How Dark Souls Perfected Difficulty in Video Games

Stock game steamsteam game giveaways DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED dark souls or maybe soulsborne or sacrodemon demon dark i dont know dark blood the genre of games infamous for testing your sanity as well as testing the dexterity of your controller god damn it i was what hit away oh wait oh god these are so expensive now what did i do speak to me please i i dont know what came over me i didnt want this for you okay im sorry i didnt want to be the one to say this but youre going to have to buy an off-brand walmart controller i was late to the dark souls pain party i played sakuro in 2019 and i played dark souls for the first time in 2020. i was so late it was like i never got an invite at all and i showed up to dark souls house nearly a decade later with a party platter uh hey dark souls i am i brought crackers uh can i come in for years i watched my friends get their asses absolutely obliterated by bosses in dark souls never really understanding why theyd put themselves through this torture is this even fun this game looks infuriating man and my friend will look up at me like a seasoned broken veteran and say you really have to play it to understand at the time i didnt think much of it thats how most video games are right i mean yeah sure watching someone play call of duty isnt that different than playing it yourself you shoot some guys you get a helicopter to shoot more guys have an eight-year-old call you an ugly  __  you can get a pretty accurate experience from the sidelines but playing dark souls actually sitting down and overcoming the challenges this game throws at you is a feeling i have never experienced from any other type of game and it has now forever changed my enjoyment of other games dark souls has a great way of making you feel like the loser and im not talking about how every 12 seconds it says you  __  lose again  __  try again im saying the world is bigger and scarier than you the enemies are faster and tougher than you and most of the time you are not meant to succeed but you can and you will if this stupid-ass ghoul stops sucker punching me from the shadows you squid it stop ive never seen difficulty handled like how dark souls does it before most games will fabricate a hard mode out of thin air by spawning five goblins instead of three or by raising the bad guys health and damage bars and taking a baseball bat to your health and damage bar whoa what was that lets go check it out gang whoa this must be a message from the gods above i cant believe it what does it mean Music if the game creates an artificial difficulty that asks nothing more from the player other than to waste more time on each enemy the player isnt going to feel more rewarded when they win theyll just have wasted more time games with difficulty sliders werent specifically designed with every difficulty in mind so often youre going to find those games to be unfairly difficult on hard or stupidly easy on easy theres no correct difficulty dark souls doesnt have difficulty settings its perpetually stuck on  __  you and because of that it allows the designers to create gameplay to perfectly match that one difficulty so while i might get the pudding punched out of me by a boss other players can play the entire game without getting hit because its difficulty through design not artificially increased numbers and im aware this isnt news okay people use dark souls as a way to describe difficult things uh hey man uh heard you got a new cat yeah i i did actually um hes kind of the dark souls of cats oh what the hell does that mean come on you son of a  __  i said no more catnip defeating a boss in dark souls is seriously one of the most rewarding satisfying feelings you can get from playing a video game because you learned his attacks you mastered the arena maybe you found out a weakness or a trick to the fight that fits your specific playstyle the point is you worked hard for that win i mean come on if your favorite ice cream place had a bouncer you had to fight before you could get some ice cream i imagine when you finally got a taste it would be pretty good oh wow strawberry the sweaty hands the fast heartbeat watching your enemy like a hawk knowing that any moment you could die because well you did like 29 times already this is a physical and mental reaction ive never received from another video game and listen ive played lots of video games okay ive got platformers and puzzlers of plenty ive got fighters and shooters galore you want skyrims ive got 20. and literally none of this  __  has affected me like dark souls has and i could go on and on about the world of dark souls the incredibly unique enemy designs the interesting and varied landscapes that tell a story through its gameplay and exploration but this video isnt necessarily about the actual game its about this weird soul bond ive found with these types of games no pun intended that honestly i wish i would have found a long time ago now unfortunately the bittersweet side effect of this amazing feeling is that now other games comparatively feel lackluster in a way oh why does an animal crossing invigorate me like dark souls does theres a few games that came close to scratching that dark souls itch hades being at the top of that list which by the way if you havent played hades yet go play it its  __  amazing but that magic formula that these games have created how you always want to get to that next bonfire that next boss the next weapon the next i dont know uh this  __  thing there is nothing like it dark souls has single-handedly forever changed how i look at difficulty in video games and part of that can probably be attributed to the fact that some people can just play this game and one hit everything that comes their way what am i looking at here this thing kicked my ass two seconds ago and im by no means an expert of these types of games and if you know me i like to play games blind the first time i play them get out of my way google i dont need you i could go on this adventure by myself and so the boy went on to die a million times this genre of games is truly a special one and i know it took me a while to get here but i am now hooked for life and i hope i did a pretty good job at showing you how dark souls perfected difficulty in video games but the truth is you really gotta play it to understand you steam r What have I been missing all these years...?Subscribble for more viddles ► Merch! ► Twitter! ► Facebook! ► Twitch! ► Instagram! ► SUPER ANIMATOR ► Join! 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