Dark Souls 3 coop / pvp nosteam LAN tutorial

Steam deck overlaysteam is not working DARK SOULS™ III steam Music do Music hello guys welcome to my latest video i know that um its been a while since my latest video you know my latest video i i made it like four months ago but here i am here im back to bring you another interesting tutorial on a new game to play in lan or i think it also could work online if youre using radmin or hamachi to emulate a lan over an online network but this is obviously like my all my tutorials is gonna be about lan so um this video were gonna learn how to play dark souls free uh with an emulator server with a server emulator to play in a lan network obviously with no steam and with no um dependence on any external connections rather than only on our own server emulator so in order to do this youll have youll need the host pc this is going to be the hoster um were obviously gonna need three things the first folder is gonna be the server the second folder kkka this is actually the game the game with the respective tracks and all that that everything configure everything all the files you will be able to download from my webpage uh if you dont know my webpage is here this is my webpage essentially you just go to forum if youre not already registered just go and register you have to wait until the email confirmation comes and once youre accepted you have to search for hacking games and there youll find dark souls free thread with all the different files also make sure to read the rules because a lot of people dont read them and they dont know the password for the file so in order to know the password for the file just go into into the rules section and read that so uh basically starting again we got the server we got the game with all the cracks all reapplied and also we have the loader so these are the three folders that you will need so first this is going to be the hoster so were going to open the server folder here in the server folder um you want to open the server executable the server is going to launch its going to say server is running uh if you want wanna um if you want to you know to customize your server all you have to do is run it one time then close it then go to saved and then go to config.json open it with uh notepad and here you will be able to change the server name the uh whatever your server will display once you you are connected uh also you will be able to change a lot of parameters if you want and also some other you know the name of the server or that you will appear in the list of this launcher and all that so once you you edit all your uh preferences all your like you know everything that you want just open the server again and the server should have your your you know your changes so now your server is running uh make sure to go to the server folder again go to saved and now this time were going to take the server.dsf.config so just make a copy of this file put it in the desktop and then close the server folder all together leave the server obviously running and minimize it dont close it and i know uh yeah sorry about that so um so yeah so once you have this file here uh you wanna um give spread this file to all the clients that you have in your network so uh we are obviously the hoster so we dont need to spread it because we already have it but all the rest of the computers need to get this little file so um we open the loader now we open the loader executable and here youll see that this is the basic the executable all you have to do is delete this just trust me delete everything that you see here and then click an import server and if youre the hoster just go to the server folder save and open this one but if you are a client just open this file that you just uh spread to your friends to your computers is the same in the same file so here you can see that the server will be added so just make sure here to select the game the cracked game with the patch already apply go to your game client game folder and select the executable of the game and once you do that just remember to do this uh just select the server your own server that you just created make sure it is in blue and then just click and launch the game so were gonna wait and see if uh the game is actually launched now so um so yeah you have to wait until the game executes itself and im gonna do the same for the other computer so while this is connecting i will do the same for the other computer and we will see what happens so im just gonna skip this its just gonna show you how it feels clicking it press any button its gonna check the save data logging in this server and here you should see your own greeting message so click on continue and uh were pretty much done Music all right guys so this is the second part so um this was the computer that was hosting the game we are currently inside the game with no problems im using a ps5 controller everything is dandy everything is working fine um so yeah and then this is going to be a client thats going to join the master computer so all you have to do as ive told you is pass this little file uh you should you know the client should have this file and they dont obviously they dont need the server folder they just need the game client and the loader so open the loader once you open the loader what you want to do is as i told you just delete everything that you see here import server and import that file that you just received and then just click in here remember to have your executable and uh just click launch the game so if everything works fine you should be able to connect to the master server so um remember all of this is non-steam doesnt require any external connections the only connection is to connect be connected to the computer thats actually hosting the server but every a any other than that we are completely independent so we should be able to connect just clicking here and once you see checking logging into the dark souls you can see that we are connected everything works fine and we should be able to connect to the to the server just wait a couple of seconds uh so yeah here we are with this game session different so um we are both um amber so here you can see ember amber so both players should be able to connect between each other with no problems remember that if youre not amber uh you will be able to to leave your signs to get summoned but you will not be able to summon other players so keep in mind that so were gonna leave the sign with this guy we just leave it there with the soapstone and uh were just gonna wait with this other guy if we can see this um this other player that left the soapstone you just have to leave it like a couple of seconds until you see the sign you know as usual its never its not its not as an instantaneous thing so um it should appear at any moment so just mess around um we should be able to see so here you can see that it appeared um so yeah this strange name is the actual name of this character so as you can see is our actual name so you see its the same name so we are connected so uh yeah were just gonna summon this guy and as you can see the summoning is working perfectly fine uh you just have to wait a couple of seconds until the the phantom connects to your computer and everybody should be playing um perfectly fine so it works amazingly and yeah this was the tutorial on how to play this dark soul free server emulator i hope you liked it guys and see you next time guys so here you can see the free computers in the same lan connected uh they are connected in the same non-steam server with the server emulator running uh the free computers are connected successfully and im going to explain how the um the different possibilities can go uh as you may know uh in the beginning of the of the game in dark souls 3 the only way to play multiplayer is obviously to be the first boss once you beat the first boss uh in the in the undead crypt you go you put the you know the you go to the fire link shrine and then you travel to this location this is going to be the first location where you will be able to play in co-op so once youre here make sure to uh you know you you should probably have this soapstone which will enable you to leave these signs so other players will be able to summon you and also in order to accept phantoms in order to summon them youll have to be um to be with a special effect which is amber you you must have like the ember effect you can notice that by checking your icon here you can see that these characters it has the ember and also because his textures have some fire thingies and some flares going on around the characters so that character is amber and he is able to summon different players to help him in this saturday scenario its basically the same this character as you can see is ember he has the icon and hes able to to summon other players too the thing is that this player can also you know place different types of signs with the soapstone also um im not sure why it doesnt appear this design of this character because here it should appear but well in this character you can see that you we can see both uh characters this character this phantom is actually this computer and these other phantom this one is actually this computer but this computer should actually see the sign of this character i dont know why because this guy is amber but whatever just uh to teach you how it probably should work and uh um Music as for the other character this one is not amber so you can notice by the icon that is not it doesnt have any fire here it has fire it is a snow so this is not amber and the character doesnt have any fire but even if you are not amber character you will be able to to place your sign but you you will not be able to summon other characters to help you you first need to be ambered so in order to remember you just have to collect this item uh buy it in the firing shrine or to find it around the game and just use it and this character is now amber restored and he will be able to obviously um some characters now so in order to make it work is very simple were gonna use this computer were gonna summon um this guy for example you just want to place on the top clicking summon okay its going to say someone in phantom and this one is going to say uh being summoned to the other world and they will be able to connect so if everything works fine this player should join the session of this player so as you can see both characters are united so now um thats pretty much it were gonna also call this character to our session were gonna summon him so yes and these characters should also be able to to join our game session so the three phantoms you know the two phantoms of these computers should be joined and here you can see that he has joined our server and we are three happy characters all together like that so this is how the server connection works obviously the other multiplayer modes will work but you will have to be in a very advanced stage of the game but thats pretty much it Music dog Music Music dog Music so Music Applause Music Music Music Applause Music Music Music Applause Music you how to get non steam games on steam deck READ THIS FOR TOTAL OFFLINE:1) Get the latest server, apply steam_api.dll Goldberg from my original server package and appid txt. Just put your local ip in these lines in the config.json file: ServerHostname:, ServerName: EXAMPLE, ServerPrivateHostname:, 2) use my usual no steam launcher 3) works completely offline even with router turned off, use Hamachi or radmin for online play. HELP ME AT: LINKS: THANKS TO TLeonardUK for developing the server emu and launcher Sinner for deleting steam and exe verifications Jeyyu for Goldberg configuration Grabisoft for everything else steam controller game pass steam unlocked] benefits of yoni steaming battlefield like games on steam how to gift a game to someone on steam