Dark Souls 3 (PS4) Review: Has Souls Been Perfected?

How do you steam shrimphow to connect steam games to oculus quest 2 DARK SOULS™ III review from software has created one of the most popular series in all of gaming and souls known for its extremely challenging but rewarding gameplay with an atmosphere few games can match now comes the latest Dark Souls 3 hasnt raised the bar for this series or has it gone to the well one too many times how good is Dark Souls 3 lets find out game players of utmost importance in any game but that is doubly so with the souls games and from software has absolutely nailed it on that front dog Souls 3 is much more fast-paced than Dark Souls 2 it has the more aggressive style of blood-borne in that you move quicker enemies are quicker and more abundant the estus flask heals quicker etc but it still retains the methodical and calculating Dark Souls elements blending to create some of the best gameplay the series has ever seen a new addition is the weapon arts which are special abilities tied to specific weapon types these abilities deplete focus points with the press of a button a great sword can do a launching upward strike that sends enemies flying with an axe your weapon art buff will buff your damage many of the weapon arts are the same across various weapons but there are particular weapons that have their own unique weapon arts it adds another layer and variety to the deep combat thats been in the souls games for so long now as is the norm with souls there are so many different playstyles do you want to focus on magic and cast sorcery or pyromancies or do you want to use weapons which by the way there are a lot of them each also caters to a specific play style a great sword deals a lot of damage but its slow a katana while dealing less damage will be much faster Dark Souls gives the player so many options and that makes game players a whole better but also makes the game very replayable boss battles are some of the best in the series history there are still grandiose and scale and thrilling in execution without delving into too many spoilers they are absolutely great and very memorable the final boss in particular was something very special it captured everything great about Dark Souls and its among some of the best final bosses in the history of gaming this entry also features more two-phased boss fights where youll quickly beat one part only to deal with a much more difficult second part Dark Souls has always done a good job with its boss battles and ds3 delivers big the games have never told the player a riveting story with the use of various long-winded cutscenes and if youre expecting anything different in Dark Souls 3 youll be disappointed but the game represents its deep lore in the traditional souls way through the use of various text and other design choices if you take the time and get invested into it there is a high level of intricacy to dorsal threes world and whats happening to beyond kindled is to be a vessel for souls suffer unless souls will become thy strength Im chilly how Lorex Kingdom provides for some visually stunning set pieces with an extreme amount of detail the debris on the land the view on top of a castle the environments there are times he will stop playing the game for a second just to take in the breathtaking world from software has created the frame rate on the console version for the most part is good there are a few dips but nothing that ever becomes game-breaking or even that hindering to the experience level design isnt connected to the degree of previous games youll have to teleport to get to specific areas this is something that will divide people I found it worked well and the game still remained consistent the areas themselves are well made and varied there are times when its dark when its bright theres snow the levels are unique and it never felt redundant throughout the game also has a bit of creativity in its levels I dont want to give any specific spoilers but you will find some very cool areas and some fanservice that those of you that have played previous games theres also an incredible amount of detail thats been put in the armor and weapons from katanas to great swords it all looks exceptional the enemies have also been created with attention allowing them to really invoke horror in a day and age where thats very hard to do enemies turning into gigantic creatures with tentacles coming out of them it adds so much to the atmosphere of the game speaking of the atmosphere that something Dark Souls is always nailed and thats no different with Dark Souls 3 paired with the amazing detail graphically is the superb soundtrack that complements the world the soundtrack is epic for the boss fights and when youre just in the world while there isnt any music blaring the audio detail and things such as footsteps and swinging your weapons are so well done and all of these various elements together create one of the most engrossing and absorbing gaming experiences youll ever have Dark Souls 3 is a game packed with content an average player can complete the game in around 35 to 40 hours while those more experienced can finish around 25 but theres so much to do outside of a single playthrough with so many ways to play the game just going back and playing us a different class is worth it there are side quests that youll probably miss in a single playthrough for those that want to get everything out of Dark Souls 3 possible theres a healthy amount of content and itll keep you busy for a while from software has done it again and outside of the minor technical shortcomings they have delivered a complete Souls experience that is exceptional in nearly every area if youre an ardent fan of the series Dark Souls 3 will give you more of what you love and for those that have never played souls now is the time to experience the engrossing world of Dark Souls our final score for Dark Souls 3 is a nine point five out of ten if you have a question or comment leave it down below 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