Dark Souls 2 Is Not A Bad Game

Games with hdr steamhow to play steam games early DARK SOULS™ III review of all the souls games this is the one Ive played the least I only beat it once whereas all the others Ive eaten multiple times bloodborne Dark Souls 3 and Dark Souls 1 and sakido blood on you can turn it off oh so apparently this game has nothing to do with the actual lore of Dark Souls it absolutely well not according to everyone on YouTube giving summaries of Dark Souls Lore they always leave out Dark Souls too the first Dark Souls is still one of the best ones I think for me the order is bloodborne Dark Souls 1 Dark Souls 3 Dark Souls 2. well like I said hey like I said I only beat this one once this was my least favorite I didnt like this one why whoa whoa whoa why is there so much input lag officer Greg baby what the  __  is going on no not officer Greece  __  thanks weird lady thats me all right uh so were not gonna do sorcerer even though it seems to be the most broken I dont know what we should do though maybe Rapier would be cool oh yeah didnt this game the clerics starting mace is like super strong isnt it I just saw that isnt the clerics starter mace like pretty busted the cleric and do god build well whats god build is that more fun than Rapier well whats more fun between cleric god build or whatever or just Rapier what do you what are we what are we thinking were thinking cleric okay the teams pretty overwhelming for cleric isnt this a pretty good gift I was just looking at uh the an OP thing is this a good gift Rapier is boring because its so good okay well Im definitely starting like this and Ill Ill decide later on what were gonna do oh yeah its a man Music Im gonna grab Rapier and then well figure out what we want I was just looking up where it is yeah theres a huge okay theres an actual like pretty noticeable input delay when it comes to sprinting and turning holy  __  get up oh close I got a little dicey e bonfire yeah Im just beelining the Rapier right now Im obviously go back for my  __  or the other  __  Dark Souls 2 does not have iframes for opening doors fog walls or levers I didnt know that did not remember that oh so much for that theory I definitely had iframes right there opening that I think Im going here there we go clean whoa the item fall I dont remember much of this game at all theres the lift is this another level one run no no no I just want the Rapier hugues are right beer its apparently real  __  good so I want to try it God this mace does so much damage no oh no actually did an extra swing thank you oh this is gonna be sad if I die here a life gym a key and then like some weird  __  back at this well I dont feel like wasting a bone this is a short walk oh do I go fight the pursuer right now  __  thats gonna be such a  __  for me I missed the Estus in majula right lady and majula yeah lets go get that first thank you okay no Im gonna Ill try and get the ballista off on him I dont think Ill succeed though but you bet your sweet ass Ill try pardon me nerds okay so it starts with a Dodge and then immediately onto nope I didnt get it off in time Music fudge this and then immediately hit that ballistic and if I  __  up well well see if I can at least get the attack patterns right nope oh it doesnt fire automatically okay well there we go lets try it Perry too early okay oh two hand parries have tighter frames oh my God why oh that I guess I was right oh I didnt get the second one oh God Miss click I didnt mean to dodge no thats sad foreign close what the  __  Jesus I dont know how my last dodged nope I just looked at my phone why now how do you get your health back in this game is it life gems to bring your health back to like full bar instead of like uh low bar oh human effigy okay cant level up Im saving it for the Rapier I want to give it a full-on try how did I get invaded Im not even in human form why am I not taking damage oh hes a hacker oh well how do I get out of here then keep online just fight I couldnt he literally didnt take damage and he also didnt do damage to me he was just breaking my items hold on Ill look at that in just a second let me get this bonfire oh no does it make it foreign troll build ah gotcha same thing Id have more respect for hacking than spending every day on Dark Souls 2. the worst of the series got it still good still good make it make it make it yes God damn it I forgot an item son of a  __  all right now I have to go get that wait why isnt the blacksmith here what did I forget wait why the  __  is in the blacksmith here oh I see I just had the rest again okay so I need one of these all right and then the Rapier and were all set but it is the Rapier that Im going with the whole game I think at least Ill try it if its fun if its not so be it so its a 12 20 10 10 split yeah oh cleric is rough for this Music okay yucky uh oh oh thats uh some stinky  __  I need 20 10 12 and 10. uh oh all right well 12 here first is big order of business should I just use these or am I going to need these do I need Solo pursuer or Last Giant at any point for anything okay cool oh its for the boss weapons yeah but theyre kind of  __  weapons or at least I imagine they are I guess I dont really remember so obviously I dont remember where Im supposed to go in this game at all but well just do some exploring and see what comes cool the wall thats a big start that adaptability Im already feeling it its helping those that uh thats good I dont know why I couldnt Dodge after the first attack how do I hit this thing its too low to the ground for my weapon oh I missed it that killed me Man full damage is no joke in Dark Souls 2. holy  __  foreign God damn it how do you hit that  __  thing Lets Farm up some Souls real quick so I can level up properly like good stats now Ive used a bonfire aesthetic here so these things should be giving me a lot more right thats out of bonfire aesthetic works you dont use bonfire aesthetic here you use it on bosses to get boss weapons well its too late I already used it on on the spawn fire what do you mean it makes this specific area a new game plus it makes enemies harder yeah right which is what I wanted because it gives more souls right why am I being corrected what did I say that was wrong and respawns bosses what what did it okay okay Im glad Im glad we had this talk all right lets just Farm up some  __  all right big is there a ladder here so I dont die okay maybe I just jump on this nope slid right off that branch Im assuming I cant just run through this fire you can run fast no chance look at my  __  health Fire doesnt damage  __  that I dont believe that at all it seems like a lame ass chat meme right now this I will say though Dark Souls 2 is the only Souls game I only beat once or twice all the other ones I beat quite a few times I thought this was definitely the weakest of the series why cant I talk to this guy am I gonna cheese Dragon Raider I dont know probably cheese oh you got me  __  up I definitely thought I was out of range Jesus Christ this guys blasting me yeah I know you can choose the Dragon Rider and make them fall off but apparently you cant do that once you pull the lever which Ive already done foreign what are your thoughts on little dogs all dogs are beautiful I love dogs I have uh what is that less than one HP right there its looking pretty good are you  __  serious no  __  way I forgot that I have the heel oh great yeah thats the ring I needed Music um yeah Ill go for it well I kind of want to spin the souls on dexterity and then Ill come back just in case wait what the  __  oh right oh this is supposed to be 20 for the build I think its 20 and then everything else in the decks so well just do 12 and 13 for now go to the well in modula majula why to your right not that one oh here doesnt he like charge and fall off foreign  __  I didnt look close I bet I had one extra attack on my stamina boss literally easier than the trash mobs yeah oh I should really go back and spin my Souls just in case I suck a fat  __  dick hold on foreign I still think thats the dumbest  __  change that theyve ever come up with for this series having to put points into making sure your roles are useful for the iframes oh the  __  curse frogs I remember those they were in Dark Souls one too when I played Dark Souls 1 for the first time I got blasted by a curse frog and couldnt figure out how to lift it so I ended up just quitting Dark Souls 3 is by far the best I love Dark Souls 3 as well but apparently its super easy and I dont remember it being that easy but its been a while since I played it so its entirely possible so it was really tough for me but after that it was smooth sailing okay what the  __  foreign hes your friend oh no damn I didnt know that he looked like such a bad boy what does he do for me had I not killed him he lights the way man I dont need any help whoa oh one no okay theres the boat I remember the boat so that at least tells me that I went the right way so how do I get this item without poisoning myself I have to like throw something at it God damn it Jesus Christ the stun lock  __  me I couldnt roll or attack holy  __  oh I got a little greedy there flawless garbage boss yeah it wasnt a hard boss its pretty easy the  __  is that damage its the Rapier man Rapier is great God were so close to the 2020. Ive already done all this up here though when I was getting my Rapier setting up I did everything this way Im pretty sure I mean I guess I could have missed something I didnt expect him to do that what do you mean Jesus Christ foreign do I want to use the branch of your on this guy or do I want to use it on the other one yeah okay why is he just break dancing oh I remember this boss this is the Sentinel boss isnt it oh boy oh boy yes this is all too familiar now so far I first tried every boss even though theres only been four are we doing a normal run are all bosses uh just really a normal run lets  __  get it God thats unlucky that hes against the wall what foreign oh no adaptability help damn it I  __  up foreign foreign yeah first try again really  __  cooking boys that the only oh wait wait what the  __  just happened to him let me spin my stalls and then we can experiment theres an invisible door by the stairs you found uh there we  __  go so I think its only a Vigor plus dexterity I dont think I need any other stats but I could do strength too because this will also Im pretty sure the Rapier also scales off that foreign what the  __  is going on Ill just keep that closed I dont know how I didnt take damage from that use fire bombs on that saw you mean that wall throw a fire bomb at the wall because of the crack is it worth it well I never use my fire bombs anyway that was better Arch Drake is that better than what Im using I I havent changed my  __  oh Im actually using archdrake cool is that any good The Wanderer set its a full set no its not good well what does it do it looks cool thats all oh God damn it lets go spin these Souls down the lift takes you to the watery area to the boss sounds whatever I just happen to encounter is what Im doing yeah this this is looking familiar oh boy oh no Oh I thought Id kill him with that God damn it and I have to waste an extra heal oh what the  __  oh all right all he has is a faith spear it doesnt really seem worth it but Ill do it anyway  __  them no oh my God I accidentally buffered an attack God that got sad invaded by dark Spirit Terry testicle how is that possible I thought I could only be invaded because oh Jesus I thought I could only be invaded if I was a in human form Ill make what the  __  Im out oh boy I tried to sneak around itll fall in here eventually I will trap you here for the rest of the  __  day man what an  __  oh Jesus whoops oh I backstabbed him I wouldnt have killed him oh  __  its a boss fight oh my God I vaguely remember this boss oh  __  that was a little early I just died yeah I got body blocked by him thats so upsetting thats so upsetting attacks arent that fast you need a chance to heal how in the  __  that hits every time what the  __  thank you going for it oh foreign gotcha that boss took two tries theyre 30 17 and then well just keep going up get old Leo I want the old Leo ring and the Flynn ring but I dont know where to get them guide me to Flynn or old Leo whichever ones closest holy  __  okay now what foreign I have to kill it no Im done why am I not sprinting oh wow I got real lucky foreign better be through here all right lets  __  get it oh hey orange Dean oh this was dumb I didnt mean oh God too late I got lucky oh that was easy probably could have done that without going back but whatever old Leo ring acquired needed that for my build I need 26 right okay so were close 27. okay now where can I get the Flynn ring thats the last ring Im missing for my build got old Leo Ring of Blades where do I get Flynn Flynn ring is DLC yet well how do I access it though I have the DLC this is scholar the person how do I use it oh yeah I should just use all my Souls right so Im gonna just be done with adaptability 25 seems like plenty to me especially since Im already doing completely fine so I think Im just going to do more dexterity Ill do dexterity to 30 and then start going to uh endurance I think in the Heidi Tower the miracle lady you can talk to her so she can go to majula so she can open a secret passage Ive already talked to her oh I just used my  __  Souls too oh the gods from son of a  __  which of these dont I need can I just use the Dragon Rider soul I feel like Im not gonna use that for  __  right Im not gonna Im just gonna burn the dragon Riders Soul it cant be it cant be used for much ah Jesus Christ maniac it seems like a pretty low level area was I supposed to come here earlier very close call is this a boss or is this just a new area I think its just a new area right oh my God it is a boss oh  __  okay all right you know Ill give it a whirl no s this but well see how it goes holy  __  I remember this part this is the Chariot isnt it yeah I remember this I have no idea how to how to play this but I remember its like instant death if you  __  it up how do you do this again oh God they okay I see they didnt get hit by The Chariot what oh what the  __  okay Im guessing just run the whole way and then maybe find a hole to hide in first hole is definitely not the right one okay I have to have my  __  Shield out Jesus Christ thank you oh Im out of stamina God damn it what the  __  I should have just ran to the liver killing the summoners  __  worthless Im lucky I guess I didnt run fast enough this time okay thats  __  good thats how we do it okay then to roll into the wall is that right wow theres a so wow that guy right there followed me all the way from Spawn holy  __  holy  __   __  that guy jumps down after the bonfire and he followed me the whole way I didnt think there was any chance I killed Summoner before getting that down wheres Summoner what the  __  no Im not a stamina oh Christ thank you there we go um I think endurance next how far are you into the game not very Ive done like every boss I havent been like b-lining the main ones Ive just been doing every single boss for the most part is this better than Dark Souls 3 oh  __  no Dark Souls 2 is the weakest of the Soul series I think its still not bad but I definitely think its the weakest I have to go sign for a package holy  __  ah I never went down I never went down here I started and then I just came back I remember now I think this is where Im supposed to go now right not where Im supposed to go oh Im already here anyway okay lets  __  try it thanks are we so anxious oh I see oh theres a path on the left no I cant go that way holy  __  so is there anything I missed here I did the pursuer and  __  I feel like I didnt miss anything this guy only took two shots last time what wait where did the tankiness come from buck so why is there a fog gate here do I fight the pursuer again oh cause I bonfire yep thats right thats right its because I did the bonfire thats right I forgot all about that damn it foreign just in case you know what Im just gonna go spin these Souls just in case things go titties up oh  __  I forgot this just takes me to this  __  place I already did all this Im assuming this is the Jesus the right way to the skeleton Lords you know I might as well just go get the cat ring now it is an NPC that was an NPC I thought it was just a really shitty PVP here oh never mind then so it is not 10K Souls it is 13.4 K Souls all right lets  __  get it foreign holy  __  that was still a ton of damage I thought it was going to take no damage higher level stuff Im going for it oh God damn oh  __  what oh okay there we go I just had to ride that down dont you  __  do this to me no you son of a  __  there we go Im gonna go back up Im just exploring down here is all so is ricards Rapier the best in the game should I be getting that next or am I going to be just fine with this Rapier so where is ricards Rapier hey a chunk youre gonna hate this without a light source oh well  __  see oh got some good  __  actually I look pretty cool like that this looks even cooler though Helm of aorus am I still agile enough yes end of Shard God damn that was big good area oh heres here we go that was big agdq safe strats most difficult boss so far uh Ive killed every boss on the first try except Lost Sinner hes the only one that took two so our not true Chariot but thats also a gimmick boss pursuer took you more than one tried did it I dont recall oh yeah cause I was trying to do the ballista thing this is a  __  easy game if I and Im not even using a light source Im going by pure  __  raw gamer instinct son of a  __  what in the  __  what do you mean ah this isnt even the boss  __  what a waste oh wait are you gonna let me please God I really dont want to do this again you can you can cruise with me if you want Laughter all right I like this guy my man brought a torch no torch no problem and Charlies got my  __  back all right wish me luck oh my God its not a boss good luck in this area is this actually a hard part oh God I see I see I see why he was destroying all of those Jesus this is chaotic there we go theres a second one oh my poison was cured oh wow okay big sweep foreign close oh that was easy so this area was it DLC or some  __  because I dont remember this at all but its a great soul embraced so Im guessing its not now this theres a item over there will I die going for it and is it worth even thinking about you get Flynns ring if you go to the DLC now thats what I want Flynns ring is the one I care about  __  that item whatever it is Flynns ring is mine very last item for the build what item was that though can you tell me what it was a spice okay worthless its by majula theres a door Midway down the well oh Ive already unlocked that bonfire then oh here okay foreign okay so this is locked okay so its here oh that was right this guys just  __  waiting up here there we go there we  __  go okay forgotten key is that the key I need for the DLC or do I need more I need to go down the hole in majula theres a door that is opened by that key okay so what that door that was locked when I dropped down here initially whats that lead to thanks the resub Matt that goes to the other DLC one of the covenants uh oh baby big  __  move okay damn all right now what the dragon Talon was a DLC key okay so now do I just go to a bonfire go back to the uh the well and use the dragon Talon also where is a ricards Rapier I can definitely afford to upgrade the  __  out of that I really feel like I should just go grab ricards Rapier soon its in huntsmans Corpse pretty sure normal Rapier is better yeah fair enough  __  it Ill just stay with this okay lets run it so what DLC is this so the whole thing scholar of the first sin but isnt the scholar the first sin taking place at like a city so Im assuming this was a different DLC Mrs sunken Crown okay man they have a custom skin for xqc in here thats  __  Wild nice work from soft its like a fortnight skin oh is that a stamina oh my God what the  __  is that uh just X Longbow plus seven holy  __  thats big wait how do I get the  __  out now no  __  way Im supposed to bone out theres gotta be a way to make this go up no  __  chance ah so you do just have to shoot it before you get on there and I see that was my only way out okay oh is this where the Flynn ring is can you take the noble way out I just cant be responsible xqcs Channel being here going  __  wild about it no Im not playing with the summon this guys just from stream and he hopped in invaded thanks all right were in business no what the  __  happened there holy  __  this area has like so many different little things attached to it Im gonna take a guess and say this one oh my God Im a  __  genius my gamer instinct is nuts oh oh  __  too far oh what the  __  oh my God ah what a leap but its not worth it look at this  __  aggro Range man holy  __  oh I cant believe it he didnt keep going they do the tin give Subs private username so Jester Thomas really is just AI he takes no  __  damage though foreign there we go wow that guy takes a  __  ton of damage this is the hardest boss in Dark Souls coming up I hear that about like every single boss ever so far the only one thats lived up to the hype is Manus no bonfire oh did I miss a bonfire thats fine oh gee what the  __  oh I didnt mean to roll that way is Drake blood clothing any good its probably not better than what Im currently using if I had to guess it is better than what Im currently using okay Ill switch doesnt look as cool as what I was wearing but it does seem to be better Im assuming Ill fat roll with this no will this fat roll me yes is this even a boss I do no damage holy  __  foreign bosses that just summon enemies foreign oh Im dead so that the skeleton charged it up when I started  __  God damn it I dont know maybe I should just kill the last skeleton is there any reason to keep the last guy alive is there a point to it she spawns more so if I keep that Last One Alive it prevents her from spawning more she doesnt spawn on top of it Ill just keep the last skeleton alive then if it prevents her from spawning another wave its probably worth it oh what oh my timing is way off she didnt even summon that time and  __  me up oh uh all right not skeletons this time thats not good Id rather the skeletons oh thank you Music so lightning is the best where do I go to upgrade to lightning its not this guy is it I dont see a way to do that and what do I need for it a Lightning gym I dont think I have one I know I think I have fire dont Infuse get gold Pine resin or your Dex parameter will get  __  oh here it is yeah I passed it uh where do I get who do I buy it from can I buy it you need Fragrant Branch of Yore to get to the Shaded Woods I have I have one dont I oh I somehow missed all three of they do no damage and yet Im missing everything on them right now oh that was a lot more damage foreign so what was the point in me even killing these did this did this give me anything worthwhile another path what oh oh wait here this isnt the way I came in okay okay cool cool cool I thought this was the way I came in I see I didnt expect that I thought it was gonna be like a slam wow foreign that was a lot quicker than I thought it was going to be wow all right Jesus Christ Im dead I actually just died foreign this is rough Im in an animation lock okay he dropped on the ladder I was trying to use and I couldnt move right here okay Im probably  __  this is your least favorite part of the game oh boy because of the poison holy  __  okay okay Christ Music foreign foreign just playing it safe oh Jesus Christ these guys are still coming  __  so what did me burning the windmill do The Rock lady sells chunks whos the rock lady thanks the prime fell diver I havent met her yet okay so where is the Rock lady I want some chunks the chick with the fat Rack in Harvest Valley she only sold shards what do you mean oh she goes to medulla because he moves off the chest it doesnt matter still only shards what the  __  there we go exactly what I  __  needed Rapier plus 10. can I finish DLC no lets find out let me spin these lets just do endurance all right lets see how big of a difference this made not a huge difference at all unlucky immediately summoned him instead of the skeletons oh nope oh baby Im done foreign you oh I didnt roll in time come on  __  man whoa oh just out of range got lucky  __  foreign this is not easy I dont want to attack him but maybe I should I was gonna keep him alive because I dont really want her summoning skeletons either but maybe I should kill this guy oh no the skeletons suck oh come on okay still too early wait what the  __  is he what what did she summon Little Pigs Music that hit Im dead ah how did that hit God I thought I had time is she somebody oh my God thats some free damage I passed up on oh time Music oh  __  thank God when she summons that big guy its so much  __  easier I should have just dispelled this I should have just immediately got rid of the  __  skeletons and hoped for the big guy each time I thought she was just gonna always do skeletons if I did that really low level for it still squeaked it out is this back to back bosses Music through the okay oh hold on okay whoa what the  __  foreign oh my God whoa what hit what the  __  hit me  __  unlucky foreign Music oh my God I got stuck in his  __  foot that was that was it that was the one oh my God what a shame foreign glad I didnt waste the repair powder I couldnt decide if it was enough or not we were able to squeak it out oh all right good so having the crown of the sunken King what does it do does it do anything for me I doubt it let me see is it like in my inventory anywhere does it do anything oh it has like a special effect well I dont have all the crowns I only have sunken King what are the other crowns Ivory King and Iron King okay lets do those next Iron Keep after the okay so I have to go to Iron Keep anyway so I might as well just keep doing the normal path thank you I oh I couldnt Dodge oh you son of a  __  cant believe I didnt get through the fog in time this is a boss uh of course of course oh foreign Music foreign kill him oh I cant  __  believe that what oh I thought he was jumping Im throwing so  __  hard oh I never took the  __  cat ring off I see holy  __  I never took it off foreign oh my God I cant believe that oh I have two Ring of Blades uh what should I do ring of Giants plus one or ring of evil eye Giants okay ah the Ring of giants is fat rolled me foreign off I did not realize that was fat roll me I need my shield for stamina and I dont have the gloves on no Giants ring evil eye it is I cant see Jesus  __  Christ oh miss click I didnt mean to  __  roll run okay  __  it where the  __  did that where did the what where did this one come from oh oh my God what the  __  foreign just doesnt even feel good I should have had that on the first try uh pursuer foreign Music Applause nice oh rigged blades plus one thats actually huge was that like a guaranteed drop or was that just really lucky RNG guaranteed uh well bring a blades plus one baby thats actually massive foreign I actually remember this back when the game first came out uh I got summoned to a world where a guy was using like the giant golden Thunderbolt and he one shot this thing foreign I see so the only challenge was uh not rolling into that it seems oh is that the next DLC over there okay good hold on let me level up I actually have two of their PCS sagacious I think theyre very good I wasnt looking at the screen did I pick up the right thing God I wish you wouldnt there we go I just wanted that key Ive already I just did the sunken Crown DLC so now were doing whichever one this is lets do this fog fog oh the boss respawns because I use the aesthetic right no point okay this is pretty  __  cool actually yeah it might even be better than the sunken crown I still havent done the secret boss for Sunken Crown should I do it or is it not really like a good boss I just remembered that we didnt do the third the optional boss in sunken Crown its kind of split dog  __  dont really bad okay its a 3v1 PVP boss thats not very fun examine it but when its not attacking oh what is dexterity ring do its probably better than my uh evil eye just straight increases dexterity Scythe plus seven holy  __  Scythe is a ducks weapon isnt it that actually might be something to think about you son of a  __  can these guys climb the ladder can I just what what that I cant believe that reached me what the  __  are these guys is what do they care I see now I get it well they just blow themselves up if I trigger it okay good good good you son of a  __  wow talking about this guy the point in killing this guy oh okay it didnt even work anyway okay great great this guys got good moves yeah and it didnt even reach him anyway what a  __  waste uh thats a big outplay Jesus foreign how Wild and wacky all right I guess thats just a reminder to go offline uh what he broke was my sword and everything else but it didnt save any of it so thats good no oh how unlucky  __  oh yeah so lighting these on fire does it do anything for me or not really roll fast enough you dont insta die but what does it do so what does the curse do in Dark Souls 2. so its different than Dark Souls One what does it do drops your HP get Im just going for it well see oh I see uh thats a dead end foreign nope  __  I dont think well what the  __  what okay rough I dont think fume Knights gonna be hard I dont know anything about the fight but I imagine itll be easy oh God dont fall  __  maldrons regaining HP just standing there what a shame why there we go  __  range well muldrin wont respawn though so thats fine I havent done fume yet thats what Im working towards right now so where is few night probably over here hes at the bottom of the tower okay so then Im going the right way s  __  its still falling what the  __  the  __  looking good oh what the  __  is the range on this guy compared to the other ones holy  __  oh so close oh cause hes powered up oh  __  I just noticed you know what Im only gonna use this one and well see what happens I still have plenty of smelter wedges I can always come back is Health regions if you leave them good then itll be an even fight foreign unlucky oh  __  new attack foreign too late not a very hard boss its just that region so yeah I have to use it otherwise its going to take too long oh  __  that hit oh Im  __  oh I cant believe that actually tapped me oh no  __  oh I was out of stamina that was so free oh oh my God what the  __  what do you mean ah what a shame Im dead I thought I had more time oh God Applause I had nowhere to really go there and I couldnt roll nope oh God I couldnt Dodge after that holy  __  that AOE is so sad I did it again man Im so tilted Im dead okay foreign that should have been four rounds ago wait I was the only boss in the DLC theres two more but I just got the crown so do I get two crowns from this oh I have to come back for the boss like when Im going through memories the way to him is insane you should do it to what the blue Smelter Demon okay if I have to access memories then I cant do it right now anyway wheres my third Crown I want to get the third Crown now Shaded Woods is this way right or this way all right whoa Ive been ambushed oh Im stuck oh God oh God luckily they dont do much damage  __  man Jesus Christ I see can I even fight these guys right now I cant see wow Im getting blasted holy  __  holy  __  theres so many this place is optional here oh okay not gonna bother them is there a boss attached to it or no okay but Im not gonna bother this is the DLC area  __  the Mist oh perfect thats what I want this fat roll for now it doesnt matter youre too weak for the DLC Ive already done crown of the sunken King and Iron King and everyone said the same  __  there oh you got me  __  up Im gonna Im gonna  __  cry oh my dick is so soft now well were fine good God still like his nuts isnt this the last area of the game I dont think so I mean maybe its been so long since Ive played this I still have more DLC to do though foreign big prank so all I needed was frozen flour for this last DLC right okay then lets do it how about Majoras Mask I would never stream at Zelda game again except for Skyward Sword when that comes out the back seating in Zelda is on a whole nother level  __  melting down in caps lock if youre exploring for a second instead of speed running all right game time last crown and then we can finish the game so what was the order of DLCs I think Old Iron King was first right and then was it this in sunken crown or is this the last DLC this is the last one so its sunken old iron and then this oh I see its invisible yeah oh Jesus  __  crazy I can see it Im lying I really cant see it by the way I cant see  __  Im assuming I need an item to be able to see that boss I wonder could you do that without the item like if you were just like a  __  top tier gamer could you just blast that out I wonder thatd be kind of nuts I keep hearing about horse  __  Valley is that actually what its called in the Dark Souls Dark Souls lore once you run through it youll know why okay  __  just make the enemies invisible call it a difficulty Spike oh  __  I think this is a dead end too Applause no no were good were good oh dont be a boss fight everythings still invisible dont do it  __  it Im going hey wait I have the Priestess does that mean I can see the enemies now oh what the  __  is that what what where did that come from does he uh he uses that  __  ring to disguise himself as like an item doesnt he thats what that was let me lose aggro real quick and then Ill come back I wonder where what the  __  I see they havent lost aggro thank you Holy Night the fight down here I guess well where is the ice guy going like he pretends to go AFK oh my God I couldnt  __  roll in time I say  __  this NPC Im just gonna go do the boss and then come back you just go from the first ball on fire which is faster it feels faster okay that was big foreign oh my God Jesus Christ Im a little confused oh unlucky I cant get close to him because his hitbox is so  __  huge and like lagging its just not worth it I can try again but I think just staying back and whittling it down like thats gonna be the way holy  __  what happened there uh how did that Miss no  __  way what oh  __   __   __   __   __  I thought he was gonna jump oh rolling into that thing is just a death trap 100 that hitbox is  __  yeah I already did the Old Iron King I didnt do one of the or two of the bosses though apparently I needed to do like the memory part first so I couldnt do one of them officer Greg uh do I say yes here I imagine yes so I fight the ivory King wait do I just go right to the boss my friend lets get it yeah I forgot to use an effigy and I turned off the ring of binding so just one of those things foreign oh boy oh God I see so I need more Knights because otherwise its gonna take  __  forever for them to freeze the portals huh make it make it make it make it please God just make it Lord have mercy Music no what the  __  I dont want to fight all this  __  oh theres so much there its so tedious  __  okay I thought I would one shot them clearly not lesson learned Im dead these things are disgusting holy  __  holy  __  what the  __  foreign I was blocking for all of that it did it did full damage through my shield wait was this my friend I think I might have just dont fight me yeah I think I  __  up oh that son of a  __  I havent  __  trusted him he played the long con ah ah I FedEd a soul I see Knights are optional but itd be literally all  __  day to fight the boss without them because he just keeps spawning is the recent Putt-Putt very unlucky that is quite literally the first mimic in the entire game that Ive come across that is the first one I didnt even think they existed in Dark Souls 2 must only be for this DLC where is this bat oh here he is lets go big guy nope this guy is stagger proof foreign now I can go to whatever that night  __  was man everyone calls it horse  __  Valley Im excited to see it Maybe foreign good so far goddammit God damn theres so many foreign Jesus Christ oh I just died nope I got lucky he didnt lunge God damn it what the  __  theyre going wild right now okay reset what the  __  its not even like aiming at me this what the  __  oh me  __  help okay so wheres the fourth night hes before the second bonfire all right all four nights hopefully this wont be as long now oh not bad the four nights really made a big difference but uh unfortunately I have no Estes left so really  __  cool boss he runs super Goofy oh my God these guys spawned the entire time thats rough oh no I rolled too late why did the  __  pyromancer stay spawning there we go yes and they actually closed the gate this time holy  __  what I didnt roll what seal it  __  seal it  __  seal it why why all right pyromancers during the boss fight lets do it ah this is so dumb he didnt see oh I didnt die no I did that took so much longer to recover from at least I wasted a life gym on the way out nope hang in there I need you to dry aggro its very helpful  __  foreign oh God there we go when they seal the portal up on time its very very easy now I have all three crowns lets  __  get it I already did Iron King Ive done sunken the sunken Crown Iron King and now this one Ive done all DLCs okay so who do I go to to use all three of these crowns oh wait no Vitality right I wanted more vitality no but if Im gonna be using Flynn that doesnt really matter much 25 adaptabilities plenty you can equip sir alons armor and Flynn ring and its low weight medium defense set I dont know if I have sir aloe vera or whatever his name is oh I need to go to memory oh sir Allens the one where I need to be in memories chat told me here we go  __  yeah okay Im gonna keep bringing a binding on just for now and then once I uh meet velstad and get permanent Humanity Ill put this on oh is this him oh  __   __  I saw that coming I thought I thought I could get out of there in time oh well yeah because Ive done all the DLCs so Im definitely over leveled for the like actual game I had a feeling what wait what what oh my God I could move oh my God I just got stun locked over the item dont do it oh my God I actually remember this boss rough start not gonna lie okay I see so thats what the attack actually does okay that guy had like two attacks in total all right lets run it okay ah  __  Im trying to listen to the lady oh God oh yeah Jesus this is what I remember okay yeah yeah I remember this part theres like a bunch of holes gotta try not to fall no no this Im stunned oh wait I dont have invincibility on these fog doors I think Im just dead lets go I just got so lucky I couldnt rule no damn oh I remember this  __  frog thanks for the five gifts up to conquer theres holes in this boss fight right okay none of those hit thank you oh he does it twice okay foreign almost lost to that hey this is for the uh BDSM guy now stat is awesome yeah I fought him in sunken crown it was pretty cool I did not think that was gonna hit Music foreign oh  __  Music I didnt roll well thats sad oh  __  I didnt mean to do that too late no were good foreign lets go naked I should hit like a  __  truck right now not a huge difference if Im being honest also not a huge difference in the amount of damage I take either so its not like Ive lost anything by taking off the armor was my right but same thing theres two I know I can wear armor with the ring but I dont think I have any light armor I didnt check Im just assuming I dont to be honest Ill check in a second foreign foreign that last one you missed how sad Applause why was that so easy that boss was always easy I remember Im pretty sure I first tried that even back when the game came out I did not use Rapier is it a hard fight I dont remember this one lets try it okay he doesnt take much damage oh oh God I hate that I hate that huge AOE fire  __  is there a closer bonfire if there is Ill definitely do ancient dragon but I really hate this super long journey back there isnt yeah its the opening doors and a thousand enemies on the way it is not an easy Trek and fighting them every time to the boss doesnt seem worth it at all if theres a closer bonfire Id love to do ancient dragon I dont recall if I ever did it when the game came out last run that hit me still somehow I cant open the door if you blocked it I just got stuck oh my God all right its not worth it fighting through all the enemies to the ancient dragon too slow running too inconsistent I dont think its worth it there all right so these guys wont attack God oh God no it might be worth it to finally do the Dragon okay so isnt it if I remember correctly and Im taking a guess dont I stand on this like back left Edge and then I can just get cool nope oh  __   __  rough just immediately jumped oh my God immediately jumped Im dead all right went to a dead Sprint the second he took off still couldnt dodge it wheres his tail there it is Ive changed my mind Im gonna get the crown so I just need to go to uh vinic right so do I just talk to him and it gives me the uh turbo crown Jesus Christ this man just really wanted to talk let me tell you a story a secret of fire why isnt he turning my crowns into anything I have all three from the DLC you need four oh my  __  God okay wheres the fourth one then only available if youve killed Vendrick in the undead crypt and are in human form using the Ring of the Dead does not count so I have to kill bendrick and then go to Shrine of Amana so Im guessing I literally cant even start the fight without a single giant Soul my swords gonna break okay uh lets be further than back to Dragon Ive already used a uh whats it called Humanity  __  it lets run it I cannot stand this  __  fire what looking pretty good foreign too easy didnt even get touched  __  yeah not bad the hardest part about that fight was just getting to it all right next lets do sir element so everyone has complained about how long of a journey this is foreign oh my  __  god what it took three last time what the  __  man foreign I expected that to be a lot longer to the boss never mind this isnt bad oh okay no sapuku animation on that one pretty tanky guy that was new why how did I not roll oh what a waste of a gym I didnt dodge oh uh what why neither neither Dodge what what do you mean this guy I dont know why people say a few nights hard that boss was  __  easy this guy is nuts his attacks have a crazy hitbox on him oh my Lord oh my God hes so far away foreign I think I might just do decks I think hard cap is 50 so we can get up to 50. all right this shits pretty expensive holy holy Lord does this give any like bonuses or is it just good light armor like is there a set bonus or something its just badass its fair that looks nice  __  yeah all right where to next try fighting King ventric as you are now if youd like to have a taste Ill pass Ill go for like five Souls this is what I remember this you could farm this the  __  okay foreign Music do I have enough giant souls to do Vin yeah I have to probably do Vendrick now its like five I think oh  __  wait what happened I think I rolled into him huh what what God damn it hes so  __  tanky come on baby foreign  __  yeah what am I missing I have the three crowns plus I just killed bendrick Undead what do I have to do now youre missing the four oh thats right the Shrine of Amana there it is now were good have not done dark lurker but you know what lets do dark lurker now so I can stop getting asked so much guide me to dark lurker once I do this which way which one offers me the humanity is it the Old Iron King which one whats it called all of them do now oh so now I can just choose this one I think looks coolest it stops further hollowing so lets say I die now in human form do I stay human okay cool oh  __  there we are oh I can just walk out the hole ah I didnt realize I thought that was like a one-way Street so where is the last one actually while Im here Im gonna do the Scorpion fight Bradley of the Old Roy sure  __  it get her Bradley Ill let you do this if you want Bradley youre doing great does he do any damage youre really taking it to her Bradley wow youre an animal Bradley holy  __  oh she had to destroy the tree oh whatever this boss I think is the third most hyped boss it was fume Knight which I thought was easy ancient dragon which was just a horribly designed boss but wasnt hard and dark lurker those are like the main three let me see yes yeah I can tell you I did not do dark lurker so this will be first time dark lurker damn that was intense holy  __  dark Lugers nuts okay this guy is nuts on what holy  __  he cannot be staggered what the  __  oh I see so now I just revisit all the three locations I met this guy at and light the thing oh okay okay hes getting me with the old no look Strat do I go right into dark lurkers  __  or what happens now oh Im right in it oh foreign oh do I so to do dark lurker do I have to run through all three guys again every time am I run through I mean like I actually  __  kill all three guys every time yeah thats really dumb oh its an AOE oh this is so silly you can get the dark lurker through any cave now oh cool okay thats good lets go to the uh oh my that was so unlucky I thought I had enough time  __  I died  __  thought I had a gym out but I forgot to switch I thought he was split kidding  __  God damn it I took damage for no reason foreign yeah yeah I got really lucky he did a super late split for some reason  __  that was nice sometimes he splits immediately and then that time he didnt split until he was three shots from Death Ill  __  take the RNG on that see the only thing you have left is to beat the scholar the first sin yes oh  __  Im out of water all right horse  __  Valley lets go so its called horse  __  Valley because theres a lot of horses can you not Dodge that what the  __  man I dont know how you dodged that oh Im done I see they have a ranged attack too dead  __  that was far enough away true man this is not a very cool area oh the dark lurker I have to finish the Scorpion part oh theres another pad Chad told me to go  __  right when it was literally immediately left Jesus Christ oh  __  whoa oh wait that tarantics actually gonna be kind of rough wait wait oh my God I couldnt roll need to kill the little guys oh boy oh one HP in a dream his skinny little God his skinny little legs are so hard to hit what the  __  no a little early on the Dodge admittedly oh God there we go oh God damn it I cant get close to this guy  __  there we go foreign okay a little early on the roll all good oh part of my speed run strut no I dont want boss weapons oh whos this get in here man Hunter oh boy thats a rough place to be Manhunter how do I fight this thing again oh wait how did that hit  __  I was out of stamina foreign oh God okay I should kill the little spiders holy  __  why bounced off the armor foreign Applause good work Man Hunter OHara we did it you missed the memory is there any reason for me to go to the memory or is there just another Soul the giant that I dont need considering Ive already killed Vendrick just another giant Soul okay good that Im not gonna bother just finish it at the dranglia castle okay Ive done every DLC every DLC boss the majority of optional bot every hard boss in the game whatever hard boss youre gonna ask if Ive done Ive done and Ill say the uh after all of this I think the hardest boss was dark lurker it took me five tries but I thought the boss was significantly harder than the other ones like fume Knight ancient dragon  __  like that wait whos here its Bradley and Ben Hart I mean I I remember the last boss is pretty  __  easy to solo lets just have a little fun lets see if Bradley and Hugo can do it without my help took you like 20 tries on fume nope I went back and watched the VOD it took me nine but a lot of it was because I kept throwing at the very end when he was one shot so I dont really consider that being a hard boss I just kept choking lets go boys also I know you can cheese these guys really hard you can make them fall off youre an animal Bradley he does 16 damage this guys nuts foreign Bradley basically heals the boss I think the fact that theres two of them here is gonna make it hard for these guys so Im gonna take this and then theyll see if they can do this the Chandra whatever it is oh  __  oh Im getting hit I didnt even notice thats embarrassing I had no idea I was even getting hit oh is that Bradleys attack does it do any damage I didnt notice anything also this guy doesnt really seem to want to fight all right you two can handle the Chandra lets see I will not help at all I think they can do it all right boys get after oh Jesus oh God Ben oh Ben oh no Bradley do something oh its not looking good Bradley such a  __  coward yeah I dont know I dont think theyre gonna pull it off yeah Bens  __  Bradley you got it lets see if the Bradley solo dream is alive oh thats his first Dodge ever I think no come on Bradley I dont think hes call me pessimistic but I dont think hes gonna pull it off all right Music oh wow she got hit by that wait what I thought I was immune to curses wait I thought I was immune to curses  __  I see that doesnt work here its dark magic not curses oh I thought it was curse no boys Ben hang in there no oh theyre  __  no way no way Bradley pulls this off no chance Bradley pulls it off why the low Estus I just never collected Estes this is basically like an Estus playthrough you know I take it back Bradley might actually pull this off he has been whittling her down really well he actually might be able to do it next to the gift sub Odem hes unfortunately getting comboed right now though come on Bradley oh good Dodge Brad Chad Meister oh God hes gonna  __  do it maybe I dont know he he doesnt have the lightning anymore hold on I may have been a little too overconfident in Brads abilities if he does fail I kind of want to just throw and see if they can do it again I actually think they can do it though given good RNG come on Brad God damn it no thats for you Brad he was so close he was so  __  close Ill be honest I dont know if I fought aldia Jesus thank you Music no foreign Music Aldi is timing those beautifully good  __  so how many bosses did we miss Im pretty sure we did every boss except for blue smelter horse  __  Valley boss thats the only two I know at the top of my head that I did not do you missed three cat oh whats the wait whats cat whats the cat boss yeah thats what I was I was just trying to avoid reskins which is why I skipped those because I know horse  __  Valley is just too Avas pet blue smelter is literally  __  cool ranch Smelter Demon whatever I miss gank Squad and gargoyle so I missed four in total thats not bad that is not bad nearly 100 nearly got a hundred percent of the bosses in the game that is not bad at all and I wasnt even doing it on purpose I just wanted to make sure I did every hard boss all right were getting the leaving ending Music foreign such as so if we did take the throne I dont remember that ending what happens do we destroy the world if we take the throne you just sit there and the cycle continues uh tabletop games on steam This is the greatest all boss run of All TimeHugeCharles share games in steam creative games steam how to stop showing what game you're playing on steam achievements steam tactics games steam