Dark Souls 3: Dark Build Invasions (203 Days ➔ Elden Ring)

Steam game adalahsteam thinks game is running DARK SOULS™ III steam yo whats up guys chase the bro here welcome back to another dark souls 3 invasion stream hello everybody hello what is up whats up master sword hello arkham hello bird whats up gerber tripus camilio or camilo whats up rusty hello hello chat yo yeshua my man how goes it how goes your day let me just mute my own stream so i dont hear that hello chad whats up gabba gandolf hello hello uh yeah i am a dark built today um i think this ones actually 125 yeah so i have a few different dark builds but this one has a pretty decent variety of weapons i think its lacking it doesnt have like the herald curve grade sword that i use sometimes and it doesnt have a split leaf but other than that its got a wide array of weapons uh i mostly do chaos invasions so i thought id mix it up and actually try dark the other ones that i left chaos were kind of like the ones that you do get crits often with you know the crow quills uh i left this here just so i could have two follower savers anyway and then two daggers but other than that everythings dark yo rob ross whats up man thank you for the membership i appreciate that oh yeah and also so uh a long time ago i used to use a lot of like client-side retextures so i did that with this armor set i basically im wearing this right but i get to see this so yeah if youre wondering what fashion youre actually looking at though its its the build mask for ram chess piece black knight gauntlets and mortons leggings i can maybe make a command for that thats what im wearing like thats the visuals of what im wearing if that makes sense um yeah the armor looks like the maybe i can just uh if any if any mods are in chat i want to do that after all ill set it up but for now ill just do an invasion just so you guys can know what the armor set actually looks like armor looks dork thank you i love it its cute its cute thank you so much i appreciate it what have you guys all been up to how was well over on friday i was gonna say how was everyones weekend but see the first time i went outside recently and swam was just during the week so yeah lets make these four hosts go hollow whoo thank you so much though man appreciate that before the first invasion like a month reposition it was a few months ago when i was using like the millwood chess piece a lot with the different art styles on it its been a bit so some people might not have remembered that oh nice the prime first invasion yeah so i did some testing fiber and anyone in chat whos interested and i i didnt know this i used to always tell people that you know hornet ring doesnt work that well with dark weapons but thats kind of an understatement if you get a backstab or a parry with a dark weapon and youre wearing the hornet ring it actually does less damage than if you werent wearing the hornet ring like uh i did some backstab testing and i backstabbed with the claymore without the horn ring and it did 700 okay and then i did backstab with the horner ring and it did 660. it did 40 less damage so yeah if youre using dark weapons at all dont even bother equipping the horn ring at all yeah not not like less than it should it did less than without it like what i dont know but it worked dude it was like that with everything i tested yeah it actually yeah it lowers the crits its crazy i couldnt believe it i actually couldnt believe it yeah against the same opponent yeah i had a friend test with me like i did it with without hornet with hornet and then i compared it to the a chaos claymore with hornet and without hornet ring so without the hornet ring dark dark weapons do better crit damage they usually win especially depending on what kind of builds youre fighting but for the most part they have better crit damage without the hornet ring but if you use the horner ring dont use dark weapons so i just wanted to mix it up today and use dark weapons hey whats up man that goes i still have some chaos though in case i do want to fish but you know i dont know maybe it was an oversight when they were making the game thats weird but yeah it definitely increases uh chaos weapons by uh dramatically like uh without it a chaos one did like lets say 620 like a claymore on a backstab and then with it it did like close to 800 so like 80 more than the dark version so its worth it if using a chaos build oh luco im coming brother im coming what the hell oh oh yeah im here im here yeah i got your back you go for the sunbro ill go for the host bro hello hello youre my first fight of the day i have a dark weapon so that means chip damage on your shield feels good i dont often run like dark builds its kind of nice oh you know what perfect opportunity perfect i see theres a good decent damage no horner ring pretty good why hello luco good teamwork man couldnt think of a ds3 reference disappointed face grant us eyes i mean fair can i think of any dark souls 3 references touch the darkness within me bunny touch the darkness within me its about like the only one that comes to mind so i feel you um i usually use a chaos build since i get more crits but dark is definitely like most people have a lower absorption to dark ignore my absorption with that ring on because thats not accurate so yeah 22 and then 24 absorption armor if im a strength build my fire absorption is also very good so youre a lord harry a lord thank you so much though bunny some people prefer dark though if they dont tend to crit as much oh is there some soccer tournament going on or something football sorry i dont mean to ruin your day okay lets get some you know im gonna make sure i have fp whoa atlas hello how are you oh god the routers will fall maybe okay um you know i dont i dont ever use a glaive lets try that hello there straight sodius okay you know it would be really good without uh sir skips a lot right there but all is fair and the wi-fi was i knew you were gonna go for the parry yeah thats thats even scarier than normal because you kind of you lag leg okay burn to the butts you know do that you know what maybe hmm i kind of wanted to do it i want to be brave and try and parry it i want to see the outcome parry that homie sadly it would be funny to gun your charge his gun dear charge if i had a strength build right now but i dont this guy loves perry hello you fall back and heal fall back in here and then come in for another parry get cocked by the fire pit i i actually would prefer to fight in here madeira is not the play for me i hate fighting near madeira so much i hate it which one will die host so you just gotta get them both low at the same time and then they gotta choose which ones gonna run away and heal and uh they both chose to get hit sadly i dont know rusty i was thinking that actually i was like if they have the same kind of stat layout the first the first playthrough of most games i tend to do uh like a quality build or a or a strength i would say just so i can try more of the weapons out for the most part its hard to say though like i dont know if theyre gonna have similar type of stats things like that uh which weapon in which rings would you prefer if i never got crits if i didnt use like crits that much um id probably say strength build is is optimal for like weapon arts and trading so maybe the strength builds still shreyas and then i would just keep on like the the lloyd shield ring slash chloranthy ring maybe just for extra stamina Music but it its tough theres a lot of decent rings actually there you could even have havels you know you could have like light ring ant paddles that might be kind of nice you know but then you dont really have a ring to swap off when youre falling yeah eldering is 203 days away i mean its kind of long but its not its not too bad at least we know the release date um yeah the light shield is always solid so if you get hit surprised from somewhere its its not too bad uh the clutch rings would be good if they actually work the proper way they should in pvp so if you test it with a friend uh youll notice that you dont actually do that much more damage while wearing it compared to a lot of the other bufferings there wont be a delay dont dont say this thats thats sad hello cardio oh my god its taking you guys so long to kill every night but you know youre doing like a good job blendering it thats kind of cool hello boys hello what is up what is up wow give me a butt stab are we having like some honor system here no i dont know i dont trust ye the old genkosaurus that one looks like a gangasaurus the the smos leggings will never not look like dinosaur legs to me theyre just part of the fit um i was wondering too like i never use the lucerne but its kind of cool its got its got thrust damage which is cool for like a halberd as opposed to the glade which is just a bit stronger but thats unfortunate how far are you gonna stand look at you leaving your poor son bro oh oh thats bad i wasnt aware that we both got i cant tell you okay it was funny i got splurged oh it was good honestly that was funny good plays on kaito here right in time to save him oh im still  __  seated man that is not like my downfall i just dont know when im seated ever even when ive been seated you know like i just dont pay attention with tana the dark webtonna though thats right regather yourself its okay its okay jeez you guys have a good you guys have a good team thing we were going on two for one oh i didnt hit sunbro what thats sad oh oh this one gotta come get parried itll end it you know you just gotta give me some flashy perry here ah okay well i got no blue juice left but right i never noticed the seed man i dont know if its just me or if anybody else is like that i really just dont notice it ever and they dont stop running and they dont stop running Music you cant see it in these circumstances youre gonna die by arrows but first time i make you get hit by the arrows free aim for the win i felt like that was such a good throw i feel cheated yo dakota thank you man i appreciate it we re summoning in damn boy Music not to re-summon anything but the resulting okay off were just playing the runaway game hello goddammit and now were back to the shield turtle metal i have a plan though okay yo thank you so much so dakota i really appreciate that well now youre gonna chase me okay come this way come this way just gonna pop this on real quick get a little bit of my own regen going down the bonk souls yeah i can appreciate the big shield it does wonders sometimes oh youre mixing it up nice nice you think i dont see the wall behind me um lets see what oh i can go break him in one hit nice thats all i needed to know hey hey perfect i want to watch out kaito its getting dark in here jeez is gone its getting even darker the futures looking bleach oh god were going for the next three summon all right im game actually lets uh put this on and use the chaos one and they dont stop re-summoning and they dont stop summoning okay i dont like pulling this out on people but you sir are just like playing to dodge so i gotta i gotta make you feel the pain its really your own cause that was a fun little fight though i can appreciate the the summoner class you know yo whats up ryken how goes your day man godford jesus you know what it depends it depends on how many summons youve killed you know when you when youre hitting up there at like seven then youre like okay can we stop now like its a little bit too much thank you so much the dakota i dont mind you know a resume or two its when theres like a four-man squad and then its also like a constant re-summoning but then its like okay its getting a bit much just a little bit i like that i have my chime on me though its pretty nice he did deserve the dirty he did thats thats rough at least youll get overtime though right i hope can i show the stats yeah of course man there you go um okay usually if i get summoned up there hes right in front of me and he is so there we go my uh my thirst is quenched poke whoa all right stinky feet i gotta parry light years in the future for you but im gonna do it i have a plan i almost hit that why is that so weak wait hang on i say i have it but i just wanted to test stink i want to try he takes it a little late but like its not that bad no it seems okay maybe its like changing constantly yeah you got you gotta have the cat ring cat ring is always important ah good fight stinky feet hey whats up watching from your phone hows youtube streams on mobile by the way i dont think ive ever watched that uh yeah this is the beginning of the ring city well i say beginning but its like the drag heap so hey whats up andy how goes your day man how goes the day uh what would you say is a fun and underrated weapon fun and underrated um trying to think of like the most fun weapons i would say are the black knight weapons personally i i dont feel like theyre underrated though but they definitely dont get used too much like i dont i dont often fight a guy using the black knight great axe you know what i mean so id say its its underused a little bit maybe not underrated wooden hammer is fun and underrated thats true i like the wooden hammer its a really light uh great great hammer so thats good dragon hammers are kind of underused too but its just because they dont have hyper armor if they had like a little bit of hyper armor theyd be a little bit better but theyre pretty slow so you really gotta you gotta space well with it do you think chaos dark is viable at night definitely but you have limited weapon choices if you do that you definitely wont be rocking very many heavy weapons thats for sure uh true true but the wind spear isnt like some god tier weapon its just its good for like certain things you know what i mean lords hammer is underrated a little bit but its more like its good for invasions but like if youre fighting someone with a fast weapon that just is defensive its gonna suck hello chime well see like right here i would like to have the  __  uh wind spear be really cool oh my god i dont like the fov changing constantly right now am i weird for that its kind of making me a little bit dizzy it like zooms in and zooms out see this oh i dont like that thats really thrown off my space in a little bit its okay though im over here now oh i didnt think that would combo jesus that hurt all right so youre gonna get parried if you do that one more time i promise you or im gonna run by you because im in a really bad spot right now and theres a blue coming in oh and hes lagging lagging dragon okay were killing though wait what nymph that guys confused hes the most confused katana oh yo we could have a weeb ton off come here poke whoa whoa i dont like that i dont like that sir thats very very uh glitchy very weird looking so were just gonna take you down a peg here oh youre dead okay i want to watch out uh there is a whole bunch of arrows that have your name on it currently just dont seed me please whatever you do i just cant oh you blocked it it was supposed to be for the host how dare you block the omega urn wha do the weapon art blue i havent even like really touched the blue have i need to know okay now thats pretty good connection were chilling we are chillin why are we going all the way back up okay well since the blue just wants to run away well there there you go yeah i didnt have to take you down you did it before me thank you thank you thank you oh you know what we could do parker bombay ah maybe its not falling forward anymore random mace to the face huge disgrace you gonna walk off the cliff too okay you gotta you gotta love the blue just taking the easy way he took the direct route down into where is that the swamp yeah the swamp thats funny uh the herald curve great start i think is is really good on this build i just dont have the weight load i could have maybe went to like 133 but i just didnt level my character up this is my 125 so could be good though i mean it is good i know its good i actually checked recently on my hours i have around 6 thousand hours i honestly like for what i i guess when people guess my hours i think i dont play daily really not this year anyway last year i played like semi-daily almost daily the first year i played dark souls i definitely played the most for sure but i have around six thousand hours thats the best uh yo curb great swords are heavy god damn it its pretty good though like i play like three four hours when i stream you know and then uh a lot of hours the first year when i was going through the pve so thats part of that like its not like 6000 hours of invading which is yeah the first year i played a lot of pve maybe like only 6k listen thats actually a ton i think thats the most ive ever spent on a game in my life i i dont yeah i play like three four hours like semi-ish daily lately so its been going up a lot slower oh i gotta record hang on how dare you there you throw lightning at me yo happy birthday jacob how old are you today man you dance stick the seed oh i was gonna say in me but that sounds lewd i dont want the seed in me okay were good i wasnt sure how many enemies i had made follow me oh l didnt ring dude if elden ring is like dark souls 3 its gonna be more because i already have like a high passion for this pvp you know and then more weapons and stuff itll be awesome hey its whoa oh youre not the same son bro i see i see theres a wizard here too and by wizard i mean all of them hang on let me just do this that works go all out i didnt know that there was two sun bros when i ran in that corridor i thought it was just the one theres some testing i want to do today well youre going to die to frostbite or me one of the two i guess me that wasnt the smartest play there some bro but hey come here mr get back stabbed no i cant keep throwing lightning the second youre coming at me with that attack and its saddening me go for the third one yeah oh i always got to remember that maybe thats why i didnt get to backstab him earlier yeah thats definitely why i didnt get the backstabbing earlier okay thats okay well this hyper armor room there we go now were chilling one more time for the road so confusing when do i have to carry him i dont even know goodbye aruba jeez that was a a medley of different connections right there yo john thank you so much man explaining how ive tried to use before but dont think im using correctly uh well a seed just makes the pve able to aggro onto an invader and it lasts 45 seconds so you can only use them as a host and it yeah it just basically makes it so if the invader goes near the pv itll aggro at you just like the host the first souls of youtubers it seems like a lot of setup i dont mind the v tubers though its pretty cool but they have that option if they dont like using a camera theres no way for them to  __  that up you say that lance but thats true you know what demon souls is a remake and they didnt change anything i honestly i was hyped for it but i kind of expected it to not be the best i have more hopes for elden ring you right youre right youre right sekiro invasions i saw they made an invasion mod for sakura actually uh how glitchy is it though like how i feel like it would be very weird because its not meant to have it thank you so much though john uh but yeah they used to be infinite i dont know if any of you guys played when the game first came out and i dont remember how quickly it got patched but yeah seeds used to be indefinite its pretty crazy yeah and demon souls remastered was blue point they didnt even change any of the mechanics though so they just made it look pretty basically chase the bird brain listen i just meant that i was hopeful and then i got crushed so im trying to remain medium but i am more hopeful for this just because the animations that they showed in uh uh elden ring were the same as dark souls and it has dodge rolls looking exactly the same eh it just looks so good hello tulich to lutch whats oh your dad touched my trello wait what what happened the flam burger oh that might be a i was gonna say a rip for him but hes holding out hes a brave little feller i like his outfit good thing they patched it what did they patch oh the seed thing yeah yeah i forgot what we were talking about for a second good fight too i like your outfit though very very cute night me too me too talking about the mechanics yeah its mostly the jump thats gonna be intriguing explains a lot yeah and it goes it seems like longer i know people say 45 seconds but sometimes i swear im fighting for minutes and the seed is still all going off thanks 45 seconds thank you so much smiley face yeah it does like the animations that they showed like it looks like a dark souls 4. which is really funny because you see people complaining about that theyre like its basically just dark souls 4 and im like what do you mean thats the best news ever like what what the  __  blows my mind when i hear that freaking weirdos yo china whats up man i didnt know the screenshot ive been blind apparently hello boys what do we got here we got django undead or unchained and then someone trying to punch me but i cant tell i love django ah not the hero damn it lemon why would you not go for plunge lemon easy peasy lemon squeezy django uncheat take my iron to the face you like it django i dont like that i like that though i like that i like that pokemon is going to your charge lets go show me what you got why cant i lock down to the sun bro there we go oh whatever you can cancel if you want to cancel mr lemon im not opposed as you start refilling then youre gone hang on a second okay oh nice game if you lock onto my teammate always pogba oh  __  that guy is freaking laggy miss me miss me now you gotta okay yes take care of the pyro i got the host i honestly i got jango unlock here ah thatd been so fancy hey go jingle good job red oh my god that one guy though im pretty sure hes the host too honestly thats that makes this worse stone basher just be uh one with the lag theyll separate them get on both sides stone basher needs to leave here i actually cant fight stone basher so were just gonna oh there we go no no hes still hes the woe hes still going off i dont think hes hittable i actually want to see but thats gnarly what if he throws vestige he threw an urn and i didnt see it like what am i supposed to do about that okay lets play it safe here dude you need to not go near that guy okay djangos dead you need to stay away from those honestly okay i think were making his net better and better the more we uh kill so thats good im going for lemon Music jesus okay thats uh thats the next level now love you forever keep make us dream oh alistair thank you so much man im surprised were not getting hit by that im gonna be real honest with you like that thats just like maybe i can roll catch chain him with the cementary i dont know how else im gonna deal with his connection like what is this jesus this is something are you fapping too like what what this is insane hes definitely fapping yeah okay i dont think i can do much about this Applause honestly like how are you even online right now if he just sits on the elevator button im gonna leave just because that connection is insane i dont know what we can do about that maybe first fight it maybe its like the only thing i can do im coming up dude i need something maybe murky i dont know man i dont i dont like using this but whats with the connections today theres something awful im coming red you just gotta chill for a second maybe survive not that i believe you really can survive the laggy dude like what can hang on what oh my god imagine hitting those imagine me landing that  __  you sir okay i take it back you definitely deserve this this is next level oh my god you are gnarly bro i need fp and hp oh man like it blows my mind that like it allows someone to stay on the online connection like this you know like how do you not get your session terminated when your connection is like this it doesnt make any sense like none at all like yeah i mean youre getting blocked just for your net honestly thats just insane i like i know you your friend wants to plunge me i know i cant believe im doing them right now like what was that what even was that i mean i bet hes used to just using the weapon art and then getting away with it as a trade because well he can damn lemon thats unfortunate that happened you want to trade ill take the lap id much rather be fighting the lap you take lag saurus rex please just a small small change in opponent would be nice no i have to fight the laggy one okay its pretty typical lets do it lemon lemon please pay attention to me stop running away its gonna be over here the  __  its impossible ah he double jumped he legit did a  __  double jump please stop this like theres nothing i could do against that right now yeah throw the throw the knife at me like im the laggy one yeah thats definitely me im the laggy one not this guy no good job brad like what the  __  okay yeah that guy is getting blocked too was he uh okay jeez though man thats nuts that ones i dont want to connect with that ever again that takes the cake he was yeah okay nuts okay moving on though theyre not all that laggy i know she doesnt i know gensai thank you so much like oof like i know were not gonna get a server in elden ring but could we please maybe just get a region matchmaking thatd be great thats all i need doesnt need to be much yeah i mean they were cancelling and ring and favoring too the anti-cheat tells me that but its like if the host is doing it what can you do either accept or just leave you know well if they region locked it it would though servers would solve would solve everything uh chronos i dont know what kind of servers youre thinking of but im thinking of the servers where you would have a certain amount of millisecond connection to the server and then everything happening in the server would happen in real time so like you know lets im gonna use fortnite as an example because that game doesnt have lag and if youre lagging its only happening to you so youll see yourself running in place and  __  that is perfect it would be unfortunate though for the people that have like 60 millisecond ping connection to the server you know they have to deal with that but it would make like everything in the game work perfectly minus you getting used to your own latency because you would have like a latency between when you hit r1 and when it activates on the server i know that could be annoying with dark souls as well though i mean it would work it would just be yeah thats just how it would work youd have to youd have your own latency before your attack yeah thats true that is true though if you had good ping you would but if you had not good ping yeah youre right youre right it would suck for a lot of people thats not thats true but yeah a ping filter or regional matchmaking would work well but i get what youre saying because youd have to dodge it and then it would take those milliseconds to come out yeah but if you live right beside the server youre chilling okay yeah hey just just having like a regional lock and not connecting to people that have like 200 ping would be great thats all thats all i could ask for really youre pro server because you have fiverr you lucky man you yeah i know wi-fi will never be more stable you can have a good download speed and stuff uh but youre gonna get time to time like packet loss and interference so ethernet is always the way for gaming online for sure yeah region lock would be great at least youre choosing to like not go out of your own region you know what i mean thatd be awesome although if they have it set up like what they did in demon souls where anybody could just enter any region that wont really be the best that wouldnt work well youd actually have to have like region lock and then maybe like the next tier where it searches for the regions nearby and then just completely unlocked and you choose but not be able to be like oh like i live in i dont know eastern europe i want to connect to the west server that would not work then if they let you do that because then you just be like connecting with the ping anyway um i dont know where this guy went yeah honestly when the connections good though like dark souls is great like it really is i dont really know like people say its the netcode a lot i mean it probably can be improved because its old for sure but uh most of the time if the connection between the players is good the the game runs good i dont know where he went unless he went into the boss uh so sebastian and dark souls 3 theres only two options you either have the global one on or off and if you have it off you just dont connect to japan you connect everywhere else so its not really much like you may as well leave it on because like theres other places that i think are worse than japan for ping so yeah itll be interesting we wont know much unless they show more of the gameplay no no i just meant like for a distance uh digas like eastern europe to like western like north america would be like not a good connection just based on ping i was just using that as an example though oh Music im coming in coming in hot um for me if i connect to west europe its pretty good because i live on the eastern side of north america so its not too bad yeah exactly bare hands they were like here you go japan you dont have to deal with anybody else but japan players everywhere else in the world yeah good luck good luck everybody else all right banana man you know what i like the name because you know you yellow and all that jazz um sure lets just get more stamina for fun wanna throw another one im a race car i go vroom wanna keep throwing this now banana man i know health isnt always everything but a little bit of health it goes a long way it does goes a long way im the most west eu and its not pretty good listen compared to what i connect with sometimes its pretty good okay come back here stop escaping me filthy stinking strength wizard throwing bombs and stoof nice one no not two blanc always is right out of range you know just its close but like its never close enough pillar damn theyd be escaping me dude no third will you heal are you gonna chase me wow this guy did you invade him earlier hes kind of funny i cant get a nice back oh as if i got that i wasnt getting the crits on him earlier oh and then all of a sudden the hits start connecting well what happened okay fun fight though that was a mixed bag he did i wasnt expecting the the spam of the r1 right there uh when was the last time i played demon souls about two months after it released i i like i made bills i invaded every day for like a month and a half but then they just started to slow down heavily and i think i really do think its just because for one the ps5s were really rare obviously not everyone has a ps5 and then on top of that  __  just not everyone had demon souls i got a ps5 oh like a pseudo combo iris interesting like after the r2 or after the r1 or after the l1 or l2 sorry yeah brandon of course especially with elden ring on the horizon im hyped up i feel like a lot of the streamers have come back to dark souls 3 just since the elden ring news thats so weird china thats so weird man yo whats up vermillion how goes your day man heard you making the the stream switch to twitch youre leaving us all behind god damn it vex dust yeah i mean they said they were remaking it and then all they did was make it look very pretty so yeah that was a letdown but its great if you havent played demon souls before i still recommend it its just definitely not as active as dark souls 3 online good good woke up have a coffee chilling damn i get asked my favorite build for invasion specifically a lot and its usually either a strength build just because you survived most blenders because of your high defense uh and the the useful weapon arts like gundyr uh the hyper armor trading of it and then on the other hand i like quality because it has that but it also has some of the faster weapons which are just better for like the when you finish off the team and the host is left over but its hard i like so many builds i really do i dont really have a favorite summoning oh the doors open  __  wait but the ring nights not active hang on im confused oh yeah the the ash is very good uh maybe theyre in media already probably that would be cool i think out of all the souls games if they were going to remake one i think they should have done two instead of one honestly demon souls deserved one for sure because it it hadnt had one in a long time definitely deserved one but uh oh theyre up here hello boys what a weird spawn for me like why why would they why would the game do that interesting Music thats such a thats the type of spawn that i get in this game just straight what is this thing dead yeah this is why you do me like that you know on the bottom id watch out for that bomb they almost coordinated that well hang on why dont i repair bumps um i dont have any on the dark build wow that is just sadness hey im trying to take off my lord shield ring thats just rude oh that was a really good use of the hyper armor twiggy i like it he framed perfect did that almost i swear it was good follow me twiggy oh okay a little bit of latency i guess it didnt really look like he was close enough to get that so i didnt even bother rolling thats okay then i see you up there you really should have put on the cat ring though that would have been a better play only whats hitting twiggy are you dying to grandma what the hell you guys are so organized together though thats so weird oh you i highly see okay okay now i understand a little bit more genius plays chase a chat of your time oh wow dude my stream okay i swear like youre like the third invasion in a row to be doing like skip rolls its really weird i normally dont find this many laggy people its very strange oh my god yeah that is quite the suck on that backstab for a claymore damn extreme is perfect i guess im really just connecting to a lot of lag unfortunate really oh my god a good fight did you like he took this hit a whole second later but then he took the second one instantly like that was just constant fluctuations right there thats a good example of wi-fi like i was definitely on wi-fi like it just fluctuates makes it so hard to fight sometimes i smell bris thats funny you guys are funny kill me sometimes ill check for you though im intrigued now like i dont know so theres days where i dont find any like that and then theres days where thats all i find at italy okay thats also pretty bad for me i dont know if it could be because it works those i mean maybe because it just maybe they they like flagged that spawn point and then went back up thats i guess a possibility how did i get the eldering armor its actually not i i appreciate that though thats a huge compliment hamza all i did was uh retexture the faram armor set to be red right it looks close though i appreciate that and samuel thank you so much man and also uh gensai kuroky lets just load it in at the same time thank you so much for the donations guys indeed a special its theyre interesting they are they are yeah thats happened to me before name invalid thats annoying i mean well yeah you have to fight it theres nothing you can do really hate fighting here all right ill risk it for the biscuit my kryptonite ah oh its already begun its too late i gotta run back i hate him that was like that once oh wait man i dont even have the millwood to like use this at least to my advantage i guess because now im just stuck here i think theyll ever like go to fight the dragon oh they are they are oh i still get cosplay games yeah that was pdf with the dragon gang um i i will let them fight it but i dont think theyre going to honestly so its just going to keep roaring this is like my one least favorite spot to invade anybody because yeah you know what you guys go ahead and fight the dragon this is okay oh now they walk towards it you gotta be kidding me thats never a fun invasion anyway its just media blasting fire the whole time god damn it dude the timing people have for me sometimes its hilarious they start walking when i leave oh man its like playing smash bros you know and your friends like no leave the stage hazards and all the items on youre like no the items go off at the very least that that would be cool they could have what if they made madeir yeah because hes dark eater madeir either like at least black fire or purple fire would have been sick he should have had that youre not wrong that is a great observation exactly thats why we have it i can two-hand it so its all good uh sometimes i put an offhand says this it depends on if i want to be weapon arting more or if i want to be parrying more it depends on how im feeling that day to be honest with you true he has the like the beam but i meant like the actual flames themselves you know could have been really cool i dont understand like am i like invading or like not invading the red eye orbs there but its not working true but thats i guess it could be like a invasion not really a fight though how much poised to not get stunned by gundyr wake up um i mean if you get hit by the actual charge youre getting stunned by it poise doesnt save you unless youre attacking like you dont just have like active poise you have to be doing a type of action you can have roll poise so if i roll when someones gun during lets say uh ill take a hit and i wont get stunned but if i keep getting caught after that im gonna keep getting stunned yeah exactly chronos that would have been a better build you know for from it here i think so i dont think the plow is opie id say the plow is very good when youre getting chased down by three people because its ranges and hitbox are huge but its not op1p1 or anything faithful vegeta lets go is he gonna have the commandment though wait what oh someone has the sum of them and unlocked i see uh gunther halberd worth it for the souls with the souls yeah yeah near albert is like one of the best wake ups in the game for sure yeah definitely not plows like its a good spear though so is the war banner honestly on the dark build id say the word man is better because you can buff it it buffs itself so yeah maybe hes just hiding and using the uh unlock summon limit but i dont know only the weapon art is good on the plow yeah the plow definitely has the best weapon art in the game you know i really wonder sometimes why theyve given the plow i mean the weapon arts funny though you know but obviously its not good not adherently anyway irrital dungeon thatd be a nice invasion actually black knight greats our best wake up it is really good wait black knight greatsword uh that ones that ones situational the black knight great axe works better honestly the plot weapon art is fun though whats up niko how goes it man is it did they have a plow in dark souls one i didnt play dark souls one enough like pvp wise to memorize all the weapons so yeah gundyr albert is still great and his damage is good even hell even the r2 is good for like if you stun them theyre roll catches sometimes yeah its because with the black knight great x you can like r1 and then r2 you know as a combo and the black knight greatsword doesnt get that but the black knight greatsword is cooler because it launches them into the sky id say its its the superior fun weapon hey whats up joseph how goes your day man yeah rapiers are nuts honestly anything with like really fast frames of the attack are always going to be some of the best weapons in the game for sure Music theyre always solid i did want to try the word banner though hello sir anybody else often make this mistake where they just friggin weapon art god damn it sir youre standing in a very odd place i dont believe youre afk my friend maybe he really is its a weird chain of invasions i couldnt find two people and then just the guy standing not doing much hes definitely pooping you cant handle that controller vibration kick him to the bridge i normally would but i want to fight the past two have not been like fight invasions theres the bridge with just madeira camp in it and then now that he used the tactic of dont move dont die whatever he got a gift that was his after image thats happened to me before ernesto dishonest its funny yeah i wonder how long acid surge would actually take to break someones armor ive never used it ive never actually done that is that the cockroach deck true shall we name that going forward bonito camel toe thats true im like a snake you know if its not moving its safe benito camel toe come back here how much damage does this have with the buff 552 thats like a hundred more than the fourth run cloud that works hello b ninja im just casually coming here Music nice we have a battle zone poke you dont say youre not yeah you dont say you were gonna parry you dont say Music man what does everybody reserve there you go yeah yeah use the use that much better yeah there we go now we got a fight on our hands i just wanted to so was that two hits yeah lets do it huh no gotta set some stuff up here oh actually you know what this might be the perfect time to try something out that ive been waiting for whats a good setup weapon here im sorry man i just wanted to see how easy i could do that i didnt mean to disgrace you come in for the attack oh my god benito your camel toe is huge biggest of camel toes all right i dont do gesture very often but it just seemed like the good time you know he seemed like hed uh hed enjoy it yeah you have to cancel the gesture though so like if that you parry right and then you uh im so used to opening my menu you parry and then you gesture then you lock on and you move and you cancel it and then you are one i dont do it often but its fun you dont like the gestures the honest gestures i dont know if you can do with the clap well because you have to cancel it so quick and you i dont even think you get a clap in by the time you cancel it so its funny though yeah booty snatcher the same as like any other type of like rotate cancel like lock on only some gestures look good though i tried the clap one the other day just for fun that is the best use hundred percent what uh am i most excited about eldon ring just just you know new weapons a giant new map its theres so much its basically from what ive seen it looks like a new dark souls so hey let me put on my tears of casual here damn im always recording lately and i cancel it im so stupid hello there boys hello reginald you would start with the flaming ball of justice huh great bowls of fire and another wizard this will be fun two wizards and a split leaf walk into the bar you know you know you know what i dont mind like i dont like wizard before its more like if you play smart its not the biggest deal but it it just takes so long you know you sit there dodging and you cant easily punish and when you do you eat a vestige so its like you they sit there and you wear out the flame spam or you know i can use her as a shield im sorry zoe but youre taking the e right now so we know you did you did my zoe dishonest oh yeah smart smart wait for the backup theres an angel out here though you might not want to follow me i want to start rethinking your life choices oh wait im going to be right in the way of the wizard fire oh of course im seated typical why is it always a seed wait ah you lucky wow that guys unlucky as hell im also unlucky where are you going gandalf coward nice seed war off right now perfect oh this could be memes or it could be bad well find out do i have anything that can push them off honestly i dont think so but i do have this never mind they have a wizard i forgot i hate wizards they ruin everything these stinking wizards follow no i do need to start using force man i had my teammate invaded yesterday and it was so good for that was so useful for the people that just like camp like these small little areas so useful use the fools i dont have it i dont have the force i dont have my bone spear on my chaos dark build all my like little utilizing tools i dont have on this build wait did they go over here whered they go what the hell okay confused but i like it this is a much more preferred battle zone for me thank you guys youre kind why are you separated from your pack why are people like this theyre going on an advent show he lost his pack i felt like a  __  hyena eating a gazelle he wasnt with the herd he wasnt safe where is the herd though well ill go this way i guess i start the beginning uh i guess thats all they could be at i do i play bloodborne not too much no i played through it uh but ive never really invaded on it much uh every time i see you fight behind that broken  __  i think of you killing the one dude 1v2 handing a shield oh yeah i forgot about that that was funny it was like a challenge donation lets troll maybe i i mean i dont think he was near the host host im not gonna drop down here but i i was assuming he was here no huh i dont really hate wizards its more of like a meme at this point i guess its just a long-range spell spam that just causes invaders to have to be defensive you know so just makes the battle take longer thats all i dont understand i mean if theyre not here well just head out because i have no idea where they could have run to oh hello preto kun Laughter okay im not even gonna deny i didnt see him once he moved then i was able to react but beforehand hell no i didnt know the scandal dude i did not do that but you see how fast i am once i uh okay once they move i cant wait to look at that in a recording later and see how blind i was for not seeing that  __  i just i seen i seen it move a little bit and i was like oh oh oh its funny  __  goddamit the claymore severs internet connections they really do that was funny though those i expect some of those kind of invasions in elder ring you know just full-on what the hells going on oh you think if you just watched that 3v1 video that i posted today and you guys were getting annoyed at it that invasion took 55 minutes in the stream you got to watch the 14-minute condensed version okay that was the longest invasion like ive ever had with like you know re-summoning like those three people just in a spot like just never leaving their shields it was so long it was crazy uh i wouldnt say this no the spear is a very good weapon its just you need to have multiple weapons to handle different scenarios like a spear in a 3v1 isnt optimal because it doesnt have like a sweep attack you know same with katanas like ill use them but like obviously in like a 3v1 youd want like a great sword that has hyper armor horizontal swings something that can trade uh a quick weapon that you can just space with spears are hard i find in 3v ones which i would have too it was funny though its all part of the invasions you know sometimes you get fun ones sometimes you get the boring ones how many periable offenses theres been a few not too many been a few though oh you should hanzik if you get dark souls you may as well get the dlcs because they add so much uh play time to the game good areas and good weapons so if you want to get into it for like the co-op or the pvp you what you want the dlc for sure um okay heres the thing they killed this thing right so im gonna just walk this way and be hopeful yeah the blues getting spawned hello so sweet ash ketchum hmm im intrigued to see how you do a pokemon cosplay build there were claws yeah there were dual daggers theres a lot of weapons actually lost and i looked through it for like an hour just like looking at each uh scenario and scene i mean just scene not scenario and looking at what they had to offer yeah blue gotta catch em all ash ketchum hello boys what does ash use a fire pokemon why does ash have a flaming hand that doesnt make any sense oh its kind of like an honor club i was wondering if they were going to come in at me eventually but they didnt get trade you know what i do like about dark builds my dark absorption is high and thats great hello there brother brother tessel sounds like uh rolling attack yes okay i have gathered how you operate somewhat i wanna parry a rolling attack but you gotta you gotta do one for me to parry it  __  dude hows everyone today god damn it i tried to read you my reads were bad i read for bad okay you knew that by my sword all right theres something that i dont use too much like i want to try but i wanted the two-handed sword i dont know if you ever will you should really two-hand your greatswords though you know its a its much better you know i may as well stick with the katana the whole time screw it come on two-hand that sword do it two-handed just try it out just try it out the one-handed charged r2 it ship shields oh no i i do have to say that chipping through shields is very nice im not gonna lie i dont often use dark builds but the shield ship is pretty great its pretty awesome uh i actually dont own breath of the wild i feel like thats not a good game to stream you know thats something you play on your couch in your own time just just from what for what i like doing i like like engaging in like online yeah yeah yeah uh i use anything from 125 to like 134 in the high range and then like 90. on the lowest logo i was like 60 but i dont have my favorite builds there so is reward the host for killing the invader that way you wouldnt get so many alt-f4s and fog walls yeah thats true i mean give them more souls you know or something like what does the host get in killing a phantom currently is reward the host for killing the invader i thats true maybe give them i mean do they do they get an ember for killing an invader they should get more of them on both sides you know give more souls for killing hosts too kick in the ball thats what they get at least for the most part you invade teams though not lone hosts i hope they maybe theyll do something like that with elden ring they said they were trying to make invasions less annoying for both sides so like maybe on the host side you wont really get invaded unless youre participating in online as in you you summon a phantom you know what i mean kind of like the dried finger in dark souls 3 but its just if you summon a phantom and then invasion wise i dont know im fine how it is but whatever they do im okay with yeah exactly thats true hey i did in the early days the covenant rewards i had to get dark moon blade and i had to get my obscuring ring and my everything else they said its going to be heavily covenant focused though so that me i dont know maybe it will do something like that i me too i would really like to know what he meant by that i dont know though i have no idea upgrade materials yeah i would be fine with that i mean whatever people want to give as a gift for winning an invasion is whatever to me because i just pvp for the pvp but yeah maybe l dinner will have more rewards exactly the console days oh like all of their souls i dont know if itll be souls or whatever youre gonna call it in elden ring but yeah it takes a while to get used to wind blast for sure theres no other game that has pvp like this so its brand new to everybody when they try it uh i the game is not gonna at least lose any players for another seven months until the elden ring comes out so haha well uh if its on sale id say get it if its still on sale i think it might still be on sale actually for anybody whos been wanting to pick it up on pc steam was having a sale till the fourth seventh i forget the date but yeah dark souls is on sale im pretty sure thats fair i used to do a play through a day botcha like to make an anime character like literally like if you go back to my channel and like two years ago three years ago maybe now i used to do a lot of how-to anime characters and id run the whole game every day on stream at first and then when i picked up the pvp and stuff i i didnt like doing the playthroughs anymore the eighth oh okay so its on sale till the eighth its not that i dont like it ive just done it so much like ive played through the game so much that invasions became the most fun to me Applause thats thats how i ever see it wish i could time skip yeah me too just because were excited about it but still you know what im enjoying the time in elder dark souls until then where are the secure playthroughs uh i only did i think the first the one playthrough i did of securo on stream it should just be on my channel if you type in secure yeah so i like i streamed all those and then i just made it into like a condensed version of music back when i started Music i always run the wrong way in this area i swear summoning other bonfire this bonfire i could have sworn i didnt see anybody to the left oh hello mergex holy  __  good thing i came back here mergex brother thats a weak backstab at this katana first first ace hello yo john thank you so much man thats crazy uh is your host afk but he summoned you im a little confused uh i follow you in the rest of the squad proud lost fighter ive learned quite a lot from you guys oh thank you so much man yeah theyre still im pretty sure theyre going to start making well at least lost hes going to start doing more invasions because he took a break for a little bit but hes on his way back i will take you up on the burrito offer though kind of a burrito fiend what is yeah get the squad in here lets go face so here is twenty dollars go get you a burrito i appreciate that man you cant live without vestige its part of the covenant of ganking the gank oh the lava hurts you think i have better fire resistance im so used to that ah that might hit me okay good thing i have this in my back pocket all right im back dont worry about little old me im here for it but i do have to watch out for your flame boy one flamey boy recording i wasnt thought i checked hello mergex will you go all out with the triple oh maybe you didnt do the triple baby you got to do the triple boys what are we doing want to backstab that sword so bad i want to have some fun with the katana but its not like the best jesus thats just like chain hitting me okay all right im gonna take it up a notch a little bit just because that fire hurts a lot a lot a lot Music and youre a bit laggy that makes that a little bit more challenging im eventually gonna have to go down the snow hill though i know that but i kind of want to make the host fall on it first there we go that should push them enough to get fallen maybe nope okay yeah there we go we got the straight sword we got the straight sword handy now i need to bring them to like make the snowfall but theyre not i got rid of one tactics my dear watson its like what the hell fans are you supposed to protect me what the hell man what the hell the other guys coming around i already know uh that was meant to be a dagger on me um i dont know why that guys just chilling down there maybe hes waiting for his moment he tied to the dogs thats where he went okay that makes a lot of sense amazing thats great thats not how you do the special attack those are parries very lordicus me lord come back me lord okay ill just kill targus then hes off to resume oh he didnt go resell man hes lurking okay i thought i heard that oh quick step nice bring in the equip stuff theres a ledge there i wouldnt have been in time that guys isnt that great do that again ah i stopped throwing the urns that would be optimal here if i can get the guy to quick step at me hes getting backstabbed not around me quick step at me hes quick stepping like weird though hes not even coming at me with it there we go hes like angling it so oddly unfortunate really ah that actually probably would have buried that guy you know what hang on this seems optimal right now that was weird that hit me oh man okay i know the connections a little bit dodgy but like damn thats uh thats quite a lot ah he wasnt fast enough for it oh that probably would have worked if he had if i had a dagger that would have been good thank you so much oh wait youre summoning right there what the  __  hmm unfortunately no Music i do have a blue juice though yes follow me you go ahead i like the little heel thing hes got going on though lets get a little bit more health here for the the new summon yo bacha galoopi thank you so much man hennessy okay lets hold the seed here were looking thank you you should really pressure me while the seat is on otherwise uh theres no point in having to see iron talk is slow at least until the seed wears off were just gonna do this there we go seeds off were good were no longer boxed like fish and we got our ft back get a little bit of the hp regen going this feels like its going to be one of the longer ones hang on that was a good throw good throw good throw hunter you wont hit me with those anymore though ah the guy with the abyss watcher swords coming in hot theyre funny the murky i use just to dodge okay they dont have the dog here anymore good good good yes son bro keep chasing yes yes be alone with me for a couple seconds here oh okay well i guess that lasted about as long as i should have guessed come here hunter yeah come here that connection that running attack is there we go a little bit extra range than i would have thought and im seated again thats the third seed though so its okay we can just dodge for a little bit brandi i could aggro the dogs at the top thats true im just gonna play the run build for a second while they lag blend and uh when the seat is gone were chilling or maybe the one with the most stamina will keep up to us and well be able to just pick them off okay so the host went somewhere else thats not too bad if theres only two this is easy mode the host and this guy though are a little bit late and i need to be able to punish the swings this guy wont attack though unless im attacking someone else so i gotta watch out for his giant ultra we could maybe go a little bit more roll catchy make them panic a little bit im not sure why the sun bro sat down i dont think this this this dude is appreciating that tarkus its a bit different if youre alone with me i know i mean you guys can feel free to gain because if not is angle be the best okay wait what targus was the host that was weird thats interesting i thought that the other guy was the host what but no the guy with the crown was the host hey hold up hold up no no no the other guy just died i think im pretty no i know the guy with the crown is the one who summoned them nah i remember this i know i forget things but uh i think the other guy just died to the pve at the same time i didnt see that happening though yeah he died at the same time okay thats what i thought yeah brick dancer was the host yeah yeah thats what i thought blind some days oh god game no you know i hate the spot whoa when did the phantom get there oh my god you scared the crap out of me holy  __  dude wait a little higher oh it didnt weapon or what this is actually hard to arch thats perfect yeah that was a perfect shot all right we go in  __  it we died in the deer we died in a deer maybe i dont i dont really want to feel that way how much my fire absorption right now 48 okay ah what do we do what is the easiest blender than weapon i have just cestus punching he might die in his own honestly never helping me out always cooking my ass that always happens to me i always get cooked its funny though thats funny im a brawler my dark cast i sad death fair thats what they get for getting invaded there thats their fault definitely uh its the faram chess piece but i recolored it to be red so it looks more like the elden ring uh outfit see you later yo yeshua man it was fun have a good have a good evening uh you know whats weird i dont remember like having two bots i really dont remember using streamlabs is bought maybe i did at some point but nightbot is the one that my mods can edit usually so nightbot is probably usually the correct one yeah youd think im surprised the the wizard didnt see the arrow yeah ill just i dont know ill just i dont know disconnect it maybe how do you get the mask the build mask its a real mask in the game excuse me holy uh yeah back in the day ive tried using rapport not now though because like the the npcs already attacked the host you know what i mean thatd be more of like a move for the host to have god not gravity my natural enemy wait oh this is not thats not what i want hold up one died oh they both died nope i didnt want to roll so one died serious sucks im so sorry hosting hey homie i didnt want to do you dirty oh but you wanted to do me dirty thats just rude okay fine no you get you get a bow in the face thats right yarkov damn the trajectory was a little off i should have just fired it its okay my homies got my back they move so slow i cant like get ahead of them ah oh come on that was perfect oh i thought im being cheated out of my shots right there yes okay so far im losing to the freaking millwood it has a higher success rate oh come on im a bowman oh that clipped his thats you know that shaved a hair off his ass 100 cant see all right blind sniping cant be any worse than my other one hang on run forward there you go there you go oh come on that hit him in the look its in his foots the proof is right there right in his face come back baby come back im one with the with the crabs finally yes that was a head shot too that made up for my bad shots earlier all right best shot ever right here oh no he went left  __  wait theres three crabs holy  __  dude youre in some pain oh you deep them though good big no he didnt do what i thought he did is a bundle of joy oh no one of my own hit me i cant see boys im gonna need you to move a little to the left there we go okay all right there you go get in there crabs no you cant let them escape you fools see im a pokemon trainer i just i only i only catch crabbies and kinglers okay right now im at a severe advantage yes that is true of course of course i am going to just make it even more it is worse for him im a regen bow build im really surprised this guy hasnt tried to attack me yet like what is what is going on sir im getting bored of this before you are which is very rare oh  __  roll caught by the crab whered he go blind shot yeah i cheat i throw them all out at once its a team battle all my pokemon versus you yeah okay whats up the crab i dont really know at this point right were weapon hurting lets go oh come on get in there crabbies go go get them now that hit him what do you mean this is good sports what are you doing so you had a teammate  __  ah you thought you were better off before oh even through the leg i caught your ass the lag doesnt stop the chase parry its multi-dimensional oh ive had arrows you thought boy its not more arrows its okay wheres the hostess fool you thought you could get me wheres your teammate fool oh your lag though you made you hit me wait i got your back crabs this is pure gold ah you almost surprised me yall recalls almost surprised to be sure right in the knee lets go Laughter they hate me with a burning fashion how are you alive your cause you deserve death i dont know how youre Music i alive if you do that fool i was gonna finish it with the bow yeah it was fun as an invasion for us you know we dont do those too often but that was fun thats funny whats my inventory like right now okay it was worth it uh yeah yeah theres no problem here is uh the weapons that im running today oh man yeah chris christiano its its always like that man youll have them you know almost beaten and then two new phantoms show up with full health its its a lot it is a lot honestly just try to use the area as much as you can when that happens but they definitely out they out heal you you know yeah you do its okay ryan its okay happens to the best of us oh wait theyre not here uh its the uchi katana i was gonna put a washing pole but i dont have 20 decks i only have 18. what was that well now i know what that was oh no its much that guys name though this name yeah that threw me off bruh if theyre not there that means that theyre going into meteor then i guess unfortunately unless sometimes itll spawn me here and theyre by the dragon but that doesnt seem to be the case wait you know like playing demon souls i do like demon souls i just dont oh hey oh i see there was there was a strat here oh you  __  up chad long dong you  __  up are we going back to the elevator good place good plays all around here just a bunch of r ones for you because you know everyone loves the r ones and they dont stop rolling and they dont stop rolling holy well goodbye yo whats up lore yeah sorry i didnt get to finish the question about demon souls it was an awesome game but they didnt change any of the mechanics so it was just like a basically a remaster that looked very pretty but the game mechanics for the exact same and it just felt like playing a really like old game that looked good but the play through was very fun just dont expect much from the the invasions and stuff pvp wise uh yeah they did cause a few they didnt patch well i mean i say patch but they didnt fix any of the old like glitches and demon souls because they didnt change it mechanically right so they didnt they didnt patch anything and then some new ones came about so yeah that was an unfortunate turn of events for them i suppose and us as the players very unfortunate yeah well they called it a remake because they like did rebuild the game but they they kept it the exact same so like it was a weird thing like everything like they did rebuild the entire world it just literally kept it perfectly the same uh why everythings dead so yeah its literally a one for one remake they like they didnt change the sizing of anything they just made it look better did they wait they did i lied they added some weapons or was it just armor they added a few things remember they added the shield that you pre-ordered and got or and i think they added a sword i just already forget about the sword theyre really waiting there to plunge me i know youre up there hello boys bring the gank train this way all aboard choo choo okay hello brother im here oh theres a red here i didnt even notice this is for all bloody jack got to make use of that that the heroes at first why do i keep getting flattened youre all a bunch of cowards stop it with the plungers oh my god if i get surprise plunge one more bloody time i swear youre still coming at me damn you didnt even heal oh oh thank god good job good job and they dont stop coming and they dont stop coming come by oh lets have an s-stock straight sword off shall we hang on let me just uh get my health back here though before we do that and then im with you there you go brother a split leaf thats not the the cool fight we were gonna have what happened to the cool fight yeah there you go thats some thats some range there honey thats some range boyo are you connecting from mars honest to mars wait what oh  __  what have you done to us red i was having a meme fight in here youre a fool and you leave me in here oh my god it was terrifying oh its funny though definitely hilarious whoa dude why is everyones neck so bad it cant be a coincidence but like everyone playing right now just has this kind of connection what the  __  what hit me what the  __  are you talking about what what what the  __  hold up reginald Music which blue the one with the ultra i swear i got hit by both of them what is this planetary devastation holy  __  the blue is insane connection this blue doesnt get hit by pve hes immune not even a joke he was physically immune or its the host no the house is fine dude that blue is actually invincible to the herald its not a joke this guys  __  immune to everything hes gonna die to fall damage bruh oh good job oh wait not good job oh wait hes meaning okay whatever hes moving okay im scared dude like hang on how am i gonna im not gonna attack him without getting hit whoa what do you mean a backstab somewhere neptune uh sir im gonna need you to you know just attach the the router thatd be good get out of here im dealing with mars people these are martian men at least this one that may be a little bit better hard to say sorry red okay yeah that would have hit me okay blue you just need to chill for a second because uh thank you thank you thank you thats huge i just i dont know what we can do about this guy maybe i can backstab him oh hell no that one wont work oh my god its the router from mars i should never go for that but like i feel like it might work if it yeah if its guaranteed enough it will work im sorry but like i need to do something about you and uh youre kind of immortal while rolling so okay what okay lets go this way jeez i need a rapier yeah it worked in the end my teammates are real interesting i dont think hes doing damage to anybody maybe he is this is the power of the luck build yeah summoning another one jeez man jeez i dont know if this guys connection can handle another one oh did he kill the other blue i didnt even notice wait did he we got a whole new gank here so you know whatever hey boys what is that is that iron tarkus what the  __  i i fought him earlier okay its gotta be like some viewer squad then and it wasnt even at the ring city i fought him with ashes ill watch you know for uh the blender dude red run run red run there we go well at least you know i got a teammate thatll use a sword its okay diddy no he didnt he didnt damage him with that i know youre talking about but he hadnt damaged him yet he just uh did this like grab thing but it didnt actually hurt the guy so follow me to the bottom of the sea with your gank or two give me hugs down well i mean honestly this host is uh following me pretty far from his gank we might be able to make something happen here i know okay spread out clarice careful clarice oh he killed him with gun deers youre right youre absolutely right youre right and this guy also has quite the net i dont think im going to use anything periable wait what the  __  oh me grinder getting messed up down there tarkis we meet again there goes meat grinder he got destroyed okay turkish ah lets go twin axis this for which punishes the moose yeah i actually prefer you use the mace man youre pretty like just trading with the great sword so wait this guy can plunge me from here i dont like that murky thats not how you use murky ill show you how murky fight thats how you use murky um its really quiet are they up top top maybe i mean i was gonna fight him with a claymore he pulled it up himself im coming clarice i know that guys got a really bad connection as well so were gonna spear him to death hello clarice ow okay well you know i see what kind of war this is good fight clarice another one was coming in god damn god damn the summons they love the summons uh yeah i think thats pretty cool uh legion so the reason lots of weapons are just not the best its cause like once you know the entire moveset of the weapon youre fighting right you know how to react to most of them and ones with really slow weapons weapon arts are just like i dont know whats a bad weapon art on here none of these are inherently bad but like this i would i would so change this webinar like this is i get it it works with the character that drops the weapon but like its a bad weapon things like that id change 100 that was fun man that was fun uh what is the longest spear in the game um i think its either the plot i think the plow is the best hitbox but i think the ring knight spear buff might be the longest spear in the game like for the running attack hitbox it depends on what youre talking about i guess but it looks so cool true it just sucks ive never had a real use for it i do like the katana weapon arts though i like the stance its really cool i put gun to your charge on everything your straight sword just you put it in your hand and you charge with it yeah a rapier with a straight sword guard break see thats good thinking you know that would be very useful thought it was the biden the biden has a good hitbox im just like once you buff the ring knight spear and it gets that fire at the tip i feel like it gets a little bit longer but the biden is pretty long but the four prong cloud has the best like around it hitbox you know what i mean like has the widest area of a hitbox compared to other spheres i think from what ive seen anyway i think im here did a video on hitboxes wait a second wheres my stupid chime there we go thatd be if they were tracking maybe if they did a little bit more damage itd be cool yeah i i wonder if theyll have limits on it though like i dont think theyll have certain weapons like can you imagine this weapon art on like a an ultra great sword like thatd be a little bit op maybe theyre gonna have limitations like via class or like weapon type you know what i mean i think that will i think it might be like that why thank you i appreciate this oh yeah id be terrible right yeah i i dont think i dont think itll be like that though yeah like if it just bypasses guards and stuff man itd be nuts true because its it like charges with the blade part legion so if its like a i dont know like a hammer it would look stupid well elderly is an rpg it says it right on the site but we dont know what kind of mechanics itll have fully yet so we will see so rocking the jesus look yeah my hairs still pretty long i havent cut it things i think just opened the 30th here like the hairdressers and stuff pretty much the day i went and got sunburned for being outside i was pale oh damn skull knight thats awesome yeah ive been doing this for like four years now i guess huh time flies ive been told that leo i should do that more i just usually warp thats probably the dumber option it takes longer yeah dark souls is the reason its like always a highly regarded game is because its so unique in what it does right like i wouldnt want it to be like black desert and stuff like that thats far less entertaining cowabunga oh great sword lets go it has been a while ive been streaming for like three years but ive been making content for uh i guess four years depends but ah you didnt quite get the hyper armor oh you rolled up really early actually unfortunate yall i actually love his armor set i used to wear that so much it was such a good looking armor feel made people didnt like my my millwood dragon slayer helm but i liked it it looked very good oh fun fight man oh no return of the casino get out of here now its double bonus look at them guys double bonus oh my butt my butt i i do like the yakovsky millwood and stuff im just rocking this till i live because im hyped about it i hear that a lot i didnt really dark souls i didnt really pvp in dark souls 2 but when i played it is very clunky so i guess its more like thought provoking and what youre going to do you know maybe a little bit less spam and dark souls too that works that was weird plain a lowly tarnished playing as a lord um maybe the drake blood yeah you know what even the the ashes of aryandel dlc armor might be cool looking too yeah you definitely i mean you cant spam as much for one because of the stamina theres less stamina the roles are weirder i guess just because i played two first it doesnt seem too bad to me but i i definitely still prefer dark souls 3s like pvp mechanic the way they have hyper armor its just its more refined what about bloodborne i didnt get much pvp in bloodborne uh i played dark souls 2 first and then three came out and i played that for a year so straight before i even touched like the other souls games like bloodborne and then by that point there wasnt much pvp for me when i did it at the time anyway so i just kept uh doing invasions and online on dark souls 3. yeah its fun its fun dark souls 2 is fun the playthrough was anyway and i did some pvp on the iron bridge it was interesting but it does it doesnt feel like you control your character as well as three like it feels like you lead them when the way they run you know like its like youre leading them a little bit more than dark souls 3s control uh are you going to be on pc or console yeah i really dont know yet legion i im leaning towards pc because i just i prefer the ease of like recording editing like my shadow play recording on pc looks a lot better than capture cards i find so thats why i do everything on pc currently but if if there is like a cheater problem in elden ring then yeah i would use my ps5 if its like super annoying i have finished the base game i just didnt know about the dlcs what do you want from me yeah i reckon i mean all the souls games you should play them all uh i think you should play them all in order though when you play as well youll find some of them less clunky doing it that way dark souls 2 then 3 i didnt know about the soul series when dark souls 1 was a thing yeah the shooting in bloodborne isnt my favorite but some people really love bloodborne i do yeah youtube is the full-time job hope so too suica i hope so too rost jesus okay i always forget to put that on lets go katana and podcorns an awful shooter well yeah true but its just for parrying anyway so yeah i prefer actually having to like land the berry in dark souls more than just shoot at the right moment and youll get it you know washing pole you have the longer katana dishonest length how many running attacks are we gonna do against each other thats the real question oh you have an r2 you have the length but i have the girth kind of i couldnt react harriet im a noob watch out for the arrows the rost they will hurt you i like to get fair warning out there all right im stamina poke fun weeb tommy fight look at that size now thats a real man wait whats the girthiest katana probably the black blade thats funny lord of tinder wait was that his name how did i not notice that if it was i really didnt pay attention oh  __  yeah i have the wrong bow  __  equipped should have did that bow now you got me feeling sad about it man what do i got this for the parries weve only done that once today should do that more i need to assess this for that dude abyss walker holy  __  man thank you if you could choose any of your builds to be a main character in a dark souls series which one itd be um like if they like made an anime or something out of it probably the strength series which one would it be because hed be like a weapon master you know they just like throws weapon out their weapons out every now and then doing cool weapon arts thats mostly what i do on the strength build so i feel like thatd make for the most interesting main character if thats what you mean but man thats crazy that this walker thank you so much man i wonder if youll ever make a series like that i mean you know dark souls inspired by guts and then maybe someday someone will make like a series inspired by dark souls i think itd be good theres so much journeying to it invaders you know bad guys it would be good it would be good oh this is blindly running hang on hold up im not recording yet god damn it okay retake retake you got to say hi to me again guys hang on okay oh hello there sir fringe amaya perfect you are the host i needed thank you i appreciate him he even gestured for me it was perfect then oh the cast i rolled right through corona they cant stop me corona too weak weak ass corona i got that chat immune system now oh thats bad oh bad oh my god okay well how did that combo me so thats much though but dude i actually couldnt escape that that actually full blundered me because the vestige reset and then the ultra reset and then then the fire reset and then i died you know thatll happen thatll happen this is why vestige better not be an elden ring i swear to god i swear to god man that was our first death cbv honestly i wouldnt mind cbb if it didnt reset your stun like that it just makes it so strong you literally cant do anything if you get hit by like an ultra and then a cbv and then you get you can get hit by the ultra twice again and youre dead you just yeah its probably the strongest thing in the game when it comes to like team play and also the phantom was from mars as well because his ultra hit me from like here when i was like over here yeah that was some bs but before that bigger bs happened so its okay c b ruin your game thats why most teams have a vested user though you just really gotta watch it honestly i wouldnt even my message if it did even more damage in elder ring if they took away that stun because then i could roll and get away you know even if i get hit its fine but not when its like that cant escape it yeah that was the ultimate that was pretty lucky actually that series of events does crystal soul spear also reset your hit stun i actually dont know i i dont get hit by crystal soul spear as much as vestige um thc that doesnt ruin your game bro dark souls has been so weird today can i just say the amount of like laggy people today has been insane thats what where are we going i think were just riding the elevator oh good theyre not in it honestly im surprised though im surprised man okay an interesting approach that is not your heel im so sorry this is so funny okay let me try something sir hit me with your best shot okay whoa he does no damage uh why do you do no damage wait what just blocking an ultra when they cant wield it properly not do stamina damage to you oh my god that looks so cool were playing sikiro were playing sakiro he doesnt have the stats amazing try another attack okay dont punch me thatll work i didnt know that oh my god it tickles dude how have you been getting through the game im honestly you get embers man you get all my embers what this is nap on his weird run where he has to use certain oh then he pulls out a straight sorry okay oh man oh are you playing uno luke i do have to work out but possibly after how the hell does that happen how do you not how do you kill any bosses  __  that guy blows my mind i dont know how to tell them how am i supposed to tell them um i mean i think there will always be people in each of the souls games legion its more like the most active one you know that usually takes the the people that stream it like the most souls the most stream souls game is three because its its the most active currently but there still will always be activity i think held in the ring i await you yeah thats true elden ring will be bae oh yeah i mean you could use the voice chat feature of dark souls but only for like co-oping never invaders excuse me no one likes you casino go away no one likes you at least the sex spots were funny the casino bots are useless they provide nothing theyre just bots bots go into all streams and just spam one message usually first we had sex spots and then there was casino bots and i dont know i guess its whatevers hot on youtube at the moment yeah yeah voice chats a thing you could use it if you summon a random phantom and they both have it like and you and him you and him have it on yeah youll be able to talk to him yeah its good though its a good day or just use discord yeah but i guess its for like if you summon random phantoms you know you can maybe make some like souls friends what the  __  its been interesting today thats hello scar mufasa whoa holy im really fighting moon people they really be from the let me just mr moon man oh okay well ill prepare myself mentally hows the host host is chill moon man he glides after he moves thats scary okay uh okay its getting kinda hot in here were just gonna oh thats not a parry i need my sus to hang on this is looking like perry souls three so well get oh aha skull no tricks wont work on me skull that will though what is happening i didnt get hit by any of that but like i got triple stunned sir one of you scares me more than the others chase chases brother good question possibly depends on what he stole from me ah he glenn while persevering thats scary thats scary mimsy i just gotta like keep doing the perseverance honestly because this guy hes scarier than the others jesus okay baby i dont know if i can backstab that guy like just look at him look at the way he glides when he swings his sword its very its demoralizing oh well we made it by that one but we missed and got it by that one i mean this is what i need like an ultra  __  it jesus mommy help another day another gank huh the door paradox that was terrifying oh and the laggy one now has a lightning arrow dont do it to me dont do it to me that lightning arrow please okay wait wait a second here this is fine i can dodge that maybe possibly come on blue you dont want to be part of that you dont want to be associated with that with that boy and his lightning arrow its gross okay i need an escape route im gonna be real this is not looking hot that doesnt normally combo might be dead its a lightning arrow im like im alive oh my god imagine living that imagine living back i cant believe i lived that  __  it just got tremendously easier keep that blue away thats all i have to say not the laggy sun bro not now not now oh my god okay um if it wasnt for like ultra spam this wouldnt be so bad but like hes throwing it around this guy whos like from the moon realistically i think i can maybe no like i was debating a backstab there but like honestly this guy is just hes he is the mars rover he just got a little lost earlier thats all oh this scar still has fuels come in here scar in what universe obviously yours but not mine oh hes a little bit too though i didnt know at first but hes also oh god oh not the lag run oh god no oh no oh no oh no stop it stop it ron one of the most difficult things ive ever done was killing that guy ah jesus you are very hard to kill sir why oh those are roll catches what do you mean what do you actually mean oh my god okay thats lureman with a fat roll and he escaped jeez i gotta like pre like react to when hes going to swing not when he actually swings oh theres that other hit that would hit him okay there we go oh my god oh my god the mars rover please gg man i mean it was scary so it was fun because it was scary my lord where were you all from i i just i get intrigued when i see those kind of connections and im just like i have to i have to look at the steam i just have to oh okay so so the summon was from argentina that does explain the summon it doesnt say the other two though activated ultra instinct jesus i just have like the worst connection to south america chase activated his ultra instinct those are the dark souls 2 hitboxes are they that bad i feel like everyone says dark souls 2 had good hitboxes but thank you so much abysswalker holy  __  man crazy for all the donations today isnt like the the connection like one thing that people praise of dark souls 2 of course i know its always argentina as lovely as that place is playing dark souls with that area is not my favorite i gotta get those five dimension backstabs thats true uh what wasnt what weapon was that that looks like a witch kind of looked like a bad onion looks uh this one dont know what weapon i was holding i only really used this the claymore the straight sword the ultra that invasion i think ah that was the weapon yeah thats the core being great knife ah yeah well wex does does it for me i i dont manually do it but yeah hello crippling all right uh right now im 125 uh at aptek sorry if i almost forget your name oh is corbin great everything yeah so its really good for roll catching and getting behind shields uh its weapon art just uh bypasses shields i fight a shield user i can show you hello kriplin he has a shield but i dont know if hell use it so i use it when people are low in like hiding behind their shield or just to finish them off quickly rolling attack maybe poke my honest missed backstab you know what i blame the rocks i blame the rocks this thing looks so cool though thats with a black flame on it jesus that should not have hit that poor guy like what in what world got poked by the extendo great sword im glad i uh it worked for me i play novel its true i do oh i gotta keep the buff going ah level ground you cant escape me this time little one and a kick to scare them into kick true combo i can maybe go off the cliff flame on im flame german i need to get out of the back step so you get the running attack instead that wasnt by accident at all oh come on thats beautiful thats funny i was kind of expecting that to happen to one of us i was just hoping it was him and not me tactical a tactical drop it was yes yes i would say so ah yes gorge youtube has this weird thing where it it doesnt uh accept i think some places im not sure why i couldnt really tell you oh alex thats awesome man uh i dont know if you heard but theres gonna be like a new souls like game as well thats coming out in january called elven rings so i feel like its a good time to get in and learn the mechanics of these games i feel like that games going to be a hit oh god the casino has returned dishonest casinos man hello rob ross you would be a wizard freaking rob the wizard chase has summoned casino bots parkour it was heavily effective all right buddy you and me buddy you win me oh behind you im everywhere and nowhere what you think youre out of range never never out of range of the katana Music i knew he wanted to that looked fancy somewhat mildly disturbing but it looked fancy chug in the face to us their dominance you know actually you know you can heal up he did it anyway she didnt care about me nice backstab very solid ill try something i wanted to attack with a sword but hes not doing it i dont think hes actually just r1 yet that was an interesting thing to do there you go youre getting in some good hits oh  __  the red wizard down i wanted to i wanted to parry him he didnt take it though did he r1 maybe he did he r2d oh he had a backstab thats right left he landed that one forgot yeah he got one good hit he got the the backstab its pretty uh i need 20 decks for the washing pool this bill doesnt have it uh if i went higher level though i would use the washing pole more range you know well i dont think skill-based matchmaking is ever a good thing usually maybe in a super popular game with millions of players sure but you wouldnt want that in a game like dark souls it only has like 10 000 people on at any given time a little more lately because theres been a sale but yeah you would never want that in this game they already have soul level and weapon matchmaking levels so its like its fair to that extent i mean obviously one player is going to be more skilled but i mean in what game wouldnt the skill player win you lets go made enough wait we fought earlier metal i dont really uh have a vertical ultra to match you with right totally would thats the one thing about dark builds i never get to use like super uh heavy weaponry like the heaviest thing i have is like a claymore usually which is fine but you know itd be nice to have like i even have an ultra i do i have a spy hander okay i have ultra also i have the ultra i didnt know i had one at first though or else i would have started off with it oh that was close though very close oh if i had better tracking you would have got away with that but i got a nice hit on i wonder if i can uh use the stomp in like a creative way here i dont use ultrasonic oh this my handler has like the coolest r2 though i think yeah its its really good honestly it actually has a use as opposed to like a lot of the other r2s that ones good too though i cant lie that that catches people off there nice i was out of stamina my aim is not good the lance im really not the person to rolling attack with ultras they are not my style very fun fight come in yeah its not the best okay listen r2 is good for like panic rollers though like that guy was good he reacted rolled most things but and he was using an ultra also so its like a fair game play if you use an ultra in someones using like a  __  rapier youre in for a time and its not going to be a good one this is why its solid though thats why its always a solid choice so why is pretty much any dex weapon oh yeah yeah pretty versus pretty much any dex weapon yeah its just because you can whiff punish it honestly if they if they upgrade the mechanics of it like elden ring a little bit i think ultras could be good i just need to make them a little bit less punishable maybe that will make some of the fast weapons more punishable for it to be fair you know then it could be okay some fork have i not used the fork at all lets go with the fork yeah that guy screamed so loud oh my god its crazy i dont im not amused by the screeches imagine me i have my game audio turned down like some decibels for you guys thats just so loud to me and i cant really hear over mid-year hello chloe whyd i always do this i always ruin the recording hello buy your fume well i mean this feels weird to use if you wanna no get out of here damn it anytime someone wants me to use a spear i always fight somebody whos kind of like parries there and they might get like a lucky perry eventually you know suck you back in here oh  __  i dont like what hes holding its gonna be one of those okay i dont think ive ever used the spear against these things itll be interesting oh god they have such they have lingering hyper armor and it terrifies me because it leads into the other combo okay fun fight though oh that was awesome divine by the way i love the ultra fight it was fun honestly pairing against the spear is a good option though makes the spear user weary you know its kind of like a mind game can you parry the l1 of those twin swords no uh just its r1 move set none of the l ones and not the weapon art either sadly that would make them a little bit less scary you know but uh yeah no theyre theyre terrifying in a team setting for sure fun fight though oh well that wasnt i got fought by the boss damn they are they are interesting to fight though yeah forward dark is pretty solid uh the war banner wait let me look at the ar difference here we got uh let me just end it so 496 and then if you use the war banner instead and buff it you get 552 so i mean if youre gonna keep it buff the war banner does more damage because it buffs itself but the plow has like the better hitbox so really up to the person torch gang i wish you could parry the ring knight swords better but no the royal fork im actually i wonder if youll add weapon types in elder ring that has me intrigued like you know that they had twin blades and dark souls too if you guys played that that that was cool i would like something like that to come back or the uh what is it why am i forgetting power stance yeah its power stance that was a cool mechanic too yeah yeah theyre not the most fun to fight them what other types of weapons is dark souls really yeah yeah like a martial martial arts staff actually that would be cool i was trying to think of weapon types that arent in the game what are we missing were missing um the twin the twin blades like the actual like twin blade halberds the above staff would be cool what else no no guns no parry guns please im not down for that um yeah yeah you like the dark souls 2 1 master sword yeah not like the cell swords or anything but like the the twin blades like that oh my hello kamikaze nomikaze what do we got here we got cell swords and split leaf basically that you get hit you getting combo team all right oh no even more oh we have we have gotten even further into the abyss get them fighter oh i missed what do i have is my main weapon my katana all right you know what lets go ill fight that with a katana im a wee bit heart lets go all right you dance around thats fine its fairy time i get it were practicing for the pageant so everyone doesnt laugh at you we got it another dancing sword everybodys a dancer thats right youve been lured into my trap get them little fighties get them theyre not prepared oh i wasnt prepared for that though honestly i didnt expect the four swings spider youre in my way you ruined my honest butt attack oh you didnt go for the weebtana arts aha i love it i like separating them get away from my fighter hes my fighter better protect him oh god were bringing back out of those swords huh you want to try them try the old one lets go your l1 versus my punches well see who wins interesting perry earn want to try that again there you go well that was weird i should have been perry but you know i i whatever i disagree i cannot backstab this guy were just gonna kill him its the only way i want them to do the webinar again i just want to see if it works yeah for sure its like especially when alderman comes out get cursed and backstabbed hey just keep standing there yeah yeah thats the good play thats the good play well it taken a lot for him to get cursed hey man he did me and you ultraman i knew he died or something goodbye damn man that was funny thank you so much man i really appreciate that in the middle of that funny invasion too yeah the dlcs are pretty needed they give you some of the best weapons in the game did the phantom get cursed yes the plan it worked it worked dagger should never do yeah they should tone them down how much does this do 337 yeah i mean its split damage but most people have lower dark absorption anyway so you know it is what it is oh he is down there okay twin great bows okay thatd be an interesting new weapon to add oh i have an onyx blade actually ive been using it i can use this more though hello there oh you have an exile perfect but youve killed everything though except for the wizards lets go with this guy getting by ill kill your stuff for you how about that there you go helped out a little bit im helping im helping if you have a blue on the way too dont just run by me dont do it dont do it dont do it you have a blue right there look hes here to help and hes a wizard geraldo first thing he does is throw a message i hate him already how good hes dead i can do what i wanted to test come on geraldo wait no wait youre each m so like if you get hit in the back you can use a weapon to kind of escape it Laughter and i want you to land a parry on somebody by getting hit by their first r1 stop it no in what world are you that lucky no i need you for test purposes hit me no okay you know what i kind of like oh god i am the guarder of the wall but sir youd have a much better time if you just swung your sword at me be my test subject sir kill your pve man itll die in like two hits you have a dark exile dude there you go watch oh itll definitely work i just gotta i gotta make him do it its kind of laggy so i gotta i gotta be faster with it ah okay well it works on a good connection i promise i did it to a few friends but hes a little bit too late so i cant get the parry they um oh well well now you die to the requested unexplained you are a bad test subject i need an ethernet test subject what do you mean its my combo my honest combo oh god thats what you get yeah i really im just im just mostly looking forward to the variety that eleanor is going to bring us you know ah that was fun though thats funny i mean not particularly that guy but like our battle the sword of a thousand truths what about the stick of truth thats from south park right thats that game i never actually played the stick of truth but i heard good things beheaded hmm wait why would that name get blocked thats so sad the threaded oh like the threaded cane and in bloodborne i think its pretty cool like im always torn i think i would prefer the interchangeable weapon arts but it is also cool that they have trip weapons like in bloodborne its really ead gets blocked maybe thats not his name though maybe its not maybe it is i dont know i guess well see i dont know what else it could have been behod maybe i dont know the whip sword i did i did like the threaded king it was cool thats sort of like a straight sword type attack but it also had the whip attack what if they added bear traps i mean kind of funny s2 or ds3 ds3 rusty uh some weapons in dark souls 2 are very satisfying though like if you use the lance you like pierce them and lift them up into the sky that ones awesome but if youre not counting those kind of backstabs or the ones where they just like make them kneel and slash them then yeah dark souls 3 is better but that one particular backstab where they like thrust them into the air i like that one a lot thats very cool thank you by the way thats crazy you guys are so nice but yeah some of them are ugly i know i know which ones youre talking about also i didnt i didnt like the like kicking their leg backstab as much the lance yeah the lance was so cool looking oh hey wait i hear movement oh behold okay uh ultra look i have a big weapon too wait if youre alone ill give you embers ill be kind bro camera wait sorry gwen oh its the real sword oh ill leave him a gift because he just  __  did he go down okay sorry sorry i got time for you get out of here majula is your favorite hub i do like the soundtrack of majula its very calming and i like how from majula you can go you know what okay people like to slam on dark souls 2s level design but like dark souls 2 was cool in the fact that when you started it at majula you had so many options where to go i mean firelink shrine in dark souls 3 you just go to the high wall of lothric you know so i dont know where this man is so well let him be oh hello q hello im going to do one or two more invasions though ive been getting a lot of lone hosts saturday though is pretty nice for invasion so ill be invading tomorrow yall yeah i liked i liked the dark souls 2 level design it was pretty sick it was pretty solid yo i know the the really cool thing about elden ring coming out and not being like attached to dart or dark souls is that they are not going to have certain items that they need to have in the dark souls series so like you know you need to use an ember to go online to pvp you wont need to do that i think thats a huge improvement and theres going to be a whole bunny a whole i cant speak english a lot more things like that Applause jaw yeah 203 days then i get a hypo game i havent really played dark souls 2 enough so like weigh in on it ive only done like two playthroughs of it the first time i ever played the dark souls game and then the playthrough i did on stream for it but yeah dark souls 2 with dark souls 3 mechanics would be amazing because theres such cool weapons and theres theres a lot of bosses you know i like the world design of dark souls 2 as well its just its mechanics are so slow thats all yeah im not sure how theyre going to do the jump maybe the jump will be just like you know like just stationary pretty easy to tell whats happening not like sakura where you jump on walls and  __  are you trying to like chase someone down that could legit just like jump off the wall and  __  thatd be terrible that would not be good okay i dont know where this guys will do one actual good invasion i am yeah yeah i seen that see ive never actually played ive played one of the dlcs of dark souls 2 like i fought the fume night but i never did the snow area ive never and if theres a third area ive never done it so thats true i really like that you see that like if you guys are kind of new to dark souls the health meter of your weapon is below it thats what that little red bar is and it lasts forever like this is ive been using this katana a lot today and its not even like remotely close to breaking in dark souls 2 your weapons breaks so quick i forget about that all the time i always forget thats a thing oh my god no way dude look where he is im gonna have to leave again hes over there i saw his health bar oh my god i just want like a nice last invasion uh yeah i have used that as anthias i dont find too many cheaters i found one yet like the last stream though maybe like once every two streams ill find one god damn yo if you play dark souls 3 and then go back and play two its gonna feel really slow for sure so slow actually but its still its still a fun playthrough i think it is anyway oh good morning good morning jesus what time zone are you oh hello malik hello are we summoning squadzillas oh you just okay uh do i have any unique setup i can do with you i could try a glaive i havent used the loose certain ones today or ill try a setup that i never use oh thats a good you might have stumbled onto something here that is a good play i just reverse rolled somehow thats so unique i think thats so sick i dont really have anything thats unique like that though i guess the looser ill keep to it i dont really use it weapon art oh god fun fight thats a good bait though you know what if you could maybe like trying to think of how you could use the weapon out of the lance at the same time as getting that like be true combo with the r1 i dont know though i dont know if you can better have patches squat its a cool setup though i liked it it had good baits you know like if you r1 and hit the the pickaxe you youd probably get thrusted by the lance its cool yeah its kind of like just having like the offhand like bonk stick or a stock it works with a lot of weapons all right well do one more just uh so its not like a view battle a master of bits thats thats there you go malik is the master of bates oh nice and a ring city to finish it im down with this lets go gary of londor okay gary what do you want to use oh okay uh weapon art our toru and i was reading but i saw gary hello gary what is this this is double pyro i might do another one because this looks like its just gonna be a a spacing duel and thats not going to be as enjoyable you feel these stinking wizards although your connection is good to me this is amazing i honestly dont mind fighting black flame in these circumstances hes a runner hes a track star oh it like missed me that would have been better for him if he wouldnt have missed me hes a fire wizard like you can just cast it so quick it just flies out oh ye of the little ping ah yeah its really good for roll catching people it doesnt do the most damage but it sets up and combos with even a great sword actually hell you can actually combo the stock like poke with a great axe which is pretty nuts oh dude thats awesome zero reason thats awesome yeah when i started playing dark souls its kind of like all i enjoyed pvp on i still play other games obviously but the online of dark souls is just so unique i love it apple okay apple it will be my finishing battle oh yeah and flying i remember that there was a guy that literally looked like a spaceship flying through the air once that uh just shot the soul stream at me it was so funny see those hackers are just funny those ones are whatever its the ones that try to like pvp normally and just have their their damage boosted and stuff i hate those i do want to try kazuya i liked i liked mithra though out of all the dlc characters so far it is causing you that op kind of scared i found steve pretty good too um its a journey yeah basically theres a fear thats like theyre decent at the game and then on top of that they cheat its like why why why you do this you dont need to do this uh ashen oh that like pv i didnt play ash and i saw lost play ashen though it looked fun like as a like a one-off play through it look cool oh no not a filthys thinking wizard all right well just have some fun perry arts here sir sir im gonna need you to stop apple i need you to retreat chug that orange juice chug that orange juice because i want you to use your sword at me and not your magic get back there chug that orange juice right now chug it drink the oj you fool absolute food drink the oj drink it i told you i drank it dude yeah i wonder how many hiders have have gotten away from me because im so bad at it i cannot find people i guess ill call up there because i just i need food honestly i am starved but here is the build for you guys uh ill probably do the similar soul level next time this or 90. it was a little bit slower today but it like meta tends to be uh pretty active on the weekends so i think next stream ill be a different meta build but one of them uh what have we got who can we give a nice host i actually dont have anybody whos online playing dark souls 3 right now so if you guys want to keep watching dark souls 3 go peruse the twitch if you want to see a homie streaming something and you guys enjoy lost content lost is playing something called slay the spire super nice dude if you never met him great streamer normally plays dark souls but i think friday is his variety today so but yeah i will see i know the password is just there for when i was testing those backstab things i was telling you about with my friend it doesnt really do anything for invasions but yeah i get some sleep boys im just going to get some food and i will see you guys all next stream not sure on the build yet though but yeah good night guys shark steam mop disposable pads Invading with a dark build centered around a wide variety of weapons 🎮 TWITCH ➔ 📱 DISCORD ➔ 🐦 TWITTER ➔ 📸 INSTAGRAM➔ steam games billig kaufen steams return policy steam vapor steam deck controller windows steam deck factory reset fatal error