Northernlion Plays - Dark Souls 3 (Again) - Episode 11 Twitch VOD

Best paid games on steamsteam games save files location DARK SOULS™ III steam Bullock is that correct we could do that I got nothing against that ha ha ha strength Gober its a big side area why not theres another optional boss in the swamp favorite song on the blue album I had thats tough thats tough I only in dreams is a is a great song I mean Buddy Hollys a classic Ill do undone the sweater song I do like that the one-two punch of no one else and the world has turned and left me here I mean theres a lot of great jams on that even like you know lets go away for a while uni to a strange and distant land with a speak know what a truth voice crack you know I dont even remember it thats holiday I think thats a classic thats a classic say it in so its a good song I mean its better than good its a great song you look a little familiar know the bow knees are helping me holiday by Green Day we dont talk about that because thats a thats a come out song in my head is that gizmo yo gizmo grew up be careful who you call ugly in middle school hes gone do you like Billy Talent or do they just happen to be Canadian Music huge with I hit wow I was just really good I should have just stayed up there honestly I dont really have strong opinions either way about Billy talents and they are Canadian so as a result its a tough question to answer that is it is the try honesty guy let me in please okay well try that the right way next time to the river below exactly does Western Canada care about Tokyo Police Club the day honestly I feel like I need to let you know that I am NOT an arbiter of how Canada feels about music at all I dont know how I dont know anything I know Tokyo Police Club I saw them at a music festival in maybe 2009 I have no idea how anybody else feels about Tokyo Police Club all I know is my favorite musician is Jojo C WA shes multi-talented and stream the dual IVA help future nostalgia it recently came out my man is strong use the mimic to kill him I wouldnt I would never as a resinous Im actually enjoying dying a little bit because I felt like we were mainline in the game this sounds like a big brain bit but Im being realistic like Im being sincere I should say Im kind of enjoying dying a little bit it gives us the opportunity to learn something instead of just exclusively dominating the the bosses maybe you should listen to Igor by Tyler the Creator I will listen to it when they changed the name to songs from the big chair and instead of being by Tyler the Creator you got me its by Tears for Fears and it has everybody wants to rule the world and Oh head over heels and oh and though its been when the mother talks man then Campton we can holy we can work it out out and you know that one people are kind of sleeping on on mothers talk thats not like its not a song that has made it into 2020 as much as everybody wants to rule the world and shout but but its pretty good Tears for Fears sucks you sucks listen skeleton were on the same side here I want this guys tyranny dance yo hundred this skeleton was was going wild on him keep it up brother run No Bonnies gonna do it dude my kill the skeleton knows the dead zone well that was like on ironically the hardest boss we faced this whole time and I dont mean today I mean like in Dark Souls 3 so far harder than the tree I think the tree is easy Im just bad before we do this does anyone want to get out dunt that then thats not thats the terminator thats not Captain Americas theme song thats thats the Terminator theme song dan dan dan smoldering the lake I dont remember this at all no no I do remember this place now that you mention it this bid feels very second-row ask right now all right so heres what Im gonna do Im gonna smash it Im gonna smash your brains whatever part of your body this is Ive been killed this Im not totally sure about this part although this is optional in 2020 on Twitch nothings truly optional what a shot thats gonna be bad dont really know whats happening let me pass that hurts theres a bonfire on the right but why would I want the bonfire down here though because that if I get the bonfire that means I might accidentally travel here and have 35 seconds of pure misery in the future though the worm is not the optional bus the worms just like a its just a dude lets do it that Im out of here giant enemy crab I will not fight you because of the ballista the worm is solare though is that official or is that fake Lord Im just gonna be honest even if thats real lore thats fake Lord what do you mean the crab or the the world is so lair you cant just say that right Oh actually the worm is this win Ive decided now actually the worm is Miyazakis representation of the self and the worm was inside us all along the worm drops solare stuff are you telling me that this worm hates Solaire theres going to be hell to pay dude let me in ah sip easy a sip of my life man that area sucks theres a bonfire over there huh and lets do it one estes I got embers Im not sweating it oh its just a demon why didnt you say its just a demon its not just a demon I am a king okay certainly demon esque I think we can do it not this time for obvious reasons those those rolls were doing good stuff for us though this guy killed you 20 times last go-around last go-around was like I was worse Im not saying were gonna for sure do it like on the next attempt but well be in a better position for sure get his ass dad this demon is Andre I know if you kill him he says pretty thats bad mojo this area does suck I definitely I definitely feel the power of the suck there lets give this guy a shot and what happens down here though what happens down here I hear like smoldering oh I remember you I remember you greatly alright lets get the heck out of here an even worse area man okay so you know Im the early game Ive had some faint echoes of memory that part I remember 0% I have literally no memory whatsoever of what goes on in there except I remember the orange balls yo nice rug I love what youve done with the place the Windows game bar just came up for me I think I might have hit the center button on my controller yeah Ive got the windows game bar you got a problem its called game pass sweetheart my 3-month trial that I got when Forza added the VR mode just ended and they were like do you want to re-up for $15.99 a month I was like you know what I do what is this that seemed like a good one to interrupt that was close sorry youre right $15.99 for three months it was not $15.99 plot $15.99 for three months so its five bucks a month hello youre doing okay well I mean hes youre not literally bangs so the are you doing okay question was like whats the severity of the go ahead just hit me with the butt of your ax see if I can this dudes head looks exactly like the tormented soul from divinity like its one to one from what oh sorry from Pepe good roll would you ever do a solo divinity campaign I think at this point I should probably just give up on that game Laughter game is great dont get me wrong do des like I forgot until I played it again how much I love the combat in that game I cant believe like the combat is just better XCOM I love XCOM the combat in divinity is amazed it is like not shoot fire for a bit I know its like your thing its part of your character and all that but like its making this fight a little a little annoying thats greed thats good greed not all greed is good that greed was good I dont know what hes doing I should not have been there just hit him please just hit him just hit him one more time thank you oh my god he sifted that was scary ember restored its easy enough so do I need to go to the aerial blue area below this for anything other than killing that ballista is there a boss down there theres two bone shards and ask this see you never dummy Im out of here theres a huge sword but otherwise no alright dude that boss was not that bad I saw someone it was a you macro said GG this took you several videos when the game first came out I think my weapon is probably better but I dont know I seem to have some memory of using this hammer and/or Londo oh no no no no this is where you go to and then at the inside of that Cathedral of the deep is pontiff sullivan hello hes pretty strong on the other hand he has an exposed ribcage like General Grievous Kwik sip please should have known that was coming staggering just staggering hit him again we were close well met well met bones are also weak to hammer exactly correct I played stone shard hes got Mannes eyeballs dont tell me thats by luck and happenstance I dont believe it sip bad timing sip lucky very lucky Im just saying if that worm is solare this dog can be managed dude simple calculus the dog is also celaya the pontiffs right I bring a doll to be granted passage I have a doll then you have passage sure do I sure do Im in can I tell you before I thought this question through I just thought to myself I remember this area this is where those dudes with the sacks come in and take you off to the jail I realize now thats blood-borne however this is a very blood-borne looking area ah I recall very large annoying enemies a head spin lords you thought you had oh no no no no my god if you can dodge that if you truly master Oh comedic timing cant even keep me down one of those situations where you dont want to tempt fate I suppose turns out it can keep me down okay basic dude come here please I wish to fight no no no no no I hear the clanking of cobblestone no no no I need my souls back this is like one of the few times I would ever say that resinous phrase hes done it I do not engage in cowardice should have engaged in calories Im dead still attacking me even after Im dead thats true I did I received 100 codes for valor nt I just left them all you know in a word document and then posted the picture on Twitter no you cant have a code theyre all gone I even Im sorry I didnt know that people were into it so I just thought like Ill just get rid of these as soon as possible my souls say goodbye to the sauce the pontiff nights crowd yah-yah-yah one at a time please hes so speedy now I have interrupted you now you will be slain you have a shield and everything - whats up with that Ill make the first move always forget about that second piece grade stop lets go luckily well never have to deal with those guys again how late are we streaming probably like another hour ish examine the room enter the room so many large souls dude double cheeked up on a Thursday afternoon there it is I seem to recall you being a little annoying sideswipes very nice we like the sideswipes I had a feeling that womans coming we still like the sideswipes probably getting it one more time Oh baby we didnt okay now we will fight now I can take you on one at a time or one on one mano a mano dude that was like a textbook encounter it was very good the kick was not part of the textbook how much to level up still only like five or six thousand I think so like honestly is still a pretty good spot for us from a soul stand you have got to go sir I think I have a growed this guy I think we got time to rush this guy down youre at 13 the level thats okay yall still giving us free lettuce or as I like to call him Joel about that awesome Oh  __  did Joel eat himself he dies after the abyss watchers what the heck dude yeah but I didnt want to get the levels so quickly I didnt want to take the levels now because theyre cheap I wanted to take the levels later when theyre more expensive in my head bonfires are up there but I just want to see thats correct lets go Thank You brain well done this is why you should have listened to chat when will you learn that your actions have consequences you frickin Fricks okay lets go level up and then with like an hour add custom amount to steam wallet Dark Souls III on Steam: After practicing in two of the hardest randomizers in world history, its time to avenge my past self and send the Nameless King back to the heck dimension that spawned him. 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