Dark Souls Remastered - Walkthrough Part 22: New Londo Ruins + Four Kings

Steam shrimp dumplingsmarvels spider-man steam DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED game what is happening gaiz cowboy here welcome back to the remastered walkthrough and its time for the new londo ruins so from here the first thing you want to do you may want to go to the sewer merchant and buy some transient curses now as long as you keep killing ghosts transient curses cant drop of course so it shouldnt be that big of a concern but if youre worried you can pick some of those up in the sewer merchants and the reason youre gonna want those is because its the only way youre going to be able to damage the ghosts unless you have a cursed weapon now as for a curse weapon there are three weapons with that effect built and two of them are actually dropped from the ghost and the third is the cursed version of the great sort of artorias which as I mentioned previously comes from the soul of SIF if youve been talking to the crestfallen warrior back at Firelink you should be getting the hollowed right about now and if he is well see him in just a moment as were leaving go this way and actually kind of like dive into this area at this point we didnt do much here before you can yep arias or hollowed bastards tried to pay her that anyway when you drop down right here pop this open to get some transient curses I came down here already and got him and then once you have your transient curses that will enable you to deal damage to the ghosts so just to kind of show what Im talking about were gonna head this way now ghosts first without it as you can see right now if I try to hit the ghost I do nothing but they can hurt me after you take the transient curse dont play on being a crab attack do is get his bone or not as you can see after taking a curse you can just poop all over though so after crossing that going to theres a yes its my path yes this is my path so there is a bridge right here you can see it very carefully in the water and here is the fire keeper sole I mentioned this back at the start that you can kind of do a suicide run over here to get it the reason I say its a suicide run is because at that point the game youre not going to really be able to handle the ghosts but it is a pretty short run to grab that fire key for Seoul if you want to get it early on you know we were fine going through the game without it I think youll be fine without it but anyway here we go kick that to open it cuz were right next to the ledge not a so light transient courtesy so yeah were looking good on our crystals we have a couple drop the initial ones back on there we go alright top the stairs were gonna have two more ghosts and then were gonna have five more as we move forward so what Id like to do is keep my transit curses on in my active slot that way I can see when theyre about to run out all right now what I like to do is just run straight in is gonna be a bunch of ghosts that show up run on and kill that one first and turn around and start swing the other thing is waiting till like this point in the game to come to New Londo its honestly not that bad you should be pretty stacked up by now terms of the defense and your damage potential as you can see were not really taking any damage from these guys this is pretty easy anyway from here gonna go into the hallway and down the stairs and face the stairs we will go parrying dagger until that ghost and were gonna go down the other path and ignore the fog for now until the ghost for around the corner to kill the banshee the banshees are a little bit more annoying in particular theyre that yell they do will tend to call ghosts over so its just something you need to look out for anyway more transient curses like I said probably wont need to go to the merchant were getting plenty of these anyway at this point were gonna head on into the fog go forward here kick this ladder down were not gonna be using this ladder right now its a shortcut that is active for later on grab that sole item coming down okay Im gonna give that ghost a second to come down so we can boot Bonnar come on really like floating up the top dont shoot here there we go a finicky ghost oh lets see yeah so later on were gonna lower the water out of this area um once we do youll be able to kind of roll down into this area and then take this ladder up that is something that it goes to Robs transient curses I wonder if I could make it jump back over there and grab it but earth doing that baby on sit I wont sit and I needs it it could be a curse left Im just more transient curses we also passed a shortcut a moment ago we dont have access to it yet but we will later just ignore that for now swing back to debug everybody just all right um so were gonna head on forward a couple more ghosts are gonna pop up this whole area is filled with ghosts as you can see they are just very happy about popping up out of the ground and attacking me Im to take our transient curse take that if the ghosts a moment see if theyre gonna catch up cuz these ghosts will I I dont know if they actually have a leash distance it seems like theyll chase you almost forever so its usually good to just kind of hang out for a bit wait to see if they pop up just so they dont sneak up on you later but the second one doesnt seem to be coming anyway we were gonna follow this around and this building now theres gonna be a little gap right here and you can jump the gap if youre worried about it you can just do this go down past run past the ghosts and pop on out and the real thing right now were doing is were trying to pull all these ghosts theres a bunch of ghosts were gonna run over here grab this green titanite chard you see there are quite a few ghosts that are coming this is exactly what we want we just popped up a curse grab this soul Im literally trying to pull all the ghosts that are in this area so that I can take them all out in a couple swings you can see most of them are dead now we got two more just doing that its gonna make this so much  __  easier because theyre not gonna be popping up inside of walls and whatnot as we proceed through so item go up these stairs as well that another ghosts and humanity will be going into their later just ignore that for now when we get to the wall will be a ghost waiting to pop out on us maybe we pulled that one already we had this one come a little closer your position anyway ignore her for now were gonna roll on over to the Cathedral and she gets a little bit closer were booper but shes not really a concern fill that one grab the rare ring of sacrifice all right well see Im not gonna head back and drop in the rightmost window so when we drop in theres gonna be a banshee and a couple other ghosts I miss my plunge and see this is why we went and pulled all the ghosts typically what would happen like your first time through this place is you run into this room she would yell and then you would get swarmed by basically all the ghosts we killed in like the last two minutes so just doing that makes it so much  __  easier because its just you know pooping a poop in youre home free anyway from here take the ladder on up gotta go get the key this is I know what you seek this you give us us the king you owe the darkwraiths party and all know who if you could Tyler to come back this guy can break curse if were cursed the same thing you would need the transience for throughout the transience excuse me the purging stones he sells transient curses and he also sells resist curse so now in an upcoming area were gonna have to do before we fight the boss is actually put on our to do covenant of artorias so Im gonna go ahead and put that on now and basically adjust my weight to something thats more appropriate because Im gonna be able to Josh I want to be able to still move in the upcoming area so Im gonna do some quick adjustments now what ways looks good I need something thats looks good with the fashion or about the thief mask and then was that hollow er armor that I got yeah theres several of our soldier oh its too heavy a heavy am i I am maybe by a solid pinch its hard you gotta you definitely want to maintain like solid fashion while youre running here we go out but on the Pyromancer stuff I was the Pyromancer stood at and the reason for this is the boss that were going to be coming up on youre going to have to have that that ring on to enter the boss arena so if youve been using handles or Corinth E or whatever were gonna want to take it off at this point cuz obviously you cant take off that bring anyway go down the ladder here and make a left follow this path around rhe transient curse be a couple ghosts that we havent pulled yet up there were gonna drop down follow this path out to the right and this is where we are maam Oh drop down and go down to the right thats right so drop down and Ill take this down to the right and look at our curves by train there we go all right now were gonna head on back going to the tower that we had skipped earlier inside of that well get the composite bow and then we will head on down to unlock the seal and drain the swamp not this tower other tower actually a lot harder than you think to actively read a series of composed notes while simultaneously playing the game having been a streamer for three years its slightly easier cuz Im used to like glancing over at something but having to read detailed notes while doing all this it does get a little tricky at times so you can see right here this is the area with the drake some earlier AMISOM bub is pretty good damage but short range see thats that bridge thats the annoying one that flew to its own death that is the tower that goes back to thats yeah thats the tower that leads to the the grotto place the Hydra and all that anyway were gonna drain all this water so first this and now this place isnt filled with water deaths anymore just more dangerous enemies Oh was that done were gonna go ahead and take this elevator down pull there are still some ghosts but much less than before ghosts are much more prominent in the top area so immediately to the right there are the drinks that we had fought earlier as I previously mentioned and have some darkwraiths here in a second now darkwraiths theyre pretty dangerous enemies you can farm them for chunks they have a lot of poise they can hit pretty hard they havent a thing called dark hand were like their hand will blow and theyll grab you if that hits they will rip humanity out of you just something to keep in mind the best thing to do is just parry or circle around and backstab them like I just did anyway were gonna head towards these steps and into the hunt it soul item and other dark race we got that look how much poise those things happen getting hit with the black knight greatsword didnt even break that guys stance thats the main reason why theyre so dangerous uh so anyway to do that were gonna have a race run right at us in a moment here Im buddy should be one over here to the left were gonna kill him as well then were gonna kill this weird-looking blob monster now this thing is very slow-moving but it can deal some serious damage to you if youre not careful best thing to do is gonna be kind of just circle past its face keep up the shield do those same explosions we dealt with earlier once you get up behind it just kind of whack away it keeps keep spawning those little explosion skulls hit to the side of him take him on out its a good night blobby not a bad killer for five thousand souls right um lets see monster grab the humanity and go left activate the shortcut side I was another Wraith inside one of these yeah you are its on the ranked anagram the humanity right here the left this is going to be right where we came in and first fought the ghosts so see right here this is that bridge that we ran across over the first room were spared and killed the ghost then a couple months popped up its right here so pretty close to fire link down having activated that wrap it up for later were gonna take this other path thick long a stairs up require the very large Ember Oh and did I just get oh no I got turned around oh never mind I didnt still go on the right way yeah yeah cereal we got how much of a runner does to get to that there we go very large so at this point you can now upgrade a weapon to plus 15 youre going to need seven of these chunks to get it all the way on up so go ahead farm a couple of the darkwraiths and you know get it set out um if you have the chunks Id say its probably worth doing that before the next fight because the four kings can be quite a threat so you could always bone out travel to Andre upgrade boost your flats for the fire keeper so we got see from here and straight through do the punch with roll oh yeah thats right now I actually recommended people teleported out from here to get that done oh its uh lets do that you will get back know as I mentioned at this point Im actually going to level up your weapon in particular Im gonna level up my character pincher should be enough Music Finch more how are we on time twenty minutes I can wrap this area up within the next ten one more until I had that forty endurance mark Andre do your weapon come here reinforce your Estus flask were gonna head back down now were gonna be going kind of back towards where we were but the second part of the area that has been cleared out by water theres kind of a roll down we can do and its not really hard but if you just really hate rolls or slippery areas you cant always take the elevator down personally I tend to only make that elevator when Im really trying to leave the area anyway head on down and do this real fast get to the Kings and also nice to kind of go back at this point to replenish all your estes cuz there is no bonfire here in New Londo ruins so heading on back stocking up to 20 Estes its kind of good measures are about to tackle like the second half of this area see it looks quite different now that all the water levels are down there is a bunch of stuff out here theres no items its just purely aesthetic so in case youre wondering like oh how do I get over there and the answer is quite simply you dont we have respawned the ghosts of course so popular transceivers a ghost straight through here and down onto that down to that alright lets see this we got a wraith soul item over here and then an illusion or running grab this first that da  __  down if you came in the other route no its dark and shitty let me get on out so lantern so I can show you guys a little bit better since really dark a few not really helping at all by the way we want to go anyway if you uh aim down via the elevator that should be this room right here area where we built the blob and all that so right back over there after the elevator same as I did you could come on out bill this guy go this way and grab the humanity anyway after him were gonna proceed forward Rab and yes Rab right or than the sole item see at the illusion wall - that is right here I hope you guys know how to parry otherwise youre gonna have a bad time fighting that guy on the sledge that chunk we just kick him into the water so this next room were gonna go in is gonna be a little a little hard we got two darkwraiths two to three ghosts no blob monster all that jazz so quite a bit of stuff best thing to do is kind of like hang out for a second and then run out basically lure out half of the  __  in the room just make things a lot easier you can see what happens if you love so you can imagine thats its very easy to get overwhelmed with all that theres explodey heads do light things up um see to raise to a diplomat grab the chunk from the chest head out sign now if you are human at this point you can summon Beatrice thats the boss fog right around here Oh too early oh oh you can you can see how how fast they can annihilate you if youre you know not careful I am NOT parrying well right now so let me just okay thats what I was saying if you are human aka not hollowed youll find Beatrice is someone sign out here while she absolutely obliterated the moonlight butterfly honestly I cant really recommend her for this fight she just doesnt do enough damage and the added health she adds on the bosses makes it not worth it so thats one below me I was like that miss Norton this fight is very much a DPS check I wouldnt say its the same like a good fight on the same level as the one steam smo fight but it is a good fighting thats alright first and foremost you have to have this ring on if you do not have the Covenant of our Taurus ring on youll die I dont mean like you know oh yeah youll die to him I mean no instantly youll literally die because were gonna be landing in the abyss and if you dont in the ring you cant abyss walk and hint you dont you have to keep it on for the fight these guys are weakest to lightning flame does okay as I mentioned its very much a DPS check the way it works is you drop down a king is going to be summoned up to four Kings can be summoned at once depending on how long the fight goes on you could end up fighting more than four kings but they all have a shared health pool each King has like an individual health pool youll see as you kill it but they have a shared total pool basically you just need to race through the Kings health the main things that you got to look out for they have a very heavy heavy damaging wide swings theyll do thatll leave them explodes explodes exposed they have some homing magic abilities that theyll shoot at you if youre a little bit farther the easiest thing to do honestly is going to be Billy King find the next sprint over and whack it main thing to look out for is youll see the King kind of spin like hes hugging himself following that theyre either going to do a massive AOE explosion or theyre going to grab you the best thing is if you see the King starts spinning around just back the hell up and aside from that the abyss we go alls you can really do just look around youll find the king areas everythings dark its very hard to have a perception of distance oh all right there was the grab move that I said to watch out for notice he also stole a humanity from me sick son of a  __  second king us up thats why I said this is like a de-esser check because you need to be able to kill these guys fast enough that you dont have to fight like four of them at once thats the real challenge of the fight is if youre not killing them fast enough and they managed to summon up multiple kings  __  thats the move ah damn it one downside of having ultra great sword weaponless you know I attacks so slow second kings down oh my god my guy is off-center with that attack Im whipping so hard their king down just in time thats a probably the hardest thing about this fight is just like the depth perception you know its really hard to tell like are you getting close up to him this is the big AoE you can see even with blocking that ton of damage to that Applause and congratulations you have gotten your first Lord soul so were gonna wrap up here for now theres some stuff thats about to happen as you can see we got a big dirty serpent over there and were gonna start off the next episode talking him so stay tuned and well catch you guys then for Dark Souls remaster steam index controller Then, There Was Fire.Re-experience the critically acclaimed, genre-defining game that started it all. 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