Should You Play Elden Ring With Your Boyfriend?

Icarus steam chartssteam games not working on parallels DARK SOULS™ III review in our last video my boyfriend asked the question should your filthy casual girlfriend play elden ring and his answer was yes definitely but in this video ill be asking the question should your souls junky boyfriend get you addicted to elden ring and my answer is can i get it thats right from softwares newest product is so dank that millions of innocent scrubs who swore theyd never touched the stuff are getting contact high from the hype and peer pressured by the review scores into saying i would try it i mean if everybody else was im adventurous even i couldnt just say no despite having personally witnessed the harmful side effects of souls abuse such as high blood pressure vitamin d deficiency and paranoia no when you go through doorways you gotta look both yeah yeah and also just oh diminished performance at work swamp ass and irritability oh no you oh i have to run so far back now god damn it oh there goes our souls loss of interpersonal relationships holding in your pee for too long and most of all insomnia baby what do you have any idea what time it is no time for more dark souls seriously every time miyazaki starts dealing again my boyfriend becomes the exact couch potato those anti-drug commercials warned us about dont you go out its nice out oh no theres nothing out there for me people joke that soulsborne fans need to touch grass but after a nine-day elden ring bender i dont think my boyfriend was joking when he said thats why im just as worried as you are that this isnt really a review of what its like to live with someone who plays elden ring this is a review of what its like to get hooked on your very first dark souls game its not a dark souls while living with someone who smoked way too much dark souls big thank you to dr squatch for sponsoring this video because all these poison swamps are making us stinky the main reasons my boyfriend recommended elden ring to new players were that its open world offers hours of rewarding practice and its numerous play styles offer what he equated to easy mode but on behalf of new players everywhere id like to argue that sir this was literally the hardest thing ive ever done in my life the cut scenes were hard the fallen leaves tell a story the great elden ring was shattered once upon a time and in the night of the black knights godwin the golden was first to perish okay and circity and arcmia they all know it thats enough of this troubled driver i think i got the basics down the dialogue was hard you please i cant read them what the hell are you talking about the item descriptions were hard wood is renee zellweger even the dev whose job was just to make a simple menu for matchmaking with friends was like im going to make this way harder than it needs to be okay yeah or you could make this a list of my friends whats with the fingering are hardcore dark souls dudes really out here like invite friend to play bro counter strike is easy create lobby starcraft 2 is a baby game send message wow discord please nerf the point is that as a noob my first impression of from softwares notorious difficulty was that the difficulty is fun when its not being used as an excuse for design choices that are unfun having said that i should lock the door and yeah hide in the closet probably before i say this wouldnt be as hard if the controls were better oh my god the controller had only been in my hands long enough to kill the first enemy in the tutorial for me to ask wouldnt it be better if the button for lock on to deadly monster my camera is pointed at and the button for turn my camera the exact opposite direction i need right now or you know the same button what no no no no no no no and thats when i realized that soulsborne fans have gotten so used to the they forgot how much it stinks to try targeting a dragons foot but you target its head so you flick it thats the body so you flick it thats the wing so you flick it crab flick it flick it twist it im dead for my next controversial opinion i should legally change my name and maybe make a go of it in a new country before i say ellen ring wouldnt be so hard if the quests werent so obtuse oh my god how do i get good at remembering gobbledygook from 15 hours ago that gideon said about godwin or was it godfrey or godrick gideon where did you go when did she die who killed sun hat guy has anyone seen nafeli here weve seen the fellaini here seen a fella here oh there you are gideon big fan of sauron theres nothing left to say what do you mean theres nothing more to say how about you say everything again right now so i dont have to hire a stenographer to keep track of all this mishigas please read that back dung eater i can smell epoxy at tender you what kind of name is dung eater dung eater go and shackle my corporeal flesh you does this man eat poop boyfriend hey lois diarrhea you ha peter im holding iced tea but for real does he snack doo doo please read that back dont get me wrong elden ring is beautifully written i think but it left me with a lot of questions so if i was only allowed to ask george rr martin a single question this comic con i guess the most efficient question would be when did who say where to what and why the game is called the elden ring and its a sequel to a video game that came out a few years ago called dark souls my theory is that from software makes their games hard to understand because if players are already confused about the plot the setting and the objective then coming across a talking turtle wearing the popes tiara is like the most sensible thing to happen all day no i do not really know why im here no i do not know what the elden ring even does to be honest but i do know that this is the statue of liberty this is the car it drives and theres a fireplace in its mouth now stick a bellow upper ass and blow sounds confusing right wrong this is the least confused youll be the entire game meaning you all question how from software comes up with this maybe theres some sort of animal or some sort of monster like something with the body of a walrus with the head of ac lion something with the body of an egret with the head of a meerkat or just the head of a monkey with the antlers of a reindeer with a body of porcupine in conclusion the hardest part of elden ring for new players might not be the punishing bosses and unforgiving combat because that part is awesome i loved getting good its an adrenaline-pumping habit-forming rush of self-improvement thats basically the video game version of this why do we focus Music so that we can learn to pick ourselves up the problem is sometimes youll be trying to pick yourself back up and i mean like you actually fell and are non-metaphorically trying to get back on a literal horse but instead you get a pop-up window like from a computer virus just do it just do it just do it just do it why are you making me go over to yes to put it simply if i 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