Dark Souls Remastered - Walkthrough Part 31: Tomb of the Giants + Nito

Steam move games foldersteam badge DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED game what is happening I asked Kowboy here welcome back to the walkthrough and its time to head down into the two of giants so once again as a reminder we have killed the necromancers so those skeletons in the way here arent going to be respawning but on top of that as we go into the tomb of giants theres no necromancers anyway so fine weapon is not a concern for where were going go back to where we kill pinwheel and then climb up those stairs now before we proceed too deep into this place there are three options you have I mean technically forth but the fourth option isnt really something were gonna discuss cuz its just stupid you can either use the sole lantern item that we got from killing the necromancers it was everything here is  __  dark though if you have the school lantern that is one choice youre walking around with this otherwise its just like this the whole time you got the school answer if youre a mage you have the cast light spell which you could have bought earlier on in the game or my personal favorite choice must sunlight maggot there was a reason that we went through that all that  __  and save slayer and spent all that humanity so anyway put this bad boy on and your life will be so much easier anyway go down this way up ahead will be our first giant skeleton these will hurt a lot more than the skeletons youve encountered up until now and god I love this source just one shot that thing were gonna proceed forward until we see our sarcophagus theres loot dont worry about it for now and we are going to slide on down now to more giant skeletons await us on and boop them large solar proud night and I still see you slow down James Skelly to the right misil items slide down this is the one that Ill have two giant skeletons heres one heres two hey Collins Kellys nor the Archer for now were gonna get him in a second now on this sarcophagus as you slide down you want to stick really tight to the right and you can get a humanity the only way to get that is during this slide so keep that in mind um see now were gonna jump down and heres our buddy patches so ignore him from now and were gonna be coming back to him instead just come this way slider all right here and we have a bonfire sure to rest all right so from the bonfire were going to make a right first going up this way and we have the skeleton harsher right there now its kind of hard to get up there there are some like tricks you can do as you can see theres no ladder or anything so honestly the best thing to do is gonna be to just snipe his ass if you want to kill them dont need to worry about this guy you can hit him enough and get them to come down yeah yep spells this is a lot easier  __  looks like hes more and go back over here that way the other Archer isnt hitting me anymore now listen here guy stop that alright hes dead were gonna drop on through this hole theres a ladder there but dont worry about that now there are a bunch of skeletons down here so we got six skeletons in total and then theres a sniper as well are you an archer so first thing were gonna do is take out the archer is that shooting arrows at me well theyre good trying to come up never wear this Archer wife touch her man are you Archer man I swear to god there used to be an archer here didnt moved him well maybe Im just messin up my tombs probably another inconsistency in the notes so anyway a bunch of skeletons oh my god this is kind of a risky business strat group them all up and just oh my god yeah as you can see I mean I did warn you guys I said you know theres gonna be six of these  __  so just be ready if you re caster you cant of course just sit up top and cheese them technically if you really want you could just sit there and cheese them all with arrows from above but than that ignore the archer this time since hes already weve killed him once we all need to bother again wait right here Ill let them gather up a bit you want this dick Im going give it to you all right with all the skill hes done the sole item lets see this way for yes the large divine ember left all right now were gonna climb out and were gonna proceed forward while hugging the wall though theres gonna be two Skellys up ahead get to the top shes running for now theyre gonna be shooting at you running with your guard up one theres the other one to the one shooting is that one we killed earlier which ideally you dont want to die to the group of six but bill these go up the ladder and then were going to go up the dirt path for SOI Tom well get that one later more skeletons theres a lot of pairs yes your path were going to run out and were gonna go back came from except were gonna drop in on this side for some eyes of death the sole item to the left of the ladder then were gonna drop to the right while kind of pulling back on the stick its another soul item but fall was a lot longer than I remember it being I think part of it is just that its all dark you cant really see but anyway at this point we are heading on back over to patches on fire if you want to rest here we go hmm so Paris is gonna kick us into the pit lets go get the cutscene bunch of goodies gotta love those sexual moans he doesnt like lyrics so earlier when he asks if youre clear if you tell them no the dialog changes but this will all still happen anyway were gonna grab these two soul items as well as a soul lantern skull lantern so if you dont the skull lantern yet there you go go forward keeping the wall to your left here and you will find a raya old lady that was praying back in fire anyway go and kill her former companions porky boys go tell her hey girl I saved the day she gonna give a snake bit alright so at this point she is going to move to the bonfire or past the bonfire if you remember the area where we got our first fire keeper solo me fought the big night and the undead parish shes gonna move over to there and start praying and shell sell miracles now if youve been following this walkthrough shell stay there however if you came here earlier and rescued her after you kill a couple bosses shell end up getting murdered by the last fatty thats left and Firelink so if you didnt follow the guide and kill bosses and she gets murdered thats your own damn fault and I dont want to hear any bitching anyway from here lets see you next when I go up the slope for a white chunk now this is the exit and I want this  __  like a slow first slope pairs the slope weight chunk here noises thats for skeleton towers that have just been summoned these things arent bad they can kind of fall on you and deal a bunch of damage you know wiggle their little hands around and attack you but you know honestly just you know well you see how easy this is for me Im walking up and Boop oh lets see ya side from the slam attack I think thats about it anyway were gonna go back where the hollow boys were this way and then well take this path will fight three more of those break the wall and then make a right on this point were gonna talk to patches again basically tell him hes an  __  he has some choice words for us oh  __  I forgot that I said I was a clear exon of a  __  inconsistency well what youre supposed to do is tell him that you know he goes oh you know you slipped something something something Im sorry and then you tell him no he gives you some stuff goes back to Firelink and then hes gonna sell you items from there but we  __  up when I have to make him note about that on a previous episode so instead back the way we just came from will yes put him out of his  __  misery unless Kelly towers dropped something Chuck patches for ru matches on some you want some  __  you want some  __  sunlight on my head  __  down patches thats an axe manatee its okay yeah if you tell him youre not a cleric and I will go back and make a note on that episode you say no when he asks if youre clear ik number from here you basically tell him like you know say no and then he goes back to Firelink you can buy the other masks off of them you can buy a bunch of  __  off of them they make some pretty decent merchants so anyway from here of course of you the bonfire use it real fast were gonna head down this next path when we got our first giant skeleton doggy coming up so these things can  __  wreck your  __  if you are not careful they are beasts you can see just taking that one hit with a big old chunk and that was like I some some armor on that so we are going to see for circuit dog oh Im going to go and then go through the fall its past the fog is a black night skeleton to the right and to the left though right here back up a little bit black nice should be coming somebody come a little bit further I dont want to get shot by the archer but you dont stay my wife kids hey Alberto awesome alright next were gonna go this way well kill the skillet auger all right here then were gonna move over towards the archer whos over there by the soul item that the final scale the dog is going to be right here yeah see how much damage that thing did things are  __  scary right alright next were gonna go down this and curve off to the right to get the effigy shield looking chill then go back slang make up laugh to go back up to where the archer was want to drop down now its a little hard to see basically you can drop and then we can take a path around so its kind of its off from the corpse out every time I do this every time I do it I dont trust it here cover this silver serpent ring and a bunch of dudes Music okay so looking at the wall were gonna keep running to our right we got another skeleton there along with a dog oh thanks it kind of good just to sniper one but I mean I dont know my character doesnt need to worry about it but if youre concerned at all saiping the first one and then dealing with the dog it is a decent strategy lets see Im gonna go forward and then around to the left on the fire wait a minute no I dont know depart forward part it this way this is our to the left and there it is alright I think we can make it all the way through this place one episode were going to keep going oh yeah of course this is a good time to spend some souls while were here alright coming back to the slope on the left going to grab a white chunk and there are three Skelly dog goes that way but were just gonna walk past them just hug this wall Im walking dont even dont even you know worried that theyre there just walked right past all those Skelly doggies after the slope bus to 180 have this take the one Skelly dog he wants to play you just dont want to walk into this its like all three of them in the darkness at once and it can get a little hectic you can see with them like grouped up here not nearly as bad anyway from here we proceed on forward and to go down this ladder Oh but actually before that I remember theres an invasion thats about to happen out about that go back to back to the bonfire real fast remember just hug the wall and pass that whole or around so we need to be unhallowed for this obviously were gonna get paladin Leroy the dude from before its obviously a pretty good idea to probably Kindle this bonfire anyway were about to go fight gravelord nito so worth kindling this make sure you have at least 10 of the estus itll help out in the long run okay Im just gonna run past that stuff now so all the path cake where its lip stone frost up the wall this curves down do the ladder we go somebody filled me kill themselves so you can remove your sunlight maggot home at this point were past the the darkness now if you look over there that is the same area we just came from the ash lake all the trees and whatnot fun this way running a long dick calls the spawn it should be any second now Manna Dey there we go grant and Sanctus pretty badass weapon if youre trying to play like a strength clear type class obviously some very hefty requirements here but but grant is badass badass really cool son bro style weapon alright so there should be a lizard right here nope lost down the lizard so yeah uh Clayton respond real fast get him in probably vanished when I went after Leroy first you guys know how skittish these lizards are by now  __  Maris tonight so ya killed that now were gonna have made that first bound to found the bone tower then we have three more towers that will appear trying to ambush us along with some archers behind the last Tower damn dude nail me right in the head oh wow yo yo my dude tried to kick me off the ledge that is dirty foul  __  all right so this next room has a bunch of pinwheels and a couple of Skelly babies they can inflict toxic I mean you should be fine with just like one toxic item and youre probably gonna say Cowboys Empire why they remind us to bring antitoxic oh god dammit stop it and well Im a  __  ruin your ask America yeah hes a lot more dangerous than the pinwheel the last time we fought them for sure that one dropped a mask for me theres a job for me mother mass mask fathers ok childs the best mother mask thats  __  out of here lets see all right so from here from the entrance of the room I drop off to the left to get the sole item right now the babies will keep spawning the pinwheels will not the babies kills toxic they can also be farmed for Humanitys were going to run up towards the fog door thats what I used as my point of reference so from here see youre gonna grab the sole item make a hard right into the tunnel for a white slab were gonna exit this and stick to the left for a white chunk snake you bastard very a child mask lets go so when I said that the neato guys wont respond they will respawn if you go and like rest at the bonfire its just that they wont like continually respawn while youre down here but you can keep resetting this area and coming back and killing them all right now where was that chunk at I miss my child I was so excited by the l5 hit Emil Chunk should be right around here alright stick to the left for a white chunk and you have another chance to  __  ere it is as my child right and all right and now we have all the items here so before we go in and fight gravelord nito a couple of important things for no killing Neto means that you cant level the gravelord servants covenant anymore however this will not betray the covenant thats not gonna like get you sin with them you just cant level it up anymore so as soon as you drop in youre gonna want to pop a hill youll take a little bit of damage on the fall and  __  honestly just wait for me to come to you Anita was gonna be in the back of the room kind of where we came in the coffin earlier and were gonna drop in to kind of the front of the room if you will so there are some little skeletons and some big skeletons that are going to be in this fight see its a healthy amount of damage were taking here as well if you wait for NIDA to come to you the big skeletons will not get involved in the fight these guys will respond so a divine weapon could help out here but honestly if you just wait for neither to come its not going to be a huge issue he has a grab attack a very powerful frontal thrust he screamed followed by him stabbing his blade into the ground which caused his place to come up after you he has a miasma magic-based AoE which happens when he curls up and glows you can block the miasma oh my god already with the gravelord sorts Music go ahead and put on my crest shield to block the miasma and Boop on this first skeleton you can see Neto in the background slowly making his way over here every time he does the scream thats gonna happen so its kind of tricky the best thing to do is just like wait till you hear the scream and then kind of roll dodge roll the thrust obviously see its honestly its just gonna dicks practice at this point Ive just kind of come to terms with the fact thats gonna hit me a bunch his magic AOE will also kill the skeletons so we dont need to worry about keep killing them or just the best weapon so you can see right as he plunges the sword in you can slowly inflict toxic on you other than that just beast is ass alright here comes the exclusion theres a lot of damage but it also takes out a skeleton so and once she had close enough and he keeps doing this this is why I said did not worry about a bless weapon because hell kill the skeletons for you gravelord nito take them on down he could technically infinity with toxic honestly its easy to just kind of heal through it though and dont really worry about it so with him dead we have completed every part of the base game with the exception of Lord win so at this point the one covenant youre probably missing an achievement for of course is going to be the Sun Bros covenant reminded you back at the start but either you need to have 25 faith or alternatively every time you help somebody with co-op that goes down by five once again to join that covenant you would warp over to the sunlight altar this is the one that was passed the dragon at the very start of the undead parish thatll get you the the final covenant achievement that you need so for now at least well head back to fire lengths start the next episode from there up next were going to be tackling the artorias of the abyss dlc and then well be making our way back to Gwyn as after you kill Gwyn you automatically go into new game+ and we do not want to do that just yet so stay tuned well catch you guys next time chromecast steam game Then, There Was Fire.Re-experience the critically acclaimed, genre-defining game that started it all. 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