Dark Souls Games Ranked - Worst To Best!

Chinese steamed eggsteam deck shader cache DARK SOULS™ III review you doing ganas that I hear so I thought it was quite important to create an appropriate setting for the ranking of this iconic series firstly is that I actually will not be considering a PvP in this list because I do not play PvP in souls games yes I have played them but Im not gonna be putting them into this list it will be quite also irresponsible to speculate on that factor due to that because Im not much of an expert on it now secondly I have played all these games on the PlayStation 4 its quite important to state it as well since they could be very drastical a difference for better or worse of course if you play this on PC or any other consoles thirdly this is going to be my personal list meaning that the list is inherently subjective and may like a particular aesthetic that you perhaps despise and of course this means disagreements are going to be in a presence and lastly I do want to mention that all the DLC will also be included in here since I played them so unless pinyin Music Music this game gets way more heat than actually perhaps deserves its a damn good game even by comparison of other Souls games it has a large variety of locations many memorable moments fine-tuned combat compared to the original and a wider array of the viable builds partially due to the entire power stance concept now what a game falters for me anyway its and many of its boss battles a boss is actually to be honest we choose the main reason that Allah playing these games as well and they are mainly in a dark sauce to that feel like a wasted opportunities or even completely unnecessary deaths such as like including of the prowling Magus and royal erratic vanguard a vicious diamond and the other hand the game also has some of the best bosses in all the gaming the fume Knight for example its pretty damn clean his dual swords were the lightest traits as her sword is one hand and a massive ultra grey sword in the other complementing each other so flawlessly dice almost reminds me of the after battle with the orange stain and the smog its like a combination of two opposing forces that work together to create one perfect enemy oh yes another highlight is the battle with the burn ivory King almost on the merit of sheer grandness alone the game rewards you heavily for exploring the whole area by providing overnights to fight by your side the entire boss fight from start to finish feels like an actual war that you and the lowest Knights are charging into its remarkably thrilling and a standout moment the few throwable our bosses are honestly my only huge complaint with this game the only other could potentially be the graphics especially for 2014 release but its an upgraded to 60fps from the turkey on the original the Dark Souls 1 on the PlayStation 3 framerate drops are extremely rare in this case as well and the controls are much much much smoother its no way that this is a bad game it just could have been better in my opinion Music the expanse and the beauty of the world from software was able to create was comparable to the scope of the game like Skyrim while having some of the most intertwined and ingenious level design immeasurable the atmosphere the music and all the bosses are all pristine from the tragic fight with a royal sieve to the epic battle with the artorias this game has almost no low points honestly my only few gripes with the game itself was the fact that they had not finished fine-tuning many of the aspects of the series that would become staples one for example will be fast traveling or warping I wouldnt mind having to go through a level or even two without this ability but waiting until the completion of the on stain and the smug could leave the player halfway through the game without a way to quick travel this was immersive in a sense because it forced mastery of the layout of the maps and allowed the level design to shine but it became monotonous on my fifth hour of running back and forth just to upgrade my damn weapons the other thing is the fact that the game instantly starts the new game plus after like linking the fire or pretty much ending the story and perhaps my last thing might be because of the remastered version of this game it could have been much more than it actually ended up being kind of disappointing as a remaster goes I know Ive spent a long time pointing out the negatives but none of these are really gameplay or even game design flaws they are largely minor technical issues that add up to reduce my enjoyment slightly it is still one my favourite games of all time maybe even better than dark souls 2 which was also a damn great game theres still one game however that was even more enjoyable than this masterpiece you Music while Dark Souls 1 & 2 took around 25 to 25 hours to complete Dark Souls 3 took me a whole sixty hours or so I took 15 plus attempts to kill the dancer of the boreal valley and about 30 plus attempts to kill the nameless King and yeah it did kind of get me angry little bit in some ways I actually knew it was my fault every time I died and I knew how to improve as well to truly show how much dark sorcery taught me about the souls experience the most I ever died to the boss from the force and the second game was maybe five times this including the orange stain and the smog and Artorias mannose fume nights and every are wonderful and the difficult bosses as well this game beat me down in the most glorious ways to that when I conquered it I felt a wondrous amount of the quite a lot of satisfaction that translated into my future soul game runs I believe this is to be the best because the gameplay is the fastest and most thrilling of the tree it has the most memorable music the graphics are miles better than the others and it takes the best part of both 1 & 2 and uses them effectively there were none of the technical issues that I found plentiful in Dark Souls 1 and also almost no bosses felt of the throwaway also the fight with the free Eddie was my pinnacle of the entry series when she forced slings into view the weights animal looks highly cinematic she slowly yet deliberately pros from the shadows towards you and coolly claims she will simply end you theres a good amount of the effect of visual storytelling in these moments because this type of an entrance is reflective of her character she has been right next to us the entire DLC yet kept her true self hidden in the shadows she even gave us a subtle hints that we should Eve which we obviously refused she was the true boss of their painted worlds and and perhaps a true Queen as well it is especially effective because expected to find a huge Im gonna spaced morning in the back of the snowy covered room then when we kill Freddie Ariane Dell is enveloped with rage and his fury transfer to me actually feeling visceral response of fear if youve never experienced this battle just just youre currently seeing it right now and its got an awesome and by the way to take a look at it for yourself or at least I highly suggest you to give it a shot on planet Music Applause well thats it what do you guys think and tell me Donna comments which one do you consider to be the best and worst buy the soul games thank you so much for watching like and subscribe see guys out later and have a good one Music Music steam deck graphic card Ranking Dark Souls Games from my least favorite to my most favorite one...✔️ Consider supporting me on Patreon: ✔️ My Twitter: Thank You so much for watching, please support the video by giving a positive rating :) And SUBSCRIBE to keep up to date with my future contents. #ZDEyE #DarkSoulsRanked #DarkSoulsSeries No copyright intended. 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