Why An Easy Mode Would RUIN Dark Souls & Elden Ring

Gedonia steamquest 2 can you play steam games DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED video games should be more accessible dark souls needs an easy mode now it doesnt get good enemy fighters coming at you fox Music here they come these guys just keep calling man theres just no end to these guys surprise attack coming from above watch out fox theyre everywhere hold them theyre trying to get through move it fox hes right behind you fire fire dont let them throw never give up trust your instincts dont ever give up my son its a conversation that tends to pop up anytime from software is about to release a new title but its not exclusive to them there seems to be a group thats getting louder and louder asking for accessibility and difficulty options stuff that allows people of all skill levels to play and enjoy any game now this series of tweets by tamur hussein is what sparked my desire to touch on this subject touch on it with my moonlight greatsword if you get my drift but hold on i cant do this video 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sponsoring this video and now for something completely different i hate when from softwares games are cited in arguments against making games accessible or even easier the first problem you should see here is the bogus framing nobody uses from software games to try and prove why do maternal should only have one difficulty setting you have it backwards people point to from softwares games and say this is why from softwares games should have one difficulty unless you are physically or mentally incapable of playing video games at all lets not toss around this  __  idea that difficult and inaccessible are two words that mean the same thing for your consideration i will now put the relevant synonyms up on screen what part of being moved by the ambiance of firelink shrine depends on it being difficult to the point where its inaccessible for some to play cut that last part off and you have an amazing question the harsher the desert the more satisfying the oasis the power of firelink shrines tone and ambiance comes from the relief you feel by being there the relief you feel is caused by the brutal harsh conditions you feel outside of it this is the place where most sane people go to get away from all that  __  i am safe here nothing can hurt me unless i attack this guy which i always do if dying of thirst being attacked by bandits or freezing to death are not constant risks in the desert then i ask you what makes an oasis special timur your question only solidifies why dark souls difficulty is perfect the way it is excusing the  __  of course but this is why the bonfires became such an iconic piece of imagery they represent hope are you saying the heartbreaking story of artorias and sith is only meaningful because you smashed up some tree monsters in a way that others cant why do you need to defeat hard enemies and bosses to experience that same emotional gut punch of understanding the story okay lets be real if you cant beat the tree monsters youre not going to be able to beat sif timur i know youre trying to make a point with these dumb rhetorical questions but im going to give you some real answers you probably werent expecting artorias is a tragic character because you fight him in his weaker form the dude is using a great sword with one hand you know how much strength you need to do that hes been corrupted by the darkness so when you hear characters talk about how artorias was this legendary knight you think holy  __  what was he like at full power youre meant to ask if this absolute unit fell to the darkness of the abyss what  __  chance do i have it raises the stakes and makes the abyss something truly terrifying the story of artorias isnt meaningful because theyre just tough bosses thats just what makes it more significant get a grip give every single from software game in easy mode for all i care if they want to do it let them make it so anyone and everyone can play them those that argue otherwise are not real fans of those games or from soft just gatekeepers whats that you say you have well thought out and valid opinions on this matter well i dont care im not gonna listen to them youre not a real fan since you think differently than i do you know i wanted to take a more respectful tone in responding to tomorrows tweets but whos the one gatekeeping here what makes you the adjudicator on whos a real fan or not no one will force you to make it easier for yourself im gonna repeat this part of your tweet for emphasis nobody will force you to make it easier for yourself exactly harry exactly only you can beat dark souls from software is not going to make it easier for you nobody can force you to get good you are the master of your destiny it is not our abilities that show what we truly are it is our choices you act like we all didnt get our cheeks clapped by the capra demon or the bed of chaos was a walk in the park it wasnt i dont mean to pick on timur i got nothing against the guy personally its just i see these same points echoed in the voices of others and it breeds a buttload of toxicity if you want to have a conversation about difficulty and accessibility and from softwares games why are you closing the doors on other peoples opinions by doing that you are only embracing ignorance you can go on with your life telling everyone how you beat the hard boss and everyone will continue to not care meanwhile a whole bunch of others will finally be able to experience what they from software offer in their totality guess but actually no that is simply not true you would experience a butchered neutered version of the game a version from software not only doesnt want to make but doesnt want you to play a souls game without the difficulty might as well be a racing game without the racing but theres also a lot of people who genuinely wonder why does it matter how does it affect you act man dont worry ask and i will answer should the souls games have an easy mode or accessibility features the short answer is no because it already has one and hey thats coming from the guys who did the demon souls remake but before i elaborate welcome to my ted talk on what it means for a game to be accessible because the more people that can play and enjoy something the better it is right where its so easy there are a metric ass load of video games in the world different genres separate styles they vary in length and challenge the diversity in this industry is infinite but you cant always please everyone some companies like activision want their products to appeal to as many people as possible while others are satisfied making games for a smaller niche audience both are completely fine it all depends on what the developers goals are if you already have a fan base it can be tough to experiment halo 4 copied many things from call of duty thinking it would capture some of that audience but it didnt they just went back to call of duty that comes with the territory of any business who are you marketing to would you be surprised if i told you that fans of star wars are much more likely to buy a star wars video game than people who arent fans i dont believe it even if you have the most specific needs i guarantee theres something out there for everyone just like ign says it has a little something for everyone my point is if you dont like seeing nazis in a world war two video game dont  __  buy a world war ii video game go play something else you didnt ask for this you didnt choose this game should be accessible in the sense that you shouldnt have to spend 70 hours in battlefront 2 before you can play as darth vader a game should literally be playable at the time you buy it but star wars games dont have to be accessible to people that arent fans of star wars do you get what im saying i dont have a clue what youre talking about filling out a  __  clue demon souls dark souls 1 2 and 3 bloodborne sekiro shadows die twice and elden ring none of these titles have ever needed or would be better off with an easy mode and the reason why is that goes against the very foundation of this franchise its identity the community and the games mechanics an easy mode betrays the very tone and atmosphere that from software is aiming to establish one of oppressive circumstances in a weak character battling against the odds thats where the satisfaction in joy comes from conquering those challenges which is why the designers often put you up against the tough boss at the beginning death and failure are part of the gameplay but theyre also intrinsic to the story its literally in the title of sekiro how about we head back to where it all began demons souls oh boy this kicked everyones ass their first time playing and me too i was sitting there like how the hell do i beat the flame lurker where the  __  do i get materials to upgrade my gear what is world tendency why is have my health bar missing what the  __  but you know what i did when i had trouble when i couldnt figure out what to do or where to go i sought help wait thats illegal stop it get some help yes from the internet and the game i started paying attention to the bloodstains how did other players die in this area how can i avoid that i read messages on the ground warning me of hidden enemies or pointing me to secret items success try fist tried tongue but whole and eventually i mastered and beat demon souls and 10 years later i did it again let me make it clear theres absolutely nothing wrong with asking people tips or looking up a guide i think you should only do that when absolutely necessary like after dying to the dragon god for the seventh time its like okay  __  it just tell me how to beat this  __  souls games are built around community interaction the difficulty encourages discussion and engagement oh how did you beat ornstein and smoke what weapons did you use where did you find those really the best armor in the game is in anor londo huh oh and i can also summon solaire for this fight i should try that ill admit these titles can be way harder if you dont have an internet connection but even so the developers leave messages and you can summon npcs without it what people like tamora are asking for is a menu option that they click at the start and instantly make the rest of the game easier this franchise is based entirely on trial and error difficulty as an homage to old school games this series that emphasizes difficulty in boss fights above everything else well i dont want to figure  __  out i dont want to make the game easier for myself i want you to do that for me not everyone who believes dark souls should have an easy mode thinks like that but i reckon some people are coming at this from an entitled point of view if you desire an easy mode then why are you playing these games at all you came for demon souls that is why you came is it not to this accursed politaria difficulty settings are perfect for most franchises but thats the whole point of the souls series theres one bar one set experience that everyone plays through same enemies same locations same health damage everything and you know the old phrase get good while mostly used in a trolley sense it actually has some truth here learn the mechanics of the game understand how you can make your life easier no matter my previous experience with from software titles every time a new one drops i think im hot  __  and i get my ass kicked like everybody else its about effort people want to be rewarded for doing as little as possible thats not how dark souls works the satisfaction comes from the difficulty blue point games themselves posted 180 different help videos for demon souls if youre struggling then do something about it oh magic conch shell what do we need to do to beat the name list king Music nothing the shell has spoken nothing we cant just sit here and do nothing otherwise youre gonna go hollow dont you dare go wildo theres already an easy difficulty its called a sorcery build you could choose everything from afar try it dark souls has countless difficulty modifiers built into it some ive just described like summoning phantoms you can grind souls to level your character upgrade your equipment kindle bonfires for more estes and healing use some of those consumable items experiment with different builds god forbid you get stuck somewhere and try going to a different area the games let you do that you know you know stuff like running to the new londo ruins right away to grab a firekeepers soul to permanently boost how good your estus and healing is thats a tip to help new players get better all the information you need to beat and master these games is out there and its because theyre so fair that thats entirely possible that doing the effort in research will drastically improve your success and some people have gone like the story and art style route like people should be able to appreciate that even if they cant beat the game its like bro you got to spend time to learn what the story is about too you think that shits accessible my boy vati must have put in thousands of hours just to get people to understand it and if youre not willing to put forth the effort to beat a boss why should you be rewarded with the bits of story that come along with it but okay how would an easy mode work lets think about this because now we have to completely change every aspect of the game which poses new challenges for the developers so you know how call of duty used to have a playlist called bootcamp where only people like level 10 and under could play in it well they ended up scrapping that in later games because too many people would go in on smurf accounts and just completely ruin the experience whats stopping people from twinking smurfing and invading players in easy mode ah just get rid of the pvp and then theres no problem really you want to toss out the entire multiplayer component you see how the easy mode is just cutting out content from the game itself like what the  __  is the point of solaire now now we have to change the story and solaires role in it in the easy mode i would say heres a white soap stone go join up in jolly cooperation but you picked easy mode and youre a little  __  okay you say well lets keep the jolly cooperation but prevent hostile invaders alright well now youve just separated the player base to appease a group of people who cant be  __  to learn the games mechanics in the first place so you might as well just play in offline mode if thats the case oh hey you mind telling me how covenants are gonna work now because those are relying on pvp you talk about how much you want to experience the story but now were cutting chunks of that out too so now were in a situation where you either cut out the pvp entirely or you keep it and you let people in the easy mode get absolutely destroyed its apparent to anyone whos actually played these games that if you sit down and try to think through the logistics of an easy mode in five minutes you should realize what an absolute disaster it would be but people asking for it havent done that why are you so confident you dont know what youre talking about you see the excuse that this doesnt affect you if you dont choose to use it it doesnt hold up under scrutiny because no matter what you have to separate the player base and lets say you have an easy mode what happens when a players like damn turns out this is too easy youre gonna give people the option to change difficulties mid play through i dont think so guess that guys got to restart so lets say fromsoft wants to go back and reprogram dark souls with an easy mode those two archers and anor londo what do we do with them lower the knockback on the arrows probably get rid of them entirely how do you make the better chaos easier go back and program it not to attack as much maybe keep the tiles from falling all right what about these wheelie bastards well you cant just lower their damage you got to make them stun less what about items in locations that arent easy to find you want new players to find these things too right we gonna put down a sign in firelink that says hey go go sit in the nest for 15 seconds i could give you 20 minutes worth of examples asking for an easy mode is basically asking from software to make two separate games because changing numbers doesnt change the mechanics theres just far too many problems that arise and thats besides the fact that dark souls would not have the popularity the fan base or the reputation it does if it came with an easy mode imagine a world where comparing dark souls to everything is something that people dont do but the most important part of all of this if from software added an easy mode it would rob the player of the experience they are intended to have it would trivialize the game the sense of accomplishment the challenges but dont take my word for it hear it from miyazaki himself we dont want to include a difficulty selection because we want to bring everyone to the same level of discussion and the same level of enjoyment so we want everyone to first face that challenge and to overcome it in some way that suits them as a player we want everyone to feel that sense of accomplishment we feel if theres different difficulties thats going to segment and fragment the user base people will have different experiences based on different difficulty level by not shilling to a larger audience from software shows that they are committed to their core fans what im trying to get across is video games and indeed all media should not have to sacrifice their identity just so more people can feel like oh i can enjoy this thing and some people are gonna label me as a toxic gatekeeper but okay i think dead space should have a less scary option where the necromorphs are more cartoony and they talk like spongebob i think we should discard the whole rating system its too discriminatory every game should be rated e for everyone so that we have the most accessibility and then everyone can enjoy this scary horror game thats no longer scary and doesnt provide the intended experience if something feels inaccessible to you then perhaps you should reflect on your own taste and ask is this really for me when i played civilization 5 i went to the tutorial the part 1 tutorial after spending 20 minutes in it i still had no idea what i was doing i didnt get it thats okay this games not for me i dont hate it but i think this topic of making the difficulty easier is actually distracting from the real conversation of making games more accessible lets not roadblock people with a paywall or demand they grind exorbitant amounts of time developers and companies should spend more time focusing on making the game literally playable for people with disabilities again you dont have to take my word for it hear it from donovan  __  daddy the debate on difficulty options for disabled people every time a new popular game is about to come out is distracting from corporations that should be focusing on figuring out different slash cheaper accessible controllers so they can play like everyone else no matter the settings accessibility should be attained through remappable keys the original dark souls port wasnt accessible to pc players because they kept the  __  xbox 360 button inputs um okay were gonna have a lot of trouble looking press every button okay  __  not that button okay what process it was you know things like offering subtitles in different languages clear tutorials a color blind mode that sort of thing at the end of the day i mostly agree that video games should offer a variety of difficulty options and challenges however unless you want to make the game more challenging this is specifically not the case with souls games and really it is up to the developers if they want to have one set difficulty one set experience thats totally fine but from softwares titles have challenge and difficulty as the cornerstone of their identity asking them to throw that away is simply discouraging you from becoming a better player Music so thank you all for watching hope you enjoyed the video leave a like if you did but what do you think agree or disagree let me know in the comments down below and subscribe to the axe man for more awesome content alright everyone thats all i got for today this is the act man signing out peace steam vr coop games Get up to 37% OFF your Displates here: The debate has waged across Twitter and internet forums. But no, Dark Souls should NOT have an Easy Mode. No From Software title would be better off WITH one. They already have ways to make them easier. People that continue to ask for an easy mode have never outlined how it would actually work, and the reason why is if you try to do that, you realize very quickly it just wont work. Why Is Dark Souls A Masterpiece?! ➤ My Tweet That Caused me to make this video lol: ✪ CONNECT WITH ME ✪ Subscribe ↪ Twitter ➤ Act Man TV ➤ Discord ➤ Instagram ➤ Xbox Live Gamertag ➤ The Act Man vietnam war games steam steam chinese new year sale 2023 korean steamed eggs recipe how to stream games on steam steam mac multiplayer games