Steam xxx gameshow to add save files to steam games DARK SOULS™ III steam and then guys its ok that who would do the edu and following guys was here on control two because i was forced to record with león the rock was so excited here i gave the guy its the following guys ceding sounds from the hardest game in the world but no because we from the whole team follow km follow included follow follow me the good ones follow me the good ones are serious its the champion in apps and kayak ready there its good for us to find him okay its not calm the problem is that if he kills us its ok no brazilian right here i thought i thought hes here look hes purple hes that guy who can be both good and evil i dont trust these guys because they say they ll help you later he sells attacking from behind ill give a sign for him look come here bum is hiding old man is here look he is stopped step of the baiano go to the party the guy is more advanced in the game because he only manages to turn ghost rock then he doesnt stop having life not drugs he came here to where he has fire be careful stay away he wants to stay so we can catch fire on his head __ dont go back go back go back go back calm down no Im not me the hand on the head is a coward hes using the scenery theres a guy up there throwing bombs at us will be helping them they would exchange arrived on top I got him hes going to have life dont hurt him doesnt refer cristina recovering from the last attack of v behind him is from the millions of white btt although Im leaving Ill continue tomorrow for you before here was a hell of a dragon at the top where it had left you have to face the dragon come the way and you are a genius you will wait for the fire to subside run they are changing but ran oh my god in heaven is the following I want to see the animal catch the animal now take this fake baiana box bomfim barrels the pirate pieces close it was smart you know the question will take it closer to the goal it is very strong and Ill take it now to be calm not if I almost died but its a tendency there are those there to recover life Im not going to score the goal fire thats cool now at least I can go home wait lets sit down and I still dont know why you want to sit down but thats fine I cant sit with you here no no okay so lets go there who tries to kill this guy is a pawn to take his son dies paraguay come here come here my son of two its much easier to kill a dragon but I put his armor on I can talk to her with you that beautiful rolled no me I died that you did and doha putz grila and dulce died because it was easy. child of childhood that these people are this here is to do a very crazy thing of course is the following Im going to make a very stupid deal make running can occur after running to get the item I caught a green flower I dont even know what because shes going to do something stupid ok were not going to face the easy boss were going to face the difficult one having to kill these guys first let the attack if youre going to die than stay bro whats that beautiful duel next arrives at this part want to see any news I cant get in Ill be able to get in in a little while I wait how am I going to do it so the thing is now the reboleira dammit woman dies killing normal morning will release an end-type boss exactly the same one I cant get into a haze damn see I thought if it was people could go in there however change with this m now now we are going to fight a boss that is from the end of the game there is only one way to face each other in the beginning that we give so we are weak you are here with me Im going to have to Im going to have to feel sorry for everything okay Im going to have to hurt everything look at her I stabbed her three times the amount of life that the pt 8j magic neither the lyrics and the other was everything I took the hit I went Im going to die I think maybe thats how I died if you died at the cob schools from an unexpected attack it has a peak rate the guy can no longer keep up with the game of putting money for that happens I died died we should have done that so thats it guys this was the video here with me and the owner of the action the three of us i hope you enjoyed that boss that we face what we lost felipe really hes squid ahead of the game hes in the area to face it now no we are not one thank you very much edu for having participated i gave him the honor of being featured recording with me because obviously he doesnt deserve it as everyone knows because he is what im thinking its offensive but my heart is not bad same as yours and wilsão consumption that s it guys see you next time say say bye and bye bye does steam tell you if you can run a game E hoje o bromance mais carinhoso do YouTube BR está de volta! 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