Jugar Dark souls 3/2/1 en PC con joystick genérico/mando PS2 por USB facil 3 formas

How does steam deck workr free steam games DARK SOULS™ III steam very good friends welcome to this video in which I will show how to play dark souls 3 using a generic controller or playstation and playstation 2 joysticks connected by usb through a converter all we need is inside this folder of which I will leave the link in the description So that you can download it in this video I will show three options so that you can configure your controllers in case one option does not work for you and you can try the next one. Well, the first option will be to enter the x360 dark souls folder and copy the three files that we see here inside the folder where dark souls is installed, once the copy of the three files is finished, that would be all we have to do since these three files are already configured so that dark souls and know dow among the generic commands we would simply have to execute the game or also to verify that our controllers are being recognized we can run as admin trador the led the x360 executable does as we see here and we already have that the program is recognizing our controllers we can test the buttons and see that they all work and are correctly configured now all that remains is to run dark souls and the game will automatically recognize our controllers until here would be the first option the second option in case these controls are not configured correctly or do not recognize them, lets only copy the x360 exe ​​ file and not the three files that we copied before, that is, how to show you again, now I am going to delete the two files, delete the three files that we have and I am going to copy only x360 to the path where dark souls is installed once only this executable has been copied and not the three of us, we run it as administrator and we see that this window will pop up in which it says that there is an error and that a file is missing so we press create and then jump to this window that is the one that will recognize the controls that we have connected to the pc and it will look for the best configuration from the internet according to the type of controller that we have connected so we press next and once the correct file is found, we press finish here the window pops up again because I have two controllers connected to the pc in this moment that we also put next and finish as I download the most suitable configuration for our controls we can test that all the buttons are also configured and that would be all for this second option once we verify that all the buttons are also configured before exiting we press save and we close the window it would be all for this second option and we would simply have to run the game well if none of the previous options work for you a third option is to run x360 ce as administrator again once the window is reopened we go to the controller settings tab and to the pest add popular modes settings here we see a list of files that it will search for from the internet which has the brand of the controller and what type of game it is configured for here we see the number of users who have downloaded this file according to the brand of the controller then We see that this is the one that the user has downloaded the most, therefore it is more likely that it is better configured. Double click on the file to download it. Press 10 and thats it and you will have downloaded a better configuration for our controls. After exiting, we close the window and now we can run the game to test if our configuration works, by the way, if none of the three configurations work for you and it still does not recognize your controllers, you can try downloading another file from the last list that we saw in the third option there you will find several files from the internet that several users put to download p You can try different files until you find one that is configured for your controls very well here we can see that I am playing perfectly with a playstation 2 controller connected with a converter on all buttons the button configuration does not come out as two on xbox 360 because the game It already recognized our controls and even the vibration of the controls works, here we can already configure to our liking all the configuration of the controls within the game, well friends of your status for this video, do not forget to leave me in the comments if you need any configuration for another tutorial game see you in our video hot towel steamer Como jugar Dark souls 3 en el PC utilizando mandos Play Station 1/2 conectados por un conversor o joysticks genéricos UsbArchivos necesarios: X360ce.exe Link: clave de descifrado: !jN9YkyjSSmppNkx5oT5cSL8Fm083UymYjxjk_HHZal0 Fondo musical: Heathens (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ **************************************************************** Tu colaboración es de gran ayuda para crear mas y mejor contenido: **************************************************************** chehalis steam train refund on steam games games like raft on steam fallout 3 game of the year edition steam key god of war steam code