Gregor testet Dark Souls Remastered für PC (Review / Test)

How to keep free weekend games on steamsteam train germany DARK SOULS™ III review have a nice day and welcome tsum gregor is testing dark souls remastered especially in the pc version 14 weeks ago when the dax hausse remastered network test was for the consoles i showed you the game in the gaming virus on the playstation 4 on the normal ps4 but of course I was also more interested in the network test and doesnt take the completely finished game you ca nt really judge 100 percent how the remaster actually turned out dark souls is one of the most successful games of the last ten years as is 2011 it should have been in 2010 2011 came out first for ps3 and xbox it was in stent 1 hits not necessarily directly because of the graphics which although it was very atmospheric and also set up an atmospheric but from a purely technical point of view what was on the consoles not particularly strong were frame rate fluctuations up to a maximum of 30 frames per second 720p as a resolution and as some time later, due to the success of the consoles, a pc version came out, which unfortunately wasnt necessarily that much better, so at the time it was really pulled through the cocoa because this pc version you couldnt set much more than 720 p either it also only ran at 30 frames per second and data on the ku band from software they really got a smack on the cover fortunately there were unofficial patches the so-called d it fix there was a clever and very eager person who tried to do it himself his fan page to write that apparently it was rightly fixed, although there were always improvements and then such things as internal solutions that can be made higher or the frame rate up to 60 frames per second on the pc way and screwed on without that is the official approval of namco bandai then and dark souls has it on the pc right away in a completely new one let it look light i played it through for the first time on the pc with this ds fix and i have to say for such a game which of course is already outdated by now the only thing that you can do is turn up the resolution the textures that were built into the original pc dark souls anyway also on the consoles but also there you couldnt really see it with the 720p Im not even that bad especially if you set very high resolutions maybe even did downsampling so the game renders in the completely without resolution and scaled then down to 1080p, for example, the 60 frames per second were also good in terms of gameplay, the only problem you had there was you can say two problems, you don’t have official support from namco bandai, of course, but you don’t really need it, but the other problem was that then out of the hand of bugs by these 60 frames per second with the games invaded got eight because it wasnt originally intended to run at that frame rate, for example it was or jumps werent as far as they actually can be. you then had to toggle between 60 and 30 frames with the tab key if you wanted to jump accurately It could happen that you fall through the geometry in a handful of places, for example if you slipped down ladders and suddenly pushed your way through the ground completely and lost your life just the experience limited but if you knew about it and you become wise from damage once it happens again you make sure that it doesnt happen then there was nt really much to complain about of course you have to say in the last few years especially with him advent of ps4 and xbox man so many people did nt want their ps3 and ih anymore re 360 ​​ I think some time ago at least on the xbox one if Im not completely wrong at least I had heard something from people that the game is backwards compatible upwards compatible so you can also say that the 360 ​​ version of the dark souls of the first one is playable all the time there you still had the limitations it should be marginal always as it is always with 360 games on the xbox one there may be frame rate advantages but it wasnt a completely new experience now the official dark souls remaster is there as he said youve already seen it with gregors gaming mouse and youve probably already started it in various last ones or you play it yourself i at least after i was actually quite convinced by the network test edition on the playstation 4 it ran on a normal playstation 4 quite usual with 16 to 9 and for me at least usual 60 frames per second nde as it was known from the pc what was newly made apparently so you would have to pack the players next to each other and compare them exactly okay they maybe a texture is better because something happened that was improved basically there are a bit of light effects like the candies or Side doors, for example, were equipped with other effects that are a bit more detailed, there are more reflections and correspondingly yes, graphic effects on the mind, for example, if you walk along there with an illuminated source, you automatically light up a bit and there is a nice additional effect but what was noticed a bit negatively is that the textures are apparently no longer quite as sharp as they originally were in the classic pc so far that it was analyzed I have now played it on the pc in 21 to 9 so you probably see the material here in ultra wide screen on my pc with a meanwhile a bit older processor but 32 grams and i have a slightly older graphics card geforce 2050 passively cooled which is completely sufficient for my purposes but also sufficient to display it like this now it looked good but i think through the new light model that went in textures makes no sense at all that they were somehow exchanged for weaker ones or something like that, possibly with some metallic surfaces you get the impression that they are partly swallowed up and I think that is the most likely to be an effect with the new light engine that is inside like the reflection then transported back and forth accordingly as it goes along walls on the walls looks cool on oneself apparently it causes scratches on numbers and other stories maybe if you look very closely to get there, maybe a little bit n what felt like losing the title but that was one thing that was also very much exaggerated i have now played it for a few hours just to get an impression on the pc with a connected ps4 pad and say this remaster if you dont always have it right in front of your eyes does our body have these textures ill see how the light model looks now and i might like it better because basically its exactly the dark souls as it knows this speculation that was once made that the complete engine is the basis of the mirror is exchanged for the the original tag it should be people for the one from dark souls three wise several years later, including changes in terms of holding the camper and the evasive roles, etc. that was always adapted with each tag in style and not every game plays exactly the same so that it doesnt happen because he doesnt need to be afraid it will be interesting g e being and how that affects if you had seen a bit more modern game engine with the experiences of the years in dark souls 1 but then it would nt really be dark souls 1 anymore, well, because thats all the movement sequences that you have in your head as dark souls veteran how such a game works how it feels when you suddenly add something else to it ubs wasnt quite the right thing and the basic game is exactly the same with the same handful of improvements that I then mentioned but as I said my pc to this one has played is a little bit but in all areas where i have been i played for a few hours to see how many different areas i reach then unfortunately i didnt quite make it to the blue which was also in the original pc version anyway here and there could have a few small frame rate drops but mostly at 60 frames per second Unfortunately, I did nt quite reach it in my test. Plays for a few hours now, but as far as Ive heard, other people do nt need to have any problems or expect problems that even in the respective hardware-hungry places, even with very, very good ones havel that just didnt run super smoothly now it s done for me with the 21 to 9 with the high resolutions the game looked perfect for a game thats still almost 89 years old what the heck is now compared to todays things can maybe the polygonal models and textures in general could not quite keep up if you look at it from afar if you do that its not that big of a problem but as soon as you turn the camera and you look at the band or the character the geometry of this opponent then not much really happened what so other remasters through outside quite more so its not a completely rebuilt game like the shadow of the colossus remasters was on the ps4 which was completely redesigned and made graphically and after the old design i.e. in the old level design with a new graphic design it was reduced again I here it is more one has simply and with the pc and that probably also happens then the basis is adapted in such a way that the game can actually run with different resolutions and with 60 frames per second implements a handful of things what the light model is about and simply modern amenities effects the graphics cards you get from current drivers and pc cards are done with it and are just round and made us reasonably playable so it has really filled up very well now here with the psv I had no problems at all I had a small bug now but I can do it I dont know if thats something that just happened to me t after I gave the big demons on the bridge the first second between the opponents, so to speak, before you come to the cargo after I defeated him, then the graphics suddenly started to tremble, so somehow even if I still put the first leg down I suddenly heard the graphics going up and down and I tried to exit the game to go to the main menu and go back and its still the case I had to quit the game completely and then go back in maybe its something that got stuck or its just fresh out there where i played it on the pc version 10 1 or 1 0 2 that was from the internal patch unless i did something interesting with the launch the version isnt even 100 but its already 101 102 but that was so the only correct back in quotation marks that I have experienced and possibly with but that you just have to be with your own pc hardware come on i said well i my graphics card is a bit bitter for most cases it is just enough to even play in full resolution with 16 to 9 with 21 9 a note for the people who own the pc version who their child at least officially in the gate the old dark souls prepared to date between no longer buy it for a long time also simply sold off here for five euros there somewhere in kiel to unlock certain in the store you can no longer buy it in new costs the remastered edition 40 euros but if you own the old remaster edition then he gets a discount of 50 percent and could have it for like 19 99 which I think is an adequate price so 1990 should actually be the starting price from my point of view but I think it will work out a bit much for what was done here on consoles, of course, you have a much bigger jump because you come from the 27 and 30 frames s the 360 ​​ and the ps3 up to the 1080p up to even 4k corresponding to the ps4 pro and xbox although it may change a little bit under 4kg internally and then scale up but at least you can play it at fairly high resolution and at a very fixed 60 frames per second that is an enormous leap can make the old pc owners have just been able to install the classic pc version a little nicer can polish it up a little nicer and i had nt tried the prophetic the original pc version the 21 to zero play that guilty or the system owes it that i now have 9 monitors and just if i can play it on the pc and that is already set automatically and is available then i will also play in 21 09 and at least the pc version didnt make any trouble go back in and out with everyday life as normal also have some games problems internally from the resolution gan z switch up I couldnt somehow turn the frame rate around again it was fixed at 60 within the - actually I would have liked to try it I can set up to 144 hearts on my monitor and thats a bit different for games even if 60 frames is cool but are just what the fluid movements and everything is concerned that gives you a bit more what you can set this high number, I could n’t do that directly in the mini, something else has to be patched or you have to write around in the indie somehow but you cant really complain about it overall its a nice upgrade especially for console owners you have to overlook the fact that the new light engine may make some textures not quite as detailed as they were before but I think that really mutilates itself by the fact that also around it the visual impression is better the game itself we know beyond all doubts i had it in the top 100 one of the best roleplaying games very high up is something you place 13 14 or something like that the best soul ever plays for me still easy from building the world and playing the whole first game that you are worth biting into the game that such kick ass and gameplay technically you really don’t have to find anything else I say dark souls is that way and will remain so in this situation, which would be worth mentioning Personally, Im an offline player, so for me its not really relevant for the year, but of course fresh servers have been set up again for the people who want to do pvp. You can now use an innovation to make components so there where you can commit yourself and accordingly for the online gameplay wise how how can you switch sales completely to german i think the people who are interested 30 if i come then men and say, depending on which group you are thanking, you can apparently now switch directly to bonfire at the camps, which was not possible before and the limit of players who can be on the road at the same time has been increased to six people of four but as I said I dont play online those who say Im not in the mood for invasion or multiplayer or red phantoms and all that bowl here and there the phantoms are enough for me the data is but maybe thats important to you the ones in the old version and have any problems with the online and, if necessary, the old version may have already started so well that you will try it again with a new one, although i guess the chips on the pc will not be long in coming. i only have recommendations not directly for 40 euros, we have to see if its worth it, maybe you can actually find the unlock code for the private one somewhere on the pc for the old edition and then somehow play the game for a few euros while on steam if thats still possible and then buy the upgrade for the 1999 then maybe youll save money too quite a bit of money as long as it works at least at the beginning i think it wont want to be there all the time on the pro bahn because at some point it will take away the discount if you havent played it yet it is one of the best action rpgs ever made and also very nice in the version maybe in years there will be a really big one in quotation marks the remaster this time im doing quotation marks in the air then come where they also graphically rework it and make the character models texture new etc. and maybe also change something playfully who knows but until then we have definitely a nice version and one to look forward to everything now to be able to have it collected on one piece of hardware in a consistent quality even for consoles people what your impressions are the children like to write in the comments have you tried the ps4 provisions have you tried the xbox version did you play on 4k tv had the frame rate drops am me also interested if there was something special about it i just havent heard much so far so at least that the problems caused everything ive seen reports are very positive for the pc people anyway you probably have better hardware than i have around here if it its running pretty much flawlessly for me then you wont have any problems think of the thumbs likes and subscriptions Id be happy if hes of course still on the road here on the site and more you can look at that was gregor is testing dark soul master for the pc thanks for listening how long to steam asparagus Wie gut ist Dark Souls Remastered geworden? 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