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Epic games account mit steam verbindenthree player games steam DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED game hey there my name is Alex I am the silvermont and this is a starter guide for darksouls designed for those of you who are just getting into the game after all its never too late Im not going to spoil the game for you or tell you where to find the best weapons instead were going to treat this like an extension of the games manual will cover some subjects that you need to know but might not be immediately obvious from the outset now generally speaking you will get the best experience out of Dark Souls if you go in blind so to speak this is a game that rewards exploration and punishes those who are not prepared that out of the way lets get started there are some mechanics and Dark Souls that do need explaining and thats what were going to start with primarily Dark Souls is what you could call a real-time action RPG your survival is dependent on both your skill and your stats but dont worry if you dont have amazing reactions or anything like that you dont really need them your health meter is quite self-explanatory when this reaches zero here you die you can increase your total health by increasing the vitality stat and the other meter on the screen is equally as important the green stamina bar almost all of your actions in Dark Souls will deplete this in some way attacking rolling running and so forth proper management of this is key if you are attacking an enemy always leave yourself just enough stamina to escape if the bar depletes you will be unable to attack or roll until it is recovered you can increase your total stamina by raising the endurance stat and youll also find items here in there that may increase the speed of which stamina regenerates so far so good but this is where it gets a little more complicated there is another very important mechanic in Dark Souls that isnt explained all too well by the game poise put simply poises your ability to receive attacks and not flinch the higher your poise the more attacks you can take it may help to visualize poise as an invisible third bar beneath your stamina the length of this bar is determined by your poise stat heavy armor will generally have more poise and every time you receive an attack the poise bar will deplete just as your stamina bar depletes when you block enemy attacks and when your poise is broken and the bar depleted your character will flinch or stagger unlike health and stamina poise is almost entirely a statistic tied to your equipment you can increase it by finding armor with more poison and there are certain rings that increase it and even some magic spells may boost it quite often you will find yourself trying to find a nice balance between poise and a quick burden and what is a quick button quite simply every item you equip on your character adds to your equip burden how much you are carrying essentially you can have an unlimited number of items in your inventory and not have to worry about their weight but as soon as you equip that nice new sword you have to keep an eye on the weight and how it impacts your equipped burden you can increase your maximum equip burden by raising the endurance stat there are also various break points to keep in mind if your current equip burden is less than 25% of your maximum then youll be fast you will roll fast and move fast if it is between 25 and 50 percent of your maximum youll be in the medium class and then once you go over 50% of your maximum youll be in the slow category the dodge rolls will be very slow and cumbersome and if you exceed 100% you will no longer be able to roll and your movement speed will be reduced to a walk so lets say you have a hundred equipped burden maximum and with all your armor and weapons equipped you are at 26 out of 100 thats 26 percent and just enough to push you into media speed in situations like these you may want to consider swapping out or unequipping some equipment just to take you down a little bit so that you can fast roll outside of your equip button exceeding 100% however youll find that all movement speeds are viable in their own ways experiment with what works best for you as a general rule of thumb slower characters will have high-end physical defense and poise but find it harder to avoid attacks but you can of course if you wish maximize your efficiency to have a fast movement speed and high poise if thats your thing another important stat is stability this is the stat of choice or all shields every shield in the game has a stability factor you can find and the higher the better whilst youll generally want a shield that blocks 100% physical damage you also want a shield with high stability what does this mean essentially every time you block an attack it will drain some of your stamina the higher your stability the less stamina it will drain there are certain shields in the game with such high stability you will be able to continuously block almost anything thrown at you assuming of course you have the strength to wield that shield the other stats you have to play around with a fairly straightforward strength and dexterity are your main melee damage statistics almost every weapon you find will scale with either strength dexterity or both clubs hammers large weapons those will typically be your strength weapons whereas Spears rapiers light weapons generally fall under dexterity you youll probably notice that most weapons have letters in their description somewhere to this take the longsword for example the two Cs mean this weapon scales equally with both strength and dexterity and it works from an e 2s scale so if your weapon has an A with strength but only an e index that means you will receive bonus damage from your strength stat the higher your strength the higher the bonus whereas the bonus from dex will be low as its only e weapons and damage will also scale from the two magic stats faith and intelligence occasionally and speaking of magic once you have found a spell you will need to choose it to your character in order to actually use it first up you will need a catalyst with which to cast the spell certain characters start with these but theyre never too hard to find faith catalysts cannot be used to cast sorcery and sorcery catalysts cannot be used to cast miracles generally speaking whether there are some exceptions miracles are usually dependent on your faith stat and sorcery on your intelligence that once youve equipped the catalyst as you would any other weapon you then need to equip the actual spell and you can achieve numerous spells your character assuming you have high enough attunement the more points into attunement you put the more spell slots or attunement slots you will have equipping or returning these spells is done at any bonfire and likewise when you rest at a bonfire your spells will be replenished automatically so in essence equip the catalyst in your left or right hand and then equip your spell a choice at the bonfire and then youre good to go finally we have the humanity and online mechanics this can be confusing at first but youll quickly get the hang of it there are essentially two modes and Dark Souls human mode and hollow mode its easy to tell which youre currently in just have a look your character if they resemble a human youre in human mode even if your character is very ugly whereas if you resemble a sausage youre hollow in human mode you can summon other players to assist you you can be invaded by other players who will seek to kill you and you can also place down your own summoning sign for other players to call you into their world whereas when you are Hollow you can not summon other players nor can you be invaded you can however place your own sign down to allow others to summon you whenever you are in human mode and you die you will enter hollow mode outside of a few exceptional situations if you die again in hollow mode you will remain in hollow mode likewise when you die your corpse will transform into a blood pool the glowing green mass around where you died so if you fall off a Ledge dont worry it wont be down where you felt it will usually be at the top somewhere this glowing green mass contains all of the souls and humanity you had on you at time of death you can return and obtain these Souls but if you die again whilst making your way there youll lose them permanently take this into consideration have you just defeated a boss or otherwise have obtained a large amount of souls instead of pushing on to the next area perhaps you should fall back and spend those souls even if you dont have enough souls to level up your character there is always something you can invest your souls into whether its upgrading your equipment or even just purchasing items items will remain on your character permanently unless you choose to be rid of them or use them sometimes its even worth it to suicide run to obtain an item as you will retain your after death just not your souls and your humanity those will of course be dropped when you die though you do has mentioned have one chance to go and pick them up but remember death isnt the be-all and end-all in Dark Souls prepared to die is not a warning it is advice always be prepared for it if youre holding on to a huge amount of souls and pushing into new dangerous territory be prepared to lose them and consider spending them beforehand even if you consider it a waste to buy some arrows or fire bombs or anything like that in the end its going to do you more good than if you lose those souls entirely and you might end up kicking yourself if you think Im just gonna hold on to these souls for a bit more and then you die and lose them that will probably happen to you at least once but even if you do lose a huge amount of souls and weve all been there dont despair souls are infinite and there will always be more souls to obtain humanity on the other hand can be harder to come by when you pick up humanity it will be stored in your inventory as an item and if you use that item you will heal to fall you can think of that is hard humanity using hard humanity will also grant you soft humanity the number next to your health and stamina soft humanity is dropped upon death whereas hard humanity the item is retained however soft humanity also grants you a number of benefits it can be used to Kindle bonfires it can be used to return to your human form at a bonfire soft humanity will also slightly increase your overall defence and even as other uses you will no doubt discover as with other things you will have to balance soft humanity and hard humanity moving on to online functionality there are three basic modes of online play summoning other players to assist you being summoned by other players to assist them and invasions when you are in human form you can summon two phantoms to aid you it can be two real players one real player and an NPC phantom or two NPC phantoms whether they are other players or ai-controlled characters they will be unable to heal using their own Esthers so youll want to keep an eye on their health using your own Esthers will heal them slightly they will also remain with you until you die or they die or you defeat the area boss at which point they will return to their own world whereas if you are summoned by another player many of the same rules apply if you die in their world you will return to their own but you dont need to worry about losing your souls or humanity whilst you cannot heal with Estus you can use hard humanity the humanity items or healing miracles if you plan to do a lot of cooperative play you might want to consider obtaining some basic healing miracles if you successfully a another player in defeating a boss not only will you receive a tidy amount of souls but youll also receive some soft humanity meaning you can return to human form if you were in Hollow and remember once you have defeated an area boss you typically cannot summon or be invaded in that area but you can still allow others to summon you so you stuck on a boss consider allowing some other players to summon you that way you can fight the boss in a safer environment giving you a chance to study the boss and even how other players might approach it see another player using a cool weapon that seems really effective against the boss maybe ask them where they got it or how they were doing so effectively Dark Souls is a very community driven game whilst you cannot directly communicate with other players most of the time its almost always fairly easy to send them a message after your session and its a mutual benefit to everyone to help out so dont be afraid to ask for help if you need it many players are happy to do so that said invasions do exist if a player invades your world you must assume they are there for one thing and one thing only to destroy you of course that isnt always the case sometimes you may even come across benevolent invaders but do not assume that never assume that always assume the worst in this case they are there to destroy you if an invader kills the host of that world they will receive humanity and some Souls the same is true if the host kills the invader of course you may run into invaders who are ready to play around with you maybe to drop you items or perhaps even want an honorable duel but remember they are the ones who force themselves into your world and sometimes it is better not to pick up items dropped by other players as there is always a chance those items will be modded or hacked and will have a negative influence on your experience of course you may sometimes see red summon signs these are used to actively summon a hostile player think of it as an honourable way to invade you have invited them into your world to fight you to the death and sometimes you might run into someone who your weapons just bounced off doing no damage if you are a low-level its not too uncommon to come across other players who have maximized their own equipment despite remaining at a low level and upgrading your equipment in Dark Souls is very important you can turn your long sword into a long sword plus 1 and it will receive a bonus 2 damage and then you can take it up two plus two plus three and so on all the way up to plus fifteen some weapons will only reach a maximum level of +5 and you may need certain items to take them past a certain level for example the blacksmith initially can take your weapons to +5 but if you want to go from plus six to plus ten you may need an item which you have to find in the world armor can be taken up to a maximum of +10 and if the choice is between upgrading your weapon or increasing one of your stats with which you wield said weapon most of the time you will receive more benefit from upgrading the weapon first but that said there are many records and Dark Souls and almost all of them are perfectly viable if you like the weapon your character started out with dont be afraid to upgrade it you arent necessarily going to find better weapons later in the game just different ones and at +15 almost all of the weapons are good and most of the starting weapons are very good the basic longsword that Ive been using as an example is a starting weapon and I would say its one of the best all-around weapons in the game as it happens but when it comes to upgrading if you upgrade your stats that will of course help you for pretty much every weapon whereas upgrading a singular weapon will grant you a larger benefit but only for that weapon anyway I think that about covers it for mechanics so lets move on to an important choice but perhaps one not as important as you would think there are ten classes in Dark Souls they cover a wide variety of backgrounds and thats precisely what they are classes in Dark Souls are more of a role-playing thing than an absolute gameplay variable every class will be able to use every weapon spell and ability in the game there is nothing to prevent you from picking the light armored axe wielding bandit and ending up as a miracle wielding hammer and steel paladin the main thing to consider here is that every class starts with the unique gear and different stats but even then you will be able to find every class item throughout the game you might start as a warrior but youll find the thief starting equipment so if one class visually appeals to you but another class statistically appeals to you dont worry about that I actually have a very in-depth video on classes that you can find here or linked in the video description but for the most part pick which ever appeals to you the most in my opinion the best beginner classes would be the night and Pyromancer the night starts with the highest poise and defense values and a decent weapon whereas the Pyromancer starts at the lowest level which isnt actually a bad thing it allows you to craft your character as you see fit they also saw with a decent weapon and they start with fairly nice magic to boot the hardest starting characters would be again purely in my opinion the bandit and sorcerer to say nothing of the deprived of course another great choice is always the warrior he might not have much poise but he has high strength index a great shield and great weapon these high ish starting stats will allow you to try out a good deal of weapons which is probably what youre going to want to do when your first playthrough try as many as possible but in the end there is no right or wrong choice they are all good in their own ways it should be noted of course that the thief is unique in that they start with the master key item which is usually a starting gift which means the thief can essentially start with a free starting gear as for which gift you should take that is again up to you all of these can be obtained in the game at some point so dont worry about using them up right away that said the master key is a permanent and very useful item and its what I take nine out of ten times but lets move on to the final section there are dozens and dozens of weapons and Dark Souls and dont be afraid to try them out likewise dont worry too much about whether or not a weapon is good or bad find something that works for you keep in mind the stats that the weapon will scale with and remember to upgrade it whenever you have the chance if you feel like your weapon isnt doing enough damage stop and consider when was the last time I appraise it or perhaps have a look are you using a sword that scales with dexterity but your dexterity says very low that could explain it you will also find various status inflicting weapons most of these are self-explanatory but one that the game doesnt make abundantly clear is the bleed status now and then you might see it pop up on the screen bleeding or poisoned and so forth these are the aforementioned status effects they build up with a bar poison reduces your health over time thats pretty simple bleeding is also fairly simple once you get the hang of it every time a weapon with bleed hits you you will notice that a bar or meter is building up when that meter fills you will bleed this essentially tears away a chunk of your life instantly usually somewhere between 30 and 50 percent you can increase your resistance to bleeding through various items as you can with almost all other status effects fortunately the most dangerous status effect the curse is rarely encountered and players are unable to inflict it upon other players in usual gameplay so if another player curses you you can probably put it down to them hacking but if you see a meter beginning to build up on your screen try your best to avoid it take a few steps back get out of the poison pool stop letting them hit you and so forth because most of the time status affects a pretty nasty along with status effects weapons can also inflict elemental damage via lightning and so forth if you see a fire long sword or a lightning spear that means that the weapons damage will be split between the physical damage and the lightning damage or the fire damage and so forth elemental weapons can be very powerful and very attractive in the early game but keep in mind that they almost always will remove stat scaling from the weapon entirely this means that the weapon will not benefit from your stats so at higher levels its probably better to stick with physical damage weapons unless they have very low scaling on them youll find a number of different upgrade paths you can apply to your weapon throughout the game and some might have interesting benefits such as holy weapons keeping those pesky skeletons from reviving once again they are almost all useful in their own ways to play around see what works for you and that about sums it up of course dont worry if parts of this video were confusing to you in the end the best way to improve is simply to play so hop into Lordran pitch yourself against some hollows and if you have any questions or tips to share up your own even down in the comment section oh and one last thing if youve heard of the drake sword dont believe the hype it is a crutch that you shouldnt depend on and it will do you more harm than good in the long run until next time you take care play steam vr on oculus quest 2 A Beginners Guide to the first Dark Souls (1) Covering mechanics such as poise, equip burden and other things that may not be immediately obvious to new players. Most of this video is applicable to both the original Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. Which only slightly changes the online mechanics. Timecodes 00:00 - Intro 00:43 - Mechanics intro 01:49 - Poise 02:50 - Equip Burden 04:38 - Stability 05:43 - Weapon Scaling 06:23 - Attuning Spells 07:27 - Humanity, Hollowing, Death and Online 14:55 - Equipment 16:40 - Classes + Starting Gift 19:12 - Weapons Dark Souls Class Guide: ►Follow on Twitter for notifications on new vids: ►Silver Mont Patreon page: ►Paypal Donations ►Channel Artists Web-store ►The official Silver Mont Steam Group: game mania steam card steam support phone steam deck error pulling from repo unpacking game steam relaxing game steam