How to steam frozen broccoli without a steamergames like slime rancher on steam DARK SOULS™ III steam what is up everybody how are you all doing today Music Ive been streamed in a while so this is kind of weird to me um but yeah today were doing the JoJo mod and I dont know who should I make my character is it a Dio mod no can you guys hear me I romancer standal power we can okay good um let me check okay yeah you can probably hear the game but Im in school so I cant watch but good luck all right no problem thank you for tuning in what what class should we go for for Jojo for a JoJo character yo whats up I think the best would be like someone with go night or Herald Harold I feel like someone with uh well we probably have to get close range anyways it doesnt matter because the mod will change us anyways so Im just gonna go with someone that has like the most whack armor nah that doesnt maybe like yo um Im doing good what about you Ariel gift yo yo yo yo yo okay now for our character we gotta make it look like a Joe a thief if you say Thief um thank you whats up whats up okay we know JoJo characters are just crazy bulky no but theyre not that bulky yeah thats good just had a day of school what character are you doing I dont know because the mod doesnt have like specific stands but it adds things in Dark Souls 3 that makes it look like Ill show you in a second its very interesting but you cant do really a specific character or as far as I know its kind of just a JoJo mod um lets I kind of want to make like a face but I dont know what to make jar jar days like enemy stand would you try and do JoJo hamon builds I dont even know how I would do that you know what Im just gonna start it because I want to see what this is like Ive seen some things but I dont really know weve seen this already foreign boys hold up I gotta I gotta implement it because it is like a there we go and now we should have it look at this this is sick hold up hold up I hit Chad by accident okay so basically we have like pet cemetery Crystal Blue Persuasion and when we hit it activates the stand and it hits yeah thats sick is it oh its broken okay okay so this is actually challenging because I have to get real close to them oh it does damage though damn like the Pokemon Mod yeah I think I think Ive seen that one too love your videos thank you so much I appreciate that lightning fist yo whats up uh its so cool all right whats this what does this one do over here oh its just a dog oh thats thats like my worst nightmare pet cemetery oh I made a mistake I forgot you cant jump I forgot you cant jump ow yeah you guys dont want to mess with me okay I have to get like close I like this one this ones cool it reminds me of Crazy Diamond oh boys were gonna were gonna shred these mofos Im pretty sure too as we progress were gonna get more stands which is gonna be sick what am I doing this is this is gonna be dope horror bosses I I have a feeling its not gonna be that overpowered its against these guys because these guys are supposed to be weak isnt there an item uh thats the jumping item whats up bud all right what do you reckon we should use for gun deer Bristol Blue the dog or the The Knife Guy you should do Darth Vader and Elden ring hmm which stand do you reckon for him boys crystal blue dead man or pet cemetery dude Crystal all right hello gun deer is like one of the cooler starting bosses in my opinion this guy terrified me when I first played this game okay it doesnt do like crazy damage nah it doesnt good enough oh hes getting wrecked so basically my attack is like delayed oh  __  oh oh oh hey buddy wait how much do I do like if I just hit I do one damage a hit its like so its its like the anime you cant really attack wow this would be so cool in Elden ring oh  __  okay okay Im gonna die Im gonna die Im gonna die Im gonna die Im gonna die no no no no no no no no no no no go Crystal boy I got it I got it I got it boys lets go all right that was easy but I feel like its not gonna be that easy for the rest oh I almost fell off The Edge I was literally right at the edge can you upgrade your damage Im not even sure dude I think you can it upgrades later on but Im not sure how you get new stands uh not too sure I think you just progressed through the game and you unlock them uh lets get rid of it what do I need this Shield what um yeah fire link shrine hello lady I need you the heck is there like a split oh my screen what the hell is that the bonfire you dont really do damage so weapons wont help yeah what stand is this its literally just called Crystal Blue Persuasion I like what they did though because they they took you know the concept of stands and they mixed it with dark souls 3 which is really cool all right I dont know what would help here I feel like having more health is and stamina is more important than having strength because like we cant really attack oh well farewell I should won all right boys should we just gun it to the high wall get rid of boreal just get bit vitality and endurance my game just break what the heck that looks like Kermit purple look at that I got new stands Soldier Boy you gotta do more bloodborne challenges yeah Im planning on it I havent played bloodborne in so long it looks like it just upgraded my fists thats like jamon oh my God wait does it give us like the best stands at the beginning and now we have to work our way back up oh I probably should have done more research but I kind of wanted to keep it a surprise at the same time yeah thats just like Herbert purple yeah it looks like it it looks cool all right well lets just use soldier boy then does it do damage though oh no it does no damage um um um oh  __  imagine it gives you the world at the end that would be so cool okay this is a problem I feel like the mod broke hold up its not a mod its a cheat engine thing so its different uh uh thats like Star plot thats star Platinum okay this is a problem I feel like it broke hmm uh I might need to restart the game Im gonna restart the game really quick and see if that fixes it that that is weird because when I teleported I got a I got an error message so thats like the weirdest thing my bad boys my bad give me a second just restarting real quick dude its not star Platinum I did order Dark Souls 3 you bought the game hell yeah all right were back in the the cheat engine thing just broke on me that that is interesting yeah lets try it again still Soldier Boy there we go yeah it did break so we have our soldier and we still have pet cemetery all right were good were good were good just as minor setback minor setback minor setback just a minor setback lets lets continue lets continue I was so confused oh  __  this ones hard to hit okay yeah that does good damage where is zawardo thats what Im wondering foreign take that its the same stand as star Platinum which one oh can I summon multiple stands oh  __  oh  __  oh  __  I hate Dark Souls 3 enemies oh theyre chasing me down what is wrong with these freaks Eat Em doggy yeah go doggy I cant wait till zawardo dont die bro hey I aint dying wait this is the Dragon part this is the Dragon part I have to be careful oh my God I literally saw him in the clone of him die I dont like the dog the dog kind of sucks but hey its all good its all good yes sir okay the dress what what did I just get hit by oh  __  oh  __  oh  __  theres supposed to be a dragon that burns everything up I guess not the dog seems faster the gravity one soldier boy is pretty cool I like his spear but he has a little bit of a board of a delay to his attacks adorable which I am not that big of a oh  __  Im here oh my God soldier boy is good because he has the rage he has the rage that I need I dodge the wrong way oh  __  no I already died I already died I I feel soldier boy is definitely a stand in the show but I dont remember it soldier of godric Lola already dead LOL excuse me I just want my Souls back guys please I just hold my Souls I just want my Souls please please please chill chill chill you have stands but you die listen I never said I was good Dark Souls 3 the Dark Souls 3 has a stain on me bro this game took me two weeks to beat it literally took me two weeks to beat this game no actually no thats a lie it took me two weeks just to beat the abyss Watchers and then it took like another week to beat the dancer the dancer was such a  __  I hate that boss hey hey okay we cant just skip all the enemies oh no he has a shield yeah stay in there oh my God Im getting assaulted keep going oh oh why am I down for so long hey you missed he missed he shouldnt be missing nice yeah see Im getting good at this voice crack true holy  __  theres so much things that want to kill me isnt there a bonfire up this Tower Im pretty sure there is Miyazaki comes out of the screen I beat this game in a day no sleep on God oh hell nah that must have been a long ass day then doesnt this go up if I remember correctly theres a little path somewhere here that gives a bonfire or I might be thinking about the oh yeah here it is I dont want to rest at it though because it will respawn all those  __  or the other ring stand mod was better than this on God the Elder ring stand mod was cool but the problem is is it didnt work properly I think an elder ring uh stand mod could be done way better this one is way more creative I will say that this one is way more creative is this one adds like really really cool stuff to it what the hell foreign hey I hate when it leaves about wait you have a new stand oh yeah you do oh hell yeah this ones better boys I didnt even notice oh look on there get out of here yes sir the Elder one the Elder ring one didnt miss yo what how I think because I killed the the soldier that I got that oh my God its so hard not to get hit whyd you miss Applause what stand s there Target stand the second phase of central Potter kill the big one and then maybe youll get it I did maybe I kill the uh the random boss that those things are worshiping now guys this one is so this is this one is sick I dont know oh Im not sure on about this one is dope oh it broke again oh God damn it the fat blue Knight oh yeah true oh theres gonna be a lot of theres gonna be a lot of game restarts in this isnt there if I die it breaks the game God damn it that sucks the mod isnt updated to the newest version so I had to go down a few versions in order to like make it work but  __  the the look The Dragon summon a dragon bye I want to see if this uh resets it maybe fixes it okay okay okay so sometimes it bugs out but we just have to travel okay were good were good it bugs out sometimes I have to put my game in an older version because this one last time it was updated is 2017. so were gonna kill the big boy we can also kill this thing get out of here and it missed again what the heck why are you missing oh EX what there you go there you go I played Elder ring too long with shaders this looks like a game from 1996. I think thats just the aesthetic style of DS3 dont dont you feel Dark Souls is a boring game because I do rather play Elder ring and sector a thousand times then start playing one of these they seem boring in my opinion even bloodborne looks good theyre not boring they are very well designed they are frustrating though the Dark Souls games are the most frustrating out of the out of the the souls Series in my opinion Dark Souls 3 is God true the bosses in this one are so good I like Elder ring more dont get me wrong but like Dark Souls 3 is a masterpiece in itself wheres the big boy hes not here okay then oh dont I have to go talk to this lady over here oh  __  oh  __  oh  __  you you had no clue where to go I mean in Elder ring the golden Graces they have like a little thing that tells you where to go so if you ever are lost thats a very easy way to to find out where to go just watch no play fair enough if you die go back to that part turn around I like the challenge of Dark Souls I like being beat to nothing I dont like it it it pains me all right I dont know if I want to fight these guys these guys are so frustrating to fight wait wait what I have the big guy I didnt even notice how do I not notice these things yes thats sick I dont even need to beat the big guy the big guy killed himself I gave me his stand Ill take it turn left after hold on Im gonna Im gonna quickly beat the Boreal boy hello wait am I doing something wrong do you have to I have to go up to this door right yeah bro got that huge stand yes sir oh theres an elevator that will unlock the door when are we gonna see golden experience Requiem I hope soon I hope soon that would be sick hey all right Im gonna use big boy lets see how much he does oh 130 damage each time hey just keep summoning him wait do you think that if this stand takes damage I take damage too were already halfway down oh no like 65 percent hey hey keep going on him big boy oh this is where he goes freak mode what no he missed he missed oh my God Im so  __  bros gonna rewind time and do a seven page muta I dont know where the second boss was in Elder ring I had to watch a video to get there are you serious when you get to Margie you just go straight and you go to the castle oh you gotta reset it again no no no no no were good were good were good yeah I remember his second phase being a  __  if youre not you have to always be behind that  __  or else he just absolutely claps your cheeks that will happen in the anime because the stand is just more you know yeah yeah I know I remember seven page muta is one of the coolest part Im just gonna take a little shortcut here okay what I do not remember dying from that holy  __  Im bad I am bad I am bad oh I broke again God damn it I like eating godrics dragonflame oh oh when you get back to the spot where those big stairs are turn left and go up until you find an elevator what big stairs like the the two gates in front of the boss yeah its fixed just have to keep traveling it happens or feet off XD and you go up all the way up the elevator and unlock a door near the first bonfire what okay hold up I think I know what youre talking about he means a shortcut I know I know I know I just never really used it I dont even know if we need it like obviously were not gonna die to the next boss surely surely we dont we dont die to Boreal Boy again sure go oh I love that just swiped all three of them okay we have one tin hallelujah hallelujah interesting name at the big stairs yeah Im gonna try and find it but well see theres so many enemies here bro I went into oh this piss off does this go up oh item got some weed nice ah ah I found it bro I went into fortnite build mode and forgot to switch it to solo now Im doing two hoes no fill I have not played fortnite since  __  2018. is it good is it good now ah thank you my friend you helped me what the hell yo I want this guy stand kill him Hallelujah merkin Im getting the hang of it Applause did I get a stand they got an attack on Titan in fortnite what they have the founding Titan in fortnite oh yep theres the Ambush dont worry we have this big boy that will just wipe them all its so cool I love this one they added Aaron Jaeger and katanas soon theyre gonna add Titans bro are you gonna play DS2 I dont know go back down wait what Im going to the boss that that I free did I forget the to get the actual shortcut its okay I wont need it because Im gonna beat him right now they the day they add one piece to fortnite is the day I I play fortnite again actually I dont know if I want that okay first phase is easy just gotta stay under him and just like beat away at his ass oh  __  yep hes going into into beast mode oh how did I dodge that okay I managed to get behind him foreign oh God how did that hit whats going on oh is that it there we go easy easy easy easy easy the season of fortnite is totally Japanese traveled to the bonfire when you go instead going downstairs with the left down to the right bruh who who you tell Cloud what no what wheres soundtrack oh should I turn off music because I usually add my own you guys you guys want me to turn on Dark Souls 3 music adding one piece soon because in one Twitter post a long time ago they showed a bow and a black screen set to be continued good job I had the hardest time beating really Boreal Boreal was actually pretty easy Once I figured out all you have to do is just stay under him next up theres gonna be a Souls born collab in fortnite oh hell no please no hello from Saudi Arabia damn imagine we just get heaven and just reset the whole we just turned Dark Souls 3 into Ellen ring all right sorry got a quick call haha rivers of blood go Burr wait oh I got I got the Village People wait I got more stands guys creep and its broken oh that ones not broken what okay so we have a pitch Fort oh we have this annoying  __  these annoying things cant wait to eat a double fruit in fortnite tries to swim just sinks oh  __  I havent been upgrading Im not even gonna try and say that because Im gonna butcher it and Ill feel bad but thank you this is really entertaining Im Im bored right now and watching this making time go fast as  __  hell yeah glad youre enjoying it oh every area you get new stands yeah thats thats what I really like its like constantly changing kind of its kind of like every area we go into its kind of like a new season of Jojo like we just constantly switching it up I like it Im gonna upgrade my Vitality because I feel like upgrading damage wont do anything I feel like the mod is set to do a certain amount of damage and thats it and just enough damage which I like this is like the first time Im streaming a main Channel video and not just recording it and uh its a lot more fun Ill be honest so would you would you guys like like to see more like streamed builds and  __  that I do for the main Channel Jojo oh  __  isnt there like a big wolf over there the more he uses Vader in heaven to go of time fast does the stand change with every weapon the stand changes with every with every area and I upgrade my stand by I guess killing certain enemies thats what Ive come to learn why are these stupid dogs attacking me kill there we go youre on my favorite content creators I appreciate that thats dope I think the damn tree will be hard to kill with stands oh my God youre right because of the spores give me this guys a stand hes pretty annoying no no no you know what we need is a stand the big Butcher Boys foreign bosses as stands as so far we havent gotten the boss as a stand so Im not sure oh pitchfork guys good oh pitchfork guys really good how does this mod even work basically uh we have different enemies of Dark Souls 3 and we summon them as stands and each area gives us a new stand you know when they got like red eyes what do you mean oh my God I cant I cant take down the body there we go okay I believe theres an S to Shard over here so lets kill this freakazoid oh God no dont miss why do you miss stop it there we go do I get it as a stand no hell yeah easy okay uh yeah Cloud bushy little Aggie our best content creator is hell yeah dude I love little Aggie and a little Aggie Ive been watching even before I started making Alden Ring videos favorite JoJo stand um let me think Id say golden experience Requiem is really really sick uh well star Platinum obviously is just a classic I think those two are probably some of my favorites you know you know the red giants with a thing on their back that would be a good stand yeah yeah the ones with the giant butcher knife just thought about it Elder ring abilities would be broken in DS3 for sure yeah oh a hundred percent bro imagine imagine a rivers of blood and Eldon are in  __  Dark Souls 3 . take that okay this area is annoying oh I got a new stand Love Shack oh we got it we got it and literally I was just talking about him I was literally just talking about him thats sick hell yeah not gonna lie I kind of liked Hallelujah the most but this guy works he definitely works kill it he doesnt do as much damage I thought to be honest the emperor has to be my favorite pistol interesting goodbye oh oh oh  __  oh  __  oh God not the black magic pick that hey  __  oh whats up lady Im getting the hang of this mod okay just stand there there we go holy  __  oh yeah I dont think you can get stance by killing them you just progress more and get new stands invaded dude Im getting invaded by another stand OG heal this thing I need it no no no stand please stand please oh my God oh my this has to be a joke just kill the damn thing oh hell no oh hell no okay I give up the pig lady looks like big mom get a smaller stand it it didnt work let me get this bonfire so if I die to the spirit I have a my  __  saved where is it there it is stand for stand go oh my God its exactly like the anime so riveting oh God it blocked oh it buried the stand Im alive Im alive all thats all the health I need baby I have a stand never mind  __  just gotta clap dont worry Ill get him Ill get him Music where is he Im not done with him yet where the hell is he ah an enemy stand user and he killed me you need Amber probably use it I have two of them actually hold up before I do anything else I should probably go back to fire Link upgrade my flask and upgrade my health a little bit because Im getting slapped up foreign lets do a prediction when do you guys think part 7 will be animated works very well because Im waiting for that  __  I cannot wait to see  __  steel ball run animated I read like half of it so far and its one of my favorite Parts I know thats probably like a lot of peoples wait I have Crystal I have this guy again so its literally just area based okay thats cool oh I forgot to upgrade the flask Mama Mia Mamma Mia Music it probably wont be animated what 2025 the horses running alone would cost Millions ah I dont know about that but who upgrades it again was it is it this lady or is it the other guy thats the other guy no its like confirmed what Im gonna cry baby I thought it was going to be animated there will be a part seven they confirmed it okay well oh okay there will be foreign I mean thats true if CGI and Anime doesnt look like  __  why why does anybody care about CGI and Anime like Ive never understood that every time someone says oh CGI ruined this I dont even notice what theyre talking about Im not even kidding maybe Im just blind but I I literally dont see it ever what the give me all this  __  Im looted get speared oh thats a oh holy  __  oh my God I got clapped I dont have the key for that I dont believe Hello greetings from Cuba damn Cuba Ive been to Cuba a few times that place is very nice foreign dude  __  berserk 2016 CGI okay that was the I take it back that was the only time that Ive seen CGI look like  __  what I didnt even know he could spear this way okay that thats  __  Scotland holy and you guys are from all around the world the game just closed it was just like  __  this  __  Im out what the heck Im getting trolled Im literally getting trolled JoJos JoJos JoJos you good man good what is your favorite Souls game considering probably Elder ring probably oh what the heck hold on I need to get the the cheat engine started again God damn it why is it doing this to me skeleton swap weeping angels aggression mod Barrel Soul theres a lot of modifiers in this Force enabled Cuts stand color I could change the stand color too damn all right do I have my stands back all right were good my bad guys sorry I I just constantly breaks but its fine lie oh oh the best sales game is light Souls 15. thats my favorite the best Souls game is obviously blocked Souls from Roblox I dont know what you guys are on about I just realized that the gauntlets do look like hermit purple I like that I always used to think part two is my favorite but after getting halfway through part seven thats my new favorite for me my top two is probably part 5 and part seven Lets Open this gate real quick and well do the tree lets see how I could do tree if I could do tree boy all right hello part five hell yeah fellow part five enjoyer kill these warshipers hey hey stop resisting oh oh hell no oh I barely do damage man get that Spore out of here oh  __  Music oh this is gonna be so annoying to deal with what no dont sit on me what I dont remember that I dont remember that probably because I dont ever survive long enough in this first phase okay you know what I what what am I taking damage to what am I taking damage to oh I hate this boss dude its so annoying oh with the stance its so much worse why are you worshiping this man he is literally killing you Im actually Im not having a good time Im not having a good time Im not having a good time this is painful I cant do anything um we might have to skip out on the tree nice I finally took a Spore down oh here we go second phase this is the weird phase get away I freaking hate this boss agree dude agreed its actually fine when you have a normal weapon but with the stands its kind of annoying nice take this  __  down get in there what no please please dont one tap me dont tap me dont want tap me dont okay lets see what you guys are saying it might take a long skill with praying pairing a good idea for this mod secular DLC or eldering DLC while only one of them is gonna actually come out so Elder and DLC yeah another open area you know from software doesnt mess with their DLCs I think you know 100 learning DLC youre the best YouTuber for real I appreciate that oh no oh no hell yeah youre from Brazil you dont speak English thats fine it might be a little hard for you to understand me but hey I mean at least you have the gameplay I need the same Securus play style bro theyre probably gonna release another secular Style game with how big Sakura was oh god oh no the stands are in 15 frames no were good Applause okay I think I can do this I just have to spam my stand at the spores you know just go in on this dont miss there we go speed run them bro Im trying Im trying Im trying Im bad at the game though this is what I hate this is what I hate I hate the acid oh my God can it be any more annoying get your dumb ass out of here there we go thats all I needed oh oh youre dead buddy youre dead I survived you didnt I actually love this mod its so cool its one of the most unique mods Ive played no no no dont grab me dont grab me no it grab my stand hey grab my stand oh  __  oh Im getting assaulted no I hate the hand I hate the hand uh no more acid okay thats it God damn it bro why are you so annoying I hate I hate when I summon the stand and it misses okay wow Ive lost this Ive lost I didnt even get hit but I I dodged I dodged Seven Deadly frames make the best videos for real I appreciate that thank you I just got here is there only one attack per stand yeah there is only one attacker stand Im expecting a lot more difficulty in the Elder ring DLC I mean it it doesnt really matter how hard they make a boss because theres always going to be a way in Elder ring to make the boss easy you know rivers of blood is a great example summons you know elderly just has so much to it that no boss is really hard if you have the right stuff and theres also over leveling which is like just easy to do like my friends who played Elder drink for the first time they literally beat everything with ease with just with our Rob e but maybe theyll theyll find a way to counter everything in the game and just make everything impossible which will be fun yet but uh yeah well see theres like one attack only yeah oh what the heck we have another bro I need to check my summons more we got a new one maybe this one will be better to packs faster maybe the fat lady is all I need wait I havent tried heavy attacking it okay oh so I can block with it too okay there is multiple attacks Im just not looking why why is there more acid all right lets get to here oh my God this attack is so annoying I got big mom we got big mom as theyre summoned piss off okay thank you Music how do you miss that how do you miss that how do you miss that oh hell nah bro please just how do you miss three in a row laughs yeah theres the heavy attack oh  __  weve got the weve got the multiple attack on this hoe lets try it nope its just gonna miss again go go in this is actually starting to get so frustrating oh my God just hit how the hell am I struggling on curse rotted there you go 1K damage in one hit hell yeah okay yeah just hit  __  Narnia all right down we go come on this is the run this is the run this is the Run oh my God the heavy attack does so much damage oh we found a cheat code oh we have found a cheat code no okay Im alive Im alive Im alive Im alive no no no no no oh my God oh this is so dumb oh and it broke again dude boss is like this and wool near are gonna be actual hell thinking about it yeah that works again oh my God youre right nah they definitely they definitely did something to make yorm fine the name the name that stands in the mod after the rock after rock songs like like in JoJo sweet oh child of mine really you have a Discord server for this channel yes I do if you go to any of my videos its in the description you dont get even hit in the head unless you somehow aim for it oh  __  I hope theres a giant killer stand that will help with that try the second phase get out get out get out try in the second phase of the bits on the dispute on the back yeah we could try that yeah I know Guns and Roses but I have not heard of the song more like a storm ruler wait up wheres my Souls oh my God Seven Deadly frames no way that hey how are you alive try to get back while hitting the legs yeah but hitting the legs is hard with the stand because the the delayed attack makes it hard to aim Music bro Im actually so annoyed that Im getting hit by these right now all right we took out all the Minions now we can just focus on hitting this this  __  bothers me when the spores are not hitting properly okay that one was gonna miss obviously I dodged I dodged I dodged saw that I dodged come on nice hit yeah hit that one too no wrong way lady all right were going down yeah maybe maybe I could get help lets try and hit the one on the back nah it doesnt work I need to wait for this acid to run away now that one doesnt have a Spore on it please stop missing oh wait what it hit something it hit something it hit something okay thats probably the bad thing about this mod a delayed hit yeah but you know it gives it a little bit of challenge you know we dont Ive been playing a lot of overpowered mods lately I bet a challenge is fun sometimes if if this thing doesnt miss oh oh Beauty just keep hitting I have to watch out for the stupid hand I bet I bet if Kira was here right now hed be creaming himself over this boss okay now this is gonna be the hard part finishing this thing off because theres not many spores I could hit left foreign other than that back one which I dont even think oh my God it hit come on hit it oh my God its so hard to aim oh no come on come on yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah no no no no no no no no go forward get it no stop missing its so frustrating Im trying to stay away from that stupid  __  hand okay that one hurts no oh yeah I heard it Im pissed Im pissed Im pissed that thats pain thats true pain that is true pain holy  __  dont skip the boss I I wont I wont I had literally had at that time I just screwed up its just bro this boss would be so dead right now if I had if I had accurate shots at the at the spores were good boys its fine well well get this well get this well get this I know what to do you know Ill go for the Outer Outer minions wrong hand yeah true Ill go for the outer Ill go for the outer minions so the boss doesnt spawn in kill all of his minions wont take damage to them hopefully sweet old child of mine die please die oh are you  __  me oh my God he said that one flying okay why does he extend like that all right you know what Im just gonna ignore the other minions Music because hes just gonna do that to them okay lets do this of course its like hes planning its like its like hes doing it on purpose hes doing it on purpose just accept your fate you just have to stay close we dont need no acid there he goes come on just hit that sport its not that hard down we go should you lose like a faster boss because its the same damage uh that would what the  __  I could try and use the Pitchfork guy for the second phase after I beat the middle Spore I could yeah that might be a better idea wrong hand s the boss is playing with his food the boss is an  __  thats what the boss says ow stay focused dont read the chat while fighting I dont I read the chat after I die to the boss dont worry dont worry I got it I got it I got it I got it this is the one this is the one I feel it man I should have just skipped him why did I get myself into this rabbit hole I could have just skipped this  __  ass hes not even mandatory dont wake up dont wake up please dont wake up let me just kill your freakazoids foreign theyre pretty much all dead come on come on ah holy  __  Im so bad bro these hits are so annoying come on just hit it hit hit hit thats a hit thats a hit thats not a hit summon it as soon as its going up yes all right lets try in the Pitchfork on this why is why are you guys here all right well theyre about to die anyways who would be better everything all the stands are slow though thats the thing like I could try this one maybe Music oh my no way this one jumps forward Im gonna uh these legs bro what is this Groot looking ass doing go jump in there nah this ones not that good Im scared of the hands come on die please die I hate you I managed to dodge that somehow I self two flasks I like this one because one good swing can just get no that was in nice go in lady yeah no no no hitting these is the hardest thing okay we need like a jumping go right there nice I hit that I hit that Im just summoning every stand bro okay this one is more easy to hit thats fine thats fine we dont need to be that close anymore nice nice back one dead back one dead what what else is there what else is there what can what else can I hit theres one on his thigh right here lets kill that one oh Im scared of the head bro its scary no uh oh  __  off oh my God that one almost just grab grab me nice hit that sport hit that sport one more hit one more hit nice nice nice nice nice hit this hand yes yes yes ah screw this piece of  __  how do you get stands you just you progressed through and they give them to you yo so if you jump they do a different attack yeah that this stand this stands jumping attack is like a a bunch of hits thats really good www are you gonna do the DLC with this mod probably not probably not the DLC bosses are too  __  hard okay lets go upgrade first lets get our health lets get our health up uh welcome us okay lets do endurance Health lets put strength up just in case or level were very under leveled by the way a level 21 for this area is kind of low uh do I even is there anything to even do in the pit Hollows I dont think there is right finally LOL hello whats up okay what is next wait what am I doing down here you cant do  __  down here not gonna lie I kind of forget where you go I just came back and Cloud Beat the Boss yes sir you know Id be straight beating bosses out here bro oh I believe you go you go back right you go back to the arena and then you turn right through the big gate yeah at least I think so Im kind of sad that the sweet old child doesnt have her um her her black magic ability why so delayed why so why are you so delayed  __  off theres not even a point to upgrade any stance because like you lose them in the next area anyways whats her Sprint attack its just a heavy oh my God I missed it missed again it cant attack itself yeah smack it hahaha hey piss off oh my God please just hit I thought I fell off an edge can you guys piss off please I would not really like to lose my Ember right now okay that works uh I believe if I go this way I go through the rat place and unlock the door is it worth it to get the shortcut um nah we straight oh no that was too much damage I hate how much the stand misses this ones better has a nice swipe attack you know good delay equals Elden ring bosses literally especially  __  yeah I was insane especially Margaret enough all right this I believe goes into the big tower right yo this is live crazy yes it is live no this is pre-recorded and Im just you know replaying it on a live stream Ill just guess what you guys are saying chat onion boy have you ever does he have a unique heavy attack Im not too sure as far as I know I have heavy light attacks and  __  but they dont really do that much okay this area has a big boy so Im scared do his questline hmm does it give me more stands I hate this guy I hate this guy I hate this guy I hate this guy deal with him stand hes literally like a mini dancer its so annoying no no no no stop stop bro what did I do to you all I did was walk in here  __  you no no Im not dead Im Not Dead doubter oh wait no youre not down hey you can make a big boy fall far oh Im here oh the abyss Watchers are next thats whos next oh new stand Boys New Stand unlocked new stand unlocked black crow Blues oh no oh no he doesnt look too good oh  __  okay so Ill do that if uh we really struggle with the arm oh no guys this day doesnt look too powerful oh no oh no no 78 damage Im being trolled and he goes behind me so he blocks me oh my God Im being trolled Im being trolled give me my other stance please now youre gonna struggle with this stand try Sprint test the new standout Sprints trash oh wait maybe I can up oh wait maybe hes not trash maybe hes not trash maybe its not trash lets try this foreign you just have to upgrade them okay hes still kind of trash wait can you just like constantly fight with your stand if its out oh you can you can literally Moodle bro all this time you had special moves nah this is this is unique this is unique to this one okay oh  __  oh  __  I love how when we fight them theyre so cringe but looks can be deceiving yeah Im gonna try Moodle with him what PC do I have uh its a custom one that I built it has an i7 it has a 2060 super card that Ive had for literally years at this point uh uh actually cool thing about my PC I have a special Evangelion motherboard so thats pretty cool I want the crisp oh oh more stance more stance more stands you got more stance yes yes Beastie Boys this one sounds good guys this one sounds good oh yeah lets see what a special is okay hes hes just oh hes got range oh thats important ocean man take me by the hand this is the only song I know oh my God I have a giant crab lets go yo but its crab boy special oh okay so this ones good with long see its based on songs yeah thats cool whats up guys loose Sentinels is that a stand nope this is Horus its Henry I love big crab big crab best stand big crap best stand ocean man best stand look at him hes so cool all right lets upgrade yes foreign pretty good Beastie Boys is a group oh okay I gotta add Ocean man back to my playlist that was fired welcome husband very well then level up level up I think whenever you get it to a new bonfire you get new stands hip-hop group back in the 80s and 90s oh cool uh lets get more stamina we need more hits maybe big crab can be a legendary stand backs you can unequip your Shield then your Dodge will be better I think that Shield is part of the mod or I feel like it is oh yeah see I need it for the mod I think oh no no never mind yeah lets remove it lets do it there we go no JoJo character Stans name might be my favorite part of Jojo I love figuring out the references yeah it is it is very cool lets try Beastie Boy Beastie Boy come on 200 damage oh my God bro holy  __  its so hard to hit these things ocean ocean man requiem oh crap boys the best I hated like a thousand damage hell yeah bro hell yeah ocean man no he did 500 my bad I didnt read it right swamps is my favorite location why just why do you like punishing yourself ocean man its gonna destroy the abyss Watchers oh Im invaded again oh isnt this like the armor set yeah thats my favorite armor set the Fallen Knight armor in this game love it all right Im gonna go Im just quickly stomp this summon or the stand where is it where is it okay its just not here all right well Im just gonna continue Miyazaki in the chat oh no Im dead here yeah you like that oh my god oh  __  mans cracked ocean mans cracked oh  __  oh  __  bro Bros using hierophant green or higher prep blue I guess Miyazaki in the chat where okay even with ocean man I kind of I kind of still died lets equip my new armor I dont know why it keeps telling me that Ill have my spells removed thats kind of weird but we got the cool armor now it looks like I have like a giant  __  suit ever remember right ocean man has a bubble attack big crap stronger than Dark Souls boss big crab solos this area I believe this is the right way oh I have to go do the towers no my stand broke again okay I just have to run I just have to run I just have to run run run its not like those weapons will do me any good tried Dodge Im  __  I was going the right way before I thought I had the shortcut unlocked already oh God I need the next bonfire I dont have my stand oh Im dead here foreign this  __  is still chasing me fall down a lot no thats too much Im dead that was right there all I have to do is press a Im brain dead oh thats so tough dude thats all right what do you guys see that oh my God I have the the spray oh how did I not notice that before thats sick I have ocean Man spray lets kill the hole Beach hey whats up oh God oh God oh God oh God lets kill the hole eat congratulations you found the fire congratulations oh it it does no damage well to be fair he was blocking lets see preferably dont miss oh my God stop missing no no bubble beam its a literal Pokemon you piece of  __  go crab go hes so good hes healing dont let that happen yeah we sat on him oh I got his Club Exile great sword that looks like gutss sword am I tripping yeah you should upgrade the Mana thing I dont know if I can upgrade anything thats the thing all right maybe well get another stand with this Bond oh I got another stand I just saw that all right lets see what this one is Wild Thing oh its one of those creatures special attack oh oh what the heck hes ascending nah bro ocean man my favorite Im an ocean fan oh ocean man enjoyer okay this area I always hated because its so  __  confusing and annoying but I believe we just have to follow the fire theres also an Estus flat uh Shard somewhere around here oh there it is who had tight night oh my God ocean man hell yeah all right lets get rid of this how many is there is there two or three I cant remember how many how many towers are there two or three theres one two in the back three okay for some reason I thought there was four but that cant be right yeah theres yeah theres three the uh theres three chalices okay Bing Bong  __  your life what is your favorite Dark Souls 3 boss uh soul of Cinder probably hes the coolest soul of Cinder um whats that nameless King is he looks dope but hes not fun three you idiot  __  it based you know I Im just going off the nameless King by looks because I actually have never even beaten the nameless King imma be honest when I first played this game I finished it and I didnt know about him well I knew about him but I just didnt know how to get to him Im also still poisoned yeah its an old version because uh it didnt work are you gonna do the DLC uh Ive done it have you thought of playing the wulong game Ive seen it but I dont know it looks kind of cool is that the one thats kind of like secure that has the secular mechanics I dont know what did you think about the boss scale I thought Gail was really cool I liked I liked his boss design a lot but the thing with Gail is he kind of got spoiled for me because I did a randomizer before I played the DLC and I got instead of a yorm I got Gail so I already knew how to fight him and I knew a lot about him but I I like them he wasnt that hard oh  __  purple mist yeah two could play at that game dude can play at that game two could play at that game it does a hundred damage just spitting at him yeah thats dope what is that noise what the  __  damn this game was really hard on my first round of DS1 I what do I do after cap or demon and gargoyles oh that was hard for me too uh basically you have to go down and then theres like a in the main Church area you have to go wait wait what do you do I can you have to go like back yeah so what you have to do is you have to go down and theres this like this Forest Area and you have to go through that in order to get to the next area I think new pure gameplay will come what do you mean what its supposed to be like Neo I played it and its pretty fun but its an acquired taste I say Ive never even played new new and I dont know how to say that for any Souls game uh uh Im gonna be honest I dont know what you mean foreign I see thanks Im sorry I cant really oh  __  the thing the thing with my playthrough is I I took the master key as my keepsake so I had the shortcut at the fire link shrine so if you have the master key its much easier oh God piss off imagine having that as a stand breakfast oolong is The Last Airbender sekiro and Elden ring had a three-way oh so its like secure Airbender and Elden ring interesting all right all three are lit lets do it lets go to the abyss Watchers the boss that gave me absolute pain God s got which way did I come from oh over there I love going into the poisony swamp its so much fun I love the part where I Abyss Watcher time yay we love the abyss Watchers theyre totally not hell wait what the heck the soup healed me thank you whats the most fun mod youve played youve used on Elden ring trying to decide what my first one should be um the most fun mod is either zenitsu or Levi but I would personally Choose zenitsu Or Levi because xenot21 you kind of dont play the game you kind of just Blitz everything and kill everything at one tap but if thats interesting to you then play that one but me personally Id say Levi was is probably the best mod Ive played so far did I go the wrong way or something I do not remember this no no heres oh you piece of  __  oh you piece of  __  oh you piece of  __  theres a bonfire right there yeah there you go I mean have you ever thought of making a long Series in any Souls game yeah but like heres the thing right is when I did the part two stuff the part two never really does as well as the part one usually because I think on YouTube especially nowadays like art series people just dont want to watch they just dont like it you know they want to do it in one thing and theyre done theyve already forgotten about it I just got a new stand which is cool yeah this is where I farmed most of my Souls so because of that I dont really do long series and also you know with the anime builds its not really like a challenge per se because with challenge runs you want to see the person beat the challenge by beating the game but with like anime mods and  __  like once youve seen the mod on one boss youve kind of seen it on everyone so thats why I try and like you know change it up and stuff but yeah thats thats really it just watch the Levi mob video Ill probably go with that because just flying around is fire literally reenacting the scene from aot yeah that was so sick dude that was so sick that was literally one of my favorite things because that scene from aot is literally one of my favorite anime scenes of all time its I just even to this day I still re-watched its so sick farewell I shouldnt want me all right lets do the  __  Watchers give me anytime whats the hardest Dark Souls 3 boss you face the abyss Watchers the abyss Watchers and the uh Soul Cinder youre almost easy boy uh dancer was also hell oh lets test the new stand oh is it wait that looks like a knight of Gail what the heck I love your videos thank you I appreciate that I watched all of Toradora twice farming here dude I was watching bleach while farming here thats I literally watched like almost all of bleach farming here all right Abyss it looks like Brier Oh I thought it was a night of Gale oh I hate these guys so much what go oh my God it does so much damage oh my God Im already getting assaulted okay this actually might be easy with the stand all right heres the strap when second one comes in you give up you wait what pontiff okay red eyes come on red eyes yeah fight each other fight each other oh theyre having a three-way huh no not that one keep that one alive we need crap we need Mr Krabs yes I just okay Second Face instant second phase its the second phase no way no way oh this ones hell this ones hell Im gonna first try them I believe oh I dont believe much anymore after that Im scared Im scared Im scared  __  this guy man no I forgot he does a combo on that oh how did I dodge oh my God oh my God oh my God  __  this boss is so cool I told you theyre easy because you gotta stand they got no HP does he have a special move I dont think so from what Ive seen no oh it broke again no dude we were so close that first phase though was so funny they just cluttered together and I just Mr Krabs them both okay its working again all right all right second phase I mean second try I got this i got this I just the I I made a mistake because I was hitting before he did a combo and I didnt mean to do that but it just kind of happened try doing it long range yeah but I dont have many long range stands thats the problem this guy seems to be very good because he goes a little bit forward so Im probably gonna use him oh he is he this one has range sprinting attacks makes them go forward okay that I realized that we got this oh  __  oh  __  oh  __  oh  __  all right go oh hell no okay Im not doing as good as last time as the second one spawned in yet oh I need my Souls nice all right now we just wait for the third one to get in no stop time no not yet at least I hope so one day where the  __  is red eyes I think walnir will be more difficult than wool would a hundred percent like this just grab them just grab them easy wins easy wins oh  __  here we go that was so dumb why did I do that okay all right Abyss oh I forgot the firewall oh my God honestly I think Mr Krabs is best here Mr Krabs just does so much damage just continue with Mr Krabs yeah thats what I was thinking okay keep them down okay thats this is unfair I cheesed it no Mr Krabs why did you stop oh he figured it out he figured it out he figured it out youre dead buddy youre dead buddy this is the end for you yes easy have you done multiplayer content I have a stream where I did the Coliseum update if you want to see that I see why you said its hellish uh it was easy with Mr Krabs Mr Krabs the  __  goat holy  __  that was awesome Mr Krabs bro Mr Krabs is need I say more well all right endurance lets do that Vitality no no we need strength  __  vitality all right bless Mr Krabs is feeling it now are you feeling it Mr Krabs are you feeling it strength filled Mr I still havent found an undead bone Shard thats kind of sad let him cook now let him cook let him cook now I love this mod this mod is so cool its perfect get me down there isnt for after wool year you will not be able to pass into Israel oh the catacombs Bad to the Bone oh yes we keep Mr Krabs lets go lets go yes my favorite my favorite stand lets go bro this guy doesnt hit what yeah take out these bones what if you end up doing the DLC with the mod sister freeze is going to be a nightmare sister freed was a nightmare in itself bro sister freed literally gave me  __  a tumor in my brain oh Im dead oh mine all right guys this is the Strat for the ball right you sit right here itll never hit you it will never hit you see see I got the strats and let the ball take out the skellies and then youre good youre being Chillin youre being chilling here right to Perry nah man I Im not Im not a Perrier we have stands we dont need to Parry not gonna lie I forget how you go through the catacombs this is Mr Krabs journey to find the panties this is Mr Krabs Journey oh  __  to become the number one stand in the land out ball it worked is that a wheel okay I believe theres theres a bonfire around here hey buddy its all like Titanite will do anything for us you guys ready for wool near if I cant beat wolnir I I dont know I might have to just turn off the stands you know but Mr Krabs with his AOE and crazy damage might be able to do it he might actually be able to do it I think I made a mistake here yep I I made a mistake oh wow I have no Undead bone Shard did I miss them all oh  __  oh  __  oh  __  oh  __  Im just avoiding everything because like no one needs to kill them yes Mr Krabs can Mr Krabs kill these though no nobody  __  can kill these theyre unkillable theyre literally unkillable need to upgrade your flasks yeah but I I honestly forget the location of Undead bone shards but its a wool near time so thats exciting Ive got my music final exam on Friday wish me luck I wish you luck my friend are you playing music or are you just writing music theory or I dont know is like the exam to actually play music or is it not if I beat well near first try youre gonna pass your exam with flying colors if not well try your best I guess what what what excuse me excuse me what ah no I thought it was I thought it was broken for a second I would have been so sad good luck uh I need it bro I need it till its corpse there was nothing even there oh God run oh this guys such an ass Mr Krabs  __  Bros fighting in hell Rose in hell oh God oh one ring down one ring down okay its literally two hit with Mr Krabs Mr Krabs is literally the goat oh hes summoning hes using his sand now one ring down come on this is it oh God I dont see whats happening not good oh no no no no no I went too far I went too deep I went too deep I went too deep uh after the stairs where the layer is rolling theres a mage on the right you need to kill him and then the layer collapses and burning piece of bone balls up after the stairs were the theres a mage in here okay well I think I could beat it with just Mr Krabs the best stand ever bro summon the Anubis do you guys think it would be better to kill the ring on the the single ring and then kill the SEC the hand with two rings because the hand with two rings I could do both at once and I could possibly  __  I got hit by that and I could possibly skip the last phase looks like Im failing yeah no uh hey hey I got close I thought I was gonna get packed free cheat code to not use any flasks bro summoned the Anubis I already read that but I dont know how I wish I had Anubis imagine having a literal  __  Pharaoh or some  __  okay all right Im going for this hand Im going for this hand Okay g chill hey whyd you retract God damn it stop retracting I mean he is a cool boss I just dont like him no the boss summoned the Anubis sword oh dude he keeps retracting the hand okay I thought I dodged that thats my bad all good all good this is actually  __  stupid I cant hit the hand what happened I hit it what okay Ill take it Mr Krabs Mr Krabs I have to get away I have to get away after get away how the  __  am I in that how the  __  did I get that get I hit get hit by that hes yeah ah that was tough that that that pained me I kind of look like jodaro mixed with like some curly haired  __  I dont know it would be cool a uh Rohan he should be build but I dont know how you would do Rohan in any game no no way no way Im actually being trolled Im actually being trolled all right lets use one more Ember bro are you  __  who are you I literally have to use all my flasks to heal this health bag maybe the Skeleton Man would be better for Wilbur since hes fasting the crab yeah but the crab does crazy damage and he has a giant AOE so even if I do like so I have a better chance of hitting it you know how to see the bakkie build but good luck with that is is this with that is this game what I missed a  __  bro just use Justice sand I wish I hate when he comes forward its so annoying maybe thats a hit nope he retracts  __  not fast enough hes gonna  __  slap me here stop retracting your stupid ass hand what the hell do I do Music that miss is really bad oh my God I one tapped that rig Im dead Im dead Im dead no way I live ah I literally just use observation hockey to dodge that thats what Im saying this is it foreign oh my God Ive hit it so many times I cant be behind them yes easy I didnt even take a hit bro hitless my Strat worked in the end lets go dude holy  __  oh oh that was painful but we did it in the end that was dope were getting through this quite quickly honestly for what its worth and I get my souls and oh 30k soul is beauty um of course you need to go through the temple of the depths and get the doll to go to Israel whats it is Israel the um is Israel the uh DLC area I cant believe we struggled the most on the  __  the guy the random guy I want to see what stand I get next were here boys oh this is what you mean by Israel look at that oh we got a  __  we got magicians red is our nice next one look at this magicians red boys magicians red cold as ice oh the stand pulled on me oh decent decent foreign boys I think Im gonna end it there um I might stream the rest in the coming days I dont know but I probably you need to beat the deccans to get in yeah I know I know well probably do that another time because I gotta go um but thank you everyone who who joined I hope you guys enjoyed I think this mod is really  __  sick and end it I just joined I was Im sorry Im sorry but yeah Mr Krabs was so much fun to use Mr autocorrect killing me thanks for the stream though thank you guys for tuning in it was a lot of fun um and yeah Ill probably edit this video upload it I dont know if this is enough for a video but well see so yeah you guys should see this in the next coming weeks and we will probably stream it again thank you everyone thank you thank you thank you Ill see you next time W fans thank you guys again for 100k I forgot to even mention that on live thank you so much uh plaque is coming soon I think I think its on the way and well well show that but yeah goodbye boys thanks so much steamed blue crab recipe PLAYING THE JOJO DARK SOULS 3 MODMod: #darksouls #jojo #jojomod non steam game won't launch steam foil badge crusader kings 3 steam can i play games offline on steam steam maintenance schedule