Thicc Souls Remastered

Uplay games steam deckhow much is fnaf on steam DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED *stop jerking off* *S T O P* Hey guys, its your boy Dark Souls. Were here doing another playthrough. *fucking magical arrow* Oh. Naaa, all right, all right. Now the best way to deal with this guy is the plunging attack. *show me the dork soals way father* Just jump on his head and slam the club- *gamerd* I have 500 hours on Dark Souls 3. So early game, theres some high level loot down here. All you gotta do is avoid the skeletons *unfunny insanely dead skeleton trumpet meme* I got it, I got it! *das some high quality shit* Binoculars. You FUCKIN BINOCULAAAA Howd this guy die? *lol haha funny death* heh, hahahahaha Fuckin loser. *roll into hell and table abuse* I PAID 40$ I wonder whats behind this door.. 2016 Pyro: so now Im actually fighting the secret endgame boss of Dark Souls 3 Sauron from Lord of the Rings. See this boss is a... *fuckin loser lol* I hate that guy. *shut up skeletor* *getting wacked* Jesus Chri- Alright, guys, how are yo- Just calm down for a minute. Yeah, please just let me live. All I want is to live. *jumpman go* *holy shit* No way! *dark souls doesnt like you* Thank you, Dark Souls. Yeh, this guy, Havel. I dont know why people say hes hard. He doesnt even care. Hes just chilling. He cared- H-he cared a lot, alright- Eaaasyy! Eaaaassyyy! Just excuse me for one second... This is my eighth time.. My eighth time attempting to inv- *sick trickshot broham* She said give me armor, I gave her only hardly. I only spent my diamonds on my sword.. Im sorry I wonder if they improved the invasions for this game. *no* I see a willing victim. Okay, that was a hit, did no damage, fair enough. That was a miss. *paid actor* Wai- eh huh *idk if this is laughter or crying pyro mate are you alright* Yep, invasions are better than ever! *i n c o r r e c t* This one cant be so bad. Alright- *l i t* Okay, its not gonna damage me though right- *playlist too fire* *start of depression noises* *starts thinking about a rope he saw at walmart* Come on show me what you got, you got no- Oh, the Parry? A noble move, my brave knight. Now allow me just roll away and reassess the situa- *nothing personal kid* Alr-... Th-the absorb, back the backstab spell! The backstab miracle! I didnt know they added THAT in the remaster! This guy would never betray me. Oh my god, would you believe it? He actually betrayed me! I- I never saw this coming. *same* Honestly, just kill Lautrec as soon as you see him. Youll be saving yourself a lot hassle. *unfunny Goofy scream* Go on guys. you got this youre number one. This boss is easy. I am Solaire of Astora, and Im he- *immediate death* *moaning in pain* Ono. Im coming, Lautrec! Im coming! May the goddess have mercy on you! *no goddess mercy here boyo* Lautrec? You okay, buddy? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA And a-one and a-two and op- Fell off. And he... He dropped an item. I mean, it cant be too hard. Just drop down there grab it get a *british giberish* *haha funny death family guy moment* It was a one-foot drop, a literal one-foot drop. *sick roast* This guy dont even seem hard. Its just some baby shit man, for real. *Moment of regret* Uh oh. *gets fucking wacked* So theres a super easy way to kill this guy. All you need to do is go back to the fog gate, wait for him to launch himself at you and then attack his arm... Killing him pretty much instantly. Now as Im going to show you guys this strategy works to a tee. *hes dead again* *long silent moment of suicidal thoughts* Did you guys know if I didnt call my channel Pyrocynical, I would have called it shut up woah vikky Gimme your best shot, come on. ok lol Hah, is that all you-... I, uhh... *nice lol* Jesus christ.. Guys come on stop with the lightning for real, come on guys stop! *no* STOP! Jesus! Oh my God! With most enemys in this game, its fairly straight-forward. You gotta just get behind them and just wail in on them while they cant turn around cu- *hes jumped off a cliff more times than chinese sweatshop workers jesus christ* Ok. As you can see, I recently purchased the E B I C R O A S T S P E L L so pretty much any undead is gonna be instant K.O.d by my e b i c roasts. *its a filthy frank joke guys who saw it coming* oof ow owie what a gamer roast im died *my nama jeff* Now, excuse me while I go back to bullying 9 year olds. I dont know if you guys knew, but they actually added a shortcut now in Darkroot Garden. All you gotta do is come over to this ledge jump down and- *thats another rice boi dead after making his 6044th iphone* a l r i g h t. Now the hydra is fairly easy, you just got to avoid the HEADS! *nearly loses his own head while saying that* And a-one! And a-two! And a-three! *hits the wall and somehow cuts off the 4th head* I dont know what number comes after three. *unsurprising* Just one more head should be fairly straightforward. *enters the nether in minecraft* r o i g h t. Alright. One thing I love about the level design of this boss is how youve got the safety of the shallow water and then a fucking plunge into the abyss straight after. o n o. They brought in the cats from the Sonic game. *unfunny sonic theme joke* Uhhh... This- This guy... Hes been... Firing arrows at me... About seven-... Seven minutes now... Pvp? My middle name is PvP, suck it kid. You guys really think you could take me on like, come on man, for real? Im at least level five hun- *about to fucking eat shit* ONO Guys, I understand it was a joke, alright? Everything was a big misunderstanding. Just let me leave the magical woods and travel back to safety *#darksoulsrelatestochinesesuicides* Whats wrong, man? Cant deal with a fucking british loser who used to make mlg videos whens shrek has swag 5 coming out Thats right. Youre my bitch now. *s t o p* What you gonna do? What you gonna do Merlin? You gonna cast a spell? You gonna cast a little- Little pussy weak-ass spell? Yeah. Try harder. oh- *starts eating shit* HWO- WOT? badatdarksouls.mp4 If you have a sorcery build, you should be put to sleep. Oh great! Its the fuckin vegan covenant! Now let me just join the vegans and youll go away. Its alright. Your boy Pyrocynical is a PvP god (shut up please), this cant go too bad. A N D N O W T H E R E S A R E D G U Y Clearly theyre throwing so many phantoms against me because they know that Im a virgin GOD! *no comment* Thank you, Dark Souls. *pew bang pow bazinga* Yeah, what youre gonna do from inside that cage old man, throw you hat at me? *B A Z I N G A* Guys, please respect your elders, RESPECT YOUR ELDERS. Ma scaly friend, Youre about to get... B A M B O O Z L E D NYEHG! Dead. another one bites the dust. Subscribe to Dolan Dark, am I right guys? Dead. another one bites the- Hes alive. Hes alive, aight. Tha- Th... *comtemplating suicide again* Thank you, From Software. So apparently, this wall could be broken to get some treasure. *trying to mine diamonds* *indiana jones joke* That works... Sens Fortress? More like pewdiepie More like Sens Fortress. I know all the tricks of the trade. How to ace this map without any deaths. *doink* *noises of hope* *hopes crushed by giant stone nigga* As much as Im a master of Sens Fortress, Im getting a bit bored of the place, so its best to vacate immediately. Now I know with my amazing instincts, this is the way out *no its not* This is not the way out. *panicked breathing and running* *rolled* its alright. Im alive. Im alive and living life. *sure you are* oh no. *L O U D R O L L* Haha, and there you guys thought I died. But your boy Big P still alive and living li- *ok* Anakin, dont do it. He has the high ground! *top ten deaths in backyardigans* A N A K I N! Ill avenge you, Anakin. Dont worry. Ill claim his soul as my own. *le kick* *le teleport* Whe- wow how did you get back there safely and unharmed thats a pretty cool sorcery you got there Look at this dumbass! *chuckles in british* Cant even stand up straight! *for once hes not the one falling to his death nice job pyro* I didnt even know you could do that, man. *we now return to pyro getting his ass handed to him* Ah were gonna get Oppa Gangnam styled *Gangnam Styled* *probably a mix of crying his soul out and laughing at funny family guy moments* What is the point? Theres a guy here and he tried... *wow* Okay, youre a fucking idiot *u got a permit for that laughin there wanka* Why did you think that would work? Why did I do that? Why did I do that? I thought there was a ledge! *laughter of discord buddy pal friendo* Shut up! *getting nae naed as per usual* Wow, I just got nae - naed from both sides. Oh, okay. *sad depresso hours* finished game *oh fuck that man died but god damn solaire is hot* So weve got Havels leggings... Gauntlets... Got his body piece, headpiece... Got his shield... Got his weapon... *not havel anything* Thats not Havel.. *screams in not havel* *oh ok were back to bullying npcs in dark souls nice* *thats just fucking mean* *F I N I S H E D G A M E* Oh I parried him as well, nice. *le funny death again* Ah, Hello. I have come to this great land, the birthplace of Lord Gwyn, to seek my very own son. The Hydra can fly?! *steps away from mic* The Hydra can fly? Id say that pyromancy is one of the strongest arcane arts and in the Dark Souls universe. Definitely. Without a doubt many people... Theyre proficient in... Pyromancy can instantly kill their target. Sorcerer is a great one as well. Probably even more difficult to master than pyromancy. *another doink* You son of a bitch! *roast-o-rama time* *I ran out of unfunny text* So there is actually a way to get really overpowered at the beginning of the game. All you gonna do is take yourself down to the Catacombs... Avoiding the skeleton. *guess what song is playing in the background* Just lay the smackdown on this elderly guy right here. I v e f a l l e n. Beat up another skeleton. Then youre just gonna want to light this bonfire right here. Then just revert to your human form. Just avoid these skeletons over here. *same joke* Now, you just want to jump down onto this ledge he- AAAAAAAAAAA Now you just want to jump down onto this ledge here and see that summon sign down there just drop down here and then *another scripted unfunny death* Alright, so youre gonna want to jump down onto this ledge and then Estus so you dont fucking die of fall damage. Jump down here. Summon this handsome man here. Go straight through this fog wall. So now youre just gonna want to beat the pinwheel boss. *fucking yeetd on* And after beating the boss, you should get yourself the Mask of the Father one of the most... Overpowered masks in the entire game. *daddy isnt home rn* *more suicidal thoughts* I got the wrong one. ok for real pyro ik i fucking r o a s t e d you a lot with these dumbass subtitles but i love your content everyone subscribe to this guy because he is a true fortnite gamer oh shit its my man waifu nice this music is lit lol *oh hey back here again* *slammed by the rock* Thats not even funny, man. 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