Dark Souls III Episode #2 - Knight Man Blind Lets Play, Playthrough

Steam teamsteam games macos DARK SOULS™ III steam hello everyone and welcome back to Cronus plays Dark Souls 3 did she just bow to me yeah anyways welcome back to Dark Souls 3 lets try that again I know the doll reacted to emotes so yeah I guess they added that into this one as well they didnt do that for Dark Souls 2 all right so I did check out lady over here she has some equipment that I could buy I dont know if Im going to UM wheres the weapons though I hed level up my decks the 13 and then we could start with a scimitar which could be good it is kinda weaker than my club actually she doesnt have a hundred percent block shield which is sad uh cuz I would definitely make katana man up there a little bit easier than what he is now I couldnt buy this one eighty-five percent is not bad but anyways lets go level up and then well go talk to that guy he looks like crestfallen warrior ashen pretty and Im up block yep very well then touch the darkness within me take nourishment from these sovereignist souls isnt a bondage lady from demon soul say something like that shes chanting alright so we have bigger two minute Durance vitality all the standard stuff so Im probably gonna jack up an endurance for a little while just to get my stamina up uh but I do need since I am deprived I do need to get my strength and dexterity up to a decent amount Im not decent on but like a fair amount a couple of levels just so I can equip equipment that we might find in terms of like dexterity or strength Im not sure what kind of weapon Im gonna be wielding for a while it really depends on what kind of weapons we find we find a really good strength weapon and probably gonna go strengths I found a really good decks weapon get me go decks I guess I could just do two into each of them right now that should cover at least basic starting equipment and then endurance just Jack that to F up and I mean we go that and then we can do 13 into these that way say we can go get the Scimitar if we really need to dont want to Im assuming the Scimitar would be a little bit better than uh the club I have now maybe not this one combos fair enough okay lets go talk to this guy before going back and fighting uh another one roused from the sleep of death well youre not alone we unkilled are worthless dont even die right gives me connections and it have us seek the lords of cinder and return them to them below is that a fastened sir but we are talking true legends with the metal to link the fire we dont fit to look their booze III yourself collapsed lovely now I think Im Way better than them at course you laughs everyone laughs I want to kill you and take your sword honest joke asking us to seek the molds of cinder and return them to them molding Thrones were talking true legend okay he already said that uh yeah so I guess well have a little run around here just to see were not missing anyone this Andre and another good thing we could look for is like little messages telling us if theres like a hidden wall or a secret though I guess some of the message might be pointing out like NPCs we might be able to get later so maybe we shouldnt yeah you know probably doesnt matter that much I dont really consider it as well if someones like theres gonna be an NPC like right here but you cant tell us what it is um yeah well take a quick look around here and I think those stairs that go up then well go out and well fight katana man and by fight I mean Im probably gonna throw fire bombs into his face and maybe hopefully switch back to the wooden planks shield order the hell its called and then shield bash him off the cliff just to kill him I only get forty seven Souls now so Im not too worried about losing them holy king lothric last hope of his line yeah well we know the the Thrones arent to scale because of that little dude with no legs where is he that guy very foolish in that chair I swear there was your the giant of the profaned capital oh thats a guy from the intro oh okay so yeah those guys are probably bosses later in the game praise the bonfire that goes to katana man theres the stairs lets just see if theres any little goodies kind of like in the well the original Firelink shrine where you have life the clerics talisman and some home wood bones all that jazz oh its a giant from Dark Souls 2 a seed of a drying trees yet the fall alright well well check that later ah giant seeds I forget what they do they are those the ones that turned enemies against red invaders or was that the opposite of discerning oh I have a bunch of those I should use those locked the lock of course it is um oh uh that merchant had a key right tower key thats probably to it thats a shortcut for sure guessing each area just loops back there that would make sense or maybe its that tower leads to somewhere that Lee loops back there it goes another set of stairs over here and there was and a message what over there the bonfire will delivery deliver thee to lothric there was a teleport spot so yeah the high wall North look low thick I think it was called Im probably going to keep messing up that name so this is a dead alright should I try shield bashing that guy off the ledge Im a feeling that could work out really well but Ill try firebombing first I should buy that chain armor youre not wrong one shot you not one shot you drop your sword drop your sword douche alright alright alright hey buddy come on 64 is not that fantastic dont run at me oh you went the wrong way back up dont go too far our enemies down there after all come on hit me I want you to hit me club in the goddamn head back up dont ask this dont Estes come on  __  dont do it come on beat his brains in okay back up not good not good oh that was so close you a jerk wait got away pretty much Batum out oh thank god Jesus uh hey we got the uchigatana masters attires masters glove and I hope that guy doesnt respond uh I cant equip the uchigatana its 16 decks all right uh hold asumas holding stance rapidly execute a lending slash on the normal attack or a deflecting parry four with a strong attack all right maybe one day lets see what we have or a masters attire my sixth sense warned me of danger and I dance between flurries of blades unscathed but alas my clothes went to tatters its better than the nothing I have on kind of the most part this locked oh it just doesnt open from this side alrighty now that thats over with thankfully over with lets head to the bonfire that actually did take a couple couple of tries I probably wont show all the deaths as most of them were just me running up there and being slashed through the middle and instantly killed he did give me 2000 experience points though I could increase my decks pretty to use the ug katana then touch taken well I can only do it one level I couldnt go buy some clothes youre not wrong about that - you know what just put it into the Durance Ill worry about all that stuff later yeah well I shouldnt we got armor now look at this who says were not prepared for the future travel high wall / lofric that was it too bad were in a room this isnt a wall at all looks like a bonfire hey I guess those coiled Sioux sword we got from that boss I wonder if thats gonna be a reoccurring theme for the bosses like we defeat a boss we get a coiled sword then we woo looks like uh then its fortress but anyways yeah one of the coiled sword is going to be a recurring theme for bosses theyre like we defeat a boss then we come to a bonfire that we can light with their coiled sword um Im not gonna use an ember probably connected to online but I also give me a lot more health though I dont really care about the amount of health I have I obviously by the amount of times that Ive died so far thats probably not the correct way to play ooh thats cool-looking ofem look like someplace were gonna be going in the future I see an item I see screeching okay I dont see the screeching I hear though oh theyre panicking you should panic oh yeah youre actually moving I did not notice you for some reason free experience free experience Oh buddy I didnt see him there use me no no what did I just say no okay these guys arent teaching but who is a dragon thats totes a dragon its totes a dead dragon but its dragon are you still alive up here youre not alive oh youre alive you tried to trick me oh thats good go up here first best to get this dragon thankfully doesnt come to life what is that guy doing over there what did you just do this is a very creepy area uh try tongue but hold right Oh tried tongue on butthole I get it I get it I got it that one was stronger than the rest heres a really strong actually youre pretty the ones downstairs maybe I shouldnt be killing you okay you were weak thats something broken straight sword thank you very much for that that looked like there was a path down there lets go check that out after up here oh I see you damn camera damn camera back at it okay I dont do memes on this channel god dang it your life oh you were you actually didnt look alive for a little bit so that is surprising binoculars okay so clearly I want the right way that looks wrong like they missed the texture there alright lets go down here triumphal I dont think Im gonna try that least not on the dragon ladies all right thats good joke Ville oh its a fall um well I can always go back to the though I could go back to the the the bonfire worried about the bonfire later oh okay bold pine resin that should come in handy at some point in the future a guy behind box guy cowering a fall down and a door excuse me come through okay so this just leads all right all right all right all right hello longsword I got a long sword it opened up my eyes I got a long sword and its a lot better and since I have even stats actually get a good boost stand so on stairs use no wall attacked you break a foes guard from below or a strong attacks you slash up order for a lunge OOP ah yeah I feel like a real warrior now ah this is beautiful see I didnt Nino ug katana fire bombs thank you you feel my stock on those ones probably going there real soon so we you  __  like barrels and tables and all that jazz probably nothing here though so you should probably just go down and were like the link of this game we just cant not pass something and not break it oh yeah all right love the slide down ladders get a soul of a is that a deserted corpse be wary of dragon okay I will be wary of a dragon excuse me did you just try to shoot me with an arrow inappropriate it sounded a lot stronger then so theres theres a dragon coming is that is that whats going on be wary of dragon and theres just a dragon Im gonna get me mama get me oh  __  you gosh  __  you all got me that might be a little bit too many of them come on dont just stop come uh dont stop come I love it come on youre stronger than this I believe in you guys okay maybe not asked him if theyre dealt with and we got a long sword dhu will the  __  out of those probably probably not actually I think I needed in Dark Souls to I needed what it was like the required stats plus 50% theres the dragon I was warned about on this adorn their course of the door there its a gate though so Oh God so they just like that on fire huh okay I want to get to that door the fire dissipates after a while but he just keeps spewing it I need a bow I need a bow to shoot this guy Im coming back here with a bow you jerk Im gone Im so coming back here Im actually surprised that didnt hurt me once I find a boat that guy is going down hmm you die gotcha oh wait you good guy no youre not a KitKat why would I even imagine that um okay oh  __  no no no no dont run dont run we dont run here no you stay away from me oh I want that item working night man dont do it dont do it okay oh God I like your shield can you drop that in the booty okay you werent too bad drop you should draw up your sword you didnt you didnt drop your sword ah theres a door over here its a gate so its hardly locked yeah open from the other side once I get a bow though Im so standing here and shooting with bows until you die or not not bows but arrows ambush ahead I dont see it oh I see it I learned how to rate these applaud those residues absolutely its a tool to approve of a message you hit select on your 360 controller that youre using on your PC firebombs ooh do you think I could throw the fire bombs at the dragon I mean clearly I dont have enough to kill the dragon with the fire bombs what I might hey a barn fire you have an item no you dont maybe I dont know I want to kill you though yeah the shop lady did not hate titanite shod actually I have two of those now dont I oh wait what theres no way to go up here okay so this is just a bonfire then um yeah lets go back and check and make sure she doesnt actually have a bow I can buy weird lady go oh shes sitting over there I guess well okay kkkk bing first we go over here do you have a bow oh are you sure you do not do not you do have wood arrows that action 1b no Im not bringing you any souls until you get a bow Im drained is good wasnt he hows it going buddy reinforced you dont sell weapons in this version so I do have enough for one level I think I will do it huh just save it but eleven points of a damage is 11 points of damage so again be careful or day be careful oh thats right there is that scale we got this thing apparently reinforces Souls transpose weapons to four I dont means it does it just mean I can get it up the plus four that baby now lets see yeah well compose very well then did he I will touch the darkest in you here we go you want another one of these I think yeah that seems good Brutus what about HP dont worry about it I got this I got it now on the upside power wall thats the the bonfire we would just add I can fight that night dude over and over all wait maybe they have that if you kill an enemy ten times they dont respond but Im thinking that night do you had a really cool sword like a really cool sword so I could just like come down here and like take care of this dude over here you son of a  __  if I take care of I mean get stabbed in the face then we could come out here and be like hey night bro oh right right listen lets wait for night bro to come back up here and then we can kill him there he is wait for night bro to come back up here then we potentially get his sword or killed Oh God okay are we get killed alright thats fine okay thats enough on that was a little bit embarrassing oh you have a side slash how does that seem oh a matter of stamina there you go drop your sword Knights crossbow that wasnt a sword but I mean its something Ill see we can definitely equip it what do you have tackle lunge into a shoulder tackle pushing enemies to create a distance neat I need bolts oh then I could shoot you next time thank you for watching if you enjoyed the episode press the like button below if youre not sloth subscribe yet why do you hit on my videos I can check out some of the content and see if youre like next time Im so gonna get bolts and Im gonna shoot the hell out of that dragon hopefully baby yeah anyway so thanks again for watching hope you all have a great day open world free steam games Today we face off against the mighty Katana Man once again! 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