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Steam killer instinctelden ring hidden steam achievements DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED this video is sponsored and approved by Nintendo fear everyone has a fear whether it be something like claustrophobia or the open waters or even clouds and for some its the inability to overcome insurmountable obstacles Dark Souls remastered is all about conquering that specific fear gigantic obstacles that are relentless big bad bosses and towers and castles that are meant to push you to your limits so today I wanted to marry these two ideas Im going to be facing off against four unique bosses associated with four specific types of phobia while experiencing them in real time keep in mind that we are not making fun of or minimizing people and their various phobias I welcome you today to dark souls remastered face your fears anywhere okay face your fears here we are gotta fight some gargoyles on the roof for building Im not balancing over it shouldnt be that scary hi feel pretty good about this Im not too worried Im pretty good with Heights its gonna be me versus the gargoyles lets get right to it nobody wants to fall especially to fall from grace yet not all wicked things are kind and these Belgard girls promptly remind me that I havent played Dark Souls in quite a while and I am more than just a little rusty luckily I have the Drake sword this means this fight is over yay I am patient and can strike like lightning and with all the stamina I can muster you can be sure that I will shake that rust off yeah take that gargoyles ha alright one challenge down three more to go lets do this Im ready Im so ready Nyctophobia fear of the dark here we are in an abandoned warehouse about to fight the four kings if Id the four kings in the abyss so I thought why not fight the four kings in my own abyss if you dont defeat the Kings fast enough more Kings show up and you have to act fast or else youre just gonna get bodied as the fight goes on and it gets worse and worse here we go darkness plays tricks on us it is the unknown that swirls surrounds and stabs you in the back when you least expect it and the four kings are some tricky Devils popping up and ruining your day with heavy strikes and magic attacks leaving you to fumble and stumble all over yourself so this is a handful of times at this point I think I need to change my strategy up just a little bit Ive been going in with this big boy two-handed weapon and I think need to go over something just a little bit faster just so I can dogs the attacks a bit quicker and follow up with attacks better I feel like in just a couple more tries with this new change strategy that I should be able to at least get closer to take me down to four Kings the thing that cant be darkness is light and all you need is a pinprick of it to gain your bearings and see whats right in front of you success thats what Im talking about oh four kings done get me out of the darkness Im ready for something else yes finally ah I really forgot how hard the four kings are in the original Dark Souls but man am I glad to be done with it the best thing about Dark Souls is walk into a boss or set of bosses get bodied pretty hard you learn you grow you get better you get better you come back at it and when you conquer and you finally beat it it feels so justified because you read your opponent you learned what they were doing and you just did it and it took it took some time Ive been hello to dark for quite some time but now its time to deal with our next challenge fire pyro phobia the fear of fire Ill be battling the ceaseless discharge a beast of lava and flame and as Im doing so Ill be surrounded by my own flames in front of me I have one fire pit and behind me another so that said lets turn up the heat now any fan of the Soul series knows a foe may seem impossible until you find that single exploit that allows you to pop them that is hot ah ooh and while the ceaseless discharge may appear like a hulking behemoth the flame and thrashing lava sometimes the cleanest way to best a flame is to take a bucket of water and drown it out and once you know that beat him admittedly the boss fed I just went through was not that difficult but I think the challenge of fighting a boss near a bonfire was more exciting than anything else this is really immersive I dont sounds kind of weird but I really think that people would have a lot more fun playing Dark Souls around a bonfire its just the coolest thing ever I am very hot Im very warm Im very sweaty so Im super excited to get out of this foot out of this gear and move on to our next challenge wait whats our last challenge see arachnophobia yeah spiders I actually genuinely have arachnophobia Im not doing this chart its called facing your fears no huge for my fear Im not getting the respite er how about that Im done we can say it all we want Im not doing it we have a spider oh my god its massive oh my god today Im gonna be fighting Quelaag the Spider Woman thing Wow being near a spider thing what kind of spider is it pink hair ranch a pink haired tarantula birdeater it eats birds or not oh dont dont put dont touch it it looks fake but I know its real I put my Nintendo switch in the tabletop mode because I dont even feel comfortable putting my hands on the table but to look back on I dont want to I cant I cant here we go no I think thats good maybe I was a bit too hardcore about facing my fears I promise shes just resort to playing dark holes remastered anywhere without the whole fear aspect like around the house on a plane or even a cross-country train ride one things for sure I wish someone had told me about the spider because now Im not gonna sleep for weeks I cant believe that I was near that Im still okay Dark Souls remastered face your fears anywhere available today on the Nintendo switch fears not included special thank you to Nintendo and Bandai Namco for sponsoring this video they probably knew it with the spider huh Music cuisinart steam clean grill brush Thank you to Nintendo for sponsoring this Dark Souls challenge video and providing advanced copies of the game. Be sure to check out all the info for the Dark Souls Remastered Switch edition here: the Dark Souls Nintendo Switch launch trailer! With it being so close to Halloween, I face my fears in my Dark Souls Remastered review for the Nintendo Switch. 4 challenges, 4 times I must persevere to beat my fear and the boss I am fighting. Its time to partner up with Nintendo again! Subscribe: Dark Souls Remastered is out for the Nintendo Switch! Thats right, the Nintendo Switch just keeps getting more and more amazing games added to it. In the Dark Souls Switch edition, re-experience the critically acclaimed, genre-defining game that started it all. Beautifully remastered, return to Lordran in stunning detail. Dark Souls: Remastered includes the main game plus the Artorias of the Abyss DLC. Let me know what you thought about my Dark Souls Remastered Switch fear challenge! And as always, I love working with you Nintendo! 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