Dark Souls Remastered PC Unlimited Souls Glitch // Infinite Souls Glitch PC Dark Souls Remastered

Ac valhalla steam deckhow to remove game history from steam DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED Music although our unlimited souls glitch video did really well weve had a lot of pc players say that they cant do it this is due to the system menu having an extra tab called pc settings but we have a way around it so with that being said im liam bartlett and this is the dark souls remastered unlimited souls glitch for pc i will make you a deal here if you use this and it works youve got to hit that subscribe button so hard that you need to buy a new keyboard so before you do anything plug in a controller and also make sure that you have a stack of arrows to get the most out of this glitch you should use 999 arrows but any number is fine so step one find the sole item you wish to duplicate and change the order in your inventory you need to put it in the second slot step two from here use the directional buttons on your controller to scroll to the right until you reach the arrows tab step three click on the arrows select drop and choose the max amount of arrows i have 999 because i want to get the most out of this glitch now click cancel step four press r1 to scroll through the tabs and stop at the system menu five scroll down not up to brightness from here press x and then r1 with a tiny delay in between if you do it wrong youll be moved to another tab simply press l1 to come back to the system menu and you can try it again youll know youve done this part right because youll now be in the brightness menu and the text at the top left of your screen will be overlapping with another menu step six from here scroll down and press ok seven hover your mouse over quick game and then click it with the x button on your controller step eight youll get a quantity menu appear choose the max amount because i have 999 arrows i can choose 999. now hit okay now youll pop hundreds of thousands to millions of souls easily so go level yourself up buy some crazy armor and have fun for anyone looking for the console version of this the link should appear now ill also pop it in the comments we are streaming a glitch playthrough of dark souls remastered every saturday at the moment so please do come say hello and dont forget our deal if this worked for you youve got to hit that subscribe button so hard that you punch a hole through your desk so that is it for our dark souls remastered unlimited souls glitch for pc if you like the video please go ahead and do just that and dont forget to subscribe so you can stay up to date with everything glitchy for more glitches and exploits on your favorite games you can follow us on twitter at gamingexploits or you can visit our website at awesome free games on steam Doing the Dark Souls Remastered unlimited souls glitch for PC is a little different compared to the Dark Souls Remastered unlimited souls glitch for console. In this video well show you how to do the Dark Souls Remastered PC unlimited souls glitch easily every single time. It works for any soul item that except boss souls, it also works to duplicate unlimited humanities in Dark Souls Remastered on PC. If you want hundreds of thousands or even millions of free souls in Dark Souls Remastered for PC, this unlimited souls glitch has you covered! If you managed to duplicate infinite souls in this unlimited souls glitch for PC in Dark Souls Remastered, please drop a sub! // JOIN US // Come Join The Conversation In Our Discord Server YouTube Membership Perks / // S U B S C R I B E // New Videos Every Friday & Streams Every Saturday Current Sub Count: 13,178 // PEOPLE WE WORK WITH // These are the companies we work with, any purchase you make here will result in us receiving a small commission :) Amazon (Jeff Bezos’ Humble Store) More Coming // OUR EQUIPMENT // All of these links will take you to Amazon, if you make a purchase we will receive a small commission :) Camera: Capture Card: Monitor: Greenscreen: Keyboard: Mouse: Ring Light: Chair: Microphone: Headset: Console: Controller: // FOLLOW US // Website / Twitter / Merch / Discord / YouTube / YouTube Membership Perks / // OUR MERCH // // OTHER VIDEOS YOU’LL LOVE // Skyrim Glitches That Still Work: Liam Rinsing The Community At Among Us: How to defeat the Porky Puff in Biomutant: // SOME ARTICLES YOU’LL LOVE // Top 10 Chilled indie games to play: Rocket League XP Boost Glitch: #DarkSoulsRemasteredUnlimitedSoulsGlitch #DarkSoulsRemasteredSoulsGlitch #DarkSoulsRemasteredUnlimitedSoulsGlitchPC steam lessons for elementary steam how to downgrade games symphony of the night steam steam game awarda steam deck dual boot windows 11