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Steam fps games for low end pcsteam game update stuck at 100 DARK SOULS™ III review The truth is, if you bother him again, he doesnt get upset for shops and for the soul. The story ends well for friends. Hello friends, how are you? to the wii and move that represent bandai namco in argentina they invited me to argentina like a special event they did and the truth was a wonderful afternoon together with my friend alfredito I didnt want to rush the review of dark souls 3 the reason is that it is a franchise that I enjoy very much, I had not felt so attached to a video game and even better with even more happiness to a video game saga I told you a long, long time I think that even since the playstation 2 I had not felt so I acted so in love with something that fortunately, as I implied before, is not a single game in a complete saga and as I look for it to be a channel of the virus per se, that is to say, I do not have to be som To avoid that hateful competition to see who gets the meeting first, I can allow myself without the intention of offending any of these wonderful channels on YouTube that are dedicated to doing this type of thing or allow me to be more professional because my first steps on the internet and these few people You know it, no, it wasnt, it wasnt my blog, it wasnt the hard diary, it was actually working to fulfill a dream I had from childhood when I told Nintendo with the super games of the month and a great favorite to go to work for a videogame magazine and I had the opportunity to do it in vandal délmer intention and these places more than frankly I dont remember another a Mexican magazine that I love from universal I had the opportunity to be requesting it and its notes and a question sine qua non that qualifier of videogames that are respected rigor that is respected must first finish the adventure is to reach the end before sitting down to write or before sitting down with tell you the dear audience that what is how copper is beaten not like samuel man and as I said they move venezuela therefore I waited and waited until to completely cure the game having played all areas including the secret area the peak of archi of the voice if Im not mistaken and well here I have Sainz, which is one of the wonderful things about giving shows 3 and that the previous two also have it and it is that it is a game for which you do not have to worry about paying what What does it cost you do not worry because suddenly it is only safe 10 hours of adventure you do not have to worry about paying a lot to receive an eye I have already played 50 hours and I still have many things to see finish the story message the alternative endings but still I have many secrets to squeeze a lot to explore I still dont know if you remember castlevania symphony of the night or metroid that game system something similar snack sours has a lot to do a lot where to go and besides the difficulty of the game is so legendary that when you finally manage to defeat that terrible boss that had your life in pieces the feeling of reward is so great and of triumph of victory it is so morally refreshing that it makes you go for more, what do you do to improve yourself and those creative people who want to make their own comics who want to write their own city who want to make their own video game, it would be very nice to have accounts or blogs, especially this last one so sols 3 because because it is a very innovative way, very brilliant at telling a dark souls story, which is the hallmark of the director of the saga, he proposes the following to you, nobody owes you explanations, nobody has to tell you what you are going through, you are there, said in a way that she with a zombie egg or no more but a very small nut in a very large gear and no matter how much you advance and no matter how much you kill certain steps, the story will be told to you it drips and in a disorderly way so much so that even the text is theorized basically you interpret it at your leisure and it is the appropriate way it is the appropriate way to do it that I do not interpret it is probably what happened for you is not the same as for your friend who played the same game usually in video games who is a villain who explains his plans to you or you come across something that tells everything in giving shows not really sectors there are there and they are trying to over English in the world obviously something catastrophic happened something of biblical proportions and you are finding out and sometimes even in a disorderly way until you finally reach the outcome and even so the details of the hecatomb that took place in that cursed world and very close and very close to the soul that dont escape you. you have to find out by reading the logo screens of the items to remember the phrases that certain bosses say and put them in context with other parts of the egg and That stopped being confusing and irritating, its fascinating because they make you feel realistically the game has no explanations the great authors the kings that are talked about in giving shows the great priests the great dads the great demons monsters dont know you at all They dont register you anywhere they dont owe you explanations you just go if you survive they have a mission yes but even you feel used you are someone who was put there for a purpose and its a very interesting way sought for because generally games in the games you are the center of the universe somehow an unstable omniscient narration tells you what is going on down here not here it is as if they were pulling ass period it is extremely cruel and good at these something is happening if there is a story behind it Of course, the story behind everything, but you want to say that the game is like you say yes to me, what does it matter to you ? istory that you have to find out, we will not tell you and that makes it a very rich and interesting experience when playing those who have played dark souls, there are no big surprises, the gameplay remains the same except for certain details, obviously the mechanism of game changes but in a slight way it would be a scam to say there is something completely new no you dont see it but people are left wanting more every time they play a dark souls or blackburn that it doesnt matter that you accept the sequels for what It is more of the same but a dose that you definitely needed because it is a very addictive title because it is a very very addictive saga and of course now much better that it is in all its graphic splendor you can customize your character in many different ways there is armor tunics of magician can be a warrior or a warrior because then it also allows you to play as a female character in many many ways and they can mobilize your weapons but the interesting thing is that it doesnt force you afterwards because there are people who, when they see that type of ex-complicated rpp like animal chores, I want to have a free time I dont want to have to be racking my brains for this for that for the other Dont worry about it, it seems complex to you but in fact it is very very very simple and something that many will like but most of them will not, lets see, I can answer the question that everyone asked: dance or the three of them is more difficult or easier it is definitely easier than 2 and that in a much easier one it is still a challenge now there will still be people who will cause you to break control the controller being a great great challenge and a very interesting game it is very curious and this to tourists It gives them the sack and it is that only three have much more in common with block board than with the previous ones, not only that the gameplay is much more dynamic, much faster, much more agile, but also because it is also darker in the first verse we are in a world that is obviously suffering a lot something terrible is happening a catastrophic curse a fairy tale curse a real mission that is leading the world to extinction in just two things are even more difficult and in giving its three the world is almost over and I make a fully apocalyptic scenario and civilization has come to an end the same game I told you in the trailer of all that remains are not human beings but something else is depressing but in a spectacular way and the most interesting thing is that even when you get to the end of the egg you wont know if it was all worth it but then the soul thing was never ever predictable never typical never energetic you have to be Prepared for you to get ready for him to hit the sack to suffer even at the end of victory because he doesnt forgive ex cruel as he plays or of thrones below how much it will violate the tumor and not present because of the boss fights but because of the story itself and what it implies was a wonderful experience and despite everything I am colossal Jaime if I had to name some defects it would be that Despite the fact that the translation from Spanish to Castilian is a little better, a little better than the one in white that I already left in a video and its nests on that, in fact there are still defects, for example, this one that I put on the screen, an error was made sorry anyone here no one has to pretend to be a taliban but wow that of all the things that could have been wrong there are several errors of two they give us spelling but from two throughout the game when the loudi screens that you read that they are cadets sometimes you catch some errors there but that the parts that have made a mistake in this that instead of opening they put open that does not make sense it is not said open not open a door that It opens is a door and the correct meaning was to say to open gosh even though we are human we all make mistakes and they have made a mistake in this detail that you are going to read at least 140 times throughout the game an unfortunate mistake that I hope they correct in a patch, another thing that is a purely personal opinion, probably not you, it will not bother me if I have a little, despite the fact that I talk to them for minutes about giving shows without having any explanation that they put a dimension in a reality in which you are not important, much less that you can be terribly powerful or powerful if you can keep the great eminences of the game of course, but that does not mean that you are a vital part of the story or what happened so far to happen probably but not what happened despite the fact that it has a very impersonal and cruel way of putting it in context with that world I think the ending was too anti- climatic I remember Im sorry to have read the james bond review and this is a valuable lesson a month ago the river and where was complaining about that that you reach the end of the game without any context that makes you feel wow is the end of giving your no interest that already in itself in many of the room because if we are going to believe him the director of the game does not talk about the show anymore if this is the last one this is not your arrival at the end and the anticlimax is too much these facts when he reads stadium caused me to jump the guys neck and tell him but its good to be left alone its like that like that like that but it doesnt happen that the guy was right or at least I think he was right if you get to the final hill its your turn to face the final boss dont worry it wo nt go the spoiler for the final boss ends with him I would have liked and then he had a little more heart for the end, you know why because if the director of the room is honest if from software is honest there really wont be more of us maybe yes maybe s Right now, what we are waiting for is a blog for two or what do I know, the start of a new room, but its a little cruel, youre left alone, youre done, and with so little context, maybe theyll correct this in the dlc. I recommend this game to all users of one xbox one or pc playstation 4 its a tremendous adventure its addictive its going to be worth every penny of your money because its going to be forty fifty hours playing nowadays not even a final fantasy lasts you 30 hours this game has great style and great substance and a lack of sound that is going to give you hair like spikes especially and forgive me for the vulgarity of the rear ones that are so good the music is that good and majestic it is recommended I enjoyed it immensely and well both that I have played and that I do not expect your comments but the courts please allow me to insist play is tremendous tremendous title and something very vast very big to explore is a game that in addition to being incredibly fun in addition to has certain to scream as well as and mutant respect your purse because there is much to see much to do and much to play and especially if you like the morbid and the disturbing since it is a unity appointment I hope you liked this meeting many many many thank you and good see you next time but not about the good steam sell a game Un agradecimiento enorme a Julieta Polverari (de We Move, representantes de Bandai Namco en Argentina) por la invitación a la Argentina Comic-Con.Canal de Alfredito: POR FAVOR SUSCRÍBETE: MIRA MI CANAL PRINCIPAL: ¡MI APP! iOS : Android : SÍGUEME EN TWITTER: ¡LIKE EN FACEBOOK!: Por favor, mantengan una actitud buena y de compañerismo en la caja de comentarios. 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