Should Your Girlfriend Play Elden Ring?

How to steam hot dog buns in microwavebest steam games 10 DARK SOULS™ III review my girlfriend is a backseat gamer because she thinks its easier to knit while I kill everyone than it is to die over and over playing bug snacks herself however being my backseat gamer while I kill everyone in Dark Souls doesnt really solve the dying problem I have been stabbed shot poisoned electrocuted and burned turning 100 you dives into one Victory achieved is kind of the point so I understand why Shelby hasnt really enjoyed watching me roll my way through the soulsborne series any more than she would enjoy watching me roll my ankle 50 times before I land a single heel flip and say there I beat the skateboard whered you go thats why after three girlfriend reviews making fun of me and Miyazaki I could not believe what my girlfriend said when from software sent us a review copy of Elden ring uh-oh Miyazaki Shelby walks in holding that review copy as if Eldon ring wasnt the most anticipated game of my life and she says to me all cute she says can I play oh she did it she wanted to redeem the code and play Elden ring without me while I finished editing the Horizon video no miyazagi I looked my woman in the eye sockets I told her straight out I just said it man I said it I said I said I said I said big hey guys Im just kidding can I play are the three best words a girl what are the second best three words a girl can say and in this case were all the proof I needed that Elden ring had reached unprecedented levels of hype when Shelby asked if she could redeem our review code and begin her path as a Souls player I actually responded like this you know once you start Theres No Going Back I know this means total commitment once you begin the path there is no leaving the path are you sure youre ready for that I mean really ready I guess so Nate well start tomorrow so this isnt a girlfriend review of what its like to live with someone who plays Elden ring thatll be our next video this is a boyfriend review of what its like to live with someone who finally decided to praise the son uh hi excuse me this video is sponsored by soundcore and I will tell you all about their brand new Liberty 3 Pro earbuds after Matt is done with this video like millions of other filthy casuals my girlfriend gave Elden ring the honor of being the first from software game to put her foolish Ambitions to rest I think this is the one oh no ah put a fence up luckily the debut open world design found in the lands between make it a place of nearly infinite opportunities for scrubs to get good as opposed to fromes previous titles in which the relatively linear design would quickly lead scrubs to a dead end Street or a mandatory boss makes them feel less like they just spent sixty dollars on bloodborne and more like they were just mugged by bloodborne Elden ring Embraces the noob community and Kotaku by offering them dozens of hours of quality content with zero pressure to overcome any obstacles they arent ready for absolutely no way but allowing beginners to progress at their own pace is not the only way from software seems to have quietly settled the big debate over adding difficulty settings make no mistake Elden ring does have difficulty settings you just wont find them in the game options instead youll find them in the game play options I.E the impressive amount of optional play styles for little babies to exploit go  __  yourself man I think youre better than me I am better than you but Im not here to gatekeep yet what Ive learned watching my girlfriend fall in love with felling enemies and Elden ring while using methods a veteran player might call easy mode is that accessibility matters and using Spirit ashes summoning NPCs or procrastinating bosses to over level in the field do not compromise from softwares signature challenge because stubborn masochists like myself also have a difficulty option to look at those things and say no I dont want to do any of that the hard truth about what hard truly means is that when I beat Margaret on my first try using a Resident Evil 4 chainsaw and Shelby beat Market on her 101st try using a souped up jellyfish it made her feel like this Im not as strong as you but it made me feel like this no youre stronger she did it oh yeah Margaret eat my ass so should your less experienced significant other play Elden ring yes definitely but its my turn to roast Shelby for once so let me tell you how I really feel first of all she got to play it every day for four days before it even released while I had to edit a Beverly Hillbillies parody about a Loy in the other room I love it fun of course when she came to me in tears of joy announcing that shed beaten her first quote unquote Dark Souls boss the loving boyfriend in me said Im really proud of you unfortunately the toxic gamer in me just couldnt help himself and followed that up with now sweetie was it a boss with a cutscene though then when she said no I regretfully made this face why does that matter what does that mean baby I think Im ready for succulent no I wasnt gatekeeping what a real boss is yeah I was a gatekeeper what a real bosses Dark Souls a hell of a drug Shelby hadnt even beat a boss with a cutscene before she started telling me how to play you guys Im like really smart now you dont even know honestly when the moment finally arrived to play Eldon ring myself she sat there telling me about you can Parry with L2 are you serious I didnt know there was a button back here talking about dont panic roll are you serious Im sorry boy I wish I knew that when I thought the nameless King Im so sorry in my underwear something about honestly you probably cant beat the tree Sentinel right now so I said I said I know more than you all right and then the tree Sentinel killed me for about an hour so I decided to show my woman how a real gamer guy just needs to farm a bunch of souls who wants a taste upgrade a couple weapons at the smithing table and go right back to that tree Sentinel like my Powers have doubled since the last time we met then all our real gamer guy needs to do is say hello and admit their girlfriend was right about the tree Sentinel in my defense tree Sentinel a few trust they will rape us boom roasted boyfriend reviews in conclusion Elden ring is easily one of my favorite games of all time for the same obvious reasons everyone else has but more importantly its due largely in part to the efforts of from software to make this masterpiece more inclusive to Baby Gamers who are bad because going on Twitter and saying uh this game just easy for you and thats okay Israel maidenless Behavior instead if your maiden is struggling with Elden ring try visiting her game world and looking at her deep in her hot pink mustache with these words of advice try finger butthole alright guys Im back because its time for me to tell you all about soundcore I have genuinely loved every product Ive received from soundcore and the Liberty 3 Pro earbuds 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