Dark Souls Remastered Is Trash

Steam link on xboxsteam gift a game to a friend DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED well I guess I really did call it this video will be divided up into five sections we good the bad the ugly counter-arguments and our conclusion Im aiming to discuss every single aspect of the game to the best of my abilities please keep in mind that Ill be exclusively talking about the remaster and focusing primarily on the PC version I have no issues with the original Dark Souls in fact it is a fantastic game and I definitely recommend it and with that said squad aha we are off lets start things off positive by going through everything in DSR that is objectively improved over the original to start it now has proper resolution support and runs that are pretty smooth 60fps in this aspect its pretty much exactly like playing on yes fix with 60fps but without the occasional odd bug using multiple items has been added to the game which is pretty nice but oddly its not a separate option like in other games it just replaces the default use option you can also offer a covenant items in bulk now which is a minor convenience but nice to have it appears you can now summon red dragon and gravelord signs even after the area boss has been killed this is actually a really great change as the old restrictions on PvP were incredibly inconvenient at times now players can duel and host fight clubs in any area they want without having to worry about keeping bosses alive the changes to player limit and password matching are all exactly as you expect the matchmaking server works fine and is essentially just like playing Dark Souls 3 the arena works exactly the same as aw4 but now allows for larger matches with up to 6 players you can also password match it which is convenient and it appears these summoning ranges are almost exactly the same with a bracket every 50 levels up to 250 you can now scale the UI though unfortunately also makes the health bar smaller which is kind of unhelpful controls are not rebind ball and particularly jump sprint and roll buttons can all be separated which is quite useful covenants can now be swapped at bonfires while this is convenient I do have some hang us about it which Ill get into later item is dollar go straight into your item slots when theyre picked up and you can hold down the up or down d-pad to cycle back to the beginning of a list of spells write-ups there is now a bonfire next to vamos games rendering has been updated in a few aspects the most significant change is the lighting while sometimes its very noticeable most the times its not another more subtle change was the addition of specularity to the majority of the games materials while it looks pretty good you probably wont notice it most the time additionally most of the games textures are at a higher resolution the majority of which look like the original textures but uncompressed though some of them have been clearly redone and are noticeably different in some places these redone textures look really nice mostly almost all the games visual effects appear to have been reworked or recreated some of them are really impressive and this is by far one of the best features of the remaster I found that the biggest improvements from bosses like moonlight butterfly sea and Kellog though some spells also look quite good as well and some of the changes to items of bus were quite good too in all my testing so far I have not noticed a trend of invasion priority in Dark Souls remastered it appears to be absent from the game which is good because its a terrible system some of the distant landscapes are a lot less foggy and look very nice in the remaster the missing textures at lost izalith have been fixed and finally Im going to give you guys a list of bugs that I have confirmed are patched the menu storage bug primarily used for duping items tumble swapping used for tumble buffing and move swapping dead angles and go strikes the SM also known as the Flex glitch dragonhead items swap well at least sort of I once caught a fish this big transition clipping the notorious control bug which occasionally remapped your heavy attack to the start button the ash lake music glitch though only partially fix Music odd wind glitch that happened in certain parts of dark forest and finally the invisible life glitch and thats all for this section unfortunately this video still has a long way to go right off the bat lets talk about the 60 Hertz bug there have been many reports of people who have high refresh rate monitors that the game just crashes for them now as of this recording there apparently has been a patch to address this but I still find it inexcusable that they released the game in an unplayable state yet again next lets talk about the graphic settings or lack thereof just for comparison here are the ones from Dark Souls 2 and Dark Souls 3 but hey at least we could change the resolution this time right guys another thing to note is that the motion blur setting in DSR is just one setting in Dark Souls 2 they separated the camera and character motion blur into two different settings this was good for people like me who get a headache from camera motion blur but dont really mind it on characters then I guess thats not an option here also just a heads up if youre on the console version you cant turn off the motion blur at all epic the priscila softlock known quite lovingly by the community as moan percent has not been fixed this is a pretty serious bug and it makes it impossible to progress the game if it happens if this bug happens to you the only thicks is to delete your character the fact that this bug remains in the game despite all the documentation on it is just embarrassing I cannot believe they didnt fix this Music the game speed in DSR is still tied directly to the framerate while this may not seem like a huge problem for most players it can cause issues in the future framerate being tied to game speed has been bad practice in the industry for a long time and for good reason this definitely should have been fixed but it would have taken a lot of effort so I guess thats why it wasnt weapon upgrade based matchmaking has been implemented into the game in the most incompetent way humanly possible there are already a lot of people complaining that it causes issues for them trying to summon or be summoned for co-op and invaders are already making builds around it to completely circumvent the system I wont go into crazy detail about this but if you want to learn more theres a great thread on reddit where people are researching and picking out exactly how this works from what we understand about this right now this is going to cause issues later down the line when the population starts to die down all of these extra restrictions are just gonna make it more and more difficult to find people to play with and unlike your soul level you cant really control or see this its just something thats happening in the background when you pick up weapons or upgrade stuff and the worst thing about this is that it only hurts co-op or dont really know much about it invaders already know how to circumvent this and are already abusing various methods to twunk the  __  out of people I mean look at this its not getting one shot Dark Souls remastered PvP $40 please so yeah great job whoever put this in the game you really outdid yourself their password phantom scaling is present and its implemented in the same broken way it was in Dark Souls 3 scale phantoms do not have their weapons and stats adjusted but instead just get a blanket percentage reduction to their health and damage this is incredibly lazy and just makes co-op a scaled phantoms kind of weird and awkward in certain places I actually tested an SL 80 character being scaled to SL 4 and while my health was only reduced a little bit my damage was cut by a massive amount its really weird and bad and they could have handled this a lot better these suppose its summon cooldown is non-existent I tested this with my boy by having a red phantom kill him and then see how long it takes for me to be summoned him spoiler it took 30 seconds which is about how long it takes to go through the loading screen and put your sign back down so good job guys fantastic essentially all the old malicious stuff you could do to people with cheatengine is back with a vengeance theres also allegedly some form of anti cheat but we still dont really know how it works or if it even exists I assume that if its in the game at all its going to work like Dark Souls 3 and just end up banning innocent players or people using freecam you know then good stuff regardless it looks like were going to be dealing with a whole nother generation of script kiddies the many is in DSR are all completely unchanged many of the menus in the original were really janky so they could have actually used a good reworking in particular I think that the equipment and item lists should have been scaled so she could see more than five items at a time but I guess five will just have to do the new control assign a menu is kind of weird and rushed and uh well quality I guess would be the word for it it also does not let you bind more than one action to a single key so if you want to do that youre gonna have to dig into the config files to get it done the post boss grace period for coop is gone I have no idea why they decided to do that but its done this next point is kind of minor and subjective but I do feel that the ability to swap covenants on-the-fly and the removal of the abandonment penalty just further trivializes that aspect of the game they arent really covenants anymore theyre just like clubs and now Im more or less just going to list off every bug they failed to fix please be aware that a few these bugs are beneficial and Im kind of glad that not everything was patched but as a game development studio their job was to fix bugs so yeah toggle escape reverse roll all the different forms of chain backstabbing multi backstabs and multi reposts backstab cancel via hit stun backstab cancel via backstab yeah I got power dance but I usually no okay enemies sometimes do you sync in multiplayer friendly phantoms are still Perea below aiming is still inaccurate frame perfect item duping the spell swap bug the buff swap stone sword glitch you can no longer control which invasion spawn point you get its always the closest one to the host the game drops frames a lot while its loading which can be really annoying when youre in combat item swaps and wrong warps spell cancels arbitrate summon lockouts menu queue clearing the shrug chug bug which is something I kind of recently discovered or it seems charging attacks bug oh that could still exist I thought that was a 60fps which pretty the plunge control bug the fall control glitch the halberd running attack animation bug and multiplayer the halberd instant running attack in swamps walking down a hill can kill you up for pink mobile bonfire and lethargy sinking which is a really difficult but hilarious bone what the poop walk though it is not technically possible to do without outside save editing or corruption so it doesnt really count I guess rolling through fall damage enemy flares being invisible and multiplayer yeah it does and uh whatever this glitch is Nani what what is this what is thief oh and um this glitch I dont really know what this ones called Music oh heres another cool glitch that I dont know and another one and another one being riposte adore backstab can cause you to fall to the ground on rare occasions other players and enemies can be invisible in certain areas due to bad coing dont you cross that threshold and for now like right behind you you turn invisible right here yeah oh yeah thats animation cancel David Blaine is still in the game most important bug Tynan attend vamos is audio is still toasty as  __  Im not sure if this was an intentional thing or not but it just sounds like bad compression to me the dragon but glitch she bets if you bet that its not gonna work youre wrong by the way lawl  __  oh and also the floating here is still in the game back stepping through boulders map objects candy sync in multiplayer such as that duplicated sens fortress boulders or elevators being in the wrong position various graphical issues like the infamous floating door in dukes archives and the elevator chains in parish ladder sliding is kind of janky own ascend skip and everything associated with it is still in the game and pretty much every other out of bound glitch I tried still worked though there are way too many to list and that is about it for every bug I personally know about let me know if I missed some because I definitely miss some there there are so many bugs in this game its unreal oh boy where do I even begin with this lets start with the more literal meaning of ugly and take a look at some of the improved graphics check out the lava here in lost lasagna and the pits of runes also it appears that the Hydra has sneezed all over this rock and uh why is an Orlando being sliced in half by a laser from the Sun and on the opposite side of the spectrum why is this room randomly now the abyss it was not this dark in the original game what happened here also thats a mess some good grass right there its a had some real good grass its a thats some quality water right there you know just some very good quality water but on a more serious note its kind of annoying that vamos has all this lasagna stashed in his room but he wont share with us he wont even sell it to us come on dude you cant hug all those anias yourself like that additionally its kind of weird that the lighting in-game I just abruptly change in certain areas like this you know theres a whole tunnel here you could have like stretched to change out over the course the whole tunnel so itd feel more natural but I mean I guess I guess that works too all the HUD icons from the original game are back and theyre just as ugly as theyve always been I cant believe they didnt take the time to improve these and make them fit with the style the game better or just take them out theyre totally pointless the iron golems cool shockwave blast has been replaced with a dust blast I I dont know why so the armor appears to glow in the dark for some reason transparency sorting is still kind of screwed up all across the board stuff like this happens everywhere in the game and its really weird and this this is a really good texture tonight sin and another thing thats really interesting is that uh it appears ankles arent real anymore so now a lot of you are probably thinking that Im just nitpicking here but theres nothing else for me to really talk about the only real changes at dark souls remastered are graphical changes so if Im not nitpicking the graphics then theres nothing to even talk about and speaking of that if it was their only job to improve the game graphically why does it look worse in a lot of places seriously you had one job okay so moving on lets now talk about some metaphorical ugliness another thing is kind of ugly is actually the invading community since this is just the same game again everyone already knows what is and is not powerful and basically every invader is just a min Max and goon looking for easy kills it became really apparent to me while I was helping iron pineapple record a video that every single invader was just bloodthirsty - max no fun allowed chain backstab him again and again okay hes gassy - op oh dear oh hes trinket walk of peace and Wow okay its really kind of lame because the first few months of every souls game has been really fun where everyones experimenting and learning about the game and just playing it to see what they can do but really not getting that experience this time so what else is ugly about DSR well instead of looking at what is there lets try looking at what isnt Im going to list up all the non gameplay features that could have been added the game but are decidedly absent in the final release cloth physics and Im totally serious I think if they had added cloth physics I would have been totally cool with the game I honestly think cloth physics was one of the coolest graphical changes they ever made to the series and Im so annoyed theyre not India saw Bo ammo being reassigned to light and heavy attack it seems kind of pointless to have a button to cycle between ammo types when there are two buttons and two ammo types having a repair all option at bonfires itd be a minor change sure but theres no reason not to have it they should have done that limiting certain items like divine blessings or mushrooms you cant carry 99 of them because no one actually carries 99 divine blessings around unless theyre cheating being able to warp to any bonfire instead of having an arbitrary list I dont know why they didnt fix this its just annoying it really serves no purpose item quick lists like in blood-borne or Dark Souls 3 being able to place a summon sign and leave the area without having to babysit someone signs disappear way too quickly in this game its rather annoying because you cant do anything while waiting for a summon it would have been nice if they had fixed that the SS icon getting emptier as you use it this is a super minor change but I kind of liked it Dark Souls 3 the estus flask got emptier as you used it they could have done that it would take it 2 seconds being able to sue hand an offhand weapon this is a very minor thing and its only useful for certain people but it would have been very easy to do and once again absent literally any improvement whatsoever to the UI I mean  __  anything seriously  __  anything now I want to take some time to go over some of the common counter arguments that people use to defend DSR I dont expect to change anyones mind here because most of the people that want to love the game are determined to love the game no matter how much bad stuff I show them theyre just gonna say its great but regardless I love making fun of children so here we go its a remaster not a remake yeah its definitely called dark souls remastered thank you for reminding me but you know what it doesnt matter what they call the game its just a bad value I already went over this in my previous video but lets do it again heres a side-by-side image of dsfix and DSR its a bit difficult to tell which is which isnt it i stream DSR for about 14 hours after it came out mostly taking notes for this review and about every 5 or 10 minutes someone who would come into the chat and ask is this really the remaster they were probably skeptical because the game launched two days early for no reason which Im not even gonna get into how stupid that is but still the fact that they had to ask they couldnt just tell it was the remaster is a really bad sign now heres a side-by-side of Halo 2 and halo 2 anniversary which one of these is the remaster oh I just cant tell and by the way halo 2 anniversary is a remaster if you think otherwise then unfortunately youre just wrong sorry its fine on consoles this is true and I said as much in my original video the console releases are generally improved over the original versions and they are the only versions available for those platforms if you only own a ps4 or switch and you arent a PC gamer the DSR is a decent purchase especially if you havent played the game before but for those of us who still own their old consoles or like to play on PC its completely worthless its good because it makes the multiplayer active again this argument is a half-truth the game will definitely be more active than it was temporarily I dont expect it to last long as most of the veterans will just blast through it a few times get bored and leave I also imagine that a lot of the new players will tire the game quite quickly as its essentially a game of rock paper backstab more importantly though this argument is a half-truth because its something you cant directly attribute to the game itself the developers didnt spend time creating a more active community this is just a result of the game being released it has zero bearing on the quality and craftsmanship of the remaster itself you cant use this to defend DSR but you can use it to defend why you spend money on it also I just want to throw this out there I made a Dark Souls PvP video just a few months ago people over exaggerate how dead that game is you arent the target audience I generally hear this alongside people claiming the game is for people who play Dark Souls 3 but did not play the original and I find this kind of confusing there was nothing stopping people from playing the old version if they had any real interest in it they probably already have and anyways trying to claim that a Dark Souls game is not aimed at Dark Souls fans is pretty silly Bandai Namco knows who they are marketing to and its fanboys its only 20 or 40 dollars its worth the price your expectations are way too high stop being so entitled this is fable anniversary its 35 dollars its not considered a great remaster but its pretty ok but Inferno fable anniversary isnt a remaster its a rebirth its a remaster they arent going to change the gameplay oh they are are they well didnt they raise the player count isnt that a gameplay change oh oh its not ok well uh how about the healing mechanics and multiplayer those are definitely different oh they dont count either huh thats very selective of you isnt it you keep saying they wont make gameplay changes but theyve already made gameplay changes I really just like this argument cuz its often cited when people are arguing that they shouldnt make quality of life improvements like omnidirectional rolling they have this crazy mentality that quality of life improvements will make the game easier and ruin it now correct me if Im wrong but having three phantoms carry you through the game makes the game a lot  __  easier it omnidirectional rolling and a lot of other minor control improvements would just make the game more enjoyable and if you are crazy enough that you desire for directional rolling well play the game on a keyboard then you can have four directional rolling again this is just a re-release for the current generation except its not they are releasing it on PC and they are marketing it as a improved and definitive edition they even went so far as to remove the original game from steam which they gave you my feelings about in the previous video guard list if DSR was just intended as an improved re-release for consoles this video wouldnt exist you cant compare it to dsfix mods dont count you know its kind of funny because I think from agrees with you if you really believe mods dont count then go get the original Steam version and play it through with the mouse and keyboard I dare you lets be a little more serious though dsfix has been more or less mandatory since it came out and if you go ask like a hundred players who play Dark Souls on PC I will guarantee that pretty much all of them will tell you they use dsfix and they wouldnt play the game without it personally Ive never even met anyone whos told me they dont use the S fix additionally if you want some actual solid numbers you can always pop up indie SCM and see how many players are online just right now theres over a thousand you are just nitpicking if Im nitpicking then this remaster must be one gigantic NIT they said the original steam version would be bad so you cant complain about it so its okay to do something as long as you say youre going to do it great logic there realistically most the people who bought the steam version didnt know its going to be terrible and were quite surprised when they found out its not like the steam page pops up and warns you when you go to buy the game its just up to you to know that you have to mod it to make it playable the SR is just their way of curating the game to preserve it for future gamers so uh is that why the game speed is still tied to framerate are we going to get a Dark Souls remastered remastered 5 years from now that changes the FPS to 120 and adds a bonfire next to the giant blacksmith probably its about time you wrap this up but before I give the verdict Id like to thank everyone who helped make this video possible hire pineapple jelly elite young maestro Patoka hopscotch TK GP and everyone on my discord server who helped proofread and write this video so is the game worth it for PC users absolutely  __  not just stick with the old version of the game and forget this ever happened is the game still insulting to PC users considering the history with the original game yes so how about for console users well if youve never played the game before and this is your first opportunity to do so it would be worth it if you have played the game before and your primary interest is the multiplayer well if a more active community for a couple of months is worth $40 to you go for it I guess just be prepared to deal with the bashed weapon upgrade matchmaking and every invader already being min/max to the extreme and with that I believe this Dark Souls of Dark Souls reviews has come to a close theres been a lot of negativity with these last two DSR videos so hopefully you guys will stick around for my next project where I will instead be talking about a game I absolutely adore and hopefully you will too so until then watch your backs and your sides and your fronts tony hawk game steam More like Dark Souls Recycled.Corrections - Covenants do have abandonment penalties. Which makes bonfire swapping pointless. Weapon Matchmaking Info - * AFAIK Twinkling weapons count as +5 when you pick them up. Discord - Sources - police game steam steam coming out of car vents steam game already installed but not in library free scary game on steam steam engine designer