Can You Beat Dark Souls With Only Fist Weapons? | Dark Souls Remastered Challenge Run

Play steam games on xboxcvs steam DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED hello everyone hope you all had a good christmas did you get that ps5 you wanted no thats okay no one else did either weve got one final challenge to complete this year can you beat dark souls with just your fists when we first started doing challenge runs on this channel speedruns dont count the fisticuff run i did of salt and sanctuary was what started it all a lot of you probably are only here because of that run so as a tribute were gonna finish this year the way we started it swinging lets go over the rules first you can only use fist weapons to deal direct damage if the weapon doesnt have the qualifier fist he cant use it second all other equipment is allowed that includes rings armors and any spells pyromancies or miracles that give you buffs you cant go blasting enemies with soul arrow but you can cast magic weapon buff on your fingers third no cheating exploits or modifications are allowed and lastly you must beat every boss in the game for an extra challenge go after those mini bosses too looking at you hell kite drake as far as our build goes its nothing overly complicated well be picking up the cestus for our weapon of choice there are plenty of others and some of them do have some nice extra effects like the claws bleeding effect but im a simple man of simple pleasures as far as buffs go there are two consumable buffs well be using the charcoal pine resin and gold pine resin later on when i can ill be getting the magic weapon greater magic weapon and if theres time crystal magic weapon buffs theres also power within for pyromancy and the sunlight blade miracle if we decide to go that route my time frame for this video is pretty tight though so ill probably have to be pretty desperate before i go dumping all my stats into faith for that one as far as armors go ill be going after my tried and true elite knight set it looks good in 2d and it looks even better in three as you can tell the only other armor worth mentioning will likely be havels gear for times when im completely stuck and kirks thorn gauntlets which have a hidden 10 damage boost for fist weapons nice if youre feeling casual you can always grab a shield for a few extra boosts as well be it stamina or elemental resistances but im feeling confident so no shields for us as far as the rings go ill probably just get the fap ring havels ring and maybe the red tear stone ring or ninja flip ring for a little extra help for any bosses that give us a rough time and thats about it im sure there are some other things i havent thought about seeing as i havent played this game for over two years now but this is the way were going to shake off the rust see you on the other side lord lord lor lordlore lore did you get all that theres a test afterwards all right heres our boyo reimagined in 3d no beard options in this game sadly but at least his hair is blue welcome back fist of cuffs mc g yeah close enough ew Music god we need to get to my armor pronto bonfire well that noise just gave me goosebumps its been a while hello again old friend are you thirsty i brought you some punch ah  __  me all right hold on i need to get some protein ill be right back hey bud you got the goods yeah you got the goods all right big guy round two oh thats not much damage are you dead yet no are you dead yet no are you dead yet no are you dead yet no are you dead yet no are you dead yet no are you dead yet no actually yeah again with the big doors Music uh you may want to choose again you have no idea what im about to do to this poor game oh thank god im not beef jerky anymore i dont think hes gonna forget that feeling any time soon though or the taste sup baby uh sorry i just need to get something really quick all right thanks okay i gotta go boy hey i just want to leave Music okay thats better moving on excuse me pardon me hey hows it going all right lets go home with our skin on this time Music well hello all right lets get out of here nailed it hey how are you none for me thanks im just passing through oh thank god give me some punching gloves please now thats the fisticuffs mcgee i remember lets get to work oh thats better much much better hello again remember me yeah you remember me all right lets see how this works please work well its better than 30. and thats better than two ill take it yeah yeah all right not bad not bad at all we should definitely go get some upgrades what the drum guy what are you doing here whered you get a voice andre andre shut up give me some rocks oh well bam what oh god um we dont need to record this Music yeah i know its been a few years i my house key back well look who it is i remember you oh yes i remember Music oh hello you realize locks open from the inside right are we sure that using magic requires intelligence what can you speak up i need fire paper thank you all right gemma man wish me luck remind me to give you a name later all right yep i remember these guys lets see were looking at here all right decent left hook pretty solid right hook i can work with this lets just make sure we can power through this phase here fire go flush yeah now thats how we cheated boxing that wasnt so bad okay one down this is good were doing good got god i forgot about you what do you do again god damn it what i cant he its got to be a setting right theyre not supposed to be this quiet oh thats much better i can hear you now i need to wish i couldnt there you are but looking for you lets make sure it still fits like a glove a very heavy glove oh god uh putting this down before the stairs was a bad idea well at least you look easy why dont you come on down here we can discuss what kind of funeral youd like or dont this what were doing today finally here take your lumps uh well be right back come on get down here already i didnt sign up for a war of attrition you know what no im not doing another round of this you get a cremation dark souls please no more of that lets make sure were nice and crispy before we get in there it wont be time to light up inside yep yep yep just as hectic as i remember it all right now for the easy part there that wasnt so bad hello my dude are we sure you need intelligence to use spells Music you uh you got something in your eye there here ill get it oh hello there mind giving me your gloves all right maybe later little shark doo doo doo doo doo doo little shark doo doo doo little uh bigger uh ginormous shark doo doo doo doo doo this is mine now okay you can have it back you can have it back easy i hate this  __  place i hate this  __  place oh wow that actually worked thank you oh come on oh god come on baby no whammies daddy needs him a plus ten well all right yeah oh good you made it out too jinx you owe me an estus oh yeah i think all right skip skip tips okay there we go oh yeah youre here too skip skip skip skip skip skip skip and mine okay thanks bye buddy chum of mine i need you to upgrade this fisticuff dont mind the slime on the shards okay lets equip our new spells and Laughter well its not quite what i wanted but its close enough right okay guess not lets try that again but without getting stuck on spider legs there we go why dont you tell me you liked blue over red what started with that Music oh pretty oh uh sorry i was just leaving no wait please i have a family  __  leave me alone i didnt even want your party dress it doesnt even fit oh well all right then whats up baby oh hey a nest yeah okay sure mirazaki okay ill bite oh oh was at that time lemon realized he  __  up no god not this place again oscar my boy howard oscar okay lemon remember your self-defense classes eyes throat genitals eyes throat genitals eyes throat oh hey man i used to live here mind if i look around youve uh let this place go huh this place is giving me flashbacks we need to get out of here oh come on oh come on oh come on there took all my magic and three mental breakdowns but we did it who was slapped all right time to go anywhere but there apparently need anything you know what im probably going to regret this but yeah i was hoping you could help me get a godly left hook Music dont really feel like out running any of those anytime soon so wait is that you carl carl what are you doing here excuse me pardon me carl what the hell man youre supposed to be making sure the audio is okay youre getting a pay cut and welcome back to the title fight of the year weve got fisticuffs mcg in the blue corner and sense fortress giant to the right looks like blue is giving red a solid whopping this might be a quick oh my god the uppercut reds nearly impaled him there come on come on damn it oh well at least hes dead smells like cheese cheese oh good a bonfire honey what are you doing here visit we live together anywhere but here anywhere but here anywhere were here anywhere but here anywhere here anywhere but here oh hey demon souls no i cant afford you yet just aint tight oh god another weirdo all right whats our safe word is it you died because you died wow youre even fluffier in the remaster a challenge do a backflip okay not gonna lie ive been dreading this fight i can barely beat it normally lets see what we get yeah thats about what i expected god damn it yeah so close that time okay there we go hard part done now i just thats it give me the sunny d all of the sunny d oh my take that you overgrown house cat i dont normally use this emo due to it being toxic as  __  but what is it gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme thank you what you thought we were gonna do an amazing chest ahead joke you know theyre fake right you look buddy ive just punched my way through the entire house of ghosts you give me that key yeah it is okay almost there nice hey andre ive got something nice for you to play with Music what did you just say i keep my left arm for a gem like that i keep my left arm for a gem like that i keep my left arm for a gem like that all right thats about as good as this is gonna get lets finish this up you ew thats a lot of demons kirk my dude where have you been we have so much to catch up about did you know that whoa all right i guess youve been working out how about this all right are we fighting okay were fighting just making sure hey hows it going just taking a break all right back to it ow man even the way i killed you is copied and pasted oh boy i remember you the hell is actually happening right now this bus is bad what what just happened all right overgrown lizards my bodys ready lets make it quick wait wait no no cursing no cursing  __  me morning warning hentai alert warning warning come on boys lets get the hell out of here boys oh god did i just eat that that didnt look edible aha the gold jump maneuver well ill just roll underneath dont look down dont look down dont look down hmm that looks important no touchy what this yes this right here yes touch it okay touch it honestly you should see an eye doctor dream is terrible oh god look at all the tonys no i dont want to do this and there we go all right lets see how this new spell combo works yeah its pretty good okay we need a lantern i think its damn it patches do lets i cant stay mad at you no no no no no no no no no no ah car straw wait no uh uh uh gallimimus no uh wait uh can you get a little closer your legs are kinda oh thats much better thank you lets plug this in here okay lets go get us a cartwheel ring skip skip skip skip skip uh yes okay good skip skip skip skip  __  um yes cool and dead and dead nice now to kill the witness oh god no i dont want it dont make me do it im a  __  monster huh this kind of looks like my house but well not that part but the rest of it wait what just happened crap fine you want a dps race ill give you a dps race hey wait a minute no one said anything about five kings you lied to me heretic whoa hey i have feelings i mean you dont not anymore but all right round two or so no its fine its not like these buffs have limited effect times or anything you just you just warm up over there finally moving on oh uh i kind of hoped you wouldnt see that well lets make this quick okay now looking forward to this really not looking forward to this really look what you made me do bed lets put on this stupid armor again all right what the actual  __  new strategy Music okay lets finish this up ive got christmas presents to play with well would you look at that first try its a christmas miracle yup definitely first try what a way to end the run so can you beat dark souls with just your fists you sure can now i know i know i left out the dlc bosses therefore somewhat invalidating the run but it was important to me that i get this run out relatively on time and with this week having christmas festivities throughout it i didnt have as much time as i normally do to record and edit the video besides we both know i could have done it okay fine ill redo the run later hey thanks for watching hope you enjoyed the video thanks again to everyone whos helped make this channel as successful as it is youre all the best and i hope youve all had a great holiday season or as best as you could make it if you enjoyed my 3d suffering it would greatly help the channel if you gave the video a like and if you liked what you saw maybe consider subscribing you can always reach out to me through the other various forms of social media out there links in the description for that and as always feel free to leave comments challenge run suggestions and feedback in the comments down below happy new year everybody stay safe be somewhat responsible and remember it always seems impossible until its done see you all next year steam game random Lemon switches it up a bit and tries to punch his way through Dark Souls. 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