Our First Look at Dark Souls: Remastered

Destiny 2 steam deck redditdoes game sell steam gift cards DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED game years ago in 2011 footage of the first Dark Souls demo surfaced out of e3 media could play as a soldier a knight a witch a Pyromancer a Black Knight but most memorable for me as solaire of astora and so seven years later in our first demo of Dark Souls remastered I immediately set out to recover Celeste gear and playthrough in exactly the same way you might want to look away real quick but this is also as far as media was allowed to go in this remaster so as my overburdened Celaya cosplayer with 12 endurance legs his gear back to fire link lets compare these visuals to the original starting with this IV growing on the ramparts so its animated in the remaster and Static in the original and once I noticed this a wealth of little details now started to stand out the grass at fire link now sways in the breeze fire gives off smoked fog gates are far more detailed blood has a new particle effect and death as you dissipate into a much denser grey mist as a result of all this animation and all these particle effects the world feels way more lively although its not like theyve updated the entire world they havent gone over it with a fine-tooth comb because there are still some buggy or missing textures if you know where to look and I found a couple of textures that really should have been subtly animated but werent if youve got a good eye at this point youll have realized that the most impressive changes have to do with the lighting in this side-by-side you can probably easily note how much better the remaster handles light emitting from the bonfire and reflecting on a shield here and notice how the shadows from my AMA set and the shadow it casts upon itself theyre way more defined the original game by comparison looks harsh and unrealistic as if the entire world is lit from every angle and the world isnt really reacting dynamically to light or shadow so Dark Souls remastered its gonna look good to new players getting into the series for the first time I dont think itll show its age too much anymore but new players thats exactly who its designed for because as you can probably tell by now there certainly arent many gameplay changes that are intended to lower old players back Ive tested everything I can think of and the changes to the gameplay that Ive noticed mostly quality of life changes for example one of the best changes is that you can now scale down the UI which makes the game way more cinematic this was one of the best features of dsfix on PC and if you having trouble finding your Estus when you shrink these tooltips down dont worry because theyve added that ability to skip to the first item in your quick slot bar by holding down on the d-pad so in most cases this just brings you immediately to your Estus flask next if you want to consume more than one soul or humanity at a time you now have that option you can even rebind all your controls if you so desire which is really rare on console but definitely a welcome change and lastly it seems as if we now have the ability to switch covenants at the bonfire and unless theres hidden stuff later in the game these are the only gameplay changes to dark souls remastered leading up to this remaster I had two sets of expectations I had one set of really admittedly unreasonable expectations like the remaster having Dark Souls threes combat new enemies new items or new areas just new content basically thats unreasonable but I also did have what I thought were pretty reasonable expectations considering how easy they would be to implement and how big of an effect they would have on returning veteran players like being able to roll in any direction while locked on or even run while locked on was a hugely positive combat change for all Soul sequels I thought that items might have been moved around or I thought that items might at least have a few different stats but so far I can confirm that none of those changes are in the game and as a result its pretty clear finally that Dark Souls remastered makes no development effort to lure old veteran players back so if youve already purchased the original game theres really not that much different here and to be completely fair they were never aiming for that demographic and thats fine we just didnt know until now because putting aside my bias and my personal disappointment Im still happy for the millions of people who started the series at Dark Souls 2 or Dark Souls 3 or even blood-borne and those people are in the millions theres a lot of people who havent played Dark Souls 1 and theres a ton of new players that are going to come to this game from Nintendo switch and theyll all be getting the exact same experience we did in Dark Souls 1 without the excruciating pain of having to offer one humanity at a time to the fair lady so are these changes enough for you to purchase Dark Souls remastered and play it again Im really curious to hear your responses because personally Im looking forward to a world full to the brim with new players and Im looking forward to all those twitch streams that will push this to the top of the charts for a week or so and we might as well ride that wave of hype red eye orb in hand ready to show all these new players what Dark Souls is all about also I plan on private streaming this to patrons when it comes out because it coincides nicely with me finally getting good internet Im still in the process of setting up my stream which is why I kind of want a small audience while I figure it out I think if all you guys came in at once you would just intimidated of me I never really got used to how many of you guys there are and its one thing to get like a million views on a YouTube video and its another thing entirely to have a thousand of you and live twitch chat talking at me at once a scary map so if youre a patron Ill see you on stream in a week or so and if youre not Ill see you all on stream eventually regardless and Ill see you all in the next video which is most likely about the great Wars of Dark Souls so until then guys you Music steam pork buns This footage was recorded on a PS4 Pro. 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