Dark Souls Remastered: Top 5 Best Starting Weapons (And How To Get Them)

Oculus rift on steamsteam custom game artwork DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED game whats going on guys my name is ghosts and welcome back to another video so you started a new character in Dark Souls remastered and you need a weapon well youve come to the right place in this video Ill show you the top 5 weapons with some bonus ones mixed in that I recommend for new players I didnt have ten so I couldnt say top ten theres like eight of them maybe nine maybe seven but top five sounds better than top eight so were gonna go with top five anyways lets just get right into it so for the base five I have two strength weapons and two Dex weapons as well as one magic weapon for all you freaks out there that likes to cast spells and lets start off with our first strength weapon so from Firelink shrine youre just gonna want to follow the path that Im taking on screen same thing for all of these methods just do what I do I dont really need to explain myself too much but this one is at the back of the graveyard where you will find that these why hander its an ultra great sword an absolute monster perfect if youre going for a strength build you can try to get back out of here alive if you want but uh its probably not gonna happen sorry about that to get the next strength weapon youre actually gonna have to kill tarce demon first so if you are done that great if not take this why hander and go do it its only the second boss in the game really the first real one shouldnt be too difficult but as soon as youve killed that boss youll be dumped out right here on the hellcat bridge at which point you can run down it about halfway down youll see a little gap to the right with some stairs go ahead and run down those try not to get cooked by the dragon and you can go right over here kick down this ladder and its a nice little shortcut to your last bonfire once youve done that theyll go ahead and head back up to the bridge you can bait the dragon into killing all the enemies with this fire just by running out onto the bridge and quickly duck back into this little side area here and if you stand right where Im standing and wait long enough the dragon will actually hop down at which point youre gonna want to run to the room behind him and on the way pick up this first item and that is the Claymore our second strength weapon really awesome a lot more manageable than this why hand there being that it is a regular great sword not an ultra great sword you can swing it quite a few more times does less damage but still really solid moving on to the dexterity section of this guide first off were gonna be going for the uchigatana now if you have the undead burg bonfire right here unlocked its super easy to get to but if not Ill show you from Firelink shrine so again from fire link just follow this path that Im taking on screen and youll get there pretty easily theres only a few groups of enemies to go by so its totally up to you if you want to kill them or if you just want to run by them and get the weapon first either one will work if you did run past them I would recommend resting at this bonfire up here this is the undead burg bonfire that I just mentioned now that will reset all the enemies which means you have a few to kill but not nearly as many as you would have had before so go ahead and thin the herd here theres really not too many of them and then make your way over here where there are two more enemies who have shields and Spears you can hit their shield which will bait them into attacking at which point you can just circle around for a back step or you can kick their shield out of the way and just attack them that way your choice but then you want to go down these stairs right here which are blocked by crates just roll through them and youll make the undead merchants know if you kill him he will actually drop the sword that were looking for now before you kill him I would recommend buying a few things from him first the short boat is a nice addition along with 40 to 50 standard arrows and if you dont have a shield and you want one I would go for the heater shield that he offers has 100% physical protection and pretty pretty nice this early on if you dont have the souls porch go back rest of the bonfire and keep killing the enemies over and over again until you get no souls its really not too many it shouldnt take you too long once you have everything you need from though go ahead and kill him he is not too hard either you can take down probably three-quarters of his health bar before he even stands up and pull his weapon hell drop all kinds of stuff that you could have bought from him if youre sucker but uh Im not so I just kill him for it and of course he will drop his sword along with that the uchigatana a great dexterity weapon especially this early on the game now for the second dexterity weapon this one is a little bit more tough to get to but you still dont have to kill any bosses so again from Firelink you want to follow the route that Im taking on screen you will need the master key to get through this one if you want to get it this early but this route will take you all the way down to Blighttown youre gonna have to make your way all the way to the bottom so go ahead and just go down each ladder one level at a time if you get lost just follow the torches but you can clearly see what Im doing on screen so you probably wont get lost once you get this elevator here wait for one of the platforms to come by its kind of confusing its like a big wheel thing not really an elevator but were gonna use it as an elevator today and itll take you down to this little dock thing and go ahead and dismount the elevator and again follow where Im going on screen there is a bonfire off to our left here but I would recommend not touching that yet because youre probably not ready to actually clear this area out which means once you get this next weapon youre gonna want to die and go back to fire link rather than right there itll just be a lot easier on you now I like to go up these two ladders right here just to be able to circle around behind the enemies rather than pushing through them or around them with brute force so I would recommend doing the same and then you can just easily drop back down right behind where they were this guy with the blow darts kind of a clown I like to hit him with my sword a couple times just so he knows whos boss but uh the item that youre looking for is right here and it will give you the function and they wanders armor set which is a nice little bonus after this dont let the blow dark I win dont let them escape as one dont let any of the enemies win either dont die or you die by your hand Im gonna go with option two now weapon number five again is for you Sorcerers out there so its actually down in Blighttown again Im not going to show you how to get there from fire link because I just did so Ill start from right here at the top you can get to this area just by going down the ladder one level at a time but if you watch closely you can actually skip some of that and get right to the item you need youll find a corpse sitting here with the tin banishment catalyst and a nice set of crimps and ropes also in the chest right next to it theres a sorcery nice little bonus for you see I didnt leave you magic guys hanging i got your weapon I got you some armor and a sorcery youre welcome so those are the main five definitely the most straightforward and simple to get except maybe the faction but you can you can forgive me for that because if you let the hold on let me just pause real quick if youre ever invaded by anyone or if you ever want to PvP go ahead equip the falchion hold it with two hands and press r1 ten times in a row I guarantee the enemy will die just just try it on any player just this easy combo and putting on screen right now so simple guaranteed victory every time if you do it right youll probably get a nasty message afterwards too which is nice cuz you know sometimes its fun to read so that brings us to the bonus section I didnt include these in the original top 5 because they can be a little tricky to get and even impossible Ill explain in a moment the first one is actually really easy its called the Drake sword its basically the stereotypical noob weapon dont let anyone bully for using it theyre just mad because its way better than their weapon especially at this point in the game later on not so much but in the early areas youre just gonna one shot everything so to get this youre going to want a bow and some arrows thats why I told you to get that earlier from the undead merchant now depending on what arrows you use this might take like 15 arrows this might take like 30 also depending on your aim it might take like 50 which is why its better to be safe than sorry and get all the arrows you can before you kill the merchant so I usually go with around 40 I its never taken more than 30 but arrows are always nice go directly under the dragon and stand in the spot Im at right now then you want to aim at this little notch at the top of the castle wall right next to the Dragons tail so time for a quick lesson in Dark Souls bow mechanics lesson 1 the reticle is not centered you always want to aim slightly to the left of what youre trying to hit this is a special case though because I promise if you aim at that notch in the wall itll work perfectly also arrows are not bullets they dont travel all that fast so you want to kind of pre fire this a little bit anticipate it itll take a second to get the timing down but what I like to do is basically just watch the tail as it comes to the left as soon as it starts moving to the right theres like this little hitch where it pauses and then it starts moving to the right right after that little hitch thats when I like to fire my arrow and the reason that we are aiming at that notch in the wall is because when you hit the dragons tail the dragon wont like it very much and hell drop down from his perch and land on the bridge when he does that his tail will hang off the bridge literally right in front of your face so again get the timing down and you can actually hit it right here too you have to be a lot quicker this time obviously but you can basically get two shots and just keep doing this and eventually you will cut off the tail and get the drake sword there is one other way to do this you can actually do what we did earlier and bait the dragon the hop down if you buff your weapon with gold pine resin itll take three swings at the dragons tail to just cut it off with that weapon it is a bit more dangerous and it cost the gold pine resin so I would really recommend doing it this way since theres literally zero risk involved make sure to watch to the end of this video Ill show you the move sets for each weapon the drake swords got a really cool feature to it the next weapon thats really nice for starters is any of the Black Knight weapons now these are a little tough because black knights on their own are really strong and really scary but on top of that they only have a 20% chance to drop their weapon and they dont respawn so you really only have one go out if youre really really set on getting a black knight weapon theres a specific one you want you might have to reset the game make a new character a few different times but there is one thing that you can do to help improve your drop chances if you look at that counter in the top left corner of my screen next to my health and stamina every single number there well actually increase your item discovery rate all the way up to ten where it caps out I dont know the exact correlation off the top of my head so Ill just put a chart on screen right now now there are actually three black nights super early in the game each one with a different type of weapon and Ill show you where each one of those is right now the first one you might have already found it right before tars demon really easy to get to from the undead burg bonfire again I would recommend killing the enemies on the way there otherwise youre gonna have some friends cheering you on while you try to kill him but this one just has the regular black knight longsword or black knight sword Im not really sure which and again he has a 20% chance to drop it the next one is right here if you got the bonfire under the Hellkite Drake its super easy to get to if not you can just cross the bridge by beating the dragon down like Ive showed you several times already literally just exit this room kill this first enemy and then turn around and go up this tower if you walk slowly and you dont have very loud armor aka armor made of metal sounds like loose change with every step that you take you cant actually sneak up on the Black Knight and get a nice little backstab off to start the fight if not though hes really not too hard if you have your parry timings down and the black knights in general are really easy to backstab do be aware though that his great sword has extremely good tracking so dont roll too early this one of course has a 20% chance to drop the black knight greatsword lastly we have the halberd Knight now this one youre gonna want to go from the undead parish bonfire and head into dark route forest go ahead and take a right at the first available spot and literally just go down this cliffside winding all the way to the very bottom if you dont find the Black Knight hell find you and this one has a 20% chance to drop the Black Knight halberd one of my personal favorite weapons in this game very very good not necessarily better than the other two I just like it a lot now unfortunately I was not lucky enough to get any of the Black Knight weapons so I dont have any clips of me using them but of course I did get the Black Knight shields from one of them which only has a 5% chance to drop I guess that makes sense I really did try though I made three different characters and killed all of them on every single one but you always have to take my word for it and the final weapon that I have today is called the Balder side sword while all of the Black Knight weapons were really focused on strength builds for the most part this one in my opinion is hands down the best dexterity weapon in the game and while its pretty difficult to do at this point in the game you can get it right now if youve been to the undead parish you probably met these guys called Balder Knights some of them have small shield called bucklers and theyre wielding rapiers we dont really care about them the ones with the bigger shields the kite shields are holding weapon called the Balder side sword now whats really special about it is it has a forward thrust attack just like a rapier but it also has a sweeping slashing attacks like the longsword so it has a very very versatile move set its also really long it has more range than the longsword which basically just makes it superior in every way now its fairly straightforward to get it all you have to do is kill these Balder Knights that are holding it problem is it only has a 1% drop rate so if you dont have any humanity stocked up you might be here for a while but if youre using a dexterity build like I said definitely worth the grind you cant get it later on in the game there Balder Knights down the road and you can get a ring that will also boost your item discovery rate its a lot easier to do then but I thought I would let you know now so now that Ive shown you where to get all these weapons Im going to show you the move sets for each one Ill just have it playing in the background Ill show you what every single move does so starting out with this white hander I dont actually have the strength to wield it as you can see by that red X down on my head and also the fact that this is why hand are swinging me more than Im swinging it so theres actually a very helpful mechanic in this game especially for strength characters some strength weapons take something absurd like 50 strength to wield so what you can do actually is to hand the weapon which will increase your effective strength by 50% so that means if I have a character with 16 strength like this one here add 50% to that thats 8 more gets me to 24 strength and that just so happens to be the minimum requirement for this why hander not to mention I kind of feel like the is why Hannah really shines with the two-handed move set and more so than the one-handed so for the light attacks you have this really wide sweeps really nice for hitting multiple enemies at once but the bread and butter of this why hander is a two-handed heavy attack its an overhead crush that will literally pancake 90% of enemies in the game Im not exaggerating when I say you can go through this entire game by only pressing the right trigger with those white hander equipped its extremely powerful so moving on to the Claymore while this white hand there was an ultra great sword class weapon and this is just a regular gray sword meaning its a bit smaller and much easier to manage so as you can see the one-handed attacks same thing just easy left and right sweeps that are pretty good for taking out multiple enemies at once if youre being surrounded the one-handed heavy attack that was probably my favorite part about this weapon its a really good thrusting attack has really nice range to it and its really good for keeping some distance between you and your opponent while I definitely prefer the two-handed move set for this y and ER I think the one-handed move set for the Claymore actually out of classes the to hand the to Hannah move set its a lot more compact and I feel like its actually just much less functional but its still got some really good crowd control capability moving on to the dexterity weapons were going to start off with the uchigatana now the uchigatana move set is actually really nice both the one and two-handed light attacks are these really compact vertical sweeps actually pretty handy to be honest now you wont be hitting multiple enemies with these like you would with the sword however you also wont be running into that problem where you go to attack and you accidentally hit a wall next to you because these are so compact and they dont really go side to side too much now my favorite part about the uchigatana is this one-handed heavy attack really really long-distance thrusting attack the uchigatana also has this move with the running attack and the back step very very nice I would highly highly recommend using that whenever possible lastly we got the faction now this as I said earlier is really really good for PvP people wont like you very much if you use it though because youre pretty much just gonna be spamming the two-handed light attack the one-handed light attack and the two-handed light attack are essentially the same thing it feels a lot like a longsword but quite a bit faster and if you look on screen Im taking massive steps forward between every single swing which means your opponents not gonna have very much room to breathe also if you watch my stamina bar I can swing this quite a bit I havent actually upgraded my stamina at all yet in this playthrough and I can still swing at about 6 times as for the heavy attacks both one-handed and two-handed they seem more for show theyre not all that functional very compact and take a lot more stamina so even if your enemy does have a lot of health I would recommend just backing off letting your stamina recharge and getting back in there with some more light attacks as for the catalysts really not a whole lot to say its mostly used for casting spells but it does have the feature where if you use the heavy attack on you can poke enemies and it actually does quite a bit of damage at this stage in the game not so much later on but early on it does save you that extra weapon slot so if you did run out of spells that you dont actually have to switch to a sword or worry about carrying one on you at all times as for those bonus weapons as I mentioned earlier I was not very lucky with the drops so all I have footage of is the Drake sword but the clips I got are pretty good now as for the move set its basically just a standard longsword except for the two-handed heavy attack there are a few dragon weapons in this game and with all of them they have hidden power that you can unlock by using the two-handed heavy attack the Drake swords you can see right here now it basically sends a shock wave straight in front of you about 20 to 30 feet and it will hit multiple enemies there are a couple of downsides so the first regarding the special move every time you use it it will reduce your durability by 30 the Drake sword has 360 durability to begin with which means that if you have a fully repaired weapon you can use this 12 times before itll break quite a few but you do want to be careful you cant take the weapon to a blacksmith at any time and repair it but dont let it break the other downside has to do with upgrading it and its actually a pretty big issue so any of the dragon weapons will take dragon scales to upgrade it which are pretty rare theyre pretty hard to come by and they dont honestly help the Drake sort out very much especially compared to some of the other dragon weapons so I would really recommend just finding a different weapon to use of once this one starts feeling a bit weak in the game you feel like youre not doing all that much damage because once you find another dragon weapon itll serve you a lot better and youll want those dragon skills to upgrade it but guys thats all I have for today I do apologize this video ended up going on quite a bit longer than I intended but I wanted to share quite a bit of information with you I could have just showed you on screen where to get each weapon and not shown you the moveset or any tips about it but I didnt really want that to be what this video is all about so if you enjoyed it make sure to hit that like button let me know in the comments if theres other guys that you want to see similar to this I have another one coming in the very near future either later today or tomorrow so look forward to that and with that guys I dont have too much else to say so take care and Ill see you in the next one surfline steamer lane My Top 5 picks for the best early game starter weapons in dark souls remastered. In this video I show you how to get all of them and their movesets. Included in the video are: Zweihander, claymore, uchigatana, falchion and wanderer set, tin banishment catalyst and crimson armor, Drake Sword, Black Knight sword, Black Knight Greatsword, Black Knight Halberd, and Balder Side Sword.If you enjoyed this video, make sure to give it a thumbs up and hit the subscribe button if you want more stuff like this!● Twitch: ● Twitter: ● Instagram: ● Click to Subscribe to my youtube channel: raft steam unlocked m1 steam games steam game calculator resident evil resistance steam charts good job game steam