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Steam bun moldsteam vs epic games performance DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED game hey Im not sue mmm all right welcome back hmm I know Im sorry but I got it I cant leave this guy waiting its okay go horn so he and I are gonna go fight this boss I guess oh  __  were doing it thats exciting Im excited is he coming through Im in the process of being excited awesome all right here we go final boss scary and intimidating whoa oh and Im getting shot at have you considered diplomacy right in the booty oh yes oh dude oh youre right in there you are right on your land again I am painting it yep you are in the grundle Im gonna the taurus demon nificant I think you have to climb this ladder is there a law so known as the backboard yeah theres a ladder here because thats where you hit your balls against Im going up Im going up Im going up Im going it what you killed him whoa what do you do great job Aaron Im sure hell look because hes dude perfect I know but he I mean that he just got him we should all  __  revel in his perfection and his dude miss well hes already probably  __  saluted the son 20 times and left into another dimension well  __  man thanks dude perfect yeah I didnt even  __  I didnt do anything I hit him twice much respect homie well you can play this game yeah hes a cool head hes probably built up to hell just likes to come back to the early levels to crush it to  __  some  __  up and blow your mind oh so layers down here what is solare i dont know who that is hes this guy hes the praise the Sun guy well neat and theres a dragon up there  __  everyone  __  up great oh hello you dont look hollow far from it Im solaire of astora an adherent of the Lord of sunlight look at his  __  shirt he praises the Sun I see it now that I am undead I have come to this land the birthplace of goo Lord Queen do you find that strange well you should dont need to hide your reaction I get that look all the time hes such a silly boy no need to hide your reaction lord knows Im not hiding my erection I didnt scare you I have a proposition if you have a moment oh yeah hmm whats your decision  __  yeah whats your decision on my proposition about my action erection about your reaction the way I see it our fates appear to be intertwined in a land brimming with holes could that really be mere trials what do you say why not help one another on this lonely journey lets do it yes yeah you seem friendly this pleases me greatly well then take this white sign soapstone  __  hmm its Scientology pamphlet Oh take this do you ever get depressed I do actually do you have an answer for that no then he just looks off into the sin again Im a warrior of the Sun SPOT my summons signature easily by its brilliant aura if you miss it you must be blind I  __  love this man yeah hes cool the Sun is a wondrous body like a magnificent father if only I could be so grossly incandescent hes just staring at the Sun yeah thats a good way to  __  burn the eyes yeah did do you remember the song staring at the Sun buy smile how does it go steering the Sun due to turn turn turn turn turn to turn to katene yes it should instead so long cuz now I cant see at all dick danticat anything I think I cant make it if I I could sing five more bars of it if you want yes please I can you made you will you wont know about that one Brittini and you know right now its got a great  __  crunchy guitar line its like mid 90s rock yeah I could guess that yeah probably yeah I mean you used like the  __  chords that every  __  song that first of all how dare you could have been in how dare you suggest that smile were were snakes of of the throne snake er yeah one one who snakes one who sneakers or a mispronunciation of shoes Im gonna put on my snake not hey dog I love your sneakers they look real good on your face nice fight those are some sweet fates you got there hey you  __  dont you jump off the cliff you  __   __  idiot god damn I love this job holy  __  oh I should put on shoes I owe this floor cannot be straight damn it  __  poison see I told you gotta be  __  shoes you might have helps that armor would have helped but yeah well Rous is rodents of unusual size I dont believe they exist yeah they could if you really believe I just said I dont although I guess youre just a little a little realist bad bad bad bad bad bad Berber  __  I gotta find another  __  bonfire well I dont save your game yeah well you I dont want to be poison anymore oh I hate to see you leave but I love to watch you climb away I hate to see you go but love to watch you leave slap slap slap II whoa to be clear the way thats awkward when youre killing a guy and then your last like death swing hits the wall instead and clangs and then he turns around at you and youre like oh where the  __  is the blue lit the bonfire theres not one around here dude Im screwed I was up here opens up here oh lord have mercy Oh Lord up here scary night oh is he after you now I mean he might be I really hope not doesnt seem to be the case I was waiting for him to be bounding down there theres a bonfire right there Oh so tantalizingly close wait how do we  __  raise the drawbridge do I have to like pull a thing over here I think I might have to pull a lever or something I think if you get high up again there was a way there  __   __  I gotta get this  __  bond  __  was I in there before oh no how do I get in there yeah sorry for yelling oh Im  __  I am  __  I get seven thousand souls Im sitting on right now are you sure would you do something for  __  sake Jesus this guy real real serious down there we got going here I got a was there something down here I miss something you either got to go down or up one or the other hurry the  __  up and stop being so goddamn poisoned all right why a mine fire well Im so glad I dont live a life where I have to consistently ask why Im on fire that would be a kind of an exciting life and I am beyond exciting is one word for it yeah I wouldnt be stoked like one is all you need lets just say it wouldnt be stoked about it yeah I get it would be exciting get off of me you I think I think I can like bypass the dragon right here oh boy I think maybe I can theres like a ladder or something I can maybe not oh  __  oh Im dict I am dick dis  __  necessarily well Im gonna die like theres just no ifs ands or buts about it you can see the  __  dragon shadow right here they dont have any healing items and theres a goddamn like armored Pig up there and with with many men like a pleasure man oh boy and I dont I dont know if I can survive that I guess all boy no hello how are you still gonna stand here and do nothing yeah thats how he rolls its how I roll this guys so obnoxious come on do something can you take can you throw something at him for a distance there we go thats what I wanted I wanted to do something dont dont hit me I swear to God dont hit me at a hallow soldier helm look at how many dudes there are oh my god thats a lot of dudes thats all the young dudes and they carry the news  __  oh oh there stairs yay yes promising promises oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god this is a bad idea this is a bad idea oh yeah mmm I just got hit by slow arrows again maybe theres a good kind the pig oh god the pig coming for me oh I got hit by the arrow are you kidding me I got hit by the arrow and it opened the door for the pig action well hes got armor on yeah I told you was an armored pig I dont remember you saying that alright next I  __  play it back Nick I dont have any healing items and theres a goddamn like armored pig up there and with with many men I gotta pee like a  __  Music sound like theyre going well game keys free steam keys Can Arin find a bonfire?! uh oh! 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