Why Dark Souls 3 is Better than Elden Ring (A Video Analysis)

How to watch the game awards steamhandheld steam cleaner near me DARK SOULS™ III review all right hi youve probably noticed this video looks a little different than my usual videos ive been trying to make more joke content lately which is why ive been showing my face more often but heres just a video i wanted to make because ive only been seeing universal praise for eldon ring and i just need to get some of my honest takes off my chest alright so three things before the video i need to quickly note so this makes sense one this video is broken up into six parts where i talk about six different reasons why i think dark souls iii is better than elder green i will be referring to and showing all parts of these games so heres your spoiler warning all right number two youre probably going to disagree with some of my takes here which is great and im excited to hear the discussion around this but i would ask you if your take is longer than like one two paragraphs max dont put it in the freaking comments just make your own audio recording and make a dumb youtube video like i did okay im not trying to lose my eyesight reading your takes on the symbolism of the ball sacks of radons horse okay just make a youtube video out of it thank you okay number three the last point throughout this video i have footage from dark souls 3 elden ring and even a little bit of sakura and the footage doesnt necessarily emphasize the points im making at that time i just wanted to throw something that you could watch and be entertained by in the background its not necessarily an exact representation of the points im making all right lets get into the video thanks for watching Music i want to start off with one of my strongest points dark souls 3 straight up has better boss fights than eldon ring bosses are my absolute favorite parts of any games and from software has learned how to perfect boss fights and they did in dark souls 3 which in my opinion has multiple of the best boss fights of all time in it elden ring just pills in comparison now you could go ahead and say well this is just your subjective opinion yeah yeah and its a weak argument because its all based on opinion i say no because i did math on it and i hate math and that proves that this is more legitimate just a fairytale opinion i went through and scored each main boss in elgin ring in four categories that all combined together if a perfect boss existed it would score 40 points okay 10 points come from boss moves and design 10 points for the boss arena 10 points for the boss music and 10 points for overall fun to master gameplay maybe ill make a video later showing how each boss fight ranks in the souls games if you guys care alden rings bosses were consistently hitting a score of like 25 out of 40 which is respectable for sure thats good the highest scoring boss and therefore the best ranking boss in eldon ring is godric to graft it with a score of 35 out of 40 thats a great boss fight thats s tier but he is kind of like the exception to the rule generally speaking most bosses didnt break 30 points on the other hand dark souls 3 bosses are literally almost all s tier ranking between 35 and 40 points dont believe me how about we refresh some memories here uh champion gundyr abysswatchers pontiff sullivan the dancer the twin princes nameless king free day and it top it off with a literal perfect 40 out of 40. in my opinion the best boss fight off souls slave knight gail s tier okay these are all just in dark souls 3 bro and those are just the ss there are a tiers and to be fair there are lower ranking bosses like i dont know deacons of the deep or that weird tree boss those are not as tiers of my a tier theyre lower but lets just compare this to eldon ring and i know elden ring doesnt have to dlcs yet which i hope will add some more s tears but if you just do the straight up math elden ring is already far behind on the frequency of amazing boss fights in comparison to dark souls 3. and if you disagree with me okay that means that you think ranala is ester bruh it means you think radon is almost a perfect boss okay it means you think that the elden beast is on par with the lord of cinder bro the elden beast is a straight 1 out of 10 in the funness score you spend like 70 just running these great football field distances just so you can get up to him and swing your sword even spells you cant do them from that far away because you just teleport okay i just think its straight up bad and i feel like they forgot to allow you to like summon your horse in that fight i think its like an error its that bad and im just trying to be brutally honest with you okay most bosses in elder ring are good and they are fun but they are no slave night gale okay maybe ill make a ranking video later i go through these individually and talk about the specifics of the four sections of my 40-point scoring system but the math as it stands puts dark souls 3 bosses grades ahead in most cases and the drawing downgrading quality that i consistently notice in eldon rings bosses that i want to bring up right now is the boss music ive gone through and listened to all the osts as i was ranking them and so many of the major cut scene bosses the big bosses just fall flat their music has nothing memorable it makes me think that there was a conscious decision to not make the interest too interesting for some reason go and listen to melanias boss music and then go listen to the twin princes boss music if you dont believe me its an inarguable downgrade in musical quality this and other factors of the scoring system all prove that eldon rings bosses are good but not on par with the great bosses of dark souls 3. okay next up is tonality now the tonality of the souls games is traditionally very dark and gritty dark souls 3 is a straight up horror game at some points thats why on steam it could be grouped up with other easier to spot genre placeholders like i dont know resident evil or vr chat just kidding but eldering doesnt have that same scare element that my favorite moments of the franchise has had here theres not the dark oppressive atmosphere that works in tonality with the gruelingly difficult combat the areas look like this very pretty but it feels less like a souls game and more like wizard 101 alternatively in dark souls 3 when im exploring the back side of the lothric castle and i stumble upon an area called the consumed kings garden i feel in my gut that im not welcomed here and im supposed to uncover something abysmally horrifying in this misty mire then imagine you walk through the fog wall to witness this cutscene Music ah you ignorant slaves finally taken notice have you dont you just feel your heart sinking into terror thats what i love most of the areas of dark souls 3 follow this tonality and carve out unique and interesting bosses which fit into the grossness and the darkness of the tone ellen rings world on the other hand i think suffers from a lack of tonality it seems to me from software kinda tries to make a theme of things being grand but to me it often just feels bland i only felt the terror that i love so much twice in elden ring once when i fought up this hill of crazy hysterical cult ladies to be greeted with a boss called the godskin apostle and there was dope music there by the way the second time i was presented with terror was when i explored the secret area in a castle and i guess long story short i fought a giant salamander king when he did this with his jaw my jaw dropped it was awesomely terrifying none of the other areas or bosses felt as good or as memorable as these battles in these areas now you could argue with me and say hey asher games dont have to be scary to be good right i agree with you 100 think about like i dunno super mario galaxy not exactly a horror game but still a super solid great game after all this game isnt named dark souls 4 or something its a new ip its elden ring so it doesnt have to be scary but you tell me this what is the tone of elden ring uh i dont know eldon ring maybe represents things aging and aging land or something but they they really honestly dont have a solid theme that works with the gameplay and what im saying is the tone of the dark souls dark dark dark fits in perfectly with its dark and oppressive combat the enemy is scary guess what its also scary when the enemy hits you and kills you in one hit these things fit together like two perfect puzzle pieces elden ring does not have the same puzzle piece perfection okay now were going to talk about the combat this might be the longest section but i have a lot i want to say about it eldon rings combat overall is super awesome im not going to debate that when you compare it to the vast vast majority of single player games out there it honestly just stands out as one of the clear leaders in the industry okay i think it has great combat i think thats one of the reasons why so many other titles and other games are slowly transforming into souls-like combat style games heck even assassins creed is getting in on this yeah elden ring has really great combat and is mostly fine for most people as they make their way through it but with all that being said dark souls 3 is better and i really really do want to note here that i think sakura personally takes the cake for most enjoyable combat to master that blade-to-blade cutthroat katana clashing this video isnt about sakura unfortunately its about elden ring and here im discussing why dark souls 3s combat system is superior to eldon rings and i think well see more discussion on this within the community as time goes on but im here to discuss the two strongest points i have against ers combat that i have noticed so easily have robbed so many people of that typical satisfaction and enjoyment that i usually do feel in dark souls first the biggest culprit is the chronic over-reliance upon range spells now i dont think its the players fault if they use range spells to defeat bosses heck the game gives you these magical tools why not use them its safer youre gonna survive more its easier okay one hundred percent elden ring just hands out range spills a little too easily and a little too much in my opinion and ill give you an example as to why i think this because this is an open world game youre going to be drawn to loot and to look around the area and find the best items hypothetically a player could just ride around past the bosses past the difficult people malakath godric and snatch one of the many powerful range spells in this game maybe you watch a youtube video that actually showed you exactly where to get it from and there you go youre set to defeat almost all of the hardest bosses in the game just because you have a zappy spell oh elden ring needs an easy mode it has one range spells and im not just trying to cause hate on all magic i just hate range magic i wish from software made more spells that were less about range and more just about melee that would be awesome now i played all these games both ways melee and magic and when using ranged magic i believe that you will rob yourself out of the most satisfying and godlike combat i think you can encounter in gaming dark souls 3 is a great example of a melee heavy game in the series which i believe sets the player up to fill these godlike thrills more often there are spells and pyromancies in dark souls 3 but i think the balance of their implementation is way better done in that game than elder ring now maybe you do enjoy the easy path to victory and not getting within 100 yards of the enemy and you think that thats fun thats you im not gonna downgrade you thats fun thats fine okay but i am telling you in my experience ive done it both ways you get so much more of an emotional high and satisfaction when youre able to get right up into the bosss faces and youre able to confidently counter each of their moves with a well-timed dodge and a swift swing of your sword and that anticipatory step back and then javelin thrust into their gut the difference is elden ring is like listening to music i think dark souls 3 is like listening to music and dancing to it the difference is getting an a on your spanish test or actually being able to speak a fluent language you know and its hard im not going to deny that its hard to master something like this or theres so much to learn and all these subtleties you got to figure out but its just like climbing a mountain if you just drive to the top the satisfaction is robbed if you love climbing it the view is so much more rewarding when you climb step for step and i know im sounding like one of those get good elitist d-bags youll find online but im just trying to be honest with you i think that its more fun when you do melee okay so long story short all that crap aside range magic equals easy mode equals less fun dark souls 3 does not equal as much easy magic which does equal more fun thats my take on it okay id love to hear your opinion too the second part of my general combat complaint in elden ring is sort of a minut subtlety but i think the long time players will recognize it eldon ring has some enemies and some bosses which actually break the combat rules of the world that have been set up and this goes super deep behind the scenes into combat mechanics and enemy ai and i dont feel like i can explain it nearly as well as this great youtube video by swagapagar turtle called melania doesnt play by the rules please go watch it so you can understand what im saying this video is so clear and concise it explains what im talking about so much better than i could and i put the link in the description please go watch it im going to try to explain a little bit of what i understand about this but some bosses and enemies in eldon ring simply break the unbreakable rules that the gameplay teaches us and this is not a good thing and im not just whining and saying eldering is too hard it is hard once again go watch the video it explains it its kind of like this heres an analogy you train very hard to compete in a wrestling match coaches judges and your sparring opponents teach you the acceptable rules and then you show up on game day to a championship fight and see that your opponent is allowed to wield a knife it breaks the premise of the combat rules that would be a terrible fight and im not saying that if an enemy in elden ring pulls a knife on you and that will happen im not saying that breaks the rules but there is heres an example theres a boss in the game called melania which cancels animations steals life through shields and can launch into the waterfall spam attack even when shes supposed to be staggered these break the established rules of combat in this world which is bad combat design theres also a few undodgeable attacks from certain enemies and bosses besides melania that makes me concerned for the design of future from soft games and dark souls 3 i believe from my memory as long as you timed it right for the vast fast fast fast fast majority almost 99 of attacks you could dodge through them perfectly and then counter attack there were aoe attacks but not that many and you always had time to anticipate them and run away elden ring has attack patterns that spam like sword swings and damage in your face instantly which make it impossible to dodge one of them i remember off the top of my head is godric he has this wind swirl attack that instantly activates if youre too close and you dont have time to dodge it i know margate has an attack where he thrusts the spear out or the sword towards you and if you dodge into it you start spamming all these things which are kind of impossible to dodge they might actually be impossible i watched a youtube video on it they may be impossible malakath in his first phase when hes like the cleric beast looking dude cleric beast is that the wrong game anyway in his first phase he has this one double swipe thing that you cant dodge its too fast you cant roll two times in the time that he does that double swipe in the last example ill talk about ratagon not the elden beast but ratagon he can teleport away and then teleport back is like a bolt of lightning then you can swing immediately into it i think it might actually be impossible to dodge it perfectly i could be wrong on that one though however i havent tested it extensively but theres these examples and i i know theres more okay maybe in the comments you guys can point some out i have beef with these types of attacks because im arguing that it actually makes these games less fun to engage with i love trying to master these fights these bosses so i could have a perfect no hit run which is impossible to engage with certain enemies during certain attacks like ive mentioned because instead of this back and forth dance i talked about youre forced to just keep your distance from them and avoid the combat altogether its almost like anti-combat and it feels artificial when its unavoidable and thats unfair to me and bad and by the way dont try to argue with me that everything is unfair in these games because theyre not theres probably a dozen other good video essays on youtube explaining why the difficult in dark souls is challenging but not exactly unfair you can go look that up if you want these are my two largest complaints with combat and illness i have other gripes but well leave it at this like my thesis of the video says i think dark souls 3 already did a better job of perfecting this type of combat and in my opinion eldon ring feels like a downgrade to me all right this ones going to take a little bit of explaining and ill do my best to articulate why i feel this way i think the feel of a linear game beats the feel of an open world game in the from software storytelling department let me explain to you why while playing through dark souls 3 i didnt know what the freak was going on who i was fighting or why i was trying to slaughter the lords of the land for some reason though i was intrigued and interested in finding out why i was killing things and i wanted to read item descriptions and listen to the npc dialogue and pay attention during the weird freaking cut scenes now eldon ring has some of this weird cryptic almost optional storytelling as dark souls 3 but i dont actually care about any of it for some reason all right looks like were riding a glowing coffin down into a pit of scarlet rot i dont care oh wow theres this giant city underneath the land i dont care why its here though its hard to put into words why i just feel more captivated by one and not the other but i think it has to do with the open world map of eldon ring which by the way is the best open world game ive ever played so props but its not as good as the more linear experience of dark souls 3. i think this is partially the case because in a game like elden ring the open world has certain storyline beats that progress the game forward like an example when you kill godric this little chamber opens up behind him and you can go into it but then instead of opening up a new area it kind of just pops you back out into the land which you already could have explored in dark souls 3 when you beat a boss it unlocks the next area to explore but eldering you can kind of just explore anything at any time because of the freedom of being able to travel anywhere and because eldering is an open world map you can encounter these areas and these bosses in any order you really want and its much harder if you think about it from a developers perspective to try to tell a story when the reader can just flip to all these random pages in any order that they like elgin ring incentivizes you flipping to random pages and its a lot of fun and its a plus 10 for exploration but im arguing that its a minus 10 for the storyline and pacing that a well-crafted narrative could be and now i want to say this i know dark souls 3 isnt like a strict linear game like at a an early mario level you just go left to right i know its not like that but dark souls 3 definitely channels you strongly into certain world directions and puts you down more linear style levels that branch out its like a tree its all connected together at the roots and you can explore different branches as they connect to each other ellen ring is more like a big horizontal map where dungeons and castles are spaced apart and i guess theyre kind of technically connected by this open land but that open space doesnt necessarily move the narrative forward i like it better when every inch of the level moves me toward a path of completion in dark souls 3. in eldon ring you were incentivized to run around and backtrack and explore in circles but it that lessens the narrative experience to me and im not saying its bad its just not as good okay pvp lets face it the pvp and eldon ring is a heap of toxic trash theres always been broken and glitched out weapons and lag in the other souls games but eldon ring takes it to a new level with a number of broken tactics at hand ill argue that dark souls 3 had the most respectable and fun thriving pvp community in its heyday yes there were toxic ganker cowards yes there was estes cancelling there at the end i remember and i guess the most brutal pvp of all time in any game where the invaders would hack into your computer and start stealing all your information and all of this with the exception of the hackers which theyre working on getting out is still better than eldon rings pvp currently like ive already explained to you earlier the over-reliance upon spells in pve guess what translates to the pvp too and theres a lot of  __  spells in this game do i need to talk about the limb grave afk farmers do i need to talk about the impossible to reach invasion areas do i need to talk about the invisible one-shot retaliation glitch do i need to talk about how it seems like every person is so brain-dead they just constantly spam that rivers of blood weapon of war and hope to apply bleeding to enemies even though the weapon art doesnt even hit my body it still applies a bleeding effect its so dumb do i need to talk about the bloody swarm spell everybody has or the instant weapon of war slice how do you lose at pvp in elden ring use a sword how to win at pvp spam your spells do i need to talk about how there are no covenants which give no real in-game incentives to invade i dont need more runes i need more balance okay hopefully in time this multiplayer aspect gets ironed out a little bit better but i will probably not pick it up again unless they make a drastic multiplayer dlc update or something that fixes a lot of these issues in a patch or something theres just no incentive to even go in and torture myself by playing pvp theres no covenant spells or sick medallion prices which would be great i just dont need more runes to fight bosses because chances are if youre good enough to beat the slimy trickster real people in this community then youre probably already running circles around the ai bosses and you dont need more runes to boost your stats maybe i feel more let down with the pvp because the trailers and interviews made me really excited and hyped up my expectations but i guess i wanted it to at least be as good as dark souls 3s but it has unfortunately fallen flat and stale to me on a positive note i do think that player summons works very well against boss fights the system where you can summon randos or your friends to help out with an area or a tough boss and i got a fair amount of enjoyment out of that so good job the dual edge sword of this system is i dont know maybe i just have terrible luck but whenever i try to invade one of these groups of friendly cooperators it always seems like it was me versus like two or three other people and i just think this would be a much better system if they match the number of cooperators with the number of invaders so it was a more fair fight but i know thats not how it was in dark souls 3 i know thats not how it was in other games so i cant hold that strictly against alden ring but i guess i was just hoping for improvement these are my beefs with eldon rings pvp Music replayability now the last chapter here i want to discuss before the conclusion is the replay ability in elden ring alden ring is like eating a delicious and large egg salad sandwich it tastes amazing in the moment but you are thoroughly done with the idea of it when youre completed youre not craving another serving dark souls 3 is like a refreshing glass of water it seems like i have a constant appetite for more as time goes on now that is probably a terrible analogy but what im trying to say is that over time dark souls 3 actually drove me to replay this game over and over again because i think its more skill based altering is really not skill based as it is spell based armor base and location of loot base and ive already kicked that point to the ground i think its self-explanatory at this point to say its more fulfilling to me to replay a game using the skills that ive mastered rather than just like finding the op spells finding the op items and then cheesing the bosses i also think the open world in ellen ring accounts for the lack of draw back to the lands between exploring this tarnished land is enthralling the first time but you cant rediscover an area or a boss you already know was there its a certain novelty the first time around which is awesome i love it dark souls 3 for some reason still does not feel novel to me and maybe my gameplay style hurts me here because i like to scour the land and look in every nook and cranny go in every building look through every secret for cool surprises and we all know eldon rink has a ginormous map and its possible that the developers intended you to explore different parts of this map and find different secrets on different playthroughs but if youre like me i gorged myself with all 16 courses of the egg salad sandwich on my first playthrough and it tasted great but now i dont feel like theres anything for me to go back to i dont feel compelled in the same way i do with dark souls 3. now theres still light down the tunnel potentially for eldon rings dlcs like ive already talked about i would love to see a huge multiplayer renaissance in this game where they make it more balanced and more fun and take a look at it that would draw me to play this game for at least a little while longer and those are my feelings on the replayability of elden ring which really is just a culmination of all the chapters all the points ive already talked about i think ers strongest point in this right now is that theres so many different ways to approach this game such a big variety of weapons but i will argue that the sheer potential variety of playstyles doesnt necessarily make the actual combat more or less fun the perfect point to this is sakurao really throughout the game if you havent played it theres only one blade you use and you spend the whole time mastering it and it feels so good at the end of the game to master this one blade dark souls 3 however has struck a different sort of balance since its launched ive probably gone through and beaten it like 12 or 15 times and im always excited to go back and start it again so that i can end up fighting gail at the epic boss fight at the end of the soul series elden ring well see how the dlcs go it just does not have the same replay ability as dark souls 3 to me all right you made it all the way to the end thanks for watching i guess i dont know why you stayed this long but uh if you agree with anything i said id appreciate a like if you disagreed then you could tell me in the comments that you hate my guts and youre going to murder me which is fine too um yeah i guess in conclusion i do want to say i really do love eldon ring it was a great game and it was certainly worth making from from software i think i just have a couple criticisms and critiques that id like to see remedied in future releases but i love the game i recommend you play it dark souls 3 is better okay but ill leave you with that peace out have a good one everybody take care so long can i download steam games to external hard drive Check out the monthly dank meme vid here : This is a video essay compiling my current thoughts on why I believe Dark Souls 3 is a better game than Elden Ring. 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