Dark Souls III - Soul of Cinder Easy Kill

When can i download gotham knights on steamdead space remake steam deck reddit DARK SOULS™ III steam how to run a steam game as admin Dark Souls 3 - How to beat Soul of CinderBoss Name: Soul of Cinder Immunities: None (but resists fire) Weakness: Bleed Soul of Cinder has 3 forms in his first phase: -Straight Sword form: He will always start in this form and its fairly simple - just strafe around him and wait for him to attack and then attack during his recovery period. -Caster form: This is the best form by far, he has practically zero melee attacks so feel free to get up close and punch him as hard and often as you can, although look out for his soul greatsword and homing soulmass spells - the latter is a buff that lasts around 30 seconds and will continuously cast homing. He also has soul stream but its super easy to avoid. -Pyromancer form: AKA Curved Sword form, pretty easy. Hell try and buff himself with power within, which doesnt hurt him, but gives you some time to get free damage on. -Spear/Greatsword form: This is his worst form by far, he has huge range and begins sweeping constantly. You may want to play a lot more defensively if you have trouble with this form, like I do. And then in phase 2 he basically becomes Gwyn and theres no real issues - just dodge his grabs and kicks (hopefully hell use them a lot, they are very easy to dodge and have large recovery) and bleed him out. If he does his big combo attack, you have a good three seconds to do ranged damage on him, if you have any. Starting Class: Northern Warrior Initial Weapon: Battle Axe / Deep Battle Axe Primary weapon: Wardens Twinblades Backup weapon: Anris Straight Sword Stats to focus on: LUCK and DEXTERITY Important items: Carthus Rouge, Hollow Gem, Profaned Coal Even if you do not follow this build precisely, you can still emulate it with varying degrees of success: The main goal of this build is simply to out-damage bosses by trading hits with them, where possible. Many bosses in Dark Souls III are susceptible to bleeding. So well be taking a weapon with innate bleed (I went with the Warden Twinblades as they have a weapon art thats great for landing multiple hits) and then buffing it with Carthus Rouge (which adds a lot of bleeding) as well as infusing it with the Hollow Gem. Hollow infusions allow your weapons to scale with luck and also give you a bonus to your luck stat if you have high enough hollowing (which is gained by allowing Yoel to draw your power out) and the luck stat itself boosts your bleeding bonus. Even if your build is very different, so long as your weapon can be buffed, you might want to stick some Carthus Rouge on it and attempt to bleed bosses, unless you are using very slow weapons, in which case you will find it somewhat hard to bleed them. ►Follow on Twitter for notifications on new vids: ►Silver Mont Patreon page: ►Paypal Donations ►Channel Artists Web-store ►The official Silver Mont Steam Group: steam card trading division 2 steam deck steaming green beans move games from pc to steam deck f.e.a.r. game steam