Dark Souls Remastered is Polarizing

Great oregon steam upescape game steam gratuit DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED game hello everybody today was the day Im sure many of you long awaited the release of the Dark Souls remaster or did you yeah theres a lot of controversy surrounding the game did they change enough to warm more of your money are the graphics even an improvement how good do Guinevere s tits look in 2018 Ive got those answers for you and more on the matter of reviewing Dark Souls is an overall game Ill leave a link in the description to my review of the previous version to summarize its a masterpiece largely in the first half because of its pacing creative bosses and superb level design but it gets bogged down in its second half with some irritating areas and lackluster bosses that they give a growing sense of fatigue aside from a few highlights like Quinn and the legendary DLC today I want to focus primarily on a high-level overview of what we are getting in Dark Souls remastered in other words what did the game add that the original Dark Souls did not have without further ado lets take a look at Dark Souls remastered not a lot I spent seven hours playing through the entire game in one sitting and I found barely anything to be a noticeable difference heres a few things I did notice the intro cutscene is exactly the same but thats cool because it was extraordinary in 2011 and still is seven years later the graphics have seen a bum get the  __  down from their job not as if this bump is a banana peel that causes this game to go careening into the abyss of  __  to be frank the graphics arent improved all that much at all the texture still look like ass the lighting changed apparently in the models for the player and enemies are a bit better but really from software my UHD 4k Tatas that in mind the game does run very smoothly at 60 frames with minimal frame drops reminds you Im playing on a top-of-the-line PC so that may not apply to everybody the only truly drastic change I noticed graphically was the appearance of magic it actually looks the best it ever has in the entire series at times it makes things look far more robust than ever before for example check out what happens if you smack priscila but why why would you do that or another example look at the stray demons a wee blast you can actually see where they are even the bed of chaos looks better than before Im complimenting the bed of  __   __  seeing this level of graphical upgrade leaves me scratching my head while the rest of the game didnt see this treatment theyve added small quality of life changes like the d-pad up or down to insta swap to your first equipped item changing covenants have bonfires using multiple items at once like souls and mapping jumping off a  __  circle to l-3 you can have six players online via use of the tried finger they added password matchmaking and they updated the arena to 3v3 and six person death matches but for PC youre gonna have to deal with hackers specifically there were a few sad individuals running around on day one invading peoples worlds and getting them soft banned through hacking while the hackers in this case are complete tools this is on from soft for not having better cheat prevention there are other multiplayer changes but I wont go over them here since Im not much of a multiplayer guy myself in a final note though of course with the new release there is the benefit of a greater player base or is there Music veterans new players PC players Xbox one ps4 switch well  __  those Nintendo kiddos they arent getting the game until somewhere between summer and who the  __  knows seriously I feel free switch owners I want to fight artorias while taking a  __  too first lets focus on veterans if youre solely a console owner and played Dark Souls on ps3 or xbox 360 and are jumping to get back in this is a great time to do it this is the best version of Dark Souls thats available to you by far if you own an Xbox one ps4 or switch for its inevitable release if youre on PC however its a much different story as an owner of Dark Souls prepare to die edition you already have the game albeit a port of the game that runs horrendously but thanks to the modding community the game has been brought to a wonderful state that not only runs nearly as well as Dark Souls remastered but is in some ways superior thanks to the many mods and challenge modifications available from soft-nosed this and offered a 50% discount for the remaster at $20 thats all good and well but for some people that just wont be enough considering you could look at this as a paid official patch for the original game on PC it kind of is a slap to the face of PC players but guess what some of us are gluttons for punishment while I truly believe this update should have been free on PC I played Dark Souls enough over the years and I was willing to lube up and left from soft smack my booty for twenty dollars because I wanted this remaster and frankly after playing the game I have no regrets its a minimal upgrade over dsfix prepare to die edition but Ill take it for a game I played countless times if you choose to vote with your wallet and the remaster I understand completely and commend your resolve finally we have completely new players if youve never played Dark Souls on any platform before and found your way to my channel I must believe youve played at least one of the other games at some point or at least show interest in the series if you have this is a great entry point to play a true classic of the last generation Music well Im still reeling from the deep penetration into my wallet but in all seriousness you could say Im very well I phone to the PC veteran category and though this is a minor change to a game Ive been playing for years its a welcome one Im a big enough fan of the series that I was willing to pay $20 for these tiny alterations but I can understand why some arent or are even asking for more my recent playthrough didnt feel terribly different from any other Dark Souls run but it was at least a little bit smoother with some new bells and whistles and the next time I tasked myself with continuing the age of fire are bringing on the age of dark I know Ill have a version operating without external life support to go too clearly there could have been more done here and it really is a shame that there wasnt however Ive decided that rather than being sad for what Im not getting Im gonna look forward to what I do get 2017 was one of the best years of gaming weve ever had with games like holo night near automata breath of the wild persona 5 horizon zero dawn dead cells mario odyssey the list really does go on and on in 2018 already had heavy hitters like god award for and monster hunter worlds theres more games on the horizon like Spider Man death stranding Red Dead Redemption to a potential Devil May Cry 5 shadow of the Tomb Raider the Spyro remastered trilogy super smash brothers Kingdom Hearts 3 The Last of Us part 2 and of course whatever shadows died twice as with v3 right around the corner Im brimming with optimism the future of single player gaming truly is promising and even with a bit of cash cow tipping our way with Dark Souls remastered I have faith them from soft to continue their recent history of excellence with the new projects a release in the future I hope you enjoyed my take on the remaster be sure to tell me your thoughts in the comments below Ill be uploading my playthrough to YouTube alongside our hollow Knight deimata thon and Ive got a couple of surprise videos to celebrate the remasters release still to come be sure to subscribe to the channel if you havent already to stay updated on all these new videos and check out our discord channel link below to stay connected with the community I hope you all excuse my voice today Im getting over a bad cold but wanted to get this video to you all as soon as I could thank you for your understanding and of course thank you all for watching much 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