I finished Dark Souls with 0 Deaths (No Cheat)

Free online steam games to play with friendssaving steam games to external hard drive DARK SOULS™ III here we go its epic ew im so gross and fat ew okay well so far nothing bad is here how do i get in there maybe i can get like a ball to oh my god there is a ball ah dude people say this game is hard pathetic i love how you see looking at you hey buddy why did you come down today mate ah  __  i forgot about that god  __  damn it i know theres like an area in the beginning that you can kind of cheese your way through right oh can you jump down there right it looks like zero dabs are one all right so were starting up the live stream here i dont know what happened really crazy son of a snake Applause what the f who threw that whos ever doing that youre going to be pissed off that you did that ow i dont remember how i beat this boss to be honest oh  __  jump then you little  __  how did that know here clearly this strategy is working out impeccably very good so far he  __  turned around oh his balls are claiming me he better not be fast go go go go go go go dont hit me dont give me my camera all right so thats how you do it on the first try its whatever come here this guys so annoying oh theres the kick eat ass what do you learn to aim in rat school idiot dude look at my bony ass i want to have a thick ass its not fun all right all right he doesnt actually go inside the fire oh he does hes gonna fall for it three times dont call peter dont call peter please Music no mulligan i get one mole again thats right pretty bad two milligans you get two mulligans ah what im alive no oy oy hes always gonna die oh he cant die god damn stop it oh hes my new best friend oh my god this oh yeah this is a bad idea here we go its a party yeah yeah oh wheres your friend huh yeah thank you oy zero dabs pretty good so far slow roll is good for this fight two lasers and  __  how long does this happen is he presenting himself thats right thats right im too poppy Music double hit ah no oh oh god oh oh you cant hit me im swedish 15 meatballs oh come to poppy come too poppy we have to go for it so this is where you meet a dark knight that can actually drop a really good weapon because this is how the speedrunners do it right they just run here cool so literally he doesnt no uh how do i do the thing how do i do the thing oh oh i get the black knight halberd we have the halbert so it should be really strong lets go gamers zero deaths okay here we go oh my god Music Laughter oh my its gaming week gaming week lets do this gamer to gamer i feel like im not prepared at all oh yeah he starts off with that im stuck its all right its gaming week these things happen count them for me boys count them for me can i just one shot it nice knowing yet i remember this oh thats why i remember it nine year olds look away oh wow its a cute little snake what an easy boss oh my god going for the knees boys zero deaths this place sucks it feels like actually going down sewers oh god look at these big boys whoa welcome to blighttown maybe try and fight him over somewhere else thats what i think of you and your shitty town cool so were still at the beginning of this god-awful  __  place should i go down there theres a guy there lets go gamer time dont use those giant rocks at me all right jesus oh theyre enough noted noted all right chaos of cool lug more like ugly eagle  __  i forgot about the explosion it doesnt count if the e girls kill you this is the first rule of dark souls can you freak off with the stones literally no more stones you see you dont have stuff where did he get this to know from i dont know when theyre throwing them its really stop with the stones please oh no it was poison i wasnt paying attention it doesnt count if you were not paying attention look at that oh yeah getting them good over here doing a lot of damage big on top zero depths thats how its done thank you very much jump here look at that i ride the ferris wheel this is epic fun time epic a b b no one ass literally no one asked me and now we climb very epic bush all right all right buzz off ah he pushed me the bee pushed me Music how can b push how can we push ill get his head now i wear skirt you know whats the lamest animal ever made thats right ah no not again god not like this oh shoot its okay dont panic just keep running just keep running all right we jump here its cool boys i just want to talk skirt gang skirt gang this time im ready why you sit hello oh my god what onion got me killed you idiot wait was i not supposed to kill him trap ahead wont happen to me no skirt get hurt oh wow ball gang near where to explode i dont know if you guys noticed but hes bombing the place hes bombing the plane hes bumping the gaming weak game skirt game all right ive had enough of your balls skirt gang why is his weapon so overpowered uh no no were shooting those oh my god dude chill oh my god theres children ah you cant hit me skirting theyre shooting  __  harpoons dude how is that even legal you see that death counter we played so far i dont know how many hours but a lot of hours have been playing no deaths zero death has occurring has been occurring has occurred Music got him got the gamer what are you gonna do theres a pillar there thats so embarrassing hes so embarrassed ah he missed you call that a swing oh god oh god first try  __  yeah what is that weapon and how did you get it all strength no skill this is the best part big titty anime girlfriend hallelujah they are so large shes so large the sad part about this is that all thoughts must be exterminated fs in the chat so  __  anime im sorry oh no what it died no oh my god i was trying to hit patent keanu reeves wants to know your location oh god i better bounce bonfire ahead where oh they checkmate i dont remember this hes sucking me oh my god is ever all three of four of them gonna suck me oh my god that  __  suck again you get this son Applause no ah hes gonna chop me ah it doesnt count if the treasure eats you thats the number one rule of dark soul you have to destroy oh yeah Music oh its getting chopped oh its getting chopped oh its getting chopped oh its chop gamers chop chop chop pay to win weapon oh you can do a shortcut here watch this gamer just as planned gamers oh yeah thats a shortcut baby oh god its the wheels oh its the wheels its the wheels oh its the goddamn wheels oh they dont stop oh god oh we did it thank god that was close all right hardest boss of the game here we go gamers oh my god oh god um no oh god are there other things out there hello hey get out of the way get out of the way get out of the way get out of the way gamer hes slapping my ass ah i have a lantern no lanterns are for  __  oh yes i remember this bold son of a  __  oh thanks how about you go first ill follow you oh look how much treasure thats awesome why i pushed him that makes no sense i just got on my way oh god is there anything down here oh what the hell are you doing down here dude gamer get out of here its dangerous oh god i killed her im sorry ah hey look guys theres a way okay how do i fight nito i completely forgot what the hell is that bad no not now im drinking slurp its called timing gaming week bye all right gamers its skirt time bet of chaos more like my bed oh god imagine having 20 yes this blast and still dying Music im almost there gamer but i still have to fight him just go down damn it no Music are you kidding me Music Music im done give me give me week is over give me wicked summer game gaming got to be careful we have zero depths are you kidding oh you all right guess i gotta restart okay so were back i replayed the game Music praise the sun my gamers hope you guys enjoyed this video smash like if you enjoyed subscribe if you havent were almost at 100 million i wanted this video to mark the end of gaming week weve been live streaming this as often as i can its been really really fun and its been fun to bring back gaming to this channel but all things must come to 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