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Local co op games on steamsteam card walgreens DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED hey Im not su sub  __  darksouls  __  me up so much that I died what the hell oh Im sorry I cant I cant talk about that yet oh  __  oh I just scared mmm I just gave a secret secret little star bomb three glimpse you being really like overt about it Im being cheeky I thought youre being cheeky welcome to Dark Souls remastered baby I have seen Dark Souls 3 I have seen blood-borne I have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord but I have never seen the original Dark Souls well Dark Souls is technically a sequel to what to Demon Souls oh  __  so this is the second one so this is dark souls 2 this is Dark Souls Oh Dark Souls 2 is the sequel to the sequel to Demon Souls right Dark Souls 2 is the sequel to Dark Souls right and Dark Souls 3 is the sequel to the sequel to the sequel to see oh I need to actually type it man I cant  __  okay I can get it for you all right okay my name is Fleur pl denken thats a really inspired choice thanks man sex please theres female obviously Im gonna be I want vitality and it wants rived what does that mean oh it means you dont get anything everything oh the cross the board but you dont even get hair yeah you problem yeah its very deprivation warrior is good for endurance strength and dexterity this is good for vitality thats what I want the most so Im gonna be an 8 ok cool gift whats the one that just gives you better  __  the Condors trinket it was a basic block grant small increased it yes tiny beings ring mmm it fits on my penis nice okay Im gonna go oh god its so freaky uh very slim Wow look at that I guess that makes I like how the armor changes yeah its kind of cool that its very still very slim very slim with a big ass face does it really matter theyre all awful every single one of these is awful and thats a yeah the first two or probably like the hell happy this one is a jubilant Katarina hello I agree known for festivity and drink ah the Earl of curry what the  __  is these arent real people are they I dont know I bet once you get hair things will start to look a little better what kind of hair but there is just no oh man wait yes theres theres just no making this making this work I mean you dont really see anything yeah youre gonna want a mask probably go dark purple no silver yes summers good cool great and Im done well  __  that will start the game with this character is Im granting Caen beautiful hunk of meat oh can we turn this up a little bit Music everlasting dragons thats my favorite candy hello when will this dragon end Im everlasting and with disparity came gasp eNOS I see heart and both forms of chocolate if these are my favorite Pokemon types these guys look like theyre gonna be tough opponents then they went up in flame whoa dude oh god I forgot how gross everything is in these games I was first do you everyone see that I was first get the fire were all daughters they were a band well who was I talking about ahead and Im if I guess Im a furtive pygmy Wow thanks for the descriptors cool but the dragons were never-ending challenged and now you know scaleless damn Im making is fun Im like the dragon equivalent of a Siamese cat which eventually gave way to the age of disco then grunge rock Dirk would not be capitalized in this situation proper new hey that rhymes oh yeah hes definitely dead yeah I can save him cool bro yeah sounds good that will be the ring of your anus thats gonna spawn the O in Dark Souls No okay yeah no how do we know all right I thought we were definitely gonna okay shes gonna go with no title shot then great well we already saw the title did we was on the screen sorry I forgot those dragons were endless hello do you have a food bar no no its fine take the non-aggressive a homeless person like hasnt been homeless for very long right thats cool dont worry about it thanks man cheese in contact and were still going no no the camera thanks Carl thats $8,000 water one of the shot thats me see you in a giant rat no that was forced perspective sorry youre probably wondering how I got here oh damn youre not looking so hot yeah Ill be seeing you I guess I did that I cant stop farted hes farting pure energy he has the gift on a pillow to the court Oh done Giselle key bit hell yeah whats up dogs alright lets lets check Hey are you doing push-ups or zones it just little vinyasa yoga hello so sleepy I kill you I kill you oh damn I kill you this is my new business err well hes gonna die I want his souls ah the sweet release if I have to be totally honest with myself I wasnt really having a good time I wasnt living my best life hashtag living RN hashtag Bush did 9/11 sorry I just like to use that its a lot of clicks man you got a Batum that way you know what Ive been told and my role is very cumbersome yeah Armour Im wearing lets check this out its my encumbrance over encumbered and I should take all this off where does it say where does it say how encumbered I am equipment load 26 thats not bad why am i rolling so sluggishly maybe thats just how it goes in this game no way no I have a very slim build dan well excuse me I should be rolling quickly and efficiently rest of bonfire recover HP watch as I execute the perfect sir massage first I should launch gracefully into the air and then my tight buttocks should bounce off the ground my spine I spy oh well I guess you know what  __  next time on game grumps were going to begin this little journey this little mini journey fool I dont think were gonna play this all the way through lifer I could probably be that rib really near five episodes in the problem five episodes that scene is unlike for if youre lucky well cool because thats all we have left two starting after this episode well youll see and were off good luck dhurpa flanken what it was a name flerp old Incan thats the one it was very close yeah how to buy steam games as keys Arin and Dan playing that good good Dark Souls Remastered!Click to Subscribe 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