Dark Souls Remastered PC: A Huge Boost Over The Original! Plus: PC vs Xbox One X Analysis!

Fun online steam gamesgood pc steam games DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED Music Music Music Music Dark Souls is back the punishing and rewarding game release from 2011 makes its way back unto PC its first showing on PC in 2012 was quite the technical blunder with a locked framerate and locked resolution the game only really started to shine as community modders took up the helm where the creators had not with such a low starting point this release only has one direction to go and hopefully its up so how does it stack up getting right into the game the remastered release honestly looks quite a lot like their prepare to die edition of the game it even has that same startup quirk where it is initially windowed until it recognizes that as screen priority but it sure looks different in one big way text and font resolution thankfully this time around UI and HUD elements all render natively at the resolution of your choosing and speaking of resolutions they actually worked this time around even 21 by 9 resolutions are all choosable from the in-game options menu so like any real and decent PC version worth its salt Dark Souls remastered queries the windows resolution list so this time around the game will actually draw at the resolution you choose and have no problem with down sampling in the form of DSR or vs are beyond resolution of your choice you can apply a double buffered vsync or make the game run in borderless window and windowed mode giving you triple buffering beyond those immediate differences from the previous release you may be looking a bit side-eyed at the rest of the options available here in the menu as I am as well it is pretty bare-bones here honestly your firstly given direct control over the games anti-aliasing this time offering four different presets instead of a simple toggle like last time around anti-aliasing can be set to OFF which even went down sampling from 4k to 1080p leaves quite a lot of visual noise in the image Music then you have FXAA which is that typical soft FXAA we all know what works reasonably well with downsampling leaving though much to be desired at lower resolutions like 1080p native then youre given FX AAA high which works slightly differently and has a cleaner resolve than standard FX a here the edge quality with FX a a high is reasonable but it really works best when combined with down sampling then there is a temporal anti-aliasing which seems to be of the temporal super sampling variety so in terms of quality here youre looking at temporal anti-aliasing being the best choice for pretty much any situation it covers up the noise on internal edge objects really well at 1080p and when down sampled from 4k like youre on this chainmail vest as well as having superior edge quality in comparison to its single frame cousins Music it is a tiny bit soft of course like all accumulation temporal AAA tends to be but should you think so you can easily combine it with an out of program sharpening filter to your liking like found in riche aid when combined with Nvidias down sampling here with Gaussian smoothing set to 0% the image looks stupendously clean and rather sharp in my opinion after those 4 anti-aliasing options you have the ability to turn on and off motion blur this time around instead of using a very simplistic and often incorrectly applied per object motion blur darksouls remastered has a proper per pixel motion blur which applies to both screen and object movement the camera motion blur is rather low at 60fps and ends up not being too intrusive as darksouls unlike an FPS game for examples not have you swinging the camera wildly usually the per object blur this time around though is rather fantastic and enhances darksouls excellent animations removing those gaps you see in movement at 60fps and lending that extra oomph of weight and exaggeration to the hefty timed and awesome animations that the game has swinging at spy Honda has never looked better after this youre giving the ability to toggle depth of field its rather nice for those who dislike that general haze in the distance and Dark Souls games but its not that big of a difference interesting to note here is that modifying the resolution of the game seems to have changed the appearance of depth of field unfortunately but not disastrously so screen space ambient occlusion is also toggleable in the menu and is a new addition to Dark Souls 1 filling in those cracks and corners and shadowed regions it is a rather subtle ambient occlusion in the end in comparison to other implementations found in other games but it is a nice addition to round out dark soulss visual style since the game really doesnt use much real-time lighting and shadowing any help there is greatly appreciated in the form of shading so yeah a rather bare-bones graphics menu but it does make a bit of sense the game is more or less in an untouched state in many ways in this remastering the original Dark Souls did not have those lowered quality assets or lower quality shaders put in place probably to allow for low and high settings for things like objects few distances etc so the original code doesnt allow for much leeway for changing graphical options most likely and that best we are given at least superficial post-processing changes rather than options which deeply affect the look of the game with that being said these options are kind of funny in the end I will talk about that more in depth later in the video but Dark Souls remastered does not allow you to uncap the framerate to see how things are actually running also I really dont have any hardware on hand that can run the game consistently below 60 fps so for this review I could not reasonably measure the appreciable differences in performance that the graphical options allow even at 3840 by 2160 so the way I could really only gauge performance of turning on and off ambient occlusion motion blur or the various anti-aliasing methods or depth of field was by watching the GPU utilization when toggling them in real time and you know what I could not see any appreciable difference in GPU load when turning them on and off at 4k on a gtx 1070 they are apparently stupidly cheap at most youre seeing a few extra percentage maybe three or four percent of GPU load when you have them running versus not having them running that is both great and bad the game runs really well out of the box GPU eyes with no fiddling which is wonderful but if you do want to fiddle and affect the performance of your rig in a meaningful way the game offers you next to nothing to do there as these superficial post-processing options dont affect the performance in any way really that is noticeable but well talk about performance and left PS numbers later getting back into graphics this is easily the best the game has ever looked due to those additional effects that the graphical options allow you to toggle and yes even better than the original release on PC with dsfix as tom is covered and is look at the console versions of the game the game looks so much better at high resolutions here and with native post-processing effects that are tuned for the art there are new textures here and there specular maps are applied to textures where they did not have them previously grass ways it just looks better in small ways yes even in spite of the fact that environment maps apply to metal differently in Firelink shrine there are even two other subtle graphical tweaks that surprised me looking at your withered hollowed face in the game opening it becomes immediately apparent this time around Dark Souls remastered appears to have applied a subtle subsurface scattering to the skin on certain textures mainly visible on your character face or on other undead beyond this the game surprisingly also makes use of parallax occlusion mapping out a number of surfaces where last time it was just a plain diffuse texture sometimes even without a specular or normal map it would appear that this time around and a surprising number of textures have at least one level of offset applied to them giving you a pseudo 3d effect to allow the brickwork in the game sure it lacks self shadowing like better parallax occlusion mapping implementations but Dark Souls doesnt have much of any real-time shadows so its not too surprising so all in all this is the best version of Dark Souls we have seen to date on PC Im particularly happy that most of the art is untouched and the few added bonuses we see in terms of post-processing or in texture work are subtle enough to not disturb that original look in your mind that you may have the fact that no one has talked about the added parallax occlusion map until this point speaks volumes I think its just straight-up Dark Souls with very little extra in fact it is so straight-up Dark Souls and standard that beyond any resolution there are really no appreciable differences between the ax PC release as I have it here and the Xbox one X release I looked and I really looked both versions offer great base anisotropic filtering Music both show-off added graphical effects I mentioned earlier in the form of a Oh or a motion blur you have slight visual differences in post-processing resolve here and there but this can easily be chalked up to differences in rendering resolution and even small tweaks like parallax occlusion mapping and subsurface scattering are all in there the only tiny difference I could find is one that appears to be an oversight for some reason the Xbox one X version of the game has a different level of parallax occlusion mapping offset as in the amount of 3d depth that a parallax clusion map has for a handful of textures that I could find like here on the wall and here on the ground in the scene it definitely makes them look a bit more 3d on the Xbox one X version so while the Xbox one X version has a slightly more 3d looking ground texture here and there for some reason on PC youre at least given the ability to run the game on an SSD or a faster harddrive but honestly the game is loading in an uninteresting much every single platform now it isnt a performance or visual difference but I also noticed that the PC versions controller vibration doesnt seem to be working at the moment or at least I havent experienced yet so hopefully theres a patch for that at some point its a little disappointing the really more disappointing thing here is that there are no unique ways to scale above the console versions in the default PC game beyond resolution you arent getting that much of a different experience on PC and given the standard one-size-fits-all approach to the remaster you would imagine that the game at least runs rather well the original release of Dark Souls on PC was as said locked to a 30fps and it felt awful by default and it just looked awful too honestly thanks to modern such as Toronto with dsfix we were able to enjoy the game at arbitrary resolutions with proper an astropack filtering and even unlocked framerate the only problem was that that framerate unlock was built around a game that was not designed for it code wise so certain things did not function as intended by design and also getting that game to a fluid 60fps as tom has reported on earlier was not really easy as shown here in this video a rise in 1,700 X at 3.9 gigahertz cannot reach a stable 60fps which is out of the question CPU eyes unless you have a really high clocked Intel chip and even if you have a CPU powerful enough there are imbalances in the GPU department which are hard to get around here a GTX 970 has the GPU power to play the game at 4k with dsfix but when alpha effects pop up or you sit down at a bonfire for example this cripples performance showing noticeable drops the game is just simply not balanced around having higher frame rates this time around thankfully it is rather different getting to that 60fps is a breeze that GTX 970 Rison rigged I just mentioned that plays the game at a very comfortable 8:40 by 2160 but the only possible drop happening if you were to face the camera in the direction of tons of alpha effects maybe on top of other madness the game just runs Sala GPU wise and you really wont be seeing drops if you have something like a GTX 770 at 4k likewise owners of more mid-range GPUs like the rx 580 and GTX 1060 can expect a wonderful experience as well both GPUs fall short of getting a locked 60 FPS at 3840 by 2160 screen filling alpha effects still cause drops especially with double buffered vsync enabled here in this scene you can see that the arcs 580 though does fare a little bit better when these alpha effects come on screen so if not at 4k without having drops both GPUs the RX 580 and GTX 960 can run without hiccup at a straight 60fps with a great amount of headroom at 1800 P yep thats the exact same resolution of the Xbox one X version and ps4 pro so with a mid-range GPU you can expect a really great experience CPU wise this time around were not having that problem like we had in the original release so the rise in rig is not at all having problems reaching 60fps like it has with the DS fixed version of the game furthermore the game seems to be utilizing more threads in a parallel fashion and it is usual izing those individual threads as well much more I tested this in a pretty simple way I first limited both versions of the game to utilizing half of the 16 Rison threads available and then I slowly brought down the thread count two at a time until the game was only using two threads during this I made a small effort to mind the CPU utilization on a per thread basis and then the performance as well so it became obvious just by doing this that the game is utilizing at least six threads in this remastered version of the game and in a more or less even way across all cores the performance is quite well even down to just two threads in this remastered version and when utilizing only two threads it takes advantage of them much more than the original release as you can see in the CPU utilization here the remastered version is utilizing those two threads that it has been limited to much more than the original release so this time around both the single threaded and multi-threaded code and performance is just better its wonderful stuff but not all is perfect still as I have read online from reports from other players people are experiencing a periodic hitching of sorts in the game I have yet to experience this in most of my gameplay and really only experience something similar when I purposefully locked the game down to utilizing only two threads or occasionally when the game saves as a small blip in FPS coincides with that save symbol showing up in the right-hand corner of the screen and given the power of modern pcs I really hope that this problem that some users are having can be patched out in time as the experience is otherwise rock solid but rock-solid up to a point namely 60 frames per second yeah its better than the original release yeah it looks great but you know what this is pc and it could really look much better i hate to complain about this as it sounds rather elitist but god does high frame rate above 60 looks so much better just look at the slow-motion shot from Shadow Warrior 2 look at how much more fluid this animation looks Dark Souls 1 at a flat 60 as offered by the remastered version here is great Dark Souls 1 at 240 FPS or even more you know thats just better and its not exactly a far-fetched request here to allow for an unlocked framerate the developers obviously went into the codebase to make sure most of that wonkiness caused by the unlocking of FPS and the original release is just not there this time and the engine now has to performance this time around to make high frame rates a reality its just arbitrary locked at 60 for some reason though given how the sequels to the first Dark Souls are also locked at 60fps Im not holding out a great hope there for a high frame rate an abling patch with the lack of a high frame rate option here I think were dealing with a remaster that is rather bad bones but one that at least does not ruin Dark Souls it puts it in the best state it has ever been on PC it runs better this time around it looks better in pretty much every single area that you can think of and it does not require modders to make it playable and up to that PC standard that were used to those are great things at the same time it does not go far enough on PC the game arguably needs more graphical options to allow for higher and lower scaling as well as the ability to push refresh rates and frame rates beyond 60fps and is a huge fan of the original games design and aesthetic I think anyone will agree with me that Dark Souls is a game that deserves such a PC version and to satisfy the graphics nerd in me I really hope they patch in proper offset values for the parallax occlusion mapping I mentioned earlier oh and controller vibration - and with that being said thank you for taking the time to watch this video hopefully it was informative for you on what you can expect in this PC version of Dark Souls so not too much but just enough I think if you did find it informative and liked what you saw and heard hit that like button ring the bell in the corner and subscribe to the channel if you would like to discuss this part of Dark Souls on PC with me in any capacity write a comment below or follow me and digital foundry on Twitter this is Alex bidding you farewell on Alpha design Music you Music elden ring steam keys Its the port we were most concerned about after the disastrous PC Prepare to Die Edition... but developer QLOC has pulled it off. 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