DARK SOULS III RAP by JT Music - Darkness Falling

Best steam broccolitrade steam games DARK SOULS™ III steam to be oh wait what a great book Oh yuck dance is a drug its a fact on the daddy like a virus and I happened to catch it and kill this isnt a practical happen you can say that Im a better rider you call me all I want a path to madness like a phoenix I came back from ashes Im bad with passion all flight and black but Im the ashen one so Im glad with that take a step back away from some fanciful Massa commands is attack like a savage Im hacking and slashing rabbinate dragons in the nest Draculas castle my bathroom the Lords of cinder Rebecca method they both got mad as a hack and rabbit Ill have to set the ball back to ashes if you see an S this black better grab and walk in the bathroom when you see the fire swallowed by the darkness push to the bark I will only finds all in wanna fun to bring every hollow carcass now not a novice be immodest all of my box and oranges are falling and the now were gone for dont call me old bridge praise the Sun here comes the storm  __  cross swords with a lot of us is to get pissed off in your eyes along and knock them dead a filmer  __  AMA bring another bottle well light a bonfire catch youre resting and youre askin us on the hacking thing someone left the man is in a better check if youre on this Patrick but for girls is my name first college me and three cantos were not and ER will from the deepest pits of the Avensis comes the sick days with wit jump up like even though my destiny might be spected can you tell me one thing that is a cream pack because my grip is slipping on my sanity Im barely hanging on to my humanity every encounter ends in a calamity what do I do this to myself answer me that womans Allah with a lamb for me because the tornado has already branded me after singing over me like a canopy but I will use the darkness that was said to me to keep the first flame burning for centuries like and door cannot complimentary my enemies will never see the end of me because I just cannot seem to rest on the another five deprive the fire if you need a lie saying Im a guy Im a lord of cinder adorned with inverse were playable burn even the songs of winter because I will emerge as an immortal finger every four phases get more familiar I chosen one to have my on time embrace the dark rays ah coming and three cant amber No wilai my memories a miss baby oh wow the Dark Soul your night take control Ill break your soul we golly Oh God drink and uh say and ER well alright hey guys thanks for watching be sure to check out these other videos here check out this long in iTunes and be sure to subscribe please subscribe I will keep making more stuff and also quick shout out to our fans Alex and Jared Alex provided us with footage to make this music video and Jared we are dedicating this song to him because he helped me come up with ideas for the lyrics I dont play Dark Souls very much so Jared is a huge Dark Souls fan and he helped me come up with this rap really so shout out to Jared this rap is dedicated to you buddy we love you so yeah ghost recon breakpoint steam Subscribe for More Music ▶ Check out our Merch ▶ **Song Download Links Below** Download Links! iTunes ▶ Spotify ▶ Google Play ▶ Amazon ▶ We hope the wait was well worth it! Here is our Dark Souls III Rap! Shout out to KingCrusader13 and DarkLordForeverZ for their help! Follow us on Twitter! ▶ Like us on Facebook! ▶ Follow our Instagram ▶ Want to use our music? Read this first: Dark Souls III Rap by JT Machinima - Darkness Falling add games to steam is steam room or sauna better green giant simply steam steamed egg minced pork best free games in steam