Dark Souls 3 on the Steam Deck... 60 FPS Bonfire goodness! How long can we survive?

Best coop games steam summer salesteam game uninstall taking forever DARK SOULS™ III steam okay everyone were back to you with another episode of bite of Moab and you know what were gonna be checking out Dark Souls 3. so without further Ado Lets uh lets play it and maybe well get her butt butt kicked in the process so I think Dark Souls 3 is probably one of the highest reviewed uh Mainline Dark Souls games out there I know two and Scholar the first send in do uh so well as far as Dark Souls goes uh the first one did pretty good I think um Elden ring I dont think you can consider Elden renas part of the mainline Dark Souls lore uh correct me if Im wrong in the comment sections of course its loading up and were gonna be checking this out and see you can finally see how bad I am at it I still like games but theyre fun I like the enemies I like the horror kind of esque to it uh so lets uh check her out Music okay you gotta use your mouse here what do you scroll down Music whats going on here Music okay Im trying to select this Music okay I gotta go through all this okay thats a interesting take now now highlights except Music okay so its a new game uh I dont have any saved games on here lets do a new game lets keep everything normal cinematic effects uh yeah Ill keep it on well see what happens first before we try to tinker tinker with the graphics indeed well just skip all that name entry incomplete thats a good name lets just call ourselves Moab the geosonic still lets light our bonfires lets make ourselves now Im making myself Young I know some people like to just well play deprived but I always did like uh uh I guess Knight I know thats kind of like Demon Souls but it is what it is oh I see it has got its got gyro enabled I dont want that Music of course if you want it thats quite fine Barrel gift I know some people dont like to use them but its here so Ill use it Music thats still on what Music thats going to get annoying Music oh no thats fine build I just do Burley upper body kind of like a superhero um lets change the hair Music I think you can change it here honestly it doesnt really matter why you have the hair foreign lets give him some long hair there we go that kind of looks like me I dont know about that but lets give him a little scruff and saving the papers just for fun okay now see he hides behind that so you dont even know whats what it is lets play it lets skip all this symmetry of Ash okay its above 30 FPS above 40. whats the settings curious everythings on high we cant go Max but I dont know what that would look like oh the clocks going off in the background not thats not part of Dark Souls okay were on a maximum settings and were at 40. whoops almost forgot how to put oh we dropped there Im gonna have to uh lets go high actually lets go medium see what happens if we can get uh 60. oh thats thats the move smooth like butter lets go back to medium at least and here you can kind of change different settings here reflection we dont need that lets just go low water surface quality we dont need that Shader quality thats medium thats fine uh texture quality lets make that high uh anti-aliasing we can leave it on depth of field I never really cared about that or motion blur so Ill just turn motion blur off in depth of field lets see what weve got okay its closer to 60. Music its not bad Im kind of used to elderly where I can kind of jump and do cool things like that but its okay I want to keep pressing the X to use the flask I shouldnt do that I have to get to a bonfire soon Music was her crash button Music youve got to get me uh-uh the real dark souls are the controls you have to kind of remember how to play and also you know the real dark souls are the friends we made along the way I saw that on a Reddit post I thought that was kind of funny oh yeah this steps monster back there Im gonna spare you all watching me dine and uh keep my Souls over here so Im gonna Im gonna keep going the way that probably most people would go just verified that monster guy oh yeah over there oh theres a bonfire oh no now we can uh correct my mistakes and uh get my flasks back so yeah that was a mistake why doesnt do so well with that Music foreign Music Applause though we are going on a little bit of low Health towards his boss Music oh man foreign I guess Ill go try to do it see how this boss goes I didnt have that equipped okay I do have an equip okay just making sure um okay I guess were going to try to do this hope you all are ready Music okay Music oh snap okay uh oh here it comes its a big hand dude Music Im gonna get close to him I dont want to I got to then I gotta heal up oh man oh that was nasty Music oh no I understand that I dont know Music wait did we kill each other oh no oh he had just a sliver of Health you saw that I saw that we all saw that oh man okay Music lesson learned oh no thats not supposed to happen Applause foreign Music lets do this again this time we cant do the little hits at the beginning unfortunate Im just trying to get my Souls Music foreign Music Music I dont really want to use all my flasks Applause Music oh thanks this isnt looking too good people hes just the first boss Music Music there we go oh my gosh oh we got it yeah thats rust second try through wow oh boy Music I still I still stand by my words devil daggers has nothing on this oh no this has nothing on Devils daggers because Devils daggers man thats thats hard this this is the walk in the park I mean come on man this is this is simple this is easy stuff but oh man well as you can see once you play around with some of the settings here um you know were at full screen 1280 by 800 we still got those black bars at the top which Im thinking cinematic um advanced settings you see all my things here I have it on high medium medium medium low low medium and Im getting pretty much 50 plus FPS uh most of the time 60. you know when it gets to something more battle fights worth the part a lot of particle effects and things like that you might see drop down below 50 above 30 at least with the settings but yeah thank you for watching um you know what uh thank you for hitting that like button hitting that subscribe button uh you know comment below your favorite parts of the game uh if youd like to see me continue on with this Ill think about it uh Dark Souls takes up a lot of space so usually I play a game I delete it and go back to it later maybe on computer or something like that not on a steam deck a space on the steam deck is like currency you try to get as much as you can out of it but uh again thank you for watching and hit that notification Bell for future updates and I hope you have a great and awesome day and a peaceful rest at the bonfire youre at right now so just wait life does get better so you know you fight these Dark Souls bosses all day but its things will get better for you so Im believing that for you and I hope you have an awesome fantastic day take care steam mussels and clams Dark Souls 3 on the Steam Deck... 60 FPS Bonfire goodness! How long can we survive?I love this game, not as much as Elden Ring, but for a 6ish year old game, with a few adjustments, works great on the Deck! /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Do you have a recommendation or game you want to see played on the deck! Let me know in the comments and Ill try to get it in a future video! /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// This is a more laid-back video of showing you all gameplay videos of my backlog (2000+ games) and emulation games on my Steam Deck. I know how it feels watching and waiting for a deck to arrive, and wondering if your game will play on it. 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