Dark Souls: Remastered Nintendo Switch Review - Is It Worth It?

Nvidia shield tv play steam gamesgames like being a dik on steam DARK SOULS™ III review Music hello there lovely people its Alex women tender life here and today it is finally time for us to review Dark Souls remastered on the Nintendo switch its only been about 40 billion years this review was originally written by the lovely Dom Reis a Lincoln and has been adapted for video by me and that means that all the footage that youre seeing is from me so its bad feel free to remind me in the comments but anyway thats more than enough waffling lets dive right into things Music the Nintendo switches played host to countless ports in the relatively brief 18 months its been on the market but every so often one comes along with all the prestige and reverence that made it such a touchstone elsewhere last year we arguably had such a game with Skyrim a port that was made even lovelier by the fact that it was its first foray into proper handheld territory and that hasnt happened since that Elder Scrolls game on the n-gage dont quote me on that so the only thing that its rather fitting that the next piece of lauded software to join the ranks on the switch should be that other seminal action RPG that launched in 2011 from softwares sublime Dark Souls much like Bethesdas highly influential installment in the Elder Scrolls saga the original and lets be honest the best installment in the Japanese made series is elevated by its support for handheld play yes demons souls is a thing and it did come before Dark Souls but its hard to say so it can shut up but handheld play is not the only reason you should be returning to Lord run or making the pilgrimage for the very first time either Dark Souls and by extension the impressively faithful polish up that is the remastered version that we are chatting about this instant is a masterclass in video game design if youve already delved into the game one or more times before then you why youre watching this its just the remastered version but if youre new to the series then forget everything that youve heard about it being some exclusive game for only hardcore gamers and its sort of an impenetrable boys club its definitely hard and the game will punish you time and time again but every single time you die youll get just a little bit better and the game will become a little bit more accessible its a long process but its a rewarding one youll start the game with the character that youve briefly created and then subsequently never really see their face again so dont worry too much about it then once youve done that youll realize that this game has no desire to hold your hand or stroke your ego the character classes that you can choose from appear relatively obtuse in their definitions and they dont really give any more information anywhere else then once you begin your adventure in true Elder Scrolls style youll be in a prison and then escape pudding immediately as you emerge youll be greeted by bloodstains on the wall and some sort of scrawled messages on the ground that give you well not a lot of information this is how you dodge this how you make a heavy attack this is how you make a light attack heres I use the parry that you probably never be able to pull off until youve put a good number of hours in basically simple mechanics but once youve no doubt used plenty of times before in other games youll encounter the warming safe warming glow of a warming bonfire and then push through an imposing set of doors and enter a barren Hall youre probably thinking to yourself that this game isnt so hard whats all the fuss about and then an asylum demon comes down and tries to kill you this is where we enter the duality of dark souls do you run or do you fight it the answer is at this point you run once youve made good your escape youll no doubt find a sword and a shield and youll be taken through a few other smaller enemies to try and sort of prepare you for this monstrosity although it doesnt prepare you enormously but learn its attack patterns get an idea of how the whole thing works and work out what its weaknesses are even though the game will never tell you its just trial and error and maybe youll discover that its not quite so daunting a thing after all but if you do die youll at least know why you died and youll be able to rise up once more from the bonfire outside ready to rush back into battle and when you finally do destroy it youll be rewarded with that hard-earned sense of elation few other games can generate as you open a new set of doors and begin your journey into Lord run itself yep that was the tutorial you walk into the game it tells you briefly what you need to do and then it just kicks you into the main game and its like off you go the world of Lordran is in some world filled with smaller enemies that serve as fodder or anything like that theres no mud crabs to deal with theres nothing thats just gonna take a few hits well thats not quite true but even so every enemy that you come up against will test you some distinctly more than others even something as simple as a shambling figure with basically no armor can still take you by surprise if youre not fully prepared for it and can deal a hefty amount of damage true its only gonna take a couple of strikes from your weapon but that means that youve automatically got less health for the stuff thats not gonna be so simple undead archers towering with agility that completely defies their bulk every single battle is kind of its own boss fight a constant crucible that tests you with extreme prejudice having addressed many of the design issues that made its predecessor demons souls our God we mentioned anyway a little rough around the edges Dark Souls was a breath of fresh air at the time believe it or not at one point this was considered accessible but after seven years it is gradually starting to show its age textures have been cleaned up for the most part and environments feature a little bit more detail but really it does sort of smack of an older game framerate performance has been improved the most with some of the games most notoriously broken sections yes Im talking about Blighttown now run far more smoothly but many of the games other bugs and exploit abour floors do still remain but you know what these little things here and there are part of the character of the game and you can see that the poured studio vertuous hasnt attempted to fix these in favor of simply improving the performance and visual fidelity in the name of optimization that old chestnut simply put the game that you may know and may indeed love is here warts and all the inconsistency in difficulty found in the later bosses the focus on backtracking and short cut creation completely being discarded later in the game its all here and its all here in that sense Dark Souls remastered is kind of like a little time capsule thats just been polished on the outside its no longer dirty and grimy but its the same thing and its got the same stuff inside Dark Souls two and three arguably did solve some of these issues even if theyre perhaps not as good as the original on the whole as a port Dark Souls remaster theres another fine example of how a game should be brought to switch as weve already mentioned the framerate is consistent in both docked and handheld modes with almost no slowdown even when youre battling with some of the grisliest and intricate bosses that happen in the game granted its not the buttery smooth 60 frames a second found on the ps4 and Xbox one versions but 30 frames a second does the job considering the restrictions imposed by Nintendos Hardware I mean the original game was 30 Moton well some of the time at least so should be fine theres also amiibo support including this lair of astora model I think I said that right this allows you to get the praise the sun gesture from the very beginning of the game which is obviously the most important thing online play is of course supported on switch as well and it benefits from all the much-needed adjustments that have been made including improved matchmaking removing healing items from PvP and limiting Estus flasks and much more besides however the approach to menus is to say the least a little bit unintuitive with this version the plus menu opens an in-game inventory system that doesnt suspend the game whilst youre playing which is kind of the whole Dark Souls thing so thats fine but since its running in a small window its often easy to try and control your character whilst not realizing that part of the menu is still open and if youre in combat bats are bad even pressing the home button doesnt suspend the software either which does take a little bit of the shine off its portability but its its kind of the whole thing the bottles were also partially reversed on switch with B being used to confirm selections and a being used to go back whats especially annoying is that pretty much every other action in the game can be remapped to any button you like but not this if youre more used to playing the switch you can expect to get these confused from time to time and end up cancelling when you should be accepting and vice-versa so in short whilst weve had to wait a little bit longer than those playing on the ps4 and xbox one little the wait has been more than worth it Dark Souls remastered is a faithful remaster of an absolute classic in video game design that improves overall performance whilst preserving all of the character traits that made the original such a memorable experience whilst its no less forgiving and its menus are a little bit fiddly this slick Nintendo switch iteration offers the only way to experience Lord Rams ultra challenging Odyssey in through handheld form praise the Sun indeed Music Oh you Music oh well you know what time it is its time for my random ramble or just rambling bits at the end of a review so yeah Ive you know this is obviously again isnt my review which is why Im doing the rambling bit to get my own personal views on it because why not its good for our watch time and you lot seem to like it so why not overall Im just so pleased that its finally here and yeah heads its dark souls again you know there are a few things that maybe I would have preferred you know there are a few little sort of issues here and there that I have with the game and its mainly a and B being swapped around for game menus like why Im guessing its maybe because anybody who comes from another version of the game will want to sort of you know be able to rely on muscle memory even when it comes to menus and stuff like that but at least give us the option you know you you go into the switch menu and all of a sudden youre pressing B to confirm things and its just but Ive been told not to go on about this too much because I have been making a mountain out of a molehill in the in the stuff thats about this but it is annoying some people may tell you otherwise but if you are new to the game and you do want to try and get into it do not be afraid to look stuff up online you know therell be lots of people now Im sure rushing down to the comments saying no it must be a trial by fire you know let people learn the hard way but you know what thats not necessarily fun the game is still bloody challenging even if you know what youre doing as in like you know the theory behind it you know about backstabs and stuff like that and how best to avoid things you know actually putting into practice is a totally different thing as you can probably tell from was rubbish footage because yeah I did play Dark Souls on the 360 when it came out I had be prepared to die edition I believe but jumping into this made me realize that I have not only forgotten a lot of what I knew but even remembering some bits doesnt really help that much if youre outta practice with the timing and stuff like that that is gonna help you more than anything else in this game it absolutely helps if you do know some of the exploits and things like that like running into certain corridors enemies wont follow you and stuff like that so you can you know neck-down honest Estus flask or two whilst youre there but overall youre really gonna need to pay attention to the game and just to learn you know just get in there and try the game out I dont think looking up guides and stuff online necessarily takes away from the experience unless you go in for like a full walkthrough which I you know I would say does but if youre just looking up you know like oh my god how do I defeat this boss I think thats fair you know the compressed audio also is a bit of a shame but really I just sort of ignored it after a while and forgot it was there so you know a lot of people will be annoyed about that but realistically I think people should be more annoyed about a and B being flipped around but yeah overall absolutely loved it its a really really rutti cut game to say the least and itll itll make you its itll itll make you cry but anyway thats all for my ramblings Ill see you later bissel steam shot hard surface cleaner Dark Souls finally gets the portable treatment on Nintendo Switch, but how does this beast fare on Nintendos lightweight machine of goodness?Check out our full site: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: #DarkSouls #NintendoSwitch #YouDied steam banned indonesia whirlpool dryer with steam best driving games steam games on steam for 5 dollars steam keys games