the  __  crushes and can I just say that one of the crashes is pretty much mostly PC oh well unless its just a big coincidence but now many PC wont boot up properly since all the crashes that was happening yesterday with Dark Souls its a hard game Im not going to deny that its hard I mean if you you know and its not the drawer then is that the drawer because I just found the combat really dull and boring this is why I dont play World of Warcraft you see because thats what happened with World of Warcraft the combat got dull and boring there the combat and napkin used to be great when you have like 20 on abilities and you know you will play with other people that had totally different abilities but with this game its like you dont have all that abilities you know its just all the same kind of  __  you know threw a couple of bombs youve got a little bit of magic going on the ill get is your level a few different moves and all the head move is swipe you move a stabby move you know but the combats just disjoined it it just doesnt feel right to me it this is how I feel that this game is its like the developers are same like to win this game you have to be able to dodge his attack and then just get a warning yourself and then just get the  __  out of there so you know youre not doing like this you know when you see sword fights in games where its proper sword fight like chivalry and your block stop block stop and you just you know youre fierce enough against that opponent and its all about skill thin and and all that well its not none of that in Dark Souls you know whats nobody see a sword fencing scene in the movie its none of that its its just boring and its just rolling block a bit when he stumbles when hes open for attack you hit him and then you have to get the  __  out of there and thats why boss fights take like ten minutes and you do that all the time and what Ive done is Ive taken the liberty of watching somebody whos played the game to the end and I watched one of his lid videos and the boss fights is just same just the same as the hour of the  __  beginning he does exactly the same as what Im doing holy has a few more abilities to do it and I just thought that nowhere so thats my view on Dark Souls now you know the key there is thats my view you know a lot of people are going to love this game I mean if youre a Dark Souls fanatic then I highly recommend it because but youve already got it if your reductions fanatic so Im not really talking to you guys Im talking to the blood-borne players here who maybe havent bought a Dark Souls game youre gonna love it its a very brutal boss written game and it looks gorgeous as well I mean the artwork style of this game is really nice it looks really atmospheric and some of the levels some of the enemies that you face look awesome as well its very well animated very well done the sounds good as well Im not sure about the story its probably just the usual game story you know but you know theres a lot there for you if youre into this constant brutal boss fighting and dying and having to do the same fight over and over Gentilly get them in watch the pool large stream and this last night my goodness he bailed at like about 11 times in a row on this boss and he wasnt having fun he was swearing shouting cursing he just wasnt having fun and you know when I watched him I thought maybe you paid 40 pounds to be put through that and Im like yeah no no way no way thats not why I play games I dont play games to feel like that I mean I did that review of binaries you know and you saw how I was with that but thats a completely different thing thats something that you know it cost a couple of pound you he just played for half an hour here Ive know that this is a game that youre gonna sink hours and hours and hours in it was a 40-pound triple-a game and I want a lot more than just boss fight after boss fight rolling around the floor you know I need a lot more than that in a triple-a game I want loads more depth than that and I feel that this has no depth its just you know at souls game its just a Souls game thats what a Souls game is its just you know trash trash trash trash trash boss trash trash trash trash trash boss trash trash trash trash trash boss and the boss fights is all the same its just like Whitleys albin hit roll out the where whateleys open hit roll out the way with his urban hit roll out the way Whitleys open pit wall out there I mean no no god Id rather  __  a badger then do that over and over and over again no chance no chance but like I say thats just me and if you enter this kind of stuff then Who am I to say that its not worth goodbye so Im going to say that its worth buying if youre into the likes of blood-borne and souls but if youre just a casual gamer whos just wanted some fun in an RPG keep well away from this because there is not a lot of fun to be had just a lot of Trish its brutal guys brutal you you steamer bissell Brutal, unforgiving and certainly not for the faint of heart and thats just the port job.Greenman Gaming Link - Use this link to purchase your games. 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