Dark Souls Remastered (RAGE)

Why is ubisoft removing games from steamshower steamer bombs DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED game oh yeah its lit boys yeah yeah what you doing watching Corey kitchen on the freakin mission you dont understand what the plan is I dont even understand it yeah Im stranded stranded on this YouTube yeah got the blue sluice bar went over your head one shot to the dome and boy youre dead what were doing weve bought the place of Dark Souls and we play your Dark Souls yeah we playing Dark Bros ah back with the beat bro yeah I kill it leap bro okay um were gonna be playing some Dark Souls today everybody yes make your way in make sure that you can hear me whats Dark Souls my man you about to find out what it is everybody can hear me everybody make sure you can hear me all right thank Jerry $14 six fire my bite thanks me yeah I can hear me okay all right ah but theyre not a first thing oh shoot first thing that were gonna be doing is go to freakin Twitter be like yo my boy Cory is live right now and why yall do that click that like button and Im gonna do it too all right so what we doing net everybody go to Twitter like I said go to Twitter yo my boy Koreans like matter of fact Im out to do it and then everybody retweet it all right here we go Music yeah but the be lit you boy but the kill it Dark Souls about the feeling a flow dome yeah yeah I got the flow bro ah hold up hold up hold up hold up so I did in a seat III I know III is going on pressure to went but what the Freak is halo ultimate I saw I saw some pop up I was like I thought we were on fix the freakin Taylor ultimate but I heard theres a lot of games coming out so thats thats cool Forza of course you know I dont mess with Forza cuz you cant get out of the car as soon as they make one where you go walk around okay play that bro wheres my stream link okay move butter bop ba-bop start that one more time yeah yeah yeah live on some Dark Souls Music hey listen I just put out the tweet we might think it started asleep uh Cory kitchen he the man he the man with the plan he the Brougham and about to kill it and I bout to go ham I dont even understand the plan um but its a fight okay all right okay oh baby oh baby oh yeah hype for E - Ill be real with you I never even played the first one so I have no hype for the second one is it something I should check out Bays on be the sweetest face Shogun himself getting all these notifications lets good $25 you dont have to do all that yall need to calm down with these donations okay just chill Cory got the wrong part of the last step we talked about you talk about all right lets go Im good Im good to go good good good good good good good good I think Im good all right lets do this bring that over here okay let me know if yall can hear the game make sure yall can hear that its good is it good though its good I wait we do a nut until I get it yep okay yeah Im getting a lot of yes hey it worked all right so welcome to Dark Souls I never played this on my channel even though I play it a lot outside of my channel they just released the remaster irrigation so you knew your boy was picking that up or maybe didnt that I was into this but Im super innovative and about to start this by killing this dog all right dont embarrass me now that Im screaming hey hey chill this is the die oh my gosh is it too loud Rob move yall not about ten bears we all scream its not about to have run back here I mean Sesame alright this might be hardest trick to treat ah alright yall dont worry about that that was wheezes visits to getting ready I was trying to turn it down just a tad just a tad okay all right let me know if its good I dont want the game to be too long Applause yeah okay were good Music yeah just a warm-up guys okay yall ready to get this popping we got to drag it in coming in hot excuse me sir pardon me dragon dragon come in hot please drink come in hot where are you all right he aint coming out arrow to the butt cheek hes supposed to come and flying Bernardos people already pretty speedrun strats speed runs threads okay now were down here again in the goal of being down here is were gonna kill something called a Capra demon before we can get to that gotten to these pesky pesky dogs dont tell Peter but these dogs are dead anyway its not like you know freaked out my face not like I might kick in them or anything theyre theyre dead theyre dirty Nets up peanut and I need to be involved this is a freaking scumbag that killed me bro I rolled into it r1 lets get e lets get his light work for your boy Im still hollow by the way our girls name is Cleopatra so everybody in the chat say hi to Cleopatra say hi yeah here we go if you dont know about Dark Souls she looks like that because Im a hollow but thats we could talk about all that later we got a guy right here hey whats going on dude doughnut bro so you did the Freak back Applause all right now were going into this boss bra how many were going into this boss with a little less flats than I would usually do it but you know I got a show-off you know Im streaming it stuff so yall just sit back relax and let the boy do his work all right by the way I just started this character so just make sure that here I think were good I think we gave somebody time this already just about to be like 30 seconds flat Music oh no oh no that shouldnt happen like that though like that really shouldnt happen like that ah in the dragon still isnt coming eh eh how did that of how did I I see you soon as I start streaming everything going wrong all right all right like guys like Im seriously Im good at this game like Im ranked number three worldwide like Im trying to tell you is this the stream like as soon as I turn that on and everything just talking about wrong hey whats that big guy yeah thats good now what Im gonna do is run back over there and I just need you to chill all right cool youre not gonna choke okay all right so were gonna do is were gonna stand here for a second look at its freaking ugly face hey man hey why you got to be oppressive all the time huh why do you gotta be so rude come on down yeah Im talking you lets go lets go were good were still alive bro heel okay not that bad guys good I was so easy come on that was so freakin easy all right here we go next up we need to get our revenge on this freaking thing matter of fact when I walked in i literally got hit like once and staggered and then it hit again I can add some armor my poise but I hate I really need it were gonna try those I mean Ive got time for you I dont got time for you spike your boyfriend to you no no no Oh yall backstabbing ninjas know about the walk into this thing in body walk in a drink hey we enjoy all right boom come on boy Music 18 seconds Im glad you was timing that nobody told you to turn that one Music so were just gonna leave him alone cuz he obviously got a attitude problem and we need Gomez swim we will just come back later maybe level up a couple times get the health up you know its looking kind of weird stand on the bar got it so much as a health so what do we go to Blighttown no we cant we got to kill him first I dont want to fight him again I really aint Im gonna fight him again oh no we need more flexed thats the problem we just need more SS right so were gonna go back I cant actually I cant Kendall this I was thinking of going back to Farley no God quit shooting me Im sitting down were gonna do it Im a human not real quick you know and you know getting baited instantly no no were gonna Kendall this now I got 10 flats now were unbeatable okay lets get there its good hes like freaking one shot meter dragon dragon where you at bro why do you only answer my calls half of the time right in a freaking ankle me why are they disrespecting me like this me absolutely ridiculous there we go all right I got this boys and girls dont worry third ones the charm oh its a frickin inkless broke wait no heres the strap soon as we get in there and takes about one second yeah Oh hold up alright Im about to start playing for real now uh-huh that was I wasnt playing for real guys coming he coming in he coming right we plant thrown Im Clinton come on do your fire dance well hows he not killing okay Im playing for oh no boss a mode activated first we gonna get some fire to the back or not cool this aint even this this is enough Ive had enough Ive actually had enough with this we just started this dream we just started I cant be going out like that three quick deaths to start the stream and thats gonna be the only freakin deaths or four I think it was four oh wait Dino bo just dont get caught no dont no great car no walls Ryan girl run whoa I told yall we was a nine again though right didnt I tell you all that I told you I that drink please all right all right were good Music but furious dollars so rat-boy out Wow so for you what is you doing Oh hehe Swarna Oh see or he forgot about it Ill be coming up whoa Oh is he smacking me like that Music I need to do it better walk up Bui come on boy then I tell you how we want the night again boy hi yall just let me celebrate oh my gosh look at these freakin idiots over here if you would just move out of the way you can let one in all right yall want to be freaking stupid pay two freakin consequences when will you learn that your actions have consequences first of all come on come on a little squad are you scared you see what I just did to your boss in here exactly exactly hey I told yall we wasnt dying to more like it some of yall really thought some of yall really thought when we ran in wheels by the diatom all right come on moving on Canutes bodies harder than the boss go bra he try to back them move as soon as I can carry us you Its A Wrap Im not carrying a shield Im just not strong enough you see look what happens when I carries you look it is somebody come look it is freaking heavy just give me like this look at this look at this week free control so were not doing that Im going to hand all offense no defense everything depends on your boys rolling skills prick you doing over there Rick you think you thought boy now now we back in the freakin money Thank You oh my god just where it gets lit boys I need everybody to do okay hit the like button it sends me your energy Im not lying yeah the other night I saw he was jumping hey whats poppin back here duh so look out of these little archways yeah its about to go down out there these dudes are super weak but if you let them gang up on you youll be dead lickety-split so watch your back try again sir nothing more satisfying and destroying those boxes all right look down there yall keep that down there freakin butcher also its a butcher lady Judas how you doing it hey watch these torches you dont you dont want to mess with them okay have a little sweet we got two Wesen slip I forgot where I forgot everything about this game I dont know what theres a park you thought you were about to jump all right now its time to get into cheeks are you doing maam you doing all right okay gosh I was just asking what am i doing come here come here give me them cheeks yeah we gotta do it one more time come on come on come on swing batter batter swing come here come here yeah it empties yeah oh one more time I got you the Freak dough no drops I appreciate it okay I know their dogs yep your net hey Sparky hows it going got a little biscuit here little biscuit ball here you want it huh oh yeah got it guys I dont treat dogs like that real life okay okay its this fake no large Emperor lets go I forgot where everything is that stomach going down there or you can go down there lets go down here look at this rat on steroids Music order Oh were gonna need a big can of known raid is not for it rats the rate is for insects right were gonna need a can of something Im just gonna take this going on my breath Im not about to try wrestle with there right now Im just gonna make my way around here actually no we jumped down here oh my gosh I have to fight that I got one Estes Im like the killing what we need is a falling our tune hey lets go that was scared for nothing I mean I was I was never scared freaking brats oh yeah I do it tonight ya doing hang pshape PCX you hanging out with lets kill it its like no thats okay theyre gonna be some of these things that are alive so watch out for that I need you guys to be my eyes and ears like I wasnt even  __  tell me about that over there huh hey how you doing Tom no Jerry Thomas okay boy boy oh heck no hold up faster jump over them well if this web meet dont get off me were good guys we just need to find the bonfire well be all right I just got to be careful all right I knew that was in there theres a little foster year Hey Im Oh with me with that lets this water is loud all right maybe a boat make short wording suck Erol to the face we like that and I can still crack so let me oh hey look it back oh okay were gonna wait to his Lou runs out three of them in there are you serious all right we just got a Dodge okay of art please please moon move all right Hey finally or that dang water dude no I gotta hit this corner didnt jump so Im talking about baby boy Im back where I started right this is back where Id killed that red how do I get to this ladder guys were gonna have to homework bowing out of here Im not equipped for this you got 0s for that guy take up scare to you huh Swingle and I so one or their parties but the unkissed yes you messed up right youre messed up now and got yourself stuck arrow to the face forward are you living nice but his red booty is about things like an arrow wait I like them an arrows but Im telling you Im going crazy wait wait I thought I was scared Rebecca I am cheese in this part so hard bro this look at this what is even happening on the screen right now hello Ill get the drakes Olaf please please let me be done with these rats I dont want to know we not going over there I got a feeling one but one of them rats wouldnt jump out where are we at now oh my god look at a little family over here throw that over there you didnt freakin a overkill right next get up that thats the letter okay all right finally found it guys the stairs all right what just waiting for this is it work so hard for this we worked so hard for this vitality is kind of low its really kind of low so lets put some lists lets do some health it barely did anything thats my first Hollow while we do that hold up having been paying attention to the check you okay my bad Im eating my mic like a freaking idiot I gotta redo that domine glow with the $20 thank you glad youre back making content appreciate it just dont get drained and take breaks we needed Roger that captain TJ Bullard $20 youre the best ankle breaker best youtuber best samurai youre not lying gonna play welcome to the game - yes minute may donated $50 and you didnt even say a message Wow I appreciate that but Yahoo and I need to be giving me $50 Drake stir 360 love you man no homo though gotta put the no homo gotta put the no ma love YouTube breath okay okay at their work I think were ready to go back in Ashley Jackson hey baby good to see you thanks for making our date thanks Ashley appreciate it check your Twitter page for something special all right for sure $2.00 Ikuo MOA oh yeah hey I made it wait dark souls ripped Cory sanity and we getting through it my bro were getting through it master plays court kitchen highlights 14 sometime soon we got a lot of highlights do it all with the $5 square I cant stay long but I wish you the best appreciate it man hopefully youre still here ah Spider Man gaming sponsor we got Chris Linn with the ten dollars loved your Detroit game play really appreciate it seeing how much of a good person you are by the choices man I just tried to do my best man I was just trying to do my best that game it was a lot more forgiving than until dawn I remember and until dawn first of all you couldnt pause or could you maybe you could but its like once you got somebody killed you couldnt just redo that so I appreciated how lenient they were and you know we I think we had a good playthrough appreciate you for watching breath found you through you but Im glad I did man yup is yep its the bro man Lego studios with the $5 Cole with the 20 quarries to go you aint lying about that Mac with the $10 been subscribed since for Neff to Olivia what 50 hey Corey I love you dang Olivia name $50 doing it most $50 they thats like Oliver with $100 you even freaking you even freaking to a message yeah that man stole his moms credit card Oliver you gain your but we dont find that you got to be like what is this Peyton I love the vids appreciate it new sponsor onyx Omega ICU Cosmo Cosmo why you do that $10 put that back in your freaking uh put that back on your credit card and stop donating the people that are already alright Oh Bruce got jokes two dollars for your nappy hair wicket would were gonna do it that cant get a haircut with that so dont eat were just trying to say huh uh Sasha six with the $10 Oh little my nightmares DLC I got you I got you I I saw that were gonna play that Bela with eight dollars love you Cory been a fan okay Im gonna stop reading youre not about to just keep donating money okay eight dollars been a fan for watch this one thank you for what you do thanks Bella and Michelle with the ten dollars didnt even do a message okay can we please play the game lets play the game dont go Nate max or two max with the $2 to shave your beard what am I going to do with that you if you go to the barbershop you want it Hey Oh somebody Kendall dick if you want to get your beard Ill just keep donating beer shave is at least six Oliver with the fifty love you Cory gotta finish doki-doki all right man just stop taking your mom credit card bleep picks picks a nice px nice Bri hot and ready for your boy $15 a he no the referee every five dollars thats a hot ready that I can eat painting them with five dollars then watching since 50k thanks Peyton alright lets play guys I want to play until we well maybe maybe for like 20 minutes pretty more minutes and then thatll be like an hour hour of content free guys by the popular crowd so lets go think were doing doing well oh no no no no Im gonna can do this we need more Estes Applause thank you and see what - mrs. I dont summons maybe I maybe I will hey whats good young boy right now I know where free card I know what we need to go need to do theres a boss coming up here no Yogis to Music about to run through this all right Iraq people calm down all right Im gonna take your vents with honor and dignity there you go trap ahead oh I know it in that box come on now I know I in here okay hey you died titanate show how do we get down though we got to do battle down there if yall never seen this game this boss is about the free first we got to get down there all right now sorry not sorry raaah Ill just beer what a bunch of bullcrap like that yep its the nematodes oh gosh I dont have a lot of tolerance for this guys bear with me this part is a I never liked with this part back when I played this game years ago I remember I didnt like this part you see hey no bro move oh my gosh if you uh get trapped in their little smoke you like turning a stone and Im very very so its like super effective right now squad uh-huh so yep whoa first off you know what it is what you are drink though it is down here the Freak down you see all these people these are other human players that unfortunately didnt have as much skill as you boy these things turn you into like these crystal things man if you stay in that smoke youre done no oh my oh my oh I see you day - sorry everybody okay now somewhere boom hey thats what happened to him hey get off this moon keep on it boy your death of racing dignity what is reading Rourkes HP goodbye okay making our way downtown they got away through here this place isnt forever guys will eventually get out you just have to survive you just have to survive sometimes other people that are playing in but sometimes theyre lying Hey hows it going guys have a little rap party down here this cool little Ratan here freaking cutters is but they innovate safer Artie okay okay Kurt - Kurt for two go on get back boy you thought dont even try that goes for a CPU human players okay sir who are you I didnt even notice his heritage ah Music take that appreciate it these things kind of suck but they can drop start here going drop son you know okay sorry Jerry none personal wasnt there a guy you can talk to in here crying this is that good shortcuts are being activated you do this are gonna say we did is false time ladies and gentlemen its Boston but the gated Pat like I should have gotten it poppin on that like button by now you know just this hes been in here you know so buttons right there Museum were going to enlist the help of since Ambrose this is bad to get wild yet very yet though fry briefly my boy my favorite sound effect in this whole game so theyre eating from Oh preciate were going to call the law Drake in here as well but what we do that right through hey boys and girls this is it this is what we trained for oh my God look at this what is your mouth I dont even know what about them first of all I see sunshine it get it in give me that day again no idea what the attacks are the other way though guys might wanna move out of the way  __  the diaper and watch Hank help newly-launched I can learn what the freak isnt even looking at Music your stamina back Oh theyre dead so night please move thats a life just gotta hit it living work guys and you guys didnt even help okay no idea what that is yeah I make everything look easy guys as now supposed to be way harder back and over here this armor I never see what you got from that I should have been paying attention that yeah well how do we get out of here back up the stairs oh this way bro I thought you were supposed to go somewhere else whats the point of we got it here go back I only have to drink one as MLG this put me on the Dark Souls team that theres not a Dark Souls able to team with freakin I should be a speed runner I never die do how do we live how do we what am I supposed to thank you okay were back here we got a key for this door in this place this is not a fun place this place actually sucks sucks just listen Music you hear that thats just atmosphere you know what that atmosphere is communicating Music if you come down here you get embodied thats what they trying to tell you right now this is a warning ohto look look I happen what happens to the screen when I go back normal thats it you come through here darkness thats it that everything is good its running through killing monsters you will not survive this place turn back now Music were gonna go to Blighttown not through the whole thing Im just gonna show you guys why its not recommended that you come here until your MLG I almost fell I would have ended the stream right there make sure theres nothing nothing okay Im gonna slide down this ladder guys are gonna freak and see what place sucks be wary it fatty oh I know good thing fat is high like oh gosh see one of the first things one of the first problems is you dont have a lot of space to dodge and you can dodge right off the clip or you can just get smacked in the face Im not about to die here I told yall were not dying I told yall oh my gosh I just need to Im making a new mistake number one you never run never one in the direction we brother died we brother die stay back stay back save it we need a ladder gosh are they coming through they coming soon thats a dead end oh Im dead I told you are we not turning do not tell your it did not tell your dad in it going in freakin poison darts come on jump any family give me your bike Im out Im out I contemplated suicide I was about to jump off that cliff I really did but I got to move please please dont get caught where these dudes are strong I got the drake sword on i used to something that dying how you living mm-hmm thats your boy right now come here boy another one bro you know how dirty this dude booty must be breakdown at Oh John I told our man weve not dying no more now I made a dupe mistake new mistake and Dark Souls is never run further into the dungeon to get away from me we triggered so many people the cheeks our mind we triggered so many people because we were trying to get away long dirty booty come on dirty boy dump I Ill let yall guess with daddys Toller doggy is doing his had dirty booty I didnt want to believe me okay all right yes spam clutch in chat I bet yall really photos about the guy no fate I want a screaming I was just trying to make it entertainment thats not that was scared I dont get scared what are you doing ah this weapon is a body let thats okay now here thank you tried to make some spaghetti spaghetti also we got 38 thousand souls so we really just never bought that Im not about to back this for some insurance take that thank you Ill see why this area sucks so were though dont want to let him out hes his chili hey man just hanging out in that pot all right what about the getting your friends cheeks over here so actually theres stuff in the way so Im just gonna fall down thank you now you sorry he was just chillin I just destroyed his whole house sorry Music what matter here guys weekend through June 3 Blighttown Id say this place is difficult but for Dark Souls lighting this is your voice look at this bonfire its lit dont even need it dont even need it I need to spin these Souls me endurance give me my time give me Dex and like that I think thats good I think thats good thats good all right go for five more minutes oh my gosh look hes donations what is wrong with God but upset at the bonfire so you dont get body youre freaking  __  alright look at the donations mean gosh okay all right Candace hey hey Candace hey Cory my son AJ and I love watching you he was so happy when you came back glad youre doing well miss you a ton subnautica so nordica are hurt something nota good but thank you so much for the five candidates it means a lot snot rockets I like your freaking name thank you for 10 move that so you can see my face its good King cross square hasnt checked the remix out of me form send it to my email blame iOS a hundred and forty dollars what is it why why are yall doing this mean thank you so much man ready to hit that three mil hex yeah ready me one hundred forty dollars though you know how many hot and ready that is somebody do some quick math thats like 828 hot and Readys man guys who are you gonna play the ultimate custom night yes hex yes Im a freaking killing Canyon blaster is gonna be late Cory or like yeah I murdered that boss yeah got murdered he freakin I wrecked blame iOS with your he just did it again he literally just did it again $140 please put the credit card down just put it down please put it down thank you dude thank you but please thats enough man thank you thank you man that thats crazy Thank You Man naturally animating ten dollars working on some fan art for your birthday well you got you got some months thats a while qtm savage whats good ten dollars two dollars Sammy Serrano what they throw a lousy blow pathetic rodent logical reach out to your LGB LGBT fans for Pride Month shout out to you guys appreciate all you watch me no matter what your gender preference it doesnt matter to me I love I love all you guys man thank you thank you Myron Myron 9.99 I mean no $0.99 bag of Hot Cheetos appreciate it hello production $5 heard you beefing with ninja I have no beef especially not with somebody so big no no thank you raid $2 love you Cory fractal we sports resort me will you react to e3 cranes moments to al-saud to Lindsay oh yes yeah I think were good I think were I think were ready here say that Maggs donated 999 heres the extra money now go save your bum I mean thats not what he said he said heres the extra money now go shave your beard you freaking bum Ill write that wrong and it made it funnier why cant I keep my beard though my guy Im trying to be like all handsome and stuff uh $50 guys dude from bring it up J bro you should play Dangan dangan ronpa like real easy did shout-out to that boy Burrell easy blame my waist Im about to fight you now its getting out of control okay your mom your moms gonna be mad dude he just donated at $140 again stop stop put your credit card oh wait put it away shell win us the Detroit bonus vehicle as soon as you put your credit card away I will make you a promise okay the video is coming just promise me put the credit card down please scream happy birthday to me VAX nine right back nine it was my birthday May 29th hope you had to go in dude Gabrielle or Gabriel we play for a night yes Noemi play fallout 73 I will Bella Im about to take my moms credit card you messed up I cant help you I cant help you lets do this lets go for 10 more minutes five more minutes five more bring back cooking with kitchen yes Darnell please stop donating stop it stop my moms my ticket yeah you messed up playing I was like five hundred dollars how many high ratings is that a hundred pizza party my house my address is in the description Semyon actually look here we go five more minutes lets make this count were definitely not about to get to the bottom you can put we can put some work in we can do that yes Matt all right were dead ah that ring revival though late for tonight Im gonna make a for tonight video no this isnt gonna be a fortnight channel only gonna play for night because so many people want me to play for tonight so Im gonna play for tonight one time one video its gonna be lit and then thats it for tonight is so popular right now is crazy man but its not for me those battle royale games bro Im trash man Im telling uh if yall click on the video thinking about to get a win and let me call ninja in myth help me out come on get this booty meat to your face what well I thought you can knock them off the ladder with your butt all right come on Im 18 I still love your vids lame iOS bro if you donate one more time Im fighting you mayor in France and live please play yandere simulator I got you I got you married yo die dude yo hunter he did hes starting to get so bad cuz Ive been watching his update videos like the game just update so much just like I dont want to make a video on it and then as soon as I make a video on it updates again but I think were about due for video on it but anyway I was watching a Andre deaf update videos that man hes had an up he gets so mad cuz people oh I forgot about this oh I hate this I hate this he begins so mad cuz people are always on bro who look at these dogs fire-breathing animals he gets so mad cuz people are always like hey bro Im not about to die to this animal hes always so mad cuz people are like when is a sonic gonna be in the game yonder Edith put a sign in the game right now shes not ready and I guess he gets like inundate it was like thousands of emails every day asking about Oh Sonic at Mossad Mary so he just turned the comments off in his videos like you cant even comment anymore hey leave that man alone humanity ahead ok never get anything in life playing it safe you gotta take risks yeah we could have fell off but your boy said he wasnt dying no more now Norris ever since I said were not dying anymore we havent died blow your nose how do we even get down bruh theres no ladder aint about the sneeze hold up oh I think its coming thank you well how do we get down thats a trap that leads to nothing wheres the ladder at I guess we just not supposed to be down here theres got to be a letter something I hear a bonfire oh thats up there okay go back stop moving bridge stop stop that part really sucks if youre getting chased Ive had to cross that bridge under duress before it just adds to the whole experience yep none else anything else over here we do got some dogs okay you thought I like butts and I like yours Hey right hes gone you gotta watch out for them darts all right head back back so you got to be composed when stuff start getting wild you gotta stay calm you gotta stay calm and everything Im toxic okay hes coming hes coming I gotta use it I cant see him but I cant Im trying to use it guys you guys know what I gotta use this pause screen while running dont try this at home Im not toxic in Ybor area and white this is a trap stay composed you dont like that drinks or you dont like it I know I know youre doing to leekie look at this rectum over here can somebody tell me what that is even is this look like say what it look like a nightmare fuel thats what it look like somebody just fell we gotta find him dark shooters listen to the sound I hear them all around me please there is so theres a ladder there theres a ladder here yeah this walls waiting for got surprise for you come on I see a whole bunch of glowing stuff I cant just turn my back on this guy like that see I know it man I knew it freaking eat dont wait til I just turn around make sure nobody else climbing up do your due diligence in this game or youll never die Im telling you just look at me what okay first of all you gotta know its a shield ahead so theres probably something over here oh its the top man not hating much ahead hey Maggie go shoot you probably dont even have strength hey Hey thats way too heavy you know we dont rock shields we dont rock shields we dont need them be careful Ive told yall this place son John and yeah whats my death counter smearing it up in economy zero no deaths so we can drop down there I have no idea if this thing can like virtue I dont know why my arrows arent working but Im gonna try and hit it if it grabs me and like sucks my brain out Im in ministry yep he had an attack dude he tried to attack me our attacks do not work were gonna have to go the other way Oh God listen I dont have any we dont have this Oh he chasing me hold up hold up the camera its a lot of camera dont run in there there are more people all of my camera bro okay two enemies not bad one enemy or are you stuck no he aint stuck do it doc give me that but give me that bite boy come here I like them she want to get its Lord stuck up there stay compose yall notice Im never getting nervous wait I just never Im never scared Im never flustered I just do what I got to do and I do it why is there a fall game right here real nervous psych I got to make this entertainment for you guys we dont want to watch somebody just come through not say anything just beat the whole game like a boss never getting here I gotta make it entertaining so I just I let him get a couple shots on me sometimes you know the prick is it the pole is a ladder that freakin brain suckers over there are we supposed to get them and how are we supposed to get these treasures look at that oh youre supposed to drop down Im not feeling froggy today I dont think we should make that lead from the artist ah and stressor we gotta get it I cant I cant walk away from treasure I cant come on I gotta do is drop down nice ah whip hey whit whit oh my gosh almost went the wrong way okay okay broad is caring queeg sauce were good hows our last estes so if we dont make it down Im home or bone in the freak out here oh were so close to the bottom thats disgusting imminent wrong poison imminent put item that you need where you need it I dont have time oh we making it to the bottom this is why were like town zero desk wait dont dont dont celebrate yet somebody got blow darts aah hey you then I can shoot stuff too boy what no Im saying sometimes use this got arranged those boys they cant never kind of answer for that matter here we wait so hard but it oh baby its time that you dont need it Oh wander said with the foul she owned Faust a falcon punch maybe these mosquitoes straight out of the midst ladies mosquitoes straight out of the Mist mosquito dust size of a bowling ball let me just get on a ladder and get down please Hey all right bro we buy no oh no we destroy the durability I forgot about that who shoes we got no answers come on its so close we got two mosquitoes we got a whole bunch of them whatever those things are Im gonna Im gonna take this menu for real thank you mini thank you boom we gotta go we gotta go my weapons gonna break this way this way come on lets go lets go okay thats it we killed it we did Blighttown its so much thank you guys for hanging out with me blame iOS I dont know what the Freak is wrong with you made Oh suit I didnt realize this was a stream crazy hunter what how did you know this you see the chat Kelly $10 just coming to pH to hang out or I should be there thanks Kelly strawberry this is strawberry huge fan of yours appreciate you thats too hot and ratings for your bleep cute EMT reacted to jump horse trailer what is that mayor in have you ever watched Black Butler I have it but I dunno thats an enemy Kiki quarry how do I get you to follow me on Twitter and twitch and be my friend and also marry me well you donated five for marriage you needed at least six um Im sorry maybe next stream I dont Tristan $10 44 I dont even know what that message is Cody shout out to slip starting to slip you know who is erielle just supporting samurai bait yeah I think thats a lot or I think thats all Jovie with the tan cramping fan over year thanks me I just realized that the music playing or the game and last but not least thats it right thats all of them thats all of them right I want to miss everybody anybody Bella would you wanna do me great any time soon you know Im about to show up soon as soon as as soon as I know when Im gonna do a mean Greek eyelid Ill let the whole chatter know Ill probably like do a video or something Felix love you in your content appreciate it man hey oh that was it shadow come to ATO you got a place to stay hey Im saying with you Ashley Sammy Cory I never youre scared subnautica thats because youre not the one playing it Tegan two dollars glad youre back thanks Tegan Music fun stream nice job Im not dying Lindsay Im a goat of course not CIT watching you right now I mean thats probably late that was like two hours ago but I appreciate you Oliver fifty dollars arent we an inner stream whats good boy I have a joke why did the chicken cross the road cuz he saw a black guy and ran okay um we got an e here sliced I like but appreciate it guys really um thank you for hanging out with me today back to regular upload tomorrow Ive got to be playing Baldy hate even saying his freakin name but yeah be be here tomorrow maybe 2 3 4 p.m. est and yeah I love you guys stay awesome steam games not launching mac FOLLOW MY TWITTER: steam replayed steam inventory helper firefox amnesia steam unlocked steam mop costco why does steam say no connection