How share games on steamsteam autumn sale 2022 games list DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED Oh for  __  sake not this shitty game again hey  __  ass get in here yo can you believe they made the same shitty game again this  __  wait but clap it all  __  no youre gonna sit there and watch me beat this  __  again this time we gonna do this big boy style you honkies so buckle up  __  Oh hot damn baby how do you like that no Estes run  __  forget it this is gonna be a deathless what have you boys done weve splashed out mate no weve splashed out weve got new a thirty dollar bottle of wall youre going Ill tell you what I love this so much I think Im gonna have a drink right now no no you piece of  __  Music we are all talk do you know I still  __  hit like a wet noodle get it why do people even like whiskey still to this day I have no  __  idea oh damn Sokka watch me jump this barrel  __  peachy oh  __  its been such a a long time since we last did this hey get the  __  out of here he comes now it then is music well hot damn cracker welcome back to wrestle with the Lenny in the Thunderdome ring last time I gave this big boy the full corporation but he still once sloppy seconds from my broken sword now this will be a wait what  __  dude he did it what happened oh you you want man but wrestle with the Lenny Ive been waiting so long for this  __  you you wouldnt understand you  __  try me you but just drag and see what happens okay I didnt know that they didnt fix this shitty game Im getting flashbacks to that his mum last Friday night hey Lenny Im gonna teach you our lesson on how to be spicy up in this car oh nice  __  move Music I still dont know who this  __  loser is it kind of looks like old Gary from the chippy do you remember him were is dog oh yeah good times we won that bet didnt we know we didnt thats why we have to eat is dog okay  __  ass Ive had enough of your whining here go make this weapon spicy for me all right homie I got this  __  this is going to be a long  __  night youre that boss is actually really easy man I mean do you think anyones ever died to that boss ha ha no way who would die to such a scrub like that Im a pretty princess all right so I know theres gonna be that one guy whos like that huh but you missed that one boss so shut your  __  mouth it doesnt even look that out okay thats it oh you think you can be a big boy well you aint  __  sucker now take a seat and let me teach you what being spicy means oh damn flare how do you like that broken broken saw do forget what you heard we are for mrs. H now this is my shower because Im one big dirty  __  lets see if this ghetto ass weapon can kill a home Im literally tickling him with a wet tissue and once again this  __  is too easy for the lenny spice it up next time yo stop throwing that  __  hey  __  stop it please stop oh god stop it please I bet you thought I was gonna die to that again got you  __  wait holy  __  no you dont understand give me the controller I need to get revenge alright lets hustle do you want a  __  slap it sure has been a long-ass  __  time Kirk but this time we are  __  you up oh  __  I forgot about the poison there wait Kirk we can talk this out Kirk please you dont have to do this do you honestly think youre  __  funny  __  bitching trip them kids offended me personally quartz Oh u GJ Oh what the  __  going on now with this  __  shitty ass broken  __  broke-ass shitty forty Donna better spent on a night with me as a kiss mom yo Im poppin off  __  weeaboo would rather make weeaboo Souls  __  this Music god I  __  hate Blighttown why did I come back here oh and thats just great Im poison now and thats just  __  marvellous Im having a  __  meltdown are you okay up there mr. monster damn Ronnie help a brother out man Josh Trank possible damn Lenny you right we gotta look out for a brother got you  __  again I bet you thought I was gonna let him kill me you  __  idiot  __  dont step on that  __  sobut with the  __  cowgirl  __  boots  __  disgusting I mean this boss isnt really that hard once you learn how to dodge because then you can just get stuck inside it and  __  die  __  this  __  game why am i replaying this  __  this  __  ass fortress still aint got  __  on the Lenny Im sorry what did you say I cant stop staring at your  __  hat nonsense my mum you just need a little encouragement what the  __  Lenny for  __  sake youre going the wrong way give me the controller back oh great look what you do you  __  idiot oh sorry I didnt realize they put dark souls 3 PvP in this remember me you Toby sauce great banter this is such an amazing remaster its just in the Arian I thought I might pop along to see how youre doing her Ill tell you what Ill tell you what Im about Ill give you one of these Im with an on this one youre a  __  idiot energy foot Duffman you want to get yourself a plasma stop talking you  __  bellend stop talking are you  __  take all the  __  is a black of my TV these days I mean beside you talking no check to Neds widescreen notes Oh smoke to it watch winning your  __  fish oh  __  christ hey Lenny do you want the controller for a bit kinda yeah Im in a new band can I get in the bed yeah what do you play sleigh bells yeah we got to talk about this band first things first I quit the band out the light of the direction in the sound Music you you made it you hear you made it thats why you suck now thats why you suck because I was your dream you like really this is what people dont realize we didnt blow up because of what we do we blow up because of the passing in which we do what we do you want to say like all we do is free videos on YouTube thats it but the passion in which we do free youre not gonna give people to do it the way we do it thats getting paid were not getting paid no money but we bringing it up look 8 years weve been bringing it come on are you hearing me Im trying to prepare you for next level Im not preparing you for a car you can go badass they sell it thats not a miracle when people die or people get sick or something happens in your life if all youre doing it for is a car and a house that can stop you when youre doing it because you value it when youre doing it because you can when youre doing it because it represents who you are when this internal nothing can stop you nothing can stop you when its deeper than just money and stuff along this journey are witty expect to take some blow and when you expect the tapes of lolled is not go hard as much is not the thing that happened to you that broke you it was the fact that you didnt prepare the losses and guess what they come in Music like if you do not pencil in losses when they happen Im telling you they gonna wake you the reason why you aint blow up is because whatever you do for a living you barely doing it in the reason why youre not bringing again youre thinking about you and thats your problem you have not grown up because youre so self-centered its always about you you so conceited youre so arrogant your whole life is about you and thats why you havent gone nowhere but when you learn to think about somebody else now what you do affects how youre sleeping in the bed affects somebody else life she gotta walk past you to go to work I am NOT not only deal but for normally will Music I need you to match whatever effort the enemys putting up whoever your enemy is master dog Music Applause Music Music Oh Applause Music Applause Music Applause Music you Music hold the phone  __  Applause Music whoa whoa whoa yeah Ive been walking these  __  woods a lot ears mark our words and Ive never come across as you can see the endangered mushroom  __  oh what the  __  Im still trying to do my nature show you better  __  walk away just what I  __  thought youre learning why the  __  are we going about the eat up other peoples dog to you  __  ass mouth that aint no dog thats my mom thats pretty  __  up Lenny do you know this  __  move yeah last time he made me beat up his ex-boyfriend what the  __  you know its not to be quite honest I have no  __  idea hey mr. darkwraiths could you  __  move oh great now my  __  dress is also broken I didnt realize they made a level out of my upload schedule Music for  __  sake get me out of this we blew hell Holland take your four boyfriends with you see how many times do I have to burn down the Iraq ive-ive-ive Annie may you  __  weep hey Lenny what the  __  the ho ha ha dont worry about that it doesnt do anything ok bitch-ass let me teach you a little trick to skip all this  __  on me Ill just leave you to it then  __  you see the you  __  class of  __  get the  __  outta here you Bayonetta lookin  __  year try me would see what happening fan-fucking-tastic seethe dont do it you dumb ass  __   __  on doing about it you  __  bird Music Seath I swear to Christ fix your weird-ass  __  legs Im not cool with beating up the physically handicapped Music Im bout to go off on this fool you dont piss the  __  off no man made him cut just a little  __   __  damn son get thats it I got pop enough have you seen this dumbass  __  I swear I will follow you to the end of this  __  corridor dont think I  __  wont  __  yeah I bet you all thought I was joking ive literally been doing this for half an hour where the  __  am i and this demon souls looking  __  wakey wakey mr. dragon at his way past your bedtime you snooze he had well that was a slight bit  __  harsh dont you  __  think you know this remake isnt bad if you forget about it sucking  __  that do yall mind if I hit that do it leads I said  __  where she said under all that makeup I said  __  swear down this  __  disappearing more than your mouth sure on YouTube Im a  __  right fellows Im a  __  right any whip where did Lenny go Ive had enough of this weeaboo ass  __  Im committing seppuku Music hey Lenny last time we did this he said that he doubled Club Penguin is of course its  __  true i shanked his  __  ass how dare he close it down  __  me thats a little design they literally copied and pasted the same dude seven times this is lazier than a fighter pl video yeah  __  see right Im gonna go fight dont you  __  dare  __  that do you  __  mind excuse me mr. demon could you please stop making my camera go  __  apeshit Music yeah youre not wrong there no matter how hard I look I cant find the  __  finished game either for  __  sake Kirk you  __  loser  __  fight me one-on-one see what  __  happy you honestly think youre  __  funny stop it  __  stop oh she did it that doesnt look too you have no  __  idea for once in my life Im actually  __  speechless you Music hey Lenny dont listen to this  __  loser hes a lying ho yes sorry what did you say Stan guys big  __  nose just let him push you off the ledge for  __  sake  __  still trying to steal our broken sword Oh for  __  sake whats up with this  __  shitty game now how the  __  am I meant to get that Im at a loss for  __  words I actually cant believe this this is the worst remaster I have ever seen hot damn Lenny watch me finesse this  __  fool making videos Music Music all right thats a wrap Ill see you later there were done here come on lets go but what about the deals Oh for  __  sake who taught you that  __  word I never did a DLC you cant I swear to Christ once we are done with Music yo  __  ass let me show you why we never do the DLC in this fucked-up town wait why the  __  are you spawning me back here you piece of  __  damn Im getting like dragons doc my vibes from this  __  wait do you actually like that game well for once we agree on something I came from the far-off land of VO  __  mamas house so shut the  __  up no who the  __  is he he sounds like a  __  loser whats this a say hes probably been locked up more times than me and yo ass put together get up god damn edgy indie mouse wannabe wearing ass  __  big old  __  up head having ass  __  tiny ass dick sword clearly compensating for something Im not sure I actually suck his sight oh yeah nice men oh yeah oh shut the  __  up you  __  cant blame a man for just hustling yo let him do his show he aint doing  __  okay  __  this guy no  __  Ive got a better idea no joke Ive been doing this for like 20 minutes and it was totally  __  worth it oh god Candice  __  elevator hurry up Im currently pissing myself fan-fucking-tastic Oh whos a good dog a bork bork get out of that magic barrier you little  __  you know you didnt have to grab me you could have just asked nicely theres only room for one pretty princess in this rooting Tooting town lets hustle you massive  __  yes Ari youre gonna have to try a bit harder than that have you seen how much health I have and thats a wrap ladies and gentlemen I did all the bosses so you can now all shut the  __  up oh my god that ring looks  __  amazing Music Music Music Music you Oh for  __  sake why didnt they make the credits skippable for the remaster this is the worst  __  game ever well I guess theres only one thing I can say right now Lenny and thats there are no winners this time on takeshis guessing how to search free games on steam YO I STARTED THIS GANGSTA SHIT AND THIS IS THE MOTHERFUCKING THANKS I GETIt has been 14 months since ZeroLenny™ and Impostor Lenny last spoke. After The Salt and Sanctuary Experience, ZeroLenny™ spent roughly £1.2 Billion on buying out the worlds entire supply of Spice which started the now infamous Spicy War of 1855. During the war, ZeroLenny™ had to call upon the help his longtime ally Gwyn to take the conflict head on. After numerous counts of manslaughter and Class A alcohol abuse cases Gwyn and ZeroLenny™ finally crushed the resistance. However just before doing so, Gwyn betrayed ZeroLenny™ in the last seconds of the Spice Summit of 1689. Now defeated, ZeroLenny™ lived in hiding on his Hawaiian retreat for roughly 400 years plotting his revenge. In recently years ZeroLenny™ happened upon Impostor Lenny who originally only came to the island for directions to the nearest pub. After many fights, smash hit #1 summer albums, and nights spent in mutual hate for weeboos, the two become best friends. In 2018 ZeroLenny™ was finally ready to take the war back to Gwyn but he knew he couldnt do it alone. Although he knew it was risky, he recruited Impostor Lenny by spiking his drinks with Whiskey, Meth, Pernod, Paint-Stripper, Mr Sheen, Break Fluid, and Drambuie (you have to put something in for the girls). When Impostor Lenny woke he was back at fucking Firelink Shrine with ZeroLenny™. This is their story. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 fam 😂😂 youve taken 🚻 that mf 👍👍👍like button👍👍👍 on three ⬆↗➡ dates 🏝🍱🚲 now... So 😐 why ❓❓ u aint ❌❌ SMASHIN🍆🍆THAT 👵🌽 MF 😂😂LIKE BUTTON 💯👌 This is a non-profit video. Any ads are from Youtubes audio system detecting music it doesnt like. All properties in this video that I do not own belong to their respective owners. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Twitter: Patreon: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Special Thanks to: Fucking nobody I did all this shit by myself. The ZeroLenny Discord for being lit as fuck: unhide games on steam 12 inch bamboo steamer can i run this steam game best coop rpg games steam the cheapest steam game