Dark Souls Remastered: Top 5 Things To Do When You Start A New Character

Why does steam update so muchsteam bigfoot DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED game whats going on guys my name is ghosts and welcome back to another video today Im going to go over the top 5 things that I think you should do when you start a new character in Dark Souls remastered so this might be some of you guys is first time playing Dark Souls it might be your first time just playing Dark Souls 1 I dont know but it is geared towards those newer players who have not played Dark Souls 1 before or have never played it at all none of these steps are required by any means theyre mostly just designed to set you up with some good gear really early on in order to make the rest of the game easier on you but I do highly recommend doing these things as they are all able to be done extremely early in the game and most of them really arent too hard so with all these tips Im going to assume that youve beaten the asylum demon in the tutorial area and the highest requirement of anything I will be sharing with you is defeating Tars demon who was only the second boss in the game after silent demon so really not too bad the reason for this is that some items are located in the undead parish which he is blocking there are also two items on this list that require that you have the master key which you can choose as a starting gift or just play as a thief class he also gets that automatically but Ill tell you the requirements for each one as we go so lets just get right into it the first thing that you should do when youre starting a new playthrough is plan out your build this has no requirements whatsoever you can even do it without even starting the game if you play Dark Souls before youre probably familiar with the concept of a build but if not here are the basics a build is essentially how you choose to spend all of your levels and what gear you decide to wear in Dark Souls lets say there are three overarching builds those being strength dexterity and some sort of caster since there are several types of magics to base a cast and build off of Im not going to go over that in this video and just focus on the Meli types for now if you want a separate video on making a cast or let me know in the comments Id be happy to pull them together but they are a bit more difficult to set up a bit harder to play so like I said that lets not focus on them for now so the two main build types are strength and dexterity or Dex for short which Ill call it from now on the names make the two types pretty self-explanatory strength tends to utilize larger weapons that require a lot of strength to carry such clubs or great swords where Dex tends to use smaller weapons that require more technique to wield like daggers rapiers katanas you got the idea now the main reason that you should plan your build beforehand is so you only spend levels to meet the minimum requirements of your weapon of choice for instance if you choose to use a great sword boosting your dexterity level up to 30 is a complete waste of time and wont benefit you whatsoever you really just dont want to be wasting levels like that especially early on and especially if youre new a player those are really precious and youre going to want to spend them effectively so figure out what you want to do before you go levelling of your character which brings me to my next tip now that youve decided what build you want to use its time to find a weapon that suits it there are a couple of decent weapons that come with the starting classes in my opinion like the longsword and the battle axe for instance but you want to get an upgrade as soon as possible there are actually quite a few really solid options very early on which I go over in my other video here where I show you the top five weapons you can get very early on with a few bonus ones so make sure to check that out after this video the link will also be in the description but in that video I show you both strength and dex weapons you can get almost right away and just like this video the highest requirement to get any of those weapons defeating tarus demon on top of that though its definitely worth checking out the dark souls wiki so you can get a full list of every weapon in the game and get a better idea of what you might want to use down the road and how you should be leveling up right now to prepare for that the most crucial part of picking your weapon that was making sure that you can use it other than that just use whatever you think looks cool whatevers fun its really not too important I just dont want you guys wasting levels early on the next thing you should do is add some kool-aid mix to that Estus flask itll taste so much better and on top of that everyone knows the better it tastes the more it heals but in all seriousness you should reinforce your Estus flask as soon as possible and Dark Souls 1 this is done by trading and Firekeeper Souls which increase the amount of health or Estus flask refills there are only seven of them in the game but you can actually get two of those almost immediately and Ill show you how to do that right now so from here on out were going to be utilizing the highly technical method of suicide runs actually not that technical you just run past all the enemies grab the item and the inevitable mob enemies that followed you will tear you to shreds but thats okay make sure you dont have too many souls to lose before trying this because youll probably lose them as I said so go ahead and level up before you get going which should be no problem because he already playing out your bills right so number one together the first soul you want to follow this path Im taking on screen I recommend setting this elevator right here back up since youll be dying at the end of this run and you might forget they left it at the bottom next time you need to use it and accidentally fall down a really big hole hop off the elevator to answer nuwanda ruins take a left and run across this narrow wooden bridge youll run into some ghosts up ahead which you cant even hit without special items so just keep running dont worry about them theres a very very narrow bridge just under the water right here you can barely see so carefully cross it and pick up the fire keeper soul and the ghost will rip you apart Im sorry the second one is located in the undead parish really not too far into the game but that doesnt mean that you will have to kill tourists even to get to it Ill show you the path from the end of that boss fight as well as from the undead parish bonfire so from tarce demon first of all run across this bridge and go down the stairs to the right well obviously avoiding the fire kick down this ladder if you havent already and then go back up to the top of the bridge you can go through the bottom if you want but I funds to be much easier bait the dragon into killing the enemies and stand right here until he hops down as soon as he jumps down make a beeline for this bonfire light it and rest at it as quickly as possible otherwise the dragon will breathe fire right in your face and you dont want that trust me Ive been there open this gate follow this path if youre relatively quick you should be able to get through the gate before this huddle closes it I would recommend letting him close it though before you kill him otherwise all those enemies right there you just ran past it will follow you back here and thats no fun now the item is actually straight ahead at the back of this church but Im gonna take you to the next bonfire since its really close and Im going to show you from there just run up these stairs across the bridge past these hollows across another bridge down some more stairs and this is the undead parish bonfire I mentioned earlier from here its a very very simple backtrack upstairs across the bridge and head inside the church look to your right and youll see the item you can kill this big guy if you want or grab the item and run to this elevator this will take you back down to Firelink shrine unlocking a very very handy shortcut the next item I recommend picking up is the grasp crest shield its extremely good as it increases your stamina regeneration and if even blocks 90% of physical damage which is a really nice bonus considering how useful the regen is on its own like even if you couldnt block stuff with it still be worth it the requirements to get the shield are the undead parish bonfire and while optional the ability to kill a black knight would be quite helpful run down stairs past the blacksmith and run around this titanite demon his ranged lightening attack is really easy to dodge and as long as you run by him fairly quickly he should be too busy turning around to actually swing you you can just ignore these trees and take a right at the first available opening theres a crystal lizard up here which if you kill it it will give you some materials for weapon upgrades otherwise just keep making your way down its cliffside until you find a Black Knight theres no other enemies on the way so youre good to go the shield is actually right below us at this point one step down from where the Black Knight is so its really easy to just drop down and grab it otherwise you can simply kill the knight or roll past him and escape back up the way you came the last thing that you should definitely do is pick up some rings I mean how do you honestly expect to put down a boss without some ice on your hands to flex on them with I cant believe I just said that why would I why would I leave that in the video now there are actually a couple of unbelievably good rings you can get almost immediately but it can be kind of difficult the first is Havels ring which boosts your maximum equipment load by 50% very very nice its almost a requirement for strength bills especially if you plan to wear heavy armor at the same time you can get the ring before ptarth even if you have the master key otherwise youll have to kill the moonlight butterfly still a very early boss if youve already beaten tar so you can actually go kill it right now if you want to but thatll give you access to the required key now then to get to Havel start from the undead burg bonfire and run towards torus but instead of running up his tower go down by unlocking this door here this is where you teach Havel all about the magical world of backstab spamming or parry spam you feeling a bit saucy this is really the only viable way its a beat Havel this early in the game since that armor is so strong and the health pool is pretty big its actually a pretty tough fight since at this point the game that Club is basically guaranteed the one shot you but if youre patient and focus on back stabs or pairs you will get the ring in no time lets see now the other thing on our to-do list was ah there is remind law check that this is sparta oh I remember now thatll make sense in a minute so in the church in non-dead Parish if you head upstairs to face the gargoyles you can actually take a different route and find a secret issue behind these wooden barricades where theres a man locked in the cage take this moment to laugh at him if youre feeling nice today you can free him with either the mystery key found in undead parish its in that room behind the armored board Im sure you remember him or of course you can unlock it with the master key if you free him he can help you with the gargoyles if you dont free him he will escape after you kill the gargoyles and had the Firelink shrine if you free him and kill him he obviously it wont be helping you or making its filing shrine because hes dead he will however drop a shiny ring called the ring of favor and protection he is pretty tough to beat though since hes really aggressive capable of pairing you and his weapon can hit straight around your shield so dont even bother blocking dont worry though remember this is sparta after all I told you that that would make sense in a minute and sometimes law trick forgets that so just free him let him escape whatever him do his thing and go back to fire link after you kill the gargoyles meet him back there hes right here by the fire keeper and kick his  __  ass off this cliff just saving quit the game when you come back the ring will be sitting right here where he was and good riddance if you dont kill him hell kill the fire keeper which will make it so you can no longer use Firelink shrine which is very bad especially for a new player as for that ring its insane equipping the ring boosts health stamina and equipment load by 20% each and even stacks with Howls ring to give you an 80% equipment load boost if you quit both brings it once the only downside is that if you ever on equip the ring it breaks so if your choose to use this ring in your playthrough youll really only have one other free slot to switch around rings for the rest of the game if you ask me its entirely worth it so thats all five but wait theres more one last thing before I go theres AK a third fire keeper so you can get it but I wanted to show you how to kill watcher first because you have to kill him before you go get it if you get the fire keeper soul in the church that I just showed you and the soul that Im about to show you it will trigger the fire keepers death and you wont be here to stop it since itll happen the moment you pick up the next soul so before you get this one you have to kill logic so assuming hes dead here is the final fire keeper soul the final soul you can actually get without killing tourists even but its got that law correct stipulation which is why I didnt mention it earlier keep in mind that if you want to get it this early you also have to pick the master key as your starting gift or again the thief class who has it anyways so head back down the new londo again while youre on the elevator thank your Paso for sending it back up or curse him remember because they forgot it he just fell down a really big hole I told you earlier head out and turn right this time and go up this tower unlock the door with the master key run into this cave over here and you can easily pass by these ogres now heres where things get a bit dicey I wrote the script before Dark Souls remastered actually released so lets just hope I get more than 12 frames per second during this next part head down these ladders and then head over to this concrete tunnel where youll face a toxic blow dart firing squad not exaggerating whatsoever theres a lot of them and they really dont like you the toxic debuff will really mess you up so try to jump down here and get the fire keeper so before you wither away also make sure you have enough health to survive the fall and one more tip if youre hopelessly trying to make it out of here live instead of suicide running like everyone else the dogs breathe fire have fun down there to actually upgrade the estus flasks go back to fire link walk right down here and speak with the fire keeper shes locked in this cage right here dont worry about it she likes it there if you talk to her you can trade in the souls and she will upgrade your flasks for you but guys thats all I have for today I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you learned at least something new something useful to you but if its your first time playing Dark Souls good luck with it have fun grab those summon signs to go PvP enjoy the community being alive once again with sorry master if you like this kind of guide this kind of style a video let me know in the comments if theres something else you want to see similar to this and of course it hit that like button and subscribe if you havent already make sure you hit that Bell icon too so you dont miss any videos because YouTube kinda sucks at their job and they wont tell you if I upload them lets see if that Bell icon but my work here is done that so Im gonna get going and Ill see you guys in the next video have a good one steam match 3 games My Top 5 Tips for new players and things to do when you start a new game. In this guide I go over how to make a good build, where to get firekeeper souls, how to save the firekeeper, Where to get the grass crest shield, how to get havels ring, how to kill havel, how to get the ring of favor and protection, and how to kill Lautrec the easy way.That Other Video, The Top 5 Best Early Game Weapons: you enjoyed this video, make sure to give it a thumbs up and hit the subscribe button if you want more stuff like this! ● Twitch: ● Twitter: ● Instagram: ● Click to Subscribe to my youtube channel: xbox games steam eucalyptus spray for steam room steam link vr games best triple a games on steam deck steam gun game