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Halo on steamhow to play steam games on cloud DARK SOULS™ III steam dad maybe prayers now we are in dark souls 3 and this is my character how are you sir ok you are not very talkative ok my character so dont wait for him to answer us and well this because today I have a goal ok very clear which is to get this sword What you are going to see on the screen next is called the ume ultra great word and three of the most open weapons exist in this entire game and getting it costs a bit and I want it to suffer its with me okay Ive been looking at a guide on how to get it there to go along a path that is a little hidden, the guard is ok in this place its a nice amount as you can see we are underground in some strange place its not worth it its there at the bottom but from the door that is living there at the bottom it is going up the hill Its Kiko, hes already shooting at me. God, now I think theres something like a harpoon there, okay, yes, yes, yes, definitely, hello, wow, stop, okay, lets try to kill this, there will be no hope, you have nothing to do. against tiny sword the good or is removing the drink with the capital brother and this is dark souls we are going to rest in this bonfire to recover them and now wife for the __ is for bathrooms the day you have parents in the happiest person in the __ point I mean, its so big and long eye eye eye that this is the sword that red you that red host __ okay okay or Ill blow you up pipe Ill blow you up okay okay okay Im not the space of a __ host killed by a __ host my life in the air In this, guys, you really have to take it from my land to my land, which is flat land, okay, were going to take a visual, I think I didnt have any of the shapes, but well, okay, okay, you have to dodge very well, yes, yes, yes. Its red, it means its a much higher level. two and we are happy the son of a __ go __ we have it we have it about to curdle and we had taken before entering we are going to psych ourselves dodge and block that is the basis of life and now we are going for the one I am listening to here I m listening to his __ mother has a small position and now here we go were going to take it easy okay otherwise this game that rewards patience ah you want a sword because those hosts okay so no we dont go fast enough when he attacks calm down calm down you have to remember with It also washes it because I think that if I fall there Im going to die __ okay okay whats the time now father is not endowed to lose this nap you cant yes no this is the tip it has restored me from souls anyway take care take care take care as never before school of the beautiful paper and our being and how an eye that comes to live in eyes that comes a prayer that does not feel I am not said the power of traffic x but no and more yes yes a host __ what piece is for the rabbit hello again I dont change my clothes this is another day ok they released it another day because Ive already passed dark souls 3 overalls overalls how do I distinguish the sword of the final boss and Im going to try do one quick thing okay before I finish this video I want to put on my big sword okay and we are going to try to kill the worm like this year because he managed to raise the level a lot compared to that video okay so lets see if we can put some good ones in it hosts to the point use you have salt little rat there it is there it is there it is my dear friend my dear lets see how much we take now with our sword __ okay but if they stop attacking us I had them pretty good for the moment Im going to put this set to go a little faster and more agile its okay because I have a technical plan a plan to kill that junta you are seeing salt in writing the mouse well Im going to try to use it against him see if the harpoons hit the here it was aum try to get behind him so that the harpoons hit the __ worm squarely. Its tied up, okay, well, that just won me the point, looking for gold is being, and as Ive done before, because I tell you, well, I say goodbye now, with my great courage, we have in this video what is happening in our country free battle simulator games on steam Descripcion Original !! :Like si crees que mi espada es grande y larga ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Juego: Dark Souls 3 Pagina Web AWESOME! Twittah: FB: Google+: Suscribete! :D steam start game on second monitor steaming hot game of thrones on steam valheim plus steam deck steam clues summer sale 2022