T-Pain gives Dark Souls a second chance

How to craft game badge steamleft 4 dead steam charts DARK SOULS™ III steam - I dont think were actually changing anything here. Uhh, that - Somethings happening and I dont like it. - I kinda like it. (both laugh) (upbeat electronic music) - So heres my idea, Ive heard that you have some mixed feelings about Dark Souls. - Mixed? (laughs) - Were going to get you through the first boss fight in Dark Souls 3, I know that we can do it. - I dont think so. - We can do it. - Im not sure. - But first we need to make you. So lets do that. - Lets make me. - T-Pain, if you were to be undead and buried with a gift that you would awaken with, which of these would it be? - T-Pain Black Firebomb - Patrick Do you want to keep the abs? - T-Pain Yeah. - Patrick Like how buff do you want to be? - Lets go, how buff is The Mountain from Game of Thrones? - God, that guy is insanely buff. - T-Pain Whats that go up to? - Patrick Lets see how far it goes up. No middle sliders here at - (laughs) Nothing happens! - Nothing happened, he looks exactly the same. - T-Pain He looks more sad. - Patrick I mean, thats what aging is. - Whats the facial balance now? - You know, Im just going to give this to you. - You know Im just going to be more curious about this, okay. - T-Pain, were going to run a timer, and were going to say we have 5 minutes, T-Pain. - Are we gonna do this? Are we running a timer? - Yeah, were going to do a 5 minute T-Pain test. Can you run a timer, Tara? - Tara I got you. - This is our T-Pain face creator speed run. T-Pain is making himself is making himself in Dark Souls 3 so that we can beat Dark Souls 3, and we have about 25 minutes total left. - T-Pain Oh my god! This guy looks concerned about something. - Patrick It looks like Adam Driver - (laughs) It does look like Adam Driver. These eyes are crazy. - Patrick I dont know what the fuck youre doing, T-Pain. - Im just gonna, Im kind of just ramping up everything, just as big as it can get. I feel like this is natural, this looks natural. Okay? - Patrick This is the ideal male form, you might not like it. - Oh nostrils, lets flare those things! (laughs) Lets get some flare going here! There we go! - Now were getting somewhere. - Now we are getting, wow. - Now youre starting to make me, man. - (laughs) Get some cheek in there, its looking more like me. (laughs) - T-Pain (laughs) I think we got something going here! - T-Pain Looking more and more like my middle school graduation pictures. - Now were getting somewhere. Okay, almost, almost. Here we go. - Tara Times up! - Times up, okay. So weve made T-Pain. Were out of time, T-Pain! - Okay, thats it, thats it. - Pencils down. - Okay. (laughs) - Weve created our character. - T-Pain This is it, I feel like this is it! - Patrick How would you rate the resemblance? - T-Pain Face and body is on point! That is exactly me if I wore a potato sack as pants. (laughs) This close up is so great. He looks so stupid. (both laugh) This is so great. Look at the concerned eyes. Everything is off centered. Lips are just, its so great. - Patrick So, youre touring on the new album right? - T-Pain Yep, yep. - Yeah, tell us about the name 1up, because thats a video game thing. - Yeah, yeah. Well the whole album is, you know, aesthetically gaming themed. You know, its given me an extra life and another chance to beat the game. - When did you start playing games though? - I think the first game I played was Battle Toads. - Holy shit. - So, yeah. - Patrick So like, you started off with the games that just make you scream. - T-Pain Absolutely! Yeah, and Lion King, the fucking Dark Souls of SEGA. - Youve also been, like in terms of like getting more public with playing games, like youve been literally doing it in public. Youre a Twitch streamer now. - T-Pain Yeah, yeah, yeah. - Patrick Like how did you get started on Twitch? - You know those sessions you have in gaming, when youre by yourself, and youre talking trash to yourself? It just felt bad, and I wanted other people to hear it. I felt like I had some great 1 liners, and you know I was looking up get on Twitch, and you know embarrass myself in public, and show everybody just how trash I am. - Patrick Like, did you know how to stream right out of the gate, or did you have to figure it out? - T-Pain I think its the fact I dont take myself to serious. - Its like hanging out on a couch watching your friend play video games. - Exactly, its really like that. - Im sorry for making you play a game that stresses you out, but you mostly play games to de-stress, right? - T-Pain Yeah, mostly, mostly. - Patrick So, roll is on B - T-Pain Okay. - Thats the most important thing were gonna need is that roll. - T-Pain Okay. - Patrick And then right bumper is attack. (laughs) Youre doing great T-Pain. - Right, thanks. Oh no! - Im gonna have a quick sip of SunnyD here for you. There you go, so you got all your health. When you get in there, youre going to pull that sword out of him, and then youre going to orbit to his right. So always counter clockwise, around him, yes. But heres another thing - This is already frustrating. (laughs) - When you pull that sword out, youre going to get some free hits in there. His animation to get up. There you go, there you go, youre hurting him. Alright, start rolling. - T-Pain Oh, jeez. - Patrick See you already got a good chunk. Okay, youre doing okay. No need to panic. Good, roll. - I tried, oh okay! See? - Thats okay, youre stun locked. - That was a double, that was a double. - Patrick Drink some SunnyD. Drink some SunnyD. - T-Pain Okay, here we go. Here we go. Lets go, baby. Okay, I rolled to early. - There you go, yeah perfect. Okay, cool. - What is this now? - Patrick You got it! - T-Pain Come on! - Patrick Same start, just keep rolling. You got it. Hit him in that ass. - You know its, ah. - Alright he got you a little bit there. - T-Pain A little bit. - Okay, you can maybe tell this by looking at me, Ive never been in an actual fight. - (Scoffs) - How effective do you think rolling would be in a real fight? - Very effective, for sure. - Like, if someone was trying to throw down with me. - Did this mother fucker just through the fog? - He might of. - Wow. (laughs) Oh, okay. So, okay, Im getting the timing right. Here we go, here we go. - Patrick Were getting it. - Well be back in a second. - T-Pain I used to build computers for a living. - Patrick Yeah? Thats how I funded my studio. - Shit. - Yeah, I used to go to Jacksonville. I used to charge people $500 to build a PC, and I would have to drive to Jacksonville from Tallahassee, it was a 2 hour drive, to go get parts at the store that I know I can get all the parts from for 200 bucks. And I would just build the PC for 200 bucks, charge 500 bucks, and there you go. - Were you building like gaming PCs? - Gaming PCs, Studio PCs, like any setup that you would need, I had all the components you needed. - I still havent built my own PC, and youve probably built like 100 right? - Yeah, Ive built more than 100 you know. I tried to get all my interests into my career as of now, you know growing up and thinking that you were not the cool person for being a gamer and you know, people that you respect telling you that thats not the cool thing to do. You know, you tend to think that, and I just want people to move past that. Its not about what other people think about what you like, you like it. Somebody had to like it to make these games, somebody had to like it to you know, come up with these concepts, and things like that. Somebody had to make Dark Souls, and you know, being a gamer is nothing to be ashamed of. Being interested in behind the scenes is nothing to be ashamed of, and I just want people to move past that and once they do, then well have more people thats open about being who they are, and you know, showcasing that to the world. (upbeat electronic music) - Holy shit, you are, Im not going to curse it, but you are on fire. - T-Pain Its going pretty good, not gonna lie. See, this thing now. Oh youre going to do the animation now. I cant even, I cant tell when something is gonna... - Oh! - Oh, Oh! celebrating gamer noises Suck it you piece of shit! Yes! Who do you think you are? I am! (laughs) Oh shit, I beat that mother fucker! That was sweet! That was dope! - So Im not going to make you promise me anything, T-Pain, but I would like you to promise me that youre going to continue playing Dark Souls. - Im going to download the game again, yes. (laughs) - Okay. (upbeat electronic music) What is the most difficult game you enjoy? - I think Cuphead is the most enjoyable game that is difficult for me. - Yeah. - But it gets very frustrating, very fast. - Do you ever play it with somebody else, like do you ever do the co op mode? - No, I dont have many friends. - Yeah. (both laugh) ark steam epic games We sat down with legendary singer, songwriter and record producer T-Pain to talk games, Twitch, and building PCs. We also wanted to give him a shot at an old nemesis: Dark Souls.Subscribe to our YouTube channel! Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: And for more gaming and entertainment coverage, visit best party games steam add game steam app steamed squash and zucchini how to activate steam account without buying a game steam deck gpu