Dark Souls Remastered | How To Get Super OP As A FAITH Build Early Game

Steam deck mods for gamesreturn game steam DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED game Music hey guys give us game and you want to know how to be opie as a fake character early game well let me show you how first of all make your character and choose cleric and the master key escape the asylum grab this soul and make it to firelink collect all the souls and human boners around firelink rest then head down to blighttown grab salt use master key and grab another solve head towards the dragon and grab the soul first then skillfully her grab the sword and chilled dont worry if you die we now have our main weapon as soras straight sword kill the fatties for extra fifteen hundred souls Music into blighttown and grab the three souls at the bottom Music once thats done head to the great hollow here we are going to kill five crystal lizards and obtain 10 twinkling titan knight follow this path and there should be five crystal lizards here Music cut out and load back in to get them to respond it may take several times for them to appear theres one at the entrance one at the end and three here Music head back to firelink and consume all the souls Music level up decks to 10 so we can use the storage straight sword and the rest in faith now that we have a fairly good soul lets head to the sunlight covenant grab souls along the way also buy over 35 rooms as well need them later Music optional kill the black knight to get extra thous kill the tourist even soul more free souls wait until the drake lands on the bridge and run over and grab the salt and head to the shrine Music enter covenant to attain the miracle lightning spear Music equip it and feel the power alright run to andre need ten thousand souls so use consumables and farm until you have the required amount level up the sword to max and check out the damage now head to the darker garden and down to the hydra equipped a good shield and the five arms we purchased earlier keep left then run like a bad man once he had quit out and reload we do that to keep the ice  __  off of us now its time to rain fire bombs down upon the hydra a little tip face the hydra and angle the camera back as far as it goes and you shouldnt have any problems it takes around 25 to 35 bombs to kill it once its dead head across and quit out and low back in to get the golden dildo to appear Applause destroy it and talk to her and say yes shell disappear and run back to where you were and summon her i dont think you need to talk to her but im not quite sure you might have to once thats done head back again and pick up her on the set equip the crown of dusk now we can murder everything in our path guys remember to hit that like button and subscribe down below Music so Music you steam highest rated games Get Super OP early game as a FAITH Build in Dark Souls RemasteredSubscribe to GIRLvsGAME: Twitch Channel: GVG Discord - LIKE, FAV AND SUBSCRIBE. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! steam pc gaming show good rts games on steam cheathappens steam deck steam monster collecting games what is a facial steamer