Steam humble bundlehow to link steam account to epic games DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED game okay hi everybody I just wanted to make a quick video about the skeletons and fire link everybody seems to have a little bit of trouble in them which can be so if you plan on fighting them but if you just want to run past them and fry them for Souls then heres a pretty easy method first off Ive taken off what armor I needed to so I get a fast law just make sure that you keep your shield for blocking and thats all follow the way I go and there shouldnt be any problems youre gonna go through these first two skeletons and you go past them they dont even look at you theyre gonna look in the other direction so I wait and get their attention just so I have more skeletons stacked up just want to get them this way then run towards this first big one youre gonna stay on the right path go past him so you got a little distance turn back and watch him to see that youve got his attention now go again you might have to run youre gonna go through the middle of these guys dont get caught up on them go over to the little paths at the edge and head down seize it for the cave the trick was to get as many skeletons following you as possible now they dont follow you fire into here so youre safe once you go in just dont go past this second archway because then youll add grow the skeleton on the other side youre just gonna wait right here now watch above my stalls and you see them wrapping up what happens when they chase you into here they jump off the cliff so just wait right here you have to wait until those at the beginning of the cave mouth there go back up into their original positions when they do that youre gonna go back and rest at the bonfire okay theyre slowly making their way back so well slowly make our way back up to you want to fight anybody more than we have to now just run back to the fire the trick is just bob and weave especially when the skeletons are spawning because they can trap you pretty easily just with an elbow sticking out or a weapon or so just keep moving if you see theyre blocking legs dont try to walk through it because you very seldom can just move to a different area usually the most of the points youre going to get doing this you want those two big skeletons to jump off they dont always look quite often both of them well thats a thousand souls just for those two which is pretty good at the beginning of the game so were going to do the same thing again let these two wake up to get their attention let the big one wake up the big thing is like I said you want him to look at you around but you dont want to get killed from doing that was close call and well keep our eyes above our sole count there see how many we get piled up this run come on want the big ones theres a big one yeah and another and thats pretty much it yeah thats a nice step there thats pretty much it now once you get the heck of the path and has become second nature youll do it a lot faster than I just fit in if you want some quick souls at the beginning you can get six eight ten thousand souls real quick and youll have a lot pretty good at the beginning now I hope this is helpful to some people see Olly link psn to steam This is the little know secret soul farm as soon as you get to Firelink. The skeletons in the cemetery!!! No...wait. You may be too weak to fight them at this point, but youre never too weak to run thru and watch them jump off the cliff! And thats exactly what they will do, time after time! I show you the safe route to safely navigate the cemetery for thousands of souls! ;)DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED milk steaming diagram single player steam games the batman steaming steam deck strategy games steam pinball games