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Steam digital cardsbest pc games not on steam 2022 DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED game music applause welcome to a new channel covered in epic length I m guessing probably faster than last time we learned a bit from demons souls but nonetheless its going to be really hard and really bad and this time were up to date someone souls is new then came out in moderation tags you can get yourself otherwise thats good enough we have now I think the trend has been revived again there you can of course you can do ashes now yes we were less successful at times beat the original and now weve actually arrived at the remake of the how old trilogy yes well dark souls I well I dont think I understood that correctly I have no plan at all Im stuck but france often first took part and I mean then did they gladly lost the rights to the one in sulz and therefore continued at noon and dark souls 1 has been remastered for the playstation 4 so to speak and so we are playing on playstation 4 and that will now gamble and that is brand new the game and that is really cool because we are just about ready and can now take the momentum with us as long as we still have it are ready and switch directly to dark souls and ill just want to give them away but we have we with a discount we have to ask more precisely but before the character is created the good Lord put the intro that s have brightness on everywhere and he saw that did it light on the saar thats good was brightness until the dragon was invisible i see the dragon ill make you bite revenge ok so its here in our studio we have to say youll just say dont say so bright destroys the game but were here in a studio and because of this lighting its always much more difficult for us to recognize everything in the darkness of the world So lets make it a bit brighter now so we can see everything that does nt need to be shown blood of course well do it the other way around yes yes yes that will be the standard so cool comma simon here we are I would suggest we stick with our with our name or want soon yes thats my life also tells tradition and I think it did nt do so badly the last time that means hello sir income hes just original with his standard outfit he went loose but clumped old ones and is also with it arrived he did nt let himself be intimidated by anything at all our male monument like that and now comes maria riesch he doesnt let himself be influenced he is ok in the basics up to the end now is the part where we screwed up a bit last time and yes but the last time for a magician or for a nobleman who was versed in magic and now weve been advised that ill just say it now from a lot of already over many many video comments that we should look at the pyromaniac okay i dont know thats why i want to throw it in like this it should correspond a little to our previous playing style but he can also fight and his magic is probably what if he has what kind of hair he says its explained as a bit of a flat joke because hes allowed its probably overgrown you can tell if you can almost tell the man by his feet the one with a tree stump hanging in there everything is wrong what kind of things do you carry anyway always go to the beggar to see if the one turned out even worse year old and give some things now even at level six no beggar looks like that no it won’t work so the search and cleric expensive tipi so was the young man is that a kind of hybrid between magician and d warrior or how can I do that for a bit of a melee fighter who has pretty strong fire magic that helped us last time yes but its not a magician its not a pure magician such a mixed creature so Im your mind with p romand if because i have to admit i have nt given it much thought as of now and you have that ahead of me so im okay with for romand alternatively i would also be with a very classic rodent at first of course the classic is of course i thought so a bit more exotic might be cool because the classic knights and warriors youve already seen in all of us not in our squad in all the other lets play is certainly okay and its maybe a little less exciting there I found it quite source actually now in hindsight how much we came from the start up was last you can see how much we are suddenly removed from everyone what is on youtube no one played like we did that then i think youtube will not be much more original here maybe they also have different levels it is that the level leaves the city i assume now lets look at it because he has level 1 for the company for steffen but that means it could actually be the right level actually the level should be the level but thats actually not even a good thing because then hes our first level up for it we then have fewer souls or because that is getting more and more with each level as long as level stands for it yes you would have to add everything up so that the same goes on like that we don’t have to so if you are there I am someone too if you would like that then then lets do that and i stand behind it is a decision the landlords and yes i do nt know as i dont know all of them i have an egg we played a little dax there i kind of played a game that you had from meier but ill take a couple of romands with you i think thats totally okay okay then well do the romantic office fee because now its interesting elixir of the white path heal any injury ever cool heavy fire bomb means that you only get one of them now so do i get a heavy fire bomb or do i get the cheaper ones i might get them regularly for free thats a one-time bonus i think and a dead gift the one on the one on the deathbed or later it will be removed with it where comes for a short moment trunk is a device smaller from tpb also not bad puts gifts however that one stands so that makes yes total or yes but that makes yes ok figure will be again it was so spooky written trick powers powers building modcomp-heavy small-small plastic squad moderator I tend to win Im in favor of it either the rappers are made or something I dont like them that way because they often block your view thats one argument it looks like a little dwarf then its more spooky I think its good very slim figure skin and bones more i think its good thats even if hes mega strong then thats all the more confusing for the opponents not with this skinny hans is the wilfinger delta those are things like that the faces store pretty face of the cultivated citizens clear traits taught the appearance completely cool just very much like this organ from the hobby the whites are a bit characterless ddr is very skeptical far east difficult so i think we should stay a bit bad vilbel but i find work for the funniest katharina as reliable google was not a doctor there to hit this person and leave yes okay then it wouldnt look possible then the serve them come super eagles grin yeah i mean i still have a nice neat hairstyle aha he needs about what i have such a horny but you would have a really hearty hairstyle laughter but its really that yes there is a map his hairstyle you ca nt do it change maybe just go roja red hair would be of course that fits too unfortunately fits too well different than red hair or gray hair i think is so will it is clearer what we are there is dark red you are fighting someone like that so thats all just so that Im here always be fixed with this look that the knife deep into the board while he smiles like that the whole time do nt let the business go well yes it was like that it is okay yes i am completely more than satisfied i think it will soon be 2.0 there is much more because the bus was the baby in may music because front tk low that the package must be the picture of 9 tiffany this dear god music the tr inken applause music well applause music that started out like kate moss partying grow the world a kind of june music applause music now we have to read everything through carefully I think that was great for the people important and was criticized and we give people what they want of course again wattwil no one not me because right now Im reminding myself that we actually didnt want to do that anymore music would still not base music definitely any more music we have clarified who starts yes that you choose you caught last weeks or knows because I waited a very long time so it was because I probably died so the trainer is a matter of fact, but were now going to give another pear annoyed transmitter key madonna now i have that so thats thats my sword or what do you come here i really hope its a clipping error this year carsten we won we heard eight fireballs yes can read the message this direction is said to have reintroduced rhineland tutorial he once attacks or tuesday however no damage the ad is we have to have handed them euro thick if they had the device heavy attack directly two corpses in the basement no change still no step now we are with the broken crumb because you that is that is completely justified legal notice it was really quite stupid my 11 23 see and lets say honestly he also wants to raven is and hell do photoshop first please his hands are beautiful we dance cant loosen them there it goes up or here thats the only way but its just straight he smiles but I cant see the smile anymore forest sucks thats why I got him like if we hired because he was a job interview somehow so nice do justice to something like that a positive charisma hey r come or but thats okay so you hear thats also here we are music door of course not video the final boss and then I ask directly and then right at the beginning I would really appreciate that yes okay that s now but but is and he says who is I think its the same as the last one yes that the mega hit is not actually winable that would still be we are not really dead have to die first the soul would give up where we have to go 2 music or i you could do it a good dark souls player would probably be able to do it but train your stamina a bit a bit to improve we also have 0 could hit twice once dive i no problem with that it would be nice jail bag asylum demon well do it fair play you are in whom one would have had merkel then everything would somehow be fine today it is almost possible to interpret it as one would like always the change with them batteries are good again i can get past them because i want to be with them who knows which deities will be in the next life i wont mess it up but if you died now we also activated this beacon yes but we just thought that that s a similar moment as in the first part or in the original demon souls but were behind them now that were sort of starting over again in the lexus only there s that here in which they dont even exist anymore maybe you actually have to flatten them we dont even have a heavy sword that doesnt work before that cant be that marc dittmann can you travel somewhere in the back is now rest clean whats that okay Ill see I press clean then well take it cant do anything ok leave stop standard how did i probably already i just squandered large sums of money fireball ok yes i have in hand now ir kindwie im equipped i couldnt even use it to he i at least didnt get it but i think so i also honestly said i had the feeling up there is now but not right now if no magic wand so yes i had i had to have to deal with it you actually have to win to be honest im standing but really happy to watch that again thats why i somehow i would fit that you at least have to get a decent weapon very already replied but thats so far so bad i that i well why should they are hiding something that we are really rubbish right at the beginning of the game to teach you right away that you cant trust everything here, look, I can walk past him, I think hes of course also tried times every 60 of our souls try it is the sign because there is an exit somewhere behind the throne back there on the left I have to let myself end here a little bit music you have to smash something there cleared well if you crash into it we have full life bars again have no sign it was nice that way you do n’t always do it back now we dont have a sign i would like to say yes the wishes here somewhere you see here put together that we have a sign if i would nt have shown it here now its thats equipment you have to mentally and dont use it then go on again thats going on again whatnot two I was talking nonsense or the one on the always up there in the bar at the top right and if you always turn off the lower one the sign symbol is yes and it says yes that this is a sign both what this is a symbol 84 or something like that well thats a lock I dont need that and can I sew it again then Ill just do it at the wrong moment whats a unarmed I would disarm again could arm by two of the I have nothing to finish here a weapon Im the so get everything there very nice into the group now I have them but somehow with the rehab ok home there put on but late and instead the arrow is now separating from the string its soul and body from the body ill read it again okay how you ask where is the long way just run straight first im not going the easy and straight through the wall without a goal like that the ones who just opened june as if there was something here because thats a dying man coming youre there maybe no theres the sequel wall to these games but if you hit the wall so the one behind it or the knight is nt take a quick look whether I do nt really play the role ok now nothing already better than with our last body character one here is the list in any case not yet of whether en and I think well get there downstairs is the arena or look here com wasnt that in the last part up so the ministers you have to at least reckon with him being pushed down and with that his life is forfeit apropos pushing pig hell be with these now if we take the key we just got through everywhere i thought it might be a secret nothing but there it was what was your application is that far back here in this corner cool is the latest step i really want it is it protects let me quickly when the new hot one is up music welcome back to the first episode of hit hard by killed keep calm so thats the motto today think how does he do it now what would be the room management on this hot topic currencies that has become one of our enemies thought he was standing at the top of a stairway head up and had him calm ball miracles on us thereby making them an un quiet sphere that connected us but then but then we were lying at all i just pointed to it thats how you look now chimney helicopter cant just read one of the texts it still looks like that but later you will that is exactly the sitting in the green thats why we have this incredibly unhealthy facial skin we would have had for 80 100 we would have kept it one way or another then ive been extra mean of the sun now and then i look like this its so terrible well well youre beautiful nothing can I would like to have a couple of filters that you just put over it so that we are not where we were exactly calm down the ball what happened to you it was pushed past us we dived through under it like a young Roma hip flask and if this ball is in then you know you what is behind it is now there that you get you there he couldnt have expected that the ball would come here my friend is the ball g I would like to take it with us, so round, yes, we can take it as a necklace, first of all, but actually we want to take off his armor right now, because hell do what he thinks about the fact that he doesnt believe in nudism music music of course Id get bored music there s no idea what else maybe to the address of almost 100 peace 5 with whom he dies now he should like to talk only in front of it but why ca nt we want everything that is because with the sign I want the ship about i would also like it somehow it really looks like its a big good sign a friend will come see what we have here we wanted to work well give us why do you have to hold on to this sign now and to his life in general and why do you need this is and even if he had the sword it would cost that much or he wouldnt be lying in the water killing me because I can do his thing now en take it you have no and that was probably the most important character now he will be very important later sima and what have you done it is i wanted to mean where it is but dark souls we should be careful that we dont just kill people we will be negotiated he said hes leaving us now thats basically his statement it came from him if someone was seriously injured on the side of the road then i would also directly is only house heard them with the ax but he would have died either way a short time later the picture is it a shelter or is it the acceleration of help that is coming anyway and where is the limit from how much life you have left two minutes at the moment we would have this year he would have developed into a villain what he us yes announced and thats why I think it was more likely he didnt say he doesnt want to park us wrong after soaps effective the climb course dates and the hairs partners square yes but at the fire a conflagration you can fill it up again now really compete against the villain here i do nt know where do you want to look again so nice the shed one here that yes that with the character was a good test to see if you can do that it was probably there too and who would have thought it would work there are definitely people who flatten this first shed with the one with the rusty one for hours and then they shouldnt put up with the two hour fight with that when I shouldnt now determined or at noon everything is going well the way this coward sees that we are even more ax a little bit like shining talk sooni and he also makes the decisions for her yes yes well there is no longer any of us are you ever down overall actually from here to here back there was nothing more there was nothing more where we come down the stairs and then left we come to this series skipped jump k ann no unfortunately not so we will if you have upstairs gestapo but we were already upstairs where are you from there not now i can get up because you can’t run to the other side and go up and then left you have no idea now its getting nice straight was he once is kicks yeah but only if you have the gun with both hands straight was okay those are the usual two variants of hits yes theres the pure mantey flame hes completely crazy the skin one hit is obvious better get in and already feel this unbelievable practiced have worked out in close combat it was so we are not bad now build this whole state during the fall how can we have now mount them but are they still not coming can you have you they if we were there something got around to whether they can equip them, yes, I might have to do that thing, because here the flame had it next to the right in the weapon, the second n slot so dont put the second one anyway and now you can well pass by but right long before you go through it there is also this one soul or not wow is that quickly pushed and red eyes ok it takes a long time but I am in then Im probably through the fog because Ill write only eight fireballs its yes hes not a mishap you shouldnt and there it was just drop down and then make a jump in the attack or is he old yeah yeah in the jump he press once are cities there I couldn’t do anything of course I didn’t even come close but I collected the alltours for you thank you very much ok yes if we’re here but what ca n’t you do that nice but I think it would be such a jump from above its better, just like before, while you could also come downstairs into the arena, oh better, its already doing the next and jumped that that would be the same would like again al once already coined for how one comes to this soul there is a hole up there i got one down there jobs is the hole around it a schnitzel he still depends on his life well well this mega book now finally lost something or you have you had you read that here press behind an opponent christian sucht okay we saw that and parry fend off and the oh so bring the history with you the repair of course try it out with sterbik or its not so good very nice now with simon short sword like that were we how could you compare that again box or triangle at least 80 plus 6 ok - 49 because at some point we probably dont want to fulfill tribute the attributes 10 mobility also tell we only have nine thats why we get rid of such a fat time but at some point it will maybe interesting again, but first I would have the ax on the album, then Ill go in there, theres probably something in there it wont be the last time we fight him i want to use a bottle like that we did it when i was four yeah but thats kind of how it should be now before i go to the final boss or what do you think jana it makes sense to start is very very important first get the energy we do that yes you have to watch right at the beginning that you jump down otherwise he will make the real upwards you have seen yes now and hit yes sir that was one punch straight away slipped a third yes now you do all of them from left to right but only stay behind the rear end where i mill away the cellulite get rid of the fat pug but well directed away exactly do nt come and tour around with him for a long time heading north he is he gone it was yes until he basically only regained the element of surprise the element of surprise with me humanity and the key of the great pilgrim and congratulations simon on our first draft rf yes thats right target the not even with the into the wood but you didnt count the first one either all are not counted we counted it but others did nt count it i dont care what others count it doesnt do that feels right well done thank you slim text text i would be very surprised if there were not only villains here but i will do that again his flame will be his sword come up right now first of all and take a look at the country the team i feel so sorry for the fears sparrow the on deltas his teammate angel and ancient lothar legs slip quite a bit music no music next to have merchant in court music ok so rise spark off what is the execution reverse so have to rise level count from level one all we can right on level my friend he right well do it twice so watch out the guy archos macek vitality is the life points w probably not as life points but also in the calculation of the attack we now need magic to put our things in the back left right so that we can look a bit okay thats probably okay for the 2 you work out the zionist here namely on or always important exactly strength is our main attribute namely so there are strengths mobility are the two that you have to decide on i think i know you know there is a strength picture and mobility picture i think and because we are more a stronger this is probably our normal picture here so we probably need more vitality condition strength and probably the magical realm for the fireballs do you have mobility again i thought hey reality it is on the one hand the speed is but also in the role and such stories im like no thats thats think thats that isnt that not vitality i think vita lized i think that mostly continents explanations music the attribute that the height just the number of magic slots okay here stamina load stamina off is just as important the second soon me that exactly that we need for thick weapons yes it is right there exactly that is has he decides to join immediately or sometimes both are for weapons that need something for both attributes or they say you concentrate on one picture because then you have this scaling with the weapons that scale with strength then it stops it is it would be also focus strength if you want to take some with reality then that but it probably does most cases are to focus on 1 resistances is clear intelligence is server and magic weapons ok yes i would say yes strength and vitality maybe reality a little a pity a coalition a condition is endurance yes yes yes clearly endurance life u nd escalate to a weapon will be okay okay then have enough not enough but necessary souls 724 can try if it works I deserve the next thought okay okay I can push that now unfortunately you would against kaya with rektor here three level ups done they are pretty cool guys i have no idea at all what that means or what that means that we might always want to get to know each other through an apprenticeship i always think of the white and black world your world tendency that you might be in the art can now somehow do so music music ddp ba music necessary to brake the ada of the fund into ruin brandenburg 1 am cut olives called august come music the work music if I know it five I thought like Mainz a smile thats back he maybe Im more a week or you can have seen thats why he looks so different now 1 shoot he says en music 8 what else is that in the face if i cover it up and our mind is tightened i believe if we are human again now that we 10 music the pieces that i basically made prevent in that i also so longed for with people have killed music red music on the way it is so long until the music than the other and pictures that on music there can inhibited before is the principle I think but what ne the one soul simon humanity ok use humanity to get us back one get one humanity points regenerates ep thats all always read somewhere or i dont know exactly how it works well between came from she dropped us here you can yes i think high too seems quite high there are different ways from here, as far as i understand it correctly, there is no longer this nexus so instead everything is interconnected dene open world open hose systems then we just look from time to time I mean soul a firebomb isnt that cool yes we have everything different we all dont see in the next menu item but are you because god is beautiful but sometimes herb comes from if we took the big ops we also just like that he smiled music now thank you because he became firm in bern coventry music yes current job and everyday life in freedom thats what we have something we have nt sworn an oath yet or so the hat is from exclusions i have no idea there was something about it that you can be so different castes like religion or something and maybe it now belongs to a fund but i say lets do it you come play the game i dont know fourth grows plant flacon plant fire brigade away okay we have not yet wondered what gestures or objects can come here at least with the ok there I have n yes nothing excerpt from great healing force press grab bag but dont forget last time the miracle saved our ass which because that under the inscription cloud thats right shoots giant then we dont need to talk leave oath make whatever there is probably the winner of the last one look right there it is now that was the big test i think we can leave all the bases where they are from now on i can swear to anyone now whatever else we do nt have to stop again is less flexible we see a sense check then also cross-country skiing its just dark i raised my shield darkness that was brave thats why jumping in the dark is not enough axels didnt have a good decision actually open a box gysi everyone are gone now those who were suspected of you boxes yes if they dont get eyes and teeth ok hahahahaha six of the or again was yes, well try it out just like the morning star is we can wear it then I would take it yes something is there cd 80 8 83 9 physically parnassus damage reduction if you use it block 3 what can necessary attributes we actually have eleven we have funny but why is losing damage now so because the ax is actually stronger in terms of damage or morning star a little what mainz profiled on the right the red ones so the miracle shop reduction yes I think thats how you kind of block a shame or even lure evening areas back then but you actually blog with the sign or tells me that the damage you do is not really reduced what to damage you i dont know exactly what thats supposed to do but clearly the attack is on the left so I assume the man obviously takes on a bit a bit more is more and also pulls cool from you know what that down there on the left is additional efficient additional efficiency and I take single efficiency or effects just what this little blob is supposed to be there the brown one we have now with 300 have no idea but if locals but on the head a somewhat barbaric make the cleric this unique advance pity and bleeding okay people how else is first of all by the opponents inclination its the right timing right distance perfect for us actually i have but still participate right again the values ​​ on the far right if you switch through the values ​​ three he i think or with square i do nt know yes then whats up load a little more okay Ill try I have no objections Ill at least try the rags that you already bring the old rags that s the old witches okay that s good here was another box if youd rather put it on when I thats one of those opening move a burst red apple equal to the fact that all beings lost four of their peaks has how much can she have had thats somehow 55 years probably good think already have five eyes and 4 are gone that can also be sun medusa although honesty new renewable yes than eight the harvest always the app that s your job from medusa what job can you still do nowadays well yes there is actually only work for the nsa work is the same so wait a minute where can i get then he goes home there then a box that is spoiled here and nils wants another crate which then i think we have to do that a bit more again two crates manufacturers you probably wont find them now if you do then you should buy them that must be a good gesture if you can afford to advertise with us because we do take money for your money in this sense now do short advertising and then well see each other again here and then well solve the mystery of box in which lloyds talisman was what does he bring that and much more well start in a moment music applause music nice to have you here congratulations dark souls i have to first of all me its like a new year is dawning that first of all 2000 pieces dark souls we are now playing dark souls remastered we are now completely through the degrees we got this here because here I think you can use it if you are stolen then you can use it and then block it for regeneration and i think that means yes or that and would be able to be fought without him how to regenerate yes so if at some point his three generations annoy us around you me because with this talisman away i can tell your inside of this whole thing rang a bit with me i I think I played the first part for half an hour at some point, ok, many people can stand it and maybe this generation has to move on now n about that of assisi regenerate but are undead and regeneration can be interpreted like this is could be right maybe thats why you have it now i think i have to flatten them completely so that you then wake back up again and energy bottle user sell the bottle again now huge mistake somewhere else somewhere where no flu are dead or no no no now theyll soon be behind they have gps is there because its so good its already relevant now and you can push it down here by the way you wanted that you were there its getting worse just go somewhere not alone does nt work because i thought im very clever but that there were more and more so that abbas couldnt do anything about it yes i could have run away who would have thought that there were so many skeletons to be found in a cemetery well well so only has ten assists left thats good because you dont use one either that he an i thought that that somehow how is it because we were revived by the draft or something and as a result we have twice the number but we obviously have company 10 now thats awesome yes well see where that leads to its probably to the dealer what do you say something like that you just with i apologize a bit the background noise a bit exaggerated im not in line now so see and plan to go back immediately those are to be selected were those here already think that im yes i have that which im also excited we just need ok then lets go along your path again, here to the right one floor higher that would be the clubs I ll let it go but is the monaco flops youre coming yes and that was good we werent even further on the bank gone too far here I think you were too yes and here it did nt go any further the animal dont let me under bare or Ill end up again only you ma chen where are you from there Im coming from well its here then I would nt do that then Id rather let myself fall down below I want to go to the groups or there youll get there to a quicker way that can very well be the big staircase probably because the soul knows everything in its time yes what happened when it has to after all yes that is our basis from the last time we also played this funny role yes that sounds a bit something there should be a little bit more we really have a lot of role skeletons yes, yes, yes, I know I meant it honestly but the roles here are not yet or have that is they are really too strong what are you saying now but why should I do the main rehearsals are empty what actually that was nothing done and I think I do funny here just for content or move these ads go our way and come home they come here afterwards yes __ we are pretty intense but I have but fire was could try something a little new here i do nt think so but these machines against the team laughs i think thats nice there is actually something like that everyone is just from the fire brigade something like a romandie elephant through its trunk fireballs shoot that was a great opponent or that saw what yes also money yes but because you have to have jobs on his shield around him wisely attacks my blog i that is a very good idea did not work out the theory they have because these chocolate spots are ok now very good very good what the scanner it was scratches he was he wasnt from bad parents he wasnt emaciated we brought him up well in any case he didnt let himself be shabby now it doesnt have to be the only way they are called from the skeletons music yes but if the direction doesnt come i know you need it thats this panel dog if the bell doesnt ring then it wont work at some point more ok im going now since the war moment is was wrong again here it s such crap the waters are so emaciated the first just no butter the first skeletons would eat a bit of buttered bread that was that were now all that now new world and let you used both more i dont think they have why why do you rarely see them at the train station because they are always moved away yes thats good too or how about why why are they naked their shirts are crumpled because they have no proof have had and then for me so please that was that is native they are partly there is then I think so incredibly saw that he knows with soul but what happens this look how what happens he come from that namely then yes that carsten lasts quite a long oscar but even a two-year-old has it on the way they cant do anything at all just flee behind e1312 thats a combo even a 13 he knows you know where we are right now the other one is coming just the graveyard i would be in skeleton land man i dont have time for everything then that im just a little estos addicted well great bit of timing can catch him again and again yeah cool and now the soul and when could that the rib cage will move again right away now seriously you not good you better i distribute the you prefer how much methane can such a skeleton no longer put together the picture of the misery question is okay there is definitely a lot more ocher up ahead there i could use the fire brigade definitely if they are so close to each other b damn thats it we dont have spams the autumn estimate is a wild fight i didnt check at all just that he was like that quickly reassembles that I would also try against heins times under an archway you fight yourself a skeleton that is by the way, big goal, youre not getting any more salary or anything like that, its not a gag bonus here, theres only unfair and unfair behavior in the atx, you have to hope that the result is satisfactory, okay, very good, as I see it, outstanding and we dont have any skeletons to fill me here but up to the fields that but if we then its probably cool a jackpot strange sign yes okay here good at least but I dont have hardly any space left music they can be so easy on the hips yes that was the old jamaican goalscoring team that had an accident here you saw wanted to extrapolate nice __ here since thats cool the right gifts already you died because they know theyre playing it for two now theyre back of course it would have collecting was so good my soul would no there was a lot i fought for a lot we need the beautiful office flame that should the sign then it will be just like a life you were just able to help on the whole that is actually a yellow sign to pick up now i even said when the gays you back at this point i have this kro 1 gg the sign there i have that of course believe something out because that wasnt my words she found but what next time when you collect something no matter what it is i know that the games offers the function that use this nasty i dont want to go all the way but for wrong not just not to where i died but here is also something else you want because i want my soul you want it i will now create with three opponents instead of my simple souls because the idea had fights but it is also an area where i have to open again for a long time do i have to go back the whole way from the cemetery or can it somehow been forgotten again and again it really is the entrance yes we have been here before yes u nd but then you have to go up is wrong here although maybe fair because you can get through yes I just wanted to say thats silly here so I have the orientation after eight rounds the picture is that you could even invest the 800 directly in a level try up was now around this time are the 18 i also quite a lot of hhr border houses with thats why we should redeem the soul checks the smaller ones earlier this time if now they all saved for the never-ending saints day which then also came so muddy but you can really always level up here at the fires thats really cool yes they really made it a bit more pleasant I also think vitality is leading to that was once we can already see that the checks and bring music basically always thinks so that its not bad to keep some, yes only lost ones and red ones is probably the smallest possible my size and then you get hold and h100 maximum rödermark so soul and big soul explains itself again the big halls exactly that they use directly that is also different now you can than the number from if you want to use it must be really cool me use it only one anyway what could be of his country 400 years as well as much is because now again 1878 times as good then she wants to have more than we need rather than erich strengthen yes I was fully committed to it now again brings nothing but as soon as only 300 more it starts again ok then ill go up the step here now you can run great to the right there where you wanted to go a long time ago yes that was done I tried not to carry the back there you probably reach he said but you have to yes, also try it out, I assume that the job range or soy is also the number, but the type is also __ like me, just awesome, yes, the one from the reg en not my god probably a bit long-winded how about it if it just announces it directly what can it be that we for the time until well thats not the right opponent and i want to smell such traps for you against shouldnt thats but that s an opponent even worth a hat on the shift opponent life on his shield are actually all so thin now because youve always read this the crass we just have to get out of keep the skeletons away because they ca nt because not why you absolutely what you got me first the pyromaniacs you could always get someone else then youll come to the end with him because feltre is no Im lucky Ill even get what Im coming yes yes first if he comes afterwards i thought yes i wasnt afraid of that you can rather have a little more where there is a little more space yes ok ok ok ok 45 like as soon as you have enough m Ill just go back yes because there but then the opponents are then yes you shouldnt forget that either I would be here yes there is also a private one here its only in level ups at the moment have to go straight to 20 levels where I think more so we start yes there is something yes a racing bike yes it is making a face that deserves to die the way he lived and kicked also seen again nice yes kicked at him again thats right for you again not just well first destination reinert we will something will continue and i have a locked door here first of all rule out that anything else falls off your back or something like that i basically dont trust this game anymore music okay that smells like a stupid one because it smells like a ball that there is already a forest music so far up that main - wanted to go in and paid for it with his death that is a small edge there you can see that they have a neb elwand and there are still horny rolls down there are a narrow face hello hello from death yes also people 825 mark a bit of simon bags boxes that dont bring anything right at the beginning thieves street came i got me but somehow you can be sure that from their side then whether there is nothing here that you cant figure out the game has it somehow, yes, lets go in there or is there a way to get down here somewhere to these items, as always somewhere, roll off the parapet to fall under it, but I can only see there you come but still ducati destroy tons they are even already there you can underneath yes lets do that big soul well gladly take or theres one hanging okay is the cathedral I do nt think I see and then Ill go straight there and then So if he comes, its difficult, well do it, if someone takes his chance and suffers more, its very weak, its mega under the level, can I get some rain, comes d well not even that now probably expected nadal takes a long time first a bit eco there it goes up again that would probably be the regular way I think first of all Ill take a different look or slow down that okay well then lets go here continue lounging about these small, emaciated pcs beautifully from behind said this ever tissue purely shredded with the morning star it must hurt so much so morning star and switches from behind lower there I would rather not think about it yes you have to hit the apex exactly because I swore it counts not i have to but also it has to have a certain economy of humor the city cant throw gold at everything then it has to have left behind different animals but there are here there are in the day its supposed to be about dragons not my here yet express because the ones with so we do that all the time all of a sudden it breaks and you know the number h well figure it out all these crumbled yes i knew thats the way it is we immediately your soul gives me your humanity right away oh so its not what he told you about yes that you can then steal them from these poor souls and go Im right that Im probably that my only way back is now where do I go because here somewhere further a wall of fog through his fog is waiting they disappeared they re being collected sexy okay that looks underneath but they have no okay okay a lindworm and its gone for sure highlight with ok he comes right back and greets me a bad colonel also the others yes but me yes now comes first yes one comes first do that outside the dragon walls tui compare with this fear the ones that are only in your head yes but thats the way it is with the fear but also very nice brave now exhibited but the lindworm here is a bit cattle or you you here somehow one of those unfortunately not fireproof that still has to be tested whether you are fireproof or not say you see the light roche right away you would go with us and go we are seen behind you are doing well the same way i would have done the sleeve warrior lenton cloth the last shirt really and shoots there pick up other times that really teaches me now it rings so you will definitely come every kite doesnt something rings here a bit i know that you are right in front here a fire is this better balance wonderful of course better sometimes worse that doesnt take that many now but balance is whats good okay poison resistance that of course has a lot i know now that i came to these sit for him make new york a beautiful wooden sign and then well see i would be surprised if that would be to our advantage 50 to 12 85 65 93 physical damage i think it is sometimes awesome that still has 85 physical seems at the moment were actually mainly taking physical ones because somehow I havent seen anything magical yet but we have to think about the wooden sign which Ive also pulled the very fast perry ok music there are many of them 1 thats haggling super awesome save applause beacon and now we can also level up 1200 now have a look again what can be done first are probably with the in halls check 1 2 some heat from a bit of condition yes thats one good choice definitely would be seen now you can see check make yes and then even stronger again maybe you mega many souls jacksons already ne yes but we need then we should maybe have several maria that are yes there is a separate 200 300 400 there are 200 and 400 for the big one so 800 plus 800 1600 and we have them we had five 100 so 21 700 he needs 500 2 1 to hau se century well I would like to have a big all small a big maximum we get two level ups that we actually use each other we have here all are happy looked as small max core has 1302 will try first yes yes yes we can directly one not thats already over 700 but only one one take another 300 you have __ Ill maybe first the first a small one more a big one and then yes thats right okay what do you want strength what body condition makes you do it again and a strength so 82 years yes thats good were switching to movements 131 see thats great as good as perfect thats exactly right levels 9 thats already there I feel good with the good coming forward this thing here for the first hour behaves for first reign not bad the thing is we have to celebrate at this point but thats perfect because were a violet here d ann we can now complete it recently that was the first episode of dark souls my hands are on the fire brigade my hands are funny these moments are coming so you can also touch here it does nt matter if and will you like them so its more like wed never been away or something like that like the original just with better graphics but I also expected a bit more of the graphics now it just looks very classic well classic but okay a few effects over it really remastered yes well you can do that but I thought so looks a bit awesome i ca nt do the original i dont know what the original looks like i yes so you can see that she has something on her hump so its not but the body the optics isnt a great game but im yes Im curious Im very interested in how far well get before we get to the invisible band of the skil itll come if we imagine it like that like last time how fast we get through how well we defend the attacking one and above all learn how to parry all these things we wont be able to answer now maybe the next time its called play dax now music applause yes steam game returns ►Dark Souls: Remastered in der Playlist: ►Hol dir Dark Souls: Remastered bei Amazon: ►Amazon Affiliate: ►Rocket Beans TV 24 Stunden auf Sendung: ►Unser Shop: Die YouTube-Kanäle von Rocket Beans TV ►Der Rocket Beans TV Kanal: ►Game Two: ►Der Rocket Beans TV Gaming Kanal: ►Der Rocket Beans TV Hängi Kanal: Die Social-Media-Kanäle der Rocket Beans: ►Facebook: ►Twitter: ►Instagram: 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