Game Masters - Dark Souls Remastered

Top games to emulate on steam deckchange name steam DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED game Music good evening everybody and welcome to the gdq hot fix my name is phantom underscore tv and today on game masters were gonna be showcasing dark souls remastered item and enemy random its gonna be a good time and can you believe it though summer games done quick is coming up june 26 to july 3rd and prize submissions are now open so be sure to go to for more info of course thats not the only events we have planned coming up because frame fatales will be having its next all-women speedrunning events flame fatales in late august be sure to type exclamation point ff in twitch chat or go to frame fatales for more info now im here with the man of the hour on game masters today wooden barrel hello how are you doing buddy man yeah were right up really you should have put me on the pistol there im doing all right how you doing bud im doing good so were doing you know dark souls randomizer um but its more than just you know a regular item randomizer but its enemy randomizer as well and for those of us who havent seen it uh just what is your general approach to dark souls randomizer like what are things youre looking for outside of the key items like you know to get the lord souls to access the end of the fights what what are good things to keep an eye out for our audience who may not have seen this before uh typically the best things to really be looking out for is a weapon to be able to deal with all the shenanigans thatll happen with enemies being shoveled everywhere and anywhere and with anemia rando specifically im also looking out for the enemies because i dont really want to have to deal with a man is chasing me down everywhere i go yeah how does the enemy randomizer work exactly what kind of things are shuffled so theres a lot actually with what im doing i have it set just i have it kind of tailored to what im used to doing um but it ranges it ranges very vastly if you really want to have pain and suffering you can turn the asylum to not be easy so theres a setting called easy asylum which just makes it to where the game will only put certain the randomizer only puts certain enemies in the asylum it makes a lot easier to get out um if you just ignore that and throw on fully random um have fun i think i did that once and i was essentially punching madness with my fist oh that sounds horrible and are like the hp values adjusted or is it no its the boss they have their boss hp Music manus has like all 5 000 of his hp and youre just sitting there punching his feet Music yeah so given that like bosses can show up kind of anywhere have you had any particular memorable boss encounters when doing enemy rando um yeah yeah um i think my least favorite combo i ever ran into was orenstein and smo being manus and artorias um sworn enemies if you know the dark souls dark souls lore and uh and that one theyre theyre good allies because uh they cant hurt each other some bosses can hurt other bosses and it works out kind of well it makes it kind of a 1v1 v1 but the two are trying to kill the one while hurting each other manus and arty they theyre bros they lock hands and they go at you and theyre like yeah we dont we dont have pvp on we have just pve and im the e and Laughter you know on a more friendly side of things uh this is just a random question because i love asking this type of thing um do you have a favorite npc in the series not just dark souls one but in the souls series in general yes i do i have a little statue of my guy oh sigma oh my goodness oh onion bro in all his splendor you know i think were gonna get along just well i dont know if you can see my background but uh a little onion bro there yeah no im gonna put him up here looking down on me for good luck its going to bless the run for you i hope so or i i guess praise the run in this case yeah anyway barrel i think were done chatting im gonna throw the reins over to you and you can start whenever you are ready im excited for this ive been looking for this all right well first thing is first we have to choose our class as you see here i kind of have already other stuff set gift we always i always just start with master key unless the bandit has some good stuff i will change that but other than that i stick with master key because it just allows better routing around a warrior has a crappy looking halberd in a spider shield um okay so in the left hand there is the jagged ghostblade thats actually a pretty decent early game weapon so knight is looking to be the king at the moment reinforced so this just comes from experience of knowing what the weapons look like okay yeah thats a good one thats a good one right there um this guy actually has powerbase has two okay weapons he has a ghostblade knife and hammer of vamos theyre both all right the big thing i wanted to see was what his pyromancy was if he came with power within i would go with him immediately because power within is a good little buffer but i think it really got much good jackie goes play looks like its going to be the best thing so that is where it will be and i guess well go three two one lets rock this all right good luck im skipping this cutscene by the way no thats thats fair thats fair its a good cutscene it is a good cutscene but for this uh not so much were speed running we like we dont watch the cut scenes when we speak i think that everybody watching games on quick you know this just unless theres a big incentive quick enemy rando usually theres little hollow dudes here thats a rat uh the stray demon is a four king and hes angry and trying to kill him get out of there yeah thats just lets just peace on out so that straight even can be just about anything as well that part is not affected by easy asylum good news is first asylum visit we dont got to go down there uh one other thing i will note as for the fans of artorias well never see him during this uh i turned him off for the sole reason of it he kind of makes the game crash sometimes if you get too far away from him i did one practice seed before this and he was the stray demon upon leaving the asylum he would crash the game and i figured it would be better to not have to deal with that today victorious is just too powerful i dont need that other weapon jack ghostly is good enough he is he doesnt like it when you ignore him he doesnt like it when you leave him behind to rot in the bottom of an asylum get back here coward sure deal with a tourist demon now so normal enemies have a five percent chance to turn into a uh a boss in this um theres one five percent right there with the tourists yeah thats the tourist even all right there is um hes having a little bit of trouble getting through that door i would like him to let me through thank you i really just dont know the most oversized gate guard yeah for real though um so heres the fun thing capper demon is my asylum demon boss oh my goodness im actually to save quit to move kaeperdiamond down into his bottom room so that way i can just kind of run past these nerds and get over there too i guess run pass more so try to bait them away so i can run fast uh safe quitting is going to be like my best friend in this hands down outside of finding a really good weapon safe quitting is my best friend oh its our boy but i noticed one thing whoops yeah there are no there are no dogs here yeah it makes them a lot easier unless im really bad about going for my heel all right thats fine little a little bit of the rusty rust no thank you can i get all right staggers good i would like a bleed is that just a fundamental property of this weapon yes it can bleed thats why its a its got good decent base damage for getting out of the asylum with and it can cause bleed never parked on him there but hey is what it is now we are doing enemy randomizer is this just a pure shuffle or is each location truly random so you can have like multiple of the same boss show up all over the place oh you sure can alright so theoretically you can just have all ornsteins just everywhere yeah um i dont know if you know the painted world very well i do i do so you know that center area where all those like slime ball things with the spartan shields and spears are right yes um the demon souls throwback and four calamites in there Laughter yeah that was oh no that was something all right well theres a tree up there okay so immediately good weapon black knight great axe thats probably what were gonna start specking towards and none of these early items none of these items right here can be important things with what i play on i play on race mode race mode just makes it to where items and chests uh the keys that are on the ground so like the the depths key or no its the basement key yeah the basement key over in paris the key at the top here in firelink shrine those can be important things the boss souls from certain bosses can be um can be important things as well uh im actually gonna buy that in case we get dark feed so and this is essentially for anyone whos watched zooter this is what uh i like to call midas house number one because theres just four chests and all four unicorns referring to zelda ocarina of time randomizer which has a similar early four check location just for those who are not aware that was in rings of sacrifice okay crest of our tourists thats the first big key item check i have on my tracker because that locks other checks oh and i got a nice skirt oh yeah uh i love just looking around this graveyard yeah theres a silver knight there theres a tree thats a giant black knight oh a black knight my mistake a a clam all right clam you know what you can have that and hey its a giant rat i really only try to get these items in order to see if i can get something good and that jump off there is to make sure they dont kill me and then it resets all their positions with the save coding and it puts me back up on the ledge well twinkling especially because we got that black knight uh great axe thatll be useful for that hopefully the clam plays ball here and lets me grab this item good oh oh my goodness thats fine there was one other item that i would have tried to grab if he let me buy but he didnt and thats okay i will run away and grab three others and then running over there uh we do have a request from chats that is can you talk about the five percent um so the five percent meme is uh oh black knight sword two nice two good early weapons um so bosses have a five percent chance to appear where normal enemies would be which just means this rat could have been a could have been a boss there all them could have been bosses the five percent meme is so often do i have the game just shuffle like 20 bosses in one area and i just sit there and stare at it and go yeah thats five percent huh dont believe the five percent its a lie its not a lie but it is a lion and we used to play with it at ten percent it doesnt feel like changing it from ten to five has really mattered in the slightest Music hello friend of the stream trent hello silver knight thats not friend of the stream so i like jumping over here because now all those enemies that would chase after me they just gonna run off the edge and be out of my way oh yeah here come the souls yeah there goes the other one that was a harpy too she had wings should have flown theres a mosquito that thing wouldnt have fallen good for it hello shrimp friend how you do oh you tripping phil oh god oh poor guy i feel better yeah i do oh ring of favor and protection thats a really good item thats just stamina health and equip load up yeah thats actually used in a lot of routes for speed running just its just a straight up stat just a buff yeah its the caveat is once its on you cant take it off or you lose the stats or you get like a stat debuff i forget exactly how it works it breaks if you take it off it just breaks but why would you ever want to take off an item that good oh wow theres just i have three good weapons right now gravel sword black knight greatsword and black knight grenache jeez a good seed thats a good item seed shout out to that giant sentinel dude hes a hes a homie sometimes specific ones of them just wont attack um the soles im getting there thats just some things that couldnt survive down there some of the uh little basic hollows that are hanging on the ledges yeah they fell and died or something im not entirely sure that just always happens they get souls there yeah im just im just looking at your soul count go up and like i havent seen you kill anything you have 9 000 souls yeah itll do that im really hoping that these enemies are kind to me and they looking like they dont come down here for some reason this guy right here in vanilla has a mystery key he can have one important key item check and he did not so that is kind of unfortunate um i dont want that but also in the same vein i dont need it homework bones though i do need i want a good number of these definitely uh thats money yes please yeah sure oh excuse me sir i i need to eat some moss how convenient now heres another thing i can do i can just cheat and get a lot of souls if i really wanted to yeah are you talking about the coveted item dupe yeah um unfortunately all those errors are kind of expensive um so what im gonna do is ill just end up popping one of these and oh one of these i figured itd be funny to do this i have no clue of how to explain it yeah i can only buy 183 of them your goal is to get 999 of them so for whatever reason i dont know how this exactly works but if i tell the game i want to drop 183 of these and then i just close that menu out and then i go over to quitting the game and using controller and mouse select my item bag and at the same time like a little bit after hit quick game it should if i do it right pull up that quit out menu in the item bag should still be fine this is something ive never been super good at but i usually get it within a little bit this is like a same frame deal its like a little bit after there we go so now use the mouse to scroll to my soul that i want to pop and blind menu to use select item and then voila use 183 of them 1 830 000 case something kills me because i got 10 of those rings oh my goodness um you know what actually hold on hey excuse me sir i would like to buy that and you eat a few more of those one of everything please um i dont really need anything else oh actually yeah hold on sorry i forgot to look and see if he had twinklers those are very important he does not oh yeah all right yeah were good okay what that makes sure also another well they didnt sometimes enemies over here whenever you go to that shop will uh run away theyll run back towards the way i came and be out of the way its usually very helpful when they do that i did not mean to sit and leave thats okay excuse me sir you want to like calm down with that Music oh my goodness the game saw you dupe all these souls and its like no all right i think hes in a spot he cant hit me which is good i hear him trying yeah hes trying hes trying but he cant get me for some reason ill take it i aint gonna question it its gonna get some of these up you know what lets go ahead and pump decks to 40 as well why not yeah thats pretty good i think that yeah i think thats thats good we fine now i got the stats i need this black knight down here can have an item i dont know where he went hes a key item check but i have no clue where his uh huh oh i didnt think he humanities i think he died i think he died when i was over here because i did get humanities randomly and i think thats what it is you know this is one thing i love about this game that is gravity is as much an enemy to the enemies as it is to you there is it is everybodys enemy and nobodys ally its my favorite way to put it yep in my practice i forgot this just existed this is why we practice this is why speed runs because i was thinking about it the other day and i was like i never opened this when i practiced oops excuse me sir you are in the way um in the way v2 would you like to please i get it you want to play fetch with the giant stone man but im not about that right now all right you also are just in my way i would save quit but i really dont see a big point in it at the moment lets get my humanities on and my homework bones there we go oh right youre over here too listen we can talk about it nice nice little trade there its fine i actually kind of wanted to kill them because they do have a unique drop pool where like a specific one of them that you kill okay one of them that you kill will drop a specific item so it could have been something for stamina regin could have been a fire keepers soul uh well that was a channeler and up in a barrel i dont know why he was in me but hey tourist demon to note we dont ever have to kill tourist demon this is why i take the master key because thor seaman does not have an important check he doesnt lock an important check he just locks items that you could go pick up like one and you can get that no problem by going underneath the bridge really outdoors demons locks is himself but we dont need to mess with him instead were going to come play with our friend having havel the wrong uh that might not kill him yeah but that will im hearing noises outside this door and im not okay with that i sound like a sanctuary guardian heres the saint guardian out here there is whats the worst thats gonna do hello whats the worst that could happen you are not the thing that i really need to deal with youre not the hydra mon hydramon ive been playing too much iron man you are not the hydra enemy the kappa demons the hydra enemy down there i might be able to get him to run off a cliff at some point looked like he almost did it for me oh there he goes what a pal what a fringe what a what a what a buddy of the stream um so now this is actually good because there is one check in the dukes archives that is notoriously annoying anytime ive done this and its the uh broken pendant check anyone whos played dark souls you know what you have to do to get that for people who dont im about to tell you um you have to kill the hydra here so an enemy item rhino whatever enemy mirandas as the hydro you have to kill it and then you have to go over here and talk to the wulasil lady or whoever and tell her youre gonna help her and then that will spawn the check to be in dukes archives on that crystal golem its really obscure and dumb yeah when i played this i had to look up a guide oh yeah same with the painted world getting the dlc in these games very very difficult um i guess i should put on clothing at some point eh why not we got a fancy dress yeah i got a fancy dress you got a fancy hood oh but im im now chunky rolling hold on gloves yes but what about now there we go thats perfect all right were ready to go to town ready you look out and about on the town you look beautiful thank you i really worked on this look in order to spawn the enemy here i have to save quit because it checked you have to either rest in a bonfire die or save coins you just have to reload now a pile a skeleton tower is holding a person captive and we gotta free them and that just sets up a check for later in these archives that we might not even need but its the worst check in the game in my opinion wow it hurts wow yeah being whacked by my see why its the prison guard yeah well do that and ill pops a lady oh we got matching dresses nice oh look at us matching theres one two other things that talking to her early does is i can get half of her shop now and the other half if i go to the dlc and then when i go to the dlc therell be an item check behind the little like hole suck you into the past thing you think i didnt quite know what to call it so thats what came the whole suck you into the last thing the look if we ever have to come over this way youll know when you see it trust me its very hard to miss when you touch it it sucks you know the past the more you want from me its a pretty accurate description to be honest im just writing this down for uh our highlights channel later um where is her summon sign oh there it is it kind of can be in the multitude of spots when its in the water its pretty hard to see im really kind of glad this was easy to get because im looking for twinkling tight knives right now to make this axe even better and she unfortunately did not have i will buy those and if i see a certain enemy with that egg i can get access to another shop down in uh quail eggs area oh little dude you have another question for you from the gdq chance and that is how do you end the seed is it you you go through defeats something that is in the kiln of the first flame or yes or some other uh for what i do its find the lord vessel and find the four lord souls once you get those go kill gwyn and thats which may not be gwen yeah which may not be gwyn it could be man thats the important it could be a hollow it could be the skeleton right here that i just completely swung over its head my weapon is planking on the ground thank you the base oh thats good too two swing clings right there the base hollows or the base black knights so everywhere theres a black knight outside of the kiln of the first flame in vanilla is an important item check those like the only exception to uh being in a key location spot being in a chest being on a uh boss soul those are pretty thats pretty much the only specifics and the embers so like where the large ember is the very large ember those are also important key item checks its a moonlight butterfly um one of the funniest bosses ive ever had a moonlight butterfly if you dont know about moonlight butterflies bridge there is no kill plane down there or enemies because fromsoft did not want the butterflies somehow clipping the kill zone and killing itself that wouldnt be very great of a boss to do that so they just didnt put a kill zone there so any boss that just falls from up there it just falls infinitely and you cant kill it um ive had calamine up there calamity acts very differently when not in cali meets boss arena it doesnt do a lot of its attacks and it likes to mainly spam its fire breath so just imagine being at one end of the bridge its at the other just spamming fire breath its a fun time and there is a way to get to him you have to actually while he hit a black oh thats me reinforcing those yeah hows that to say um you can get over to him you kind of have to put on a lot of heavy equipment and fat roll your way to him so that way the fat roll keeps you underneath the flames long enough for you to not take damage its pretty its pretty funny annex key is the second important key item check that unlocks a thing over in the painted world and nothing else from our andre there didnt really see anything else of value so we move forwards now hopefully heres a heres a fun quirk with this game when you run around and do enough an enemy item rando sometimes the ais for the enemies break and its especially nice for up here in this little murder room of the hollows because then its not an issue its not a problem then nothing will attack the caveat is uh dlc enemies like that one they never break its almost like their ai was programmed better than the rest of the video game the dlc enemies they their ai will always be perfect itll run accordingly the base game ones they can just lock up and do nothing and he just disappeared yeah i saw that is that something that normally happens barrel um yeah yes and no ive seen it happen in other spots but not there Music and as youll see we have come full circle back around to firelink and this is going honestly pretty well the enemies have been mostly tame it mostly allowed me to move around and just kind of keep going at a regular pacing it also helps that i got a black knight weapon thats kind of the big key factor that just lets me do good damage on things and it being plus two ill probably never really worry too much about it from here id like to plus three it but plus two when twinkling tight knight shards could be anywhere and on any shop ill take it now about to head to the gargoyles infamous boss for first time players of dark souls because its the first 2v1 fight right uh the original wall of the game were gonna see what they are today they could be gargoyles they could be thats it something else yeah it doesnt work where you let them know theyre both at this on the ground at the same time or is it still one starts and then one joins in halfway oh okay blessed be enemies are broken their ai are busted thats so nice so they their ais being busted just means they aint gonna attack me i can run right through and not be a tank you can see how that room could be a problem uh we got lucky with that this does mean though that the gargoyles ai might be broken just for stream values sake i might unbreak it well see what they are first so okay the second one is sif the second one is sif the first one might not be kaepernick oh oh goodness oh my goodness yeah yeah ill actually let this this play out a little bit so you get kind of a taste of what it looks like cutscene wise it looks like thats neato by the way so its neato and sip Applause its pretty um horrifying looking neatos had some work done oh yeah their ais are broken so i can just sit here and i can just wail on them if i really wanted to i dont know chad i i think we want to see barrel actually take on this combo uh they can hurt each other tonight so thatll work in my favor save quitting will fix the ai though its going to make downstairs kind of rough should have probably killed those things but it is what it is oh yeah so his thrust stab that he does just doesnt work outside his arena he can spawn enemies nope it is just neato oh okay so not too much to worry about yeah yeah yeah im trying to like keep him in front of sif for when sith becomes active yeah do you think thats just because like vito is programmed like also take out the yes i think so the the enemies in his own arena right were gonna make this a fight with sif first now because sif is way more aggro and faster than what nito ever is so it just makes sense to take out the threat can stiff just jump off the arena nope they have the gargoyle protection or they cant fall off but we can we can fall off in fact ive had um ive had iron golem pick me up and just toss me right off the board if you would stop spinning big big believer of the spin to win strategy yeah for real though i like the axe i hate the axe some days i think the axe is a cool weapon but man its attack is really bad sometimes all right i need you guys to like yeah lets tag team himself we got this you got this if one more yeah lets go oh that was an accurate right into the face so sorry just let me goodness so thats a pretty good taste of what uh what enemy enemy item miranda looks like its more specifically enemy rando all thanks guys i love this so much that could have been a lot worse had i not obviously duped the souls and had the stats um but that still would have been doable without doing it ive probably fought worse combos without duping the souls the duping the souls definitely helped now were ranking the bell theoretically could you just complete a seat without ever ringing a single bell because the items just show up early yes actually i had to think about that for a second because i was like the bells unlock uh whats his face serpentine fortress yeah uh well also the serpent dude thats what causes and he takes you down below and opens up the thing for you to be able to go down below but if you never talk to him and you get the key to the seal and the uh covenant of artorias ring you can go talk to the other serpent dude down at the fort kings area and have him take you there so it is possible to never ring the bells and complete a seed like that way ive never done it ive come close everythings trying to hit me because they are dark orbit dark orbs are the worst there is one important key item check right down here that we gotta grab theres an angry bore from the sounds of it so fun fact that boy right there the one thats not fully armored hes got the weak point on his butt uh if you see them anywhere else they wont attack you because they just want to go home and its the same thing for the giant cats over in the darkroot basin forest area if you see them anywhere they typically wont attack you because they just are trying to go home and youre getting in the way of that just let them go yeah a little bit a little bit um the fully armored bores i dont care they see you they they shoot the kill on you theyre like you die now i am kind of trying to clear a pathway here oh nice mosquito because there is still one more key item check in this place after i get this one and i would rather a bunch of enemies not be trying to eat my face off while im trying to do what i need to do its also just easier for me to come back up this way to get to the black knight here nice oh nice a couple of needle wires there i dont really care about that im kind of like fine on items now the most i really want is to find some form of a stamina regening item and or like a couple fire keeper souls for better healing stamina regen would be the bigger one right now that would definitely be the biggest is there any way to tell like which item locations are key item locations thats just like theres the list this is what it is yeah its just heres a list and just knowing all right thats good early all right the mushroom the mushroom boy holding out on us mushroom boy was holding out for real mushroom boy hell down uh screw this guy he kills the fire keeper here and i never want that Music oh yeah if you want his item you just save quit reload and hell be just sitting up there on the ledge where he sits i always kill him because a few times i forget or i have to do quail egg first before uh gargoyles and he kills the fire keeper and i always forget and i always hate it and i always want this back i always want that fire that bonfire there um im actually going to go back to the asylum real quick now because there are two important item checks there one of them is a black knight and then the doll to get into the painted world plus this is a good time as annie to go do it because im about to go this this or when youre coming back up from killing the quail egg boss are usually the best times to go and take care of this because after quail like then that opens up all of since fortress that opens up anor londo and honestly after i ring the bell i can just place the cup and we open up uh dukes archive as well i actually think i could just go to dukes archive instead of doing other plots ive never done that because honor londos got a lot of checks in it is this the classic gdq thats never happened before uh for what exactly never mind dont worry about it all right friends please and go up to me a bit more so that way you dont eat my face thank you and this is another thing i dont think i ever would have found without a guide yeah going up sitting in the birds nest for how many seconds the uh it definitely takes a hot minute i could do basement key skip to get down to the blossom shop lady she could have twinklers but i think itll be fine stupid rat calm down and all right thats all were going to do with the asylum asylum well never go back home or bone yeah thats why we bought 99 of them it it is rough sometimes whenever you dont find elmer bones for forever because then youre just living off of what the game just base gives you and that can be very not fun who please be on the thing i am very red look at that look how red we are we are a red lad oh the red and white i think goes well together man theres still a couple just normal items perfect thats beautiful mask the child has a passive stamina region to it and its exactly the kind of thing i was looking for something to give passive stamina yeah that literal uh green now going over earls beautiful character here oh no no no no no is that a t-pose is that a t-pose with a boulder all of these dudes t-pose down here because yeah they dont really know how to react unless you stun them like i did that bone doggo which is why i panically killed it uh they just yeah they just chill oh this dude rolled vanilla look at him Music oh wow something something is this even randomized i missed he gets to live um yeah were good good there i dont need to talk there is a smithy dude down there but he like never has anything and the main thing he always has is a sorceress catalyst or 500 000 souls and thats just so that way if you never find a catalyst you can use you can farm souls to buy that one i dont know why its up to 500k dont ask me uh to be able to use cast light in the dlc because there are some checks in the dlc that require cast light by logic um but if you have a skull lantern or the sunlight magnet helm you dont need it youre fine everybodys favorite location first time oh theres a little slow right there i think i saw yeah three more heck that bone tower oh jesus all right i actually jumped from that one well i was not expecting a boar to come around i wasnt either and he made it across the slippery branch oh you need to like be gone bone wheels are the worst enemy in this game by far i was i was also not expecting a boar to just come barreling around that corner that was that was a little horrifying i dont know if he came from across the slippery branch or if he was from somewhere else but he seems to have oh i see i understand olay all right cool oh that was fun it looks like the swamp isnt too danger it doesnt look like the swamp is too dangerous at the moment uh that can always change ive seen very scary swamps ive had like a bunch of bosses down here speaking of gargoyle all right beautiful perfect no real issues getting this bonfire thats fantastic we got two more important item tricks down here i gotta go get which is heading over actually yeah two one one one two two important this one and the one over by the great dollar tree i had to run that through my own head uh we will never go down to the great hollow the great hall that gargoyle is good bad at you dude i have actually had this biati that like arty was chased me in here and he got through that once he got through that doorway and i got him stuck down in that little pin and i called it arties uh playpen uh thats a super oh thats fun five percent by the way two bosses keep counting everybody you know given the lack of bosses that weve seen the fire keeper soul congratulations you got one yeah its super fun i cannot see um i dont like the double team of the bone doggos there not not a fan of that not a fan of that one either yeah we had a question of if the bone doggos were uh were randomized i think that is your answer right there yeah and uh please be the one to go home boy and not the murderer oh thank god youre a friendly board oh crazy i just want to pet him he just wants to go home yeah so he wants to he just wants to go home he aint hurt nobody he just wants to have a good time and go home also shout out to this probably being another one of those things that everybody had to uh look up a guide on on how to go to its two fake walls yeah this one i actually found not because i looked up a guy but there were messages there uh-huh i always played in offline mode so i never got those messages yeah all right pals oh no okay mushroom lad is still alive hes hurt hes got a big deep wound in him but hes alive hell be fine hell walk it off i have faith just like this boy okay that boards just hes big just walking super oh its dean what are you oh yeah you got it yeah well thats fine theres no theres no more important checks down that way anyways theres just couple item spots that usually hit up that now ill just leave them behind now wont worry about them oh no my ring of sacrifice was shattered hello you need to calm down you also need to calm down no no no no oh not playing that game you know what just lets just solve that game stay down you gonna dash dash brother like dont dont play around with me oh hello calumet dogs i call them calamite dogs because theyre the dogs that are on the way to calamine calm down back there this ornstein is being a jerk sure is hes big hes fast and he just doesnt want to leave me alone thankfully he cant fit into tiny holes whereas were getting into whatever is going to be in koi lag here just whatever everybody our runner today is wooden barrel check him out at the link here he does a lot of like just stuff from the soul series i know you did a lot of elden ring recently you know the latest in the series as well as like i know youre doing a lot of like kaizo iron man lately what do we got here sometimes you can kind of tell thats a normal enemy i think thats one of the serpent guards from since fortress thats also a five percent it is look at well a little bit less spooky yeah quite a lot bit less spooky hey friends come closer please oh my god okay you know what maybe i wont toy with you maybe ill give you the respect there you might be thinking wow your stats are so crazy how could you ever die well look at that i got cocky and i got hit for it i genuinely did not think he was going to do that much damage to me i think it surprised us all thats what bleed out will do to you though multi-hit bleed out now just drink that oj im about to get 10 of it right back here uh you have to make sure you say yes to him because if you tell him no he just wont move out of the way and the only way to fix that is either to kill him or just safe quit turns out save quitting fixes a lot of things youre not gonna do anything bad to this oh no no no no no i want this bonfire so okay here we have in vanilla down there in the lava are tourist demons theyre all randomized to different things they cant live in the lava and apparently something big is out there with a good chunk of hp that is not dead Music 15 000 souls worth 15 000 souls in the game um nothing so the way the overworld bosses work when theyre randomized like this is they would give half the amount they normally would so that was a 30k uh boss that was probably iron golem if i had to take a guess Music cant catch a break constantly falls off his own boss platform gets whacked in the ankles by this tiny little person hes like one of the only ones i could think of they get he actually might get 40k i dont really know who all would give 30. im sure the detectives and gdp chat can help us out here yeah so im gonna im running over here to get some forest checks uh right quick before heading on since fortress just kind of clearing as i go uh i dont know how he didnt hit me Music im very confused how i did not get hit there hello vagrant friends i want the twin humanities you give me its fine this is fine this is a okay everything is fine thats its fine im not really concerned about getting hit as long as i dont get off the ledge all is well thats what i love about the souls series is a lot of the ridiculous costumes you can get and like weapons you have and just like the the the general goofiness you can make your character and then you look at it like from the npcs npcs perspective of the boss perspective you see this weird little thing just just running in at you is like oh man hes coming yeah i was like what is he gonna do he looks oh my god he hits like a truck i think thats one of my favorite things when watching mr spike vegeta do his blind playthrough of this uh where he was just going at him with a club just a literal stick just beating down on enemies its a good time also these lads are never randomized because theyre the force guards but to get them off my back im going to tell this cat how we want to join them plus cat gives us a random item could be something useful could be a second good ring could be a large guy night shard we got a couple answers for what indeed does have 30 000 souls the dlc guardian has 30 000 souls those priscilla oh okay okay it was poor priscilla down there i almost dont think it was brazil i think it was a saint guardian same guardian sounds about right orange charred ring i just picked up there which is very nice because now i dont ever have to kill the ceaseless discharge enemy or boss the only purpose you have to need to kill the ceaseless discharge is to get rid of all the lava down in the ruins well with the orange charred ring you can just walk in the lob its fine thats a fight i just get to skip you know i have to worry about it doesnt have the possibility of having a key item on it yep no ceaseless discharge you dont get uh he doesnt drop the boss soul so he doesnt have a key item on him for bosses they have to have like they have to drop a boss soul so like gwyndolin calamie has a thing because calamity gives uh a ring when you beat him madness iron golem drops iron golems soul like the core quality soul thats why all of them have key item checks i dont even think the bell gargoyles have a key item check on them they just block a bell all right lets see whats wrong we guess what the boss is doing can we guess yeah lets lets give it a little look-see i like this game guess the boss okay um thats a is that a crown i think thats a pinwheel im pretty sure its pinwheel yeah its just been weird well he actually took oh yeah oh bye how to say every single one of these cut scenes please play a long chat guess what is that boss like whos that pokemon its really good too because they get all kinds of deformed and you cant really tell i only knew because ive done this a lot i recognized the necklace i was like yeah yeah thats thats our you know well do a little maintenance cleaning here on the few things that i dont want to come alive at me he can roll oh i got my i got i got fancy gloves now to go along with my fancy dress i want them theres one more dress piece as well that goes with this outfit all right renaming the category dress presents uh-oh no no no no no oh oh please no no no okay that would have been the worst thing in the world i do have purging stones so i wouldnt have been too too terrible okay five percent yep i think honestly based off of what ive seen five percent seems pretty accurate im not getting those checks im never getting the checks here not because i cant kill manus but because hes on this bridge and hes just gonna fall off ill show you or hell knock me off one of the two Music im waiting for it ill just be the one time he just sticks on the bridge right he might he might just kind of play ball too bad im flubbing super hard oh im dead yeah oh the five piece yeah um look this will be something ill come back to way later thats oh yeah we come back to that one mostly because of sense if he does play ball i could probably with enough time or just find poise armor and just poise boys the hell out of him could take him down uh but thats really only blocking like three checks moonlight butterfly and then two up top id rather just press forwards well well come back deal with that when we need to also he can just end up jumping off and thats no fun then all the progress i make on the fight is gone this is just a really good weapon scene gold tracer is can i can i like move thank you gold tracer is the best x weapon in the game high damage and has really high bleed chance too really high bleed build up that sends fortress just seems horrendous in this type of randomizer ill look down and see what was all down there looking for anything we have to go down there oh no no that thats totally optional thats dlc area right there you its a little unfortunate good thing i bought 99 of those toxics basically the worst version of poison whats going on there im not sure about that one cant wait for this boulder because i was i was too busy looking at uh that frog spawning in and out i dont know what that boulder hit either but it hit something and i think it died well i know it hit that time very very confident in what it hit that time i actually did not know this room existed i never came up here yeah i think whats there normally is the ring of steel protection so that four kings there triggered the trap on his own and got himself hit with uh arrows i might actually have to kill him to get him out of the way oh oh perfect that was perfect thats not perfect oh all right audible play usually i run up and i can cut that the boulder from shooting but since he whacked me i was not gonna have enough time to make that so i had to call an audible there lets go around the other way its not the way im used to but its it is the way that im forced upon clearly im not used to i went the wrong direction well i hear it going up the wrong way because the four the four king there just decided that nah youre doing this yeah i have another question from chat and that is are the mimic chests randomized as well only one and its the one in its one of the ones in the dlc i dont know why that i think its just because that one specifically in vanilla has the crest key in it thats the only mimic thats randomized for the item the mimics themselves are replaced with different enemies but mimics are not placed everywhere else and i think thats just due to the fact that they dont work properly otherwise it makes sense its not like with gwyndolin and moonlight butterfly their ais just dont work properly outside of like where theyre supposed to be so theres no sense in randomizing them everywhere because they would just stand still and do nothing now as we fall down to this stupid bonfire here i want to ask gdq chat type 1 if you never found this bonfire until someone told you it existed thats a one from me thats a wonderful thats that one for me i found it hey sif five percent by the way excuse me sif i need to get over to this chest thank you we didnt actually kill sif earlier sip is fine yeah just moved over here yeah just relocated itself its all good god im blowing in the air my friend thanks for helping me kill neato earlier there are so many ones in chat i i believe it honestly i believe it yeah its its a sneaky bonfire thats why this place gets uh a really bad rep a lot of times because you dont find that bonfire you get kind of hacked im going to murder this thing because i do not want to be cursed first its like the worst thing that can happen who doesnt know and rando so normally i know you can go kill the clams outside cease room and all that but in randomizer how would you go about curing your curse or are you just heck uh you would have to go down to new laundry rooms and talk to yeah i think his names ingrid he can cure your curse like just outright he has the built-in function for it um some shops can sell uh purging stones as well if you get lucky enough to find them or you can just get like it up and find them randomly in the overworld theres thats pretty much it if you get cursed those are like the only ways to do it uh if you have a ring of rare sacrifice i dont know if it works if youre already cursed but if you have it on and you die from what would curse you it just doesnt curse you it nullifies it but yeah that thing obviously breaks after one use its nice to have whenever i die to see if here later on because i dont know how to do dukes archive skip and the only reason we come over here is for the shop and that item all the way down there that item is a key in vanilla uh what do you have friend you have anything that i would want you dont have twin clears dont really have oh ill take that like night halberd why not why not try and make something yeah uh were just missing the black knight sword now and we have the the whole weapon kit uh its unfortunate that i dumped my twinklers onto this axe now but hey maybe ill find more and itll be okay hit him out of the sky all right well all things considered having a lord soul already having the lord vessel and im not even done with sins yet pretty solid i usually take that in any seat i do early cup is best cup i think the worst place to have the lord vessel be is there is a lone chest down in the demon ruins just really far off the beaten path path out of the way its like as youre going to demon fire stages boss room instead of going straight to it you veer off left and theres just this random chest sitting there thats the worst spot ive ever had the lord vessel be in the other bad spot is having it be down in team of giants because if its not down if it is there its not okay this is rude oh but its one that just wants to go home yeah the problem is hes in the way um oh well he was like hit me will you ill show you what fort huh all right this is a new one yeah uh this is gonna be one of those were just gonna boom out its a little unfortunate but yo i dont think i could blame you for that thats i could have maybe made it onto that platform but like yeah i got 90 something no more buns its fine i i can just pop one of them to get away well give the boar the right away this time we wont try to try to end his life well let him go home let him do what he needs to do doing his best gandalf impression up here on the bridge oh for real though i dont think ive ever had the board push me off here ive had the boar here before i think i always killed it but i usually have a bigger weapon i think too all right buddy come on you know what hold on let me actually move back i love this oh oh oh come on just a little bit more inch yourself just what are you thank you goodness stay in your playpen down there my guy uh being a homie nice iron golem this is actually an honor londo gargoyle i think how do you tell the difference the color scheme its kind of golden and its not dead in three hits but it died in four yeah the honor london ones are more golden whereas the belgar oils are more green hey its on our lawn thinking of bell guard goes oh hey quail egg just chilling down there on the bridge look at her go living her best life oh you stupid little bassless thing you need to not exist so apparel whats the worst combination youve ever encountered in one of the multi-fights thats a tough one because like every artorius and mannis taurus the man is probably one of the funnier ones ive seen was uh rye had in the o s fight he had centipede demon and quail ag and on paper that sounds fine because its like oh okay that quail is pretty easy at that point right not whenever she has someone whos got the reach of a football field backing europe and has lava spewing everywhere that doesnt hurt either one of them so this bonfire sucks sometimes because the enemies that whole front area counts as like an area of the bonfire they have to save quite half the time just to be able to rest here manus and already are probably the worst ones ive had ive had gwen and calamity before and that was honestly really really bad gwen just kind of tanked calamitys fire breath and said yeah what you want to do about it as he tries to beat my face in um excuse me excuse excuse excuse me you want to like do some remodeling of honor yeah didnt like the floors up there she was nice she let us buy cause that was polite if youre polite to the enemies a lot of times theyll be polite to you if you just say please dont move out of the way i love the the like noises of quai lag its great its oddly satisfying you really know shes there she lets you know um calamity is also very good at letting you know hes there because all you hear is thats it you cant hear anything else but him spewing fire its fantastic oh this area yeah its usually fine usually yeah it looks pretty tame at the moment most things fall off anyways yeah im not super worried about it gravity everybody said to me and that doggo and hopefully this balder night Applause oh that was not a far enough jump he kind of he kind of jumped off with me and blocked me he killed some of my momentum i would have made it down onto the ledge but he kind of killed the momentum a little bit there we go this is probably a chest most people just never knew existed because you knew you could get over here right yeah i dont think i ever came over here whats in it originally it beats me i was like pop quiz time like israel a true game master what is the original item in every chest uh i dont think ive opened them up enough in vanilla because i have no reason to i just know they exist in a rando thats unfortunate that is a dlc forest guard guardian and i hate him because theyre bulky and annoying and he was about to uproot the earth on me but thankfully big axe go big swing make short work oh hey taurus demon tortoise demon pray lag wheres demon really perfect and youre gonna allow them to meet each other sure am if they both decide to get on this thing before i spin it yeah feral playing cupid oh the tour is even shy look at him oh honestly i would be have too seen quailing quite yeah quail egg you can say she has a fiery personnel thats thats an understatement thats for sure this is really so gwyndolin here is for checks um typically you need the darkmoon seance ring to remove that um but hopefully if gwendolyn doesnt give me anything that i deem worthy of keeping her alive for im just going to check a black fireball matter and then that doorway opens up easy peasy i might do it anyways just because i dont want to hunt down the darkmans seance ring yeah i killed gwyndolin in these for guinevere rather not gwyndolin guinevere the um they dont hear the tippy taps for quail ag um something did she fall off i think maybe she might have she did may i request a check-in okay you know rip quail egg now taurus demon is mad hey yeah yeah yeah he just got courage and then she fell off okay nice dueling dre valley drakes there hello friends yall can all make everything go shaky shake as much as you want its not going to bother me oh yeah the otolando archers the the famous brick wall is now a literal normal leap of rock hollow soldier in a giant crystal golem so yeah its a lot different odds are hopefully he jumps off and it removes himself from being in the pathway its not seem like thats going to be a thing he does for us fine we got enough help then letting the bush dude wank us in the bank a little bit easy peasy a-okay no problem moving right now its actually moving along a lot better than my practice seed did i had to go a backup route in the beginning of my practice seed because getting to under parish was uh pretty painful a lot of big bad things in the way and i was the higher level than what i am on this i was able to do the 999 of it doggo please boy ill let you live just stop messing with me so much im all for letting you live hold on hey im trying to close your door all right fine i was just gonna shut the door on him and let him live his life in there but he had to keep aggroing had to keep attacking im all for you know petting the dogs and video games and all that and barring siff no dog in a from software game deserves the pets also ooh skull engine is good there shout out to midos house number two just four chests skull lantern just makes through now if we never find cast light and we need to go to the dlc we can use the skull lantern in place of it all right well midas house number two did not have anything unlike its brother minus house one but thats okay still got a few decent checks here and there in this place and then its o and s time and to be quite fair dont have to beat o and s if i didnt want what but im im gonna give it a shot i wanna see yeah yeah im gonna give it i want to see barrel chat wants to see you dont worry reporters await us in there ill ill go check them out ill ill give them good russell tussle in this room i dont know grew up in this room never left to make sure that thing didnt hurt me help me the giant its giving you a sign it wants out Laughter oh i love those things this looks so good help you you need to not be in the way goodness that looks like a bone dog however it is wonderful one of my least favorites bone doggos and vanilla are just so bad and they stay equally bad in rando thankfully when theyre in small places where they cant really do a lot its fine speaking of small places this room is quite tame um ive had a lot of bosses in this room before all the enemies were bosses and i think one of them was a calamity i also had one be a menace it was a good good time shout out to this jump right yeah i know big shout out to that jump that jump is really really nice just get the skip kind of running around a bit we have theres technically six more important checks in arnold or seven theres this chest were about to get is o and s theres gwyndolin the three chest after gwyndolin and then theres a chest going over towards uh dukes archives that didnt go good because im probably just gonna kill gwynevere set the place to dark time and then oh and homie was really mad that uh he didnt get to see quail ag i actually wanted to re set there so that way he doesnt piss off the giant because he can make the giant mad if he hits him too much he hits him too much the giant will actually attack us man i got the dress i got the full dress lets go lets go i need to get this chest Music let me out thank you all right there we go the dress is complete its too heavy though all right im gonna need you to level up im gonna drop drop oh dropping the gloves wasnt enough yeah well uh i have to take that off for now but after owen asked i could deep some soul try to do some souls again and up my equipment this is important this is critical for the run this this axe is heavy and i kind of need my stamina mask all right well anytime i try to kill something and i just completely whip i usually am just like all right you deserve to live i will leave you alone all right time to play guess that boss or enemy rather but you get to okay okay and weve got is that a thats the same guardian demon oh cent guardian okay and thats a gargoyle so heres the fun fact if i kill the gargoyle the sink guardian turns into something different if i kill saint guardian the gargoyle turns in something different than what the uh gargle it would have oh right to the face i tried to quit out in time the problems gonna be getting through mr saint guardian there uh but just for years fan were gonna were gonna do this so that way i can wear the full dress im sure chat will appreciate it we go Music lets pop the 20k one all right casual 3.6 million souls Music im not even getting stamina anymore with that no leave it at 69. why not nice all right now i should be able to put that dress back on all right there there it is the only time i might take this off is if i want boys for a fight which i might want boys for this fight see well try it again without the poison if it scares us well swap boys on and that way i can kind of tank saint guardian a little bit to kill the gargoyle but all things go well how did you hit me i dont know how the snake missed but i totally didnt see it and then i just stepped on it sorry poor snake heres the issue four-piece combo meal Music it jumped out of the way what a legend i cant see oh my goodness this looks awful it is Music oh my goodness the dodge the reeds they jumped me i i was worried about trying to run further away because the snake was poking through the fog gate ive actually had one time i dont remember the two bosses i was fighting there but there was a manus in the uh the main the open room the the giant room and he was sitting there at that fog gate taking swings trying to hit me on the inside and once the boss fight was over he came rushing in at me it was quite horrifying and we just kind of have to play keep away on the saint guardian i could just try to kill the sank guardian in all honesty and try to play around the gargoyle swings thats truly what enemy item random is all about is trying to play around the the bosses all right cool that was friendly yeah yeah sane guardian just kind of sat there behind a pillar Music the gargoyle all right i can live with this yes that is supposed to be random it is random it can be a duplicate yes god this weapons so slow when swinging i was hoping the pillar would keep him blocked there its fine the pillar will keep me safe ill praise pillars all right one two three four quack come on friend do your combos do your combos so i can punish one two three four Music one two one two oh i wasnt close enough Music at least that still hit you its fine gg oh and sir down Music yeah if you know saint guardians attack patterns hes pretty scripted on when you can get a free hit in because hell either do like head swing swipe if he does a swipe if he does head swing and then a swipe its either going to be a second swipe or a second head swing then followed by the second of the other if he ever does head head or claw claw thats his two two he only has he has two different two attack patterns and he has a couple different fours he can throw at you as long as he doesnt do head head and claw claw its gonna be a four pack thats how i always remember it its not double head or double claw and its a four hit she has a couple items that she can give us that can save her life and brass leggings is not one of them because otherwise shes about to get a black fire bomb thrown into her face or somewhere on her body probably not the face probably just going to eat it and see i didnt see what that was i mashed through whatever that was i think that was a soul i think it was a soul of a hero Music well as long as it wasnt a lowered soul were good right she cant give a lords soul im actually looking was it potentially a firekeepers soul nope all right well doesnt look like you gave me anything i wanted i didnt see anything i would have wanted so uh bye all right lets try that again take two Music technically i hit her it just went through her hair but you know is fair Music hello thank you i kept saying just didnt want to play spooky this has benefits to it though um all of the enemies that would be here are gone replaced by two npcs in the main open area and then the fire keeper is further up wanting to attack us i went to the wrong bonfire i meant to go to darkmoon team because now we gotta go kill gwyndolin get the four pack here then go place the cup back in firelink because i forgot to do that so that way we can go to dukes archives and get a plethora of item checks there oh hey is that demon fire sage sure is sorry i forgot to play the guess that pokemon game im actually going to make up for it you swap my weapon if i can find it mostly because demon fire sage and stray demon are very susceptible to bleed and gold tracer is really good at that this one also used twinklers yep i really wish i had twinklers because id probably upgrade this over the black knight halberd because my practice run had the halberd im amazed that you havent found a single one outside of that initial power ops that i havent gone and gotten like after this when i go place the cup im gonna go talk to dorn hall underneath the uh the aqua duck see hes got them theres the moss salesman lady in the uh aqueduct but i would need to do i need to find a basement key or do a little skip to get to her and theres a few obscure shops that if theyre on those ill just never be getting them all right barrel how far would you say we are from entering dukes archives uh very close okay how about we go into our first break of the evening uh once we get inside there and then we could start a whole new dungeon when we get back yeah it sounds good to me i mean if we wanted to just take the break when i placed the cup thats also good place the lord vessel yeah im gonna go check reverse the most convenient for you yeah um im just gonna go check the dude underneath the aquaduct over there warbeck over here and well go place the cup and we can do the first break Music he could have the twinklings and if he does thats super pog he doesnt well then we just keep living life just like checking his other stuff see if we got any any uh anything for fashion souls thank you stupid mosquito are buying clothes for the fashion souls yeah thats unfortunate i havent really been getting any good luck on those no shops but oh well nice sleepy man wake up and we place the cup there it is yeah we want to do a break that its a good spot for it yeah yeah this is this is perfect the lord vessel has been placed were still looking for is it three more lords three more lords lord souls before we can open the door this is about kind of the halfway mark id say too yeah this is perfect anyway everybody were gonna go into a short break but dont go anywhere these are regularly scheduled wellness breaks for us to get up stretch refill water just encourage you know not sit in a chair for three hours straight before we do as a reminder your subs gift subs prime gaming subs and bits do help support weekly hotfix content like this show so please consider supporting our daily content starting weekdays at 7pm eastern weekends at 1pm eastern if you enjoy my hotfix show or any of the other shows that we have all week long dont go anywhere well see you all in a bit and welcome back from the break everybody my name is fan underscore tv and you are watching game masters if youre watching on youtube be sure to head over to games done quick if youre interested in looking at our live content starting weeknights at 7 pm eastern and weekends at 1pm eastern we are currently showcasing dark souls item and enemy rando and its been a treat so far weve seen so many just silly enemies doing silly things all game long falling off ledges and bosses where they shouldnt be and you know barrel has been great all night but you know were kind of at the halfway point or so in the runs theres a lot of dark souls left and barrel im going to throw it right back over to you give us a countdown when you are ready to resume uh yeah three two one lets get this all right yeah the lord vessel has just been placed we have one lords soul three more to go until we can unlock that door you just saw and head to the final fight and beat the game its very important every rest here because um sometimes when warping from the kiln and you die if you dont rearrest in a bonfire it warps you to the other side of the door and then youre just stuck there thats just an enemy item court an enemy or indoor quark i have a funny story to tell real quick though um which is why im heading over to this elevator artorias once upon a time was chasing me through this great open area and i get to this elevator and i think to myself very smartly ill just be over here and he did his little flip attack fell down the hole as the elevator was coming up and it caught him and he knocked my self off the edge there it was quite the ordeal and ive never been much surprised it really was ive never been more owned by the video game than in that exact moment im glad it was artorias who did that to you same oh so this is a perfect example because thats a mimic right there usually yep now it is a gold golem geez gold tracer even not being plus at all still just does work i love this weapon its probably my favorite one of my favorite weapons i think for item rando my favorite favorite weapon to get is the obsidian greatsword if you can get dragon scales for it because dragon weapons dont scale off any stats so you just get your stats up to 20 strength 16 decks thats all you got to do with those you dont need to get them up more for any extra damage or anything and then you could go with whatever build from there you want its just its a really nice weapon to have if you end up finding magics and still need a good decent melee weapon and i do want to kill these guys because they block this bonfire and id rather be able to rest at it because theres a lot oh i wonder whos holding that axe who could it be could be anyone good oh its a girl i need you to not do that friends i cannot see you when you jump up thank you for whatever reason that whole hallway kind of counts as like the bonfire area and its really nice having that bonfire now uh back way at the beginning back when were in the darkroot basin i was feeling a cap redeem in the water i was talking about broken pen didnt check and whatnot thats about to come up right here if i didnt kill the kappa demon and talk to that one lady then killing it uh probably this boar oh its an angry boar hes an anger heres the problem this weapon is not good for the angry board i need to get through all of you if you would be so kind just to let me back oh my goodness hey its another friend im just gonna reset them a little bit because theyre theyre not playing ball i need the axe because the goal tracer is great and all but it does absolutely nothing to the boar friends were just that looked like a going away party and you were the guest of honor barrel yeah there we go we we need this thing out dex weapons slashing just at least slashing with that thing just doesnt work very well on our friend the boar so we just needed to get a bigger a bigger stick to hit it with can it not go on the elevator im not sure you know what i dont want that gargoyle messing with us were just gonna get rid of them again sometimes this is what you have to do in enemy item rando you just have to kind of slowly clear things out enough to where you can deal with the situation you know i feel like you just described the soul series in general i do this quid out strat all the time not doing randomizer yeah thats kind of it yeah as long as the guard as long as the boar there isnt aggroed this is fine im okay with having these two play patty cake patty cake bakers man with me not okay with yall both like just pincering me on the elevator goodness calm down like this egg sack dude just like i want to have some fun too yeah if he actually grabs me and infects me thats kind of okay because then it opens up a shop oh my goodness please calm down calm down everybody just chill take take five he said take five not come chase after me okay thats thats fine so now its just me and him okay slow and steady sometimes wins the race thats what we got to do with this boar here to get to him this boar has an important key item check on there is a tank i see what you mean yeah its mostly just because we have a plus two calamity ring and its a little bended the laminate ring i will never put on calamity ring why not because it doubles the damage i take and that is all it does it does nothing more it does nothing less all right thats fine what this is all okay sometimes you want to go one way but theres a roadblock and the roads closed and theres people around directing you on a detour hes going to take that detour it do be like that sometimes pressed key thats actually that is on my tracker that i have off screen uh that locks uh frindo in the dlc to shoot calamity so that way we could fight the calamity boss if we have to go to the dlc for whatever reason kind of hoping we dont have to just because the dlc is long and it takes a hot minute to get there rather not have to deal with that if i can help it sometimes the weapons just they dont swing the way you want them to now i noticed the enemies never seem to have this problem of contacting the wall with their weapon strikes yeah they never they never would have more i thought i guess i didnt get more of those well i think thats something i thought i had more rings of sacrifice is that the vanilla guy whos just done that yes the npcs arent shuffled you can shuffle them there is a setting for that you can shovel them with enemies and i think like it ends up just making uh the npcs uh be that enemy and that enemy is just docile to the player theyre friendly so like you could get artorias as uh our friend andre look at this cloudy ring i will never put it on literally immediately i thought like i thought about it for this like oh this will actually help me die faster for this i knew i was going to get called out on that so you can skip this if you know how to do dukes archives because theres zero important checks over here i dont know how to do that skip so uh im over here and theres a 50 50 chance theres a 50 50 on where the key is that i need its either in one spot or the other theyre halfway down or its in the chest and its vanilla spot were hoping its just halfway down uh theres not even know whats going on lore wise in this area all i know is its its super creepy lore wise uh seath is like trying to gain like all sorts of noise asylum demon in there thats a tourist demon for tourist even okay some friends down in there ive had arties be down in there before and they come running up here to play with you and cool we won the 50 50. so we dont need to go down there theres nothing of importance down there there is a chest but that chest is only an extra key to open up this door the giant key will either be down there or itll be where we just got it and you have to get the giant door key otherwise you cant open the store so if you know how to do dukes archive skip you can just kind of skip over coming into this area entirely i dont know how to do it so i just pray i win the 50 50. that wasnt too bad like i know it i know what it is ive seen it done and probably given like a couple of shots at it i could probably replicate it that is an angry board angry boar go home um i actually just dont want you bone wheeling after me down a tight corridor as it would turn out thats not a good thing to have happen um youre not being docile which is a problem because youre very big and in the way but hey you sidestep enough for me to get through thats all i really needed from you Applause so you may remember midos house one in midos house too yes theres the midas house three no way in no way yeah yeah its coming up its coming up i think thats it though i think after this third one theres no more spots theres just like four chests sitting in one area im not sure i could trust anything else you say barrel after you immediately put on the calamity ring thats because i didnt think about it ive never actually put on the calamity ring for real usage aside from there that was the first time because i was pretty i was pretty high health i was like itll itll help hell speed me up um this ones a bro because hes docile and he dies the one hit sometimes those royal knights just they either are docile and i wont hit or theyre aggro i never know how to tell the difference on them with that yep swing swing to your hearts content buddy oh he fell oh no hell be fine this guys gonna fall there he goes oh crunch his bodys contorting oh its still going hes still hes still moving thats a tough break buddy its tough break all in all man im surprised that this this run so far i i was expecting a lot more hecticness ive had calamites galore in this place just screaming breathing fire every which way to sunday and now this has just been pretty quiet also this is mito house three theres this chest and then theres the side room here thats got more chests um are you in england like midos mansion its so large oh youre just wanting to go home oh yeah all right you can just go home hes a mimic but i wont kill him hes just wanting to go home here let me help i i dont think i cant break the words i was gonna try to help him out a little bit but uh unfortunate would you be like that well hell live his best life there hello slime key to the seals pool so that actually is nice because ill probably after this i might go do im thinking about going and checking the purple moss clump lady checking her shop and seeing if shes got twinkling titanites the key this seals nice though because now i can go down in new lotto ruins and get a hand full of checks there cant complete it because no uh kevin of artorias ring but its still a good number of quick checks whoops i accidentally pressed r2 and some of the twinkler enemies in the little cave died thats what those chunks popping up were its unfortunate the twinklers the twinkling titanite uh little enemies didnt actually have twinkling titanites this scene that would have been really helpful um something is it kind of shared where its like a common drop between like that item pool yes the twinklers will whatever they drop in for their pool all the enemies that randomized to that will drop that same item okay so if they had a rolled twinkling tight knight they would all drop twinkling tight knights um thats a gaping dragon just chilling out oh thats terrifying yeah hes hes pretty big its kind of its kind of awe-inspiring when you see it just t-posing like that im gonna get going because theres a drake walking towards me menacingly i didnt know about oh we got lots of friends in here all yall just yall go cool that ones yeah hes deposited oh yep all right we got a couple actives got a couple live ones hopefully none of them get into this fight with me and it looks like that dude did uh time to guess that boss i get to play that game right now all right lets see if i can do it weve got so much just a crystal which we do have to break still did it actually roll oh my gosh its seath this is actually see i dont know i think its actually i dont ever watch this cut scene so i dont know if this cutscene is its not messed up i think you just rolled seath got to find out oh nope nope that cutscene yeah it shows that cutscene just you guessed iron golem you were correct i sure were uh once again this is another enemy that the gold tracer is not great for also we cant knock him over hes not in his boss arena he cant be knocked over interesting thats so weird hes a little pushover yeah yeah yeah throw your chance from all you want i mean thats fine i have so much health getting hit by that its kind of whatever you cant see it Music buddy i got the pal over there that joined me it was just hanging out in the back he never once entered into the fight to actually fight uh that was actually just the vip backstage pass holder right they came in get the front row seat watch the big fight unfold thats better lets see if i can still quick roll with having both those weapons equipped with how much stamina we put in there like i would hope so yeah i mean youd be surprised be surprised sometimes all right so this is im gonna try to combo these two checks together i need to bring this back down theres a chest on that bookshelf over there normally the game wants you to fall off of the spinning uh staircases and land on it but theres a little bit of a cheese method we can do to get it and surprise surprise it involves safe quitting wouldnt you know it no way right lets try safe quitting thats always a good trip so the way it works is the game doesnt count the staircase as a safe ground for you to be on whenever it tries to load you back in when you save quit so whenever you step onto that solid ground and then re-rotate this ladder the games gonna save the ladder position but its not gonna save you being on the ladder its gonna put you back on the last solid ground that you were standing on so im on that side but im about to be warped to the other side its really odd but it works out in our favor because now we dont get to try to aim the fall onto this bookshelf we can just walk off easy now i have been sniped and killed that was the second lords soul we got two were missing we need two more and with what i did of lowering that i can combo up into seaths room where there is a chest now that spawns only after you beat the seath boss i want to say pretty sure thats how it works whats that think of just coming back in here right yeah do you think our friend here is going to be here yeah buddy yeah whats up whoop it was like you ignored me last time fight me face me you coward i wanted to let him live i was gonna let him live but he just wouldnt let us pass this time is what it is not much we can really do on him hey your souls its kind of funny whenever you do that when you go so long without dying any rat back to where you die like that i kind of forgot those were there i thought i died before then um yeah youve been crushing the dukes archives just uh yeah these are pretty friendly enemies yeah its its full cleared as well aint nothing more here i think i am going to go try and get ill go get a shop real quick see if the uh lady has twin clears if not then it is what it is ill probably go down to new laundry ruins and either after that go towards too much giants or go towards um demon ruins and lost eyes lift i had like my brain just shut down for a second there itll reboot it it happens youre good need to clear all these mobs out of the way because they will be in the way of this well i missed we gotta run around theres like multiple different basement key skips you can do this was like the one of the better ones i found i had success said theres like theres a different spot over by the merchant you can do it at ive always just found more success with this one than that one so this is the one that i do and thats kind of a fun thing about this game there are like several little things you can do here and there that skip stuff and theres usually multiple spots for it yeah that just wasnt enough distance on it and all this doing this really does is it skips the need of the basement key to get down to lower undead berg and lets you fight the cap or demon boss and get another shot earlier than what you might have been able to a cabinet even boss can be fun too ive ive seen that tiny little room be three bosses before i thought itd be sweet lag oh oh oh yeah so for whatever reason that just doesnt activate the kill plane that would normally hit you im imagining those doors opening up and heres artorias and artorian santa torres yo whats up i dont see anything in here oh theyre hiding is it him what was it the rat no because thats a dog spot i heard shooting hello im very unsure what was here but i guess it was not like fell through the world or something it wasnt a big thing because i only got 6k from it or 5k or something like that but i dont know yeah sure i think it just fell through the floor yeah theres a good chance of that it just fell through the floor also yeah it wouldnt have given me whatever it was it would have given me that amount because thats what kappa gaming gives keep a clam all right clam hear me out i need you to not be in the way oh youre just stuck wonderful i think you could fix that here yeah there we go unstuck now permanently all right hopefully this lady has twin clears and then we can really get our weapon going if not then no twinklers sadness dont run off she says oh actually i need to open up the store theres another shop i can get because i have the residence key i can go save mr magic dude so i dont remember if it will teach me anything i think my magic might have to be a certain level i dont know well see ill go free him worst case its fine we just rock with like very low plus the weapons and uh oh yeah its fine all good okay yeah just just sprained the ankles a little bit nothing to it this is a rare shot for me to go after i like almost never go after it yep mr frog juice do all yall do what yall gotta do just dont mind me excuse me pardon me dont worry everything is fine yep im coming to help you stop talking make sure i exhaust the dialogue come on all right cool dialog exhaust there it is i was looking for this thing perfect hell be at firelink shrine and now hell be another shop that we can check and see if hes got some uh some goodies Music did you use this uh-huh yeah yeah i think my it might not be high enough up to run Music story of my life right there yeah we can fix that right quick sure can got to be the smartest person hes ever known actually 23 is fine or 20 rather thats more than enough i think i just needed it to 10. i think it was just one off of it Music yeah yep oh but he does have dark bead nice um all right well then thats interesting because i could do dark beat now but i kind of dont have my stats for that i wonder how dark we would do as is dark beat is the best magic in this game to really get just by far where are my catalysts yes yeah itll work see how that goes dark bead even with 20 in ill probably kind of make up a little bit for the fact that we dont have twinkling titanites at all hopefully that is you know lets see i guess yeah well do um well have fun down here in new laundry ruins we get what we can because ingrid is also a shop so he might have twinklers from there probably go catacombs or uh or demon ruins theyre kind of usually my last two places i ever want to go yeah i was about to ask like do you have a way of killing the ghost but then were playing enemy ran and well you can definitely kill these things uh and this board just wants to some of the some of the times the ghosts can be vanilla and this is like the only place i think they can be vanilla theres stupid things in the way but i do have transient curses where are those normally at i dont recall theyre down in uh the ruins whenever you unflood it yeah yeah yeah oh all these giant enemies blocking the doors thats wonderful yeah switch to the big weapon player the clam uh the ai of some of these enemies have broken some very very specifically some of them broke but not all so theres still an issue its gonna keep moving hey friends uh in case i die i kick this safety ladder down hopefully we dont and all will be fine bye-bye this room could be very fun um all right wonderful that first little room though where i had to kill that clam i one time had four artories in that room yup no no it was uh it was not the funnest time in the world its a little hero best friend i just used one of those im not ghost what do you have dang rip guess were just never gonna get to plus this weapon too much i do have one twinkling titanite i could burn on dead and i probably will whenever i remember to do that but most part though this is fine were just cruising with all we got just moving me pardon me yeah thats right dont dont pay me no mind fellas its stay okay i need to pay attention to this let me let me buy and all will be hunky dory something fell and died and im not sure what it was story of story of enemy rando its just something fell and died and i got you get souls for it we love that oh hey ornstein hey friends im glad he just let me see yeah for real im glad you just let me drink up oh hey big rat big rat is kind of similar to the boar and cats it just wants to go home unfortunately it was in the way it had to be dealt with accordingly this is where usually those big like massive soul blob enemies are that uh you were commenting out its usually down here not in this specific room but its in like this unflooded section right right uh usually i think there is one in this room and theres another one further ahead typically also yeah obscure chest never would thought it was there um good amount of vegan enemies down here well hes a friend but he isnt going to mess with us actually im going to get rid of him because he will you know what because you will too all paint the guardian Applause now this is another chest i never knew existed well theres the darkmoon seance ring to get to gwyndolin i wouldnt have had to kill gwynevere but hey is what it is these are just a couple quick item checks i pick up to see if there are anything neat Music and unfortunately there werent aside from this one last chest uh the only thing left in this area is just doing the boss the four kings unfortunately uh all right oh one more there we go unfortunately i dont have the covenant of artorias ring so we cannot do this fight Music um you just die yeah you just fall into the void and die now a really fun thing about it i think im gonna go do catacombs now catacombs and then demon runes that sounds good its like the majority of what i need to do anyways that i have left with what i have its basically the majority um a fun fact about four kings fight is actually really funny in enemy rando because theres a lot of bosses that can get shuffled there that dont really act well and i did not think that this giant was gonna be blocking me so hard otherwise i would not have gone this way goodness me all right well im having a fun time with this get out of here goodness um one of the my favorite enemies to have in the four kings fight is calamity because you cant a lot of the times the enemies dont really load properly its just a black void so you cant really see caleb and seeing enemies is kind of a big issue on being able to fight them what you can see is cal meets red glowing eye in just the dark void spitting flames at you and its quite horrifying sounds horrifying yeah uh ive had an invisible mana steering that before that also sounds fine the fun thing is though they all share the same like boss health bar so as long as youre hitting them you can kill them without having to kill every single one of them its still the four kings like shared health bar pool thats the only boss where their health does not really matter in the vanilla game is there like a clear hardest boss for you or saying this boss is like the boss of darks um its probably a toss-up between artorias and manus to be honest um cant see because priscilla is around there is a couple iron golems it sounds like theres a priscilla five percent by the way oh its just a a whole earthquake of everything moving around oh add a boar all right somethings on the other side helping me kill it im not quite sure what that was yeah this place is a little shaky this is about what i was expecting more of from enemy item rando to be quite honest e to the depths all right well i can go back and do what i was doing over there now also for my tracker i have it set up to where its basement key resonance key annex key and depth key and we have residence annex and depth so my tracker says rad were one away from brad yeah wooden barrel is a pretty rad guy you should definitely i dont know about that one check out his twitch channel i wouldnt lie to the people im not gonna lie to the people they can make the assessment themselves theyre seeing you on the stream right now type one like no lets do a quick pull type one type one in chat if you would consider barrel to be a rad guy good news is i dont gotta go down that way something big just died and i have no clue what it was yo you are the black knight here you have the important key item check good yeah sorry barrel everybody thank you youre all got very false opinions that thats a lot of ones be free in fact more people think youre rad than people who missed the bonfire and sends portions thats shocking honestly there are way more ones for this yeah its honestly really shocking i would i would have thought the other way around on that one all right lets get full health here lets see who do we got for pinwheel usually a pushover of a boss its a regular enemy with a health bar is that a four king i dont know i couldnt quite tell this is spikes that looks like maybe calamie no no thats not gala me hmm we might be audibling to the demon ruins sometimes Music lets see who is guardians is i it was an absolute tank there is it sucks that we dont have a plus five weapon either for him Music give it a fair shake thats what i was watching out for was the five piece combo meal and my general rule of dark souls is when youre learning a fight enemy is going to do combos and then take what however long you think the combo is going to be say three moves and then double it and thats how many moves its actually going to me Applause damn not a stagger yeah that was death he killed me there but quit out of it i have a little bit more healing so we can try again but he he caught me there with that um lets throw those on in there so i have have even more healing if i was going through it looks like a rough room for manas um its not the best its not the worst i fought him in i bought him on the iron golem perch before Music that ones pretty rough just a circle platform with not a lot of room to move its coming to fall off like the iron yeah he cant that is unfortunately unique to the iron golem really ive had artorias up there artorius is honestly really fun to fight up there press the roll at the wrong time and again i dont think i ever knew what a divine blessing was its essentially an elixir i put in like super simple terms its just an elixir five piece combo meal yep going for that big hit and the quick follow-up the classic thats fine net heal there i might live this actually yeah yeah youre good youre good now i gotta find a spot to heal off of thatll be it its the best time as any taking that whack theres okay thats in that heel thats on that hill um this is fine actually thats the one magic pack i really want to see him do because he has a safety circle around him that if you get in it he cant he doesnt hit you thats a heal opportunity could not really see because of the dust oh thats oh no i think i barely live i barely live oh my god how are you alive any of those had to hit me i would have been dead i dont know how im alive honestly im questioning that myself im about to get very greedy here with that yeah fiji ill be honest i dont know i i kind of figured i was going to live with just a sliver of health there but i didnt think i was going to get the time to heal he kind of gave he was nice to me there manus was a bro and he let us he let us play um yeah well we could do two of the giants now thats fun i get to show off my knowledge of this place without light i do have a light even though you have the skull lancer i also have the sunlight mag at home but do this anyway show us yeah prove it to us prove that you are a master of two of the giants i am in this bonfire though thats for sure yeah i will allow that i will allow it yeah were getting the bonfire i didnt fight madness up on uh the moonlight butterfly bridge but we got him down here so thats the madness for the seat hopefully remember everybody we are looking for one more lord soul i did not want to fall down here yes this is kind of a very bad room its usually pretty hard to get back out of here but the enemies were kind and i just got the bone out that is in vanilla i dont remember which ember it is but thats thats the number its a key item check uh wheres my boy so i want to tell him no here that im not a cleric so he kicks me down anyways uh were gonna forgive him because after we kill nido he will be a shop back up in firelink and he could have twinklers um excuse you oh how rude stupid bone doggos coming out of nowhere dont dont mind if i drop yeah for real just allowed himself on in usually when im not looking for twinklers i dont i dont uh forgive him i just kick him down in the pit and i go about my day thats a vanilla dog thats actually a vanilla dog nice something something is this even randomized uh hopefully whatever the black knight halberd enemy is down here will just kind of walk off and die on its own oh oh the bone wheel if were lucky ill ill be honest i thought you were regulated too yeah i thought we were gone as well youre doing this with no light every enemy is a surprise oh its a clan okay there it goes clam was the black knight its gonna drink up a little bit there everything is just blocking your way there sure is what did he do to piss off the rando guys um i played the game thats what i did fair fair typically you just kind of hug this wall youre fine you get by just its fine theres that hole see i didnt need a light source easy all the light you need is right sure it is look at all this light look at that down there of ash lake that we never going to go to theres nothing down there for us i can either make this thing the gold tracer plus two or i can make the ax a plus four i think you know what i have the power to do this barrel what a poll im gonna put a poll in chat plus for is it the black knight its black knight great axe thats the one thats plus two because i believe its two two in order to get it from stage two to four its two to three and two to stage four as well all right chad you got two minutes to get your vote in of what im sorry im volunteering you for this barrel of plus two tracer or plus four black knight great acts by the time you hear this message probably a minute and a half remaining so get your vote in if you care to see its not a cutscene ive never watched what weapon so i have no clue if it just shows vanilla and its actually something else because its showing neato im just gonna its actually neato its actually neat alright so this is kind of funny were gonna let him just come on over and theres that oh yeah these skeletons arent randomized so a little fun fact with certain weapons you can guard with the weapon and just completely avoid getting hit by his uh stabbing to the ground heres how dark bead would do oh my goodness it is close it is like a 50 50 vote i have no idea whats gonna win 97 votes to the black knight great acts 93 to the tracer i think long run is it oh the axe didnt have the certain weapons dont place your feet far enough apart to not get hit by that floor stab and i guess for some reason it did the first time but not the second time should not tell you why all right you got like five seconds left it is tied i think oh my goodness raw single hit damage i want to say the axe would be better but i think for just what my preference is the gold tracer all right in an incredibly close vote the plus two tracer wins with 121 votes and the black knight great axe just behind at 180. so that right there is the worst spot the broken pendant can be broken pendant can only be in areas where the game is uh locked behind needing to place the lord vessel because the game doesnt want you to get the broken pendant earlier go into the dlc and not be able to get back out so if you go in the dlc without the cup you literally cannot leave um that is the only spot in team of the giants for the broken pendant to be my is on me there it is Music um well i could go to depths i could go to dlc it could go to demon runs i think were just going to go to demon were just here were going to have a little fun in the demon room Music i guess i could have wore the one that boosts sorceries now for the dark beat but like kind of pointless at this point how much time do we have left by the way well um in our schedule time slot we have about 30 minutes remaining uh but were going to finish this hopefully hopefully the seat plays nice i cannot rest at that bonfire because the sanctuary garden is hot on my tail and that is i cant really tell that looks like a centipede demon over there is the uh ceaseless discharge oh i almost ran off the cliff yeah thats the centipede demon up there i think no thats a calamine yeah thats a colony thing yeah thats callame good thing i have the orange shard ring already you dont want to follow me out here buddy remember earlier on in the scene we were theorizing what was it was the same guardian yeah i think it was that sank this is the only important shack out here in the lava the rest we gotta go deeper in for thats for lords oh all right um there it is i actually do want to go down to the los islip real quick just to show the lava area with the randomized enemies shouldnt take long no this is this is actually perfect because now we could play around for the next 20 minutes and then go beat the final boss yeah we have the final i really want to find the covenant of artorias ring to show the uh the four kings boss yeah so technically yes chad we can go beat the seed right now but weve got time remaining so were gonna have some fun and if youre wondering why dont you just go be gwen now and then run around later if you beat gwen now youre forced into oh look at that youre forced into new game plus you dont get a choice in the matter um thats actually kind of concerning take the backup bonfire uh it only spawns if you uh beat the uh the ceaseless discharge and yeah and kill the interest worm there yo whats up man we just gonna run and hopefully we can outpace him uh so i think with him being there and not wanting to have to deal with him on a return trip there is a chest over there im just gonna go beat the boss first and get a bonfire so if i do die i can come back a little bit quicker you know thats fair oh priscilla sorry the fluffy dragon to kill the waifu look how fluffy she is shes the bleed queen and i made her bleed Music wow thats really yeah gold tracer is austin its kind of why i was like i want that to get the plus two as much as the axe for uh just raw one hit power is this thing swings so fast and that bleed is really high chance it can just shred through so its really really good and well run back and try to get that chest now so now if manus kills us on the return trip or something like that well be fine all right that was a solid branch mantis calm down thats right stay calm just chill glad hes chill hes kind of not sure where that ledge is going to be so i just kind of leaped off leave a face in it mushroom friend dont punch me into oblivion thank you and cool keep running directly towards me mask yeah thats right oh there he goes he missed swinging a miss a fun fact with the centipede demon boss uh if its not quailag and its not centipede demon it will just basically die to the lava damage the only boss that really stands out here for a while is manus calamity and like gwyn and arty those four are the ones i can kind of tank the lava damage for a long time i think we can play guess who this boss is with this one i dont know yeah yeah i hope so lets see lets see whos that boss okay it is different i think thats demon fire sage its orange thats what the last even fire stage looked like oh hes got like no i think thats a gargoyle dude gargoyles on the tail but i dont know thats weird because of that tail being stretched like that it is a gargoyle it is a gargoyle and later gargle its just dead so this is what i wanted to show is walking out over here Applause and just all the undead dino butts are different things and they just all die to the lava thats a fun one there are still important item checks over here ill see if any of them are the kevin of artorias ring and if not maybe if we still have time ill go check out the ones down in the depths because those are really fast to get if its in the dlc unfortunately were just never going to be able to get it in time to check out the uh the lads before kings also sometimes with the four king bosses they just end up for some reason dying on their own and can they it will just like be like you did it hurrah you have a question from chad of is the bed of chaos yes it is uh the way it works with this is it just puts a whatever enemy there at randoms to and you dont have to break any of the stuff you dont got to break either of the two side things or go in and punch the bug you just fight the boss and kill the boss it is way better because better chaos easily worse boss in vanilla design wise execution everything about it is just bad the better chaos has zero redeeming qualities in vanilla in this we dont have to mess with any of that we just fight whatever gets random there and there we go ggs to note as i want to see whats that doesnt have the better chaoss health it has whatever boss it or enemy at randoms to you theres if you health a random madness then itll have nanas health which is helpful and also not sometimes when its a bad boss we dont want to sit there have to hit it for an hour doggos please im im not not wanting to get my ankles fed this is such a strange zone its very unfinished getting rid of them because this npc is kind of an annoyance you let her do her stuff the the speed of that gold tracer is good ultra race is a real good weapon one punch shroom hear me out dont punch me here tried you tried to do it theres still one other key item check we gotta grab before going going and fighting uh our friend betta chaos and its right down this way actually astounded broken pendant was in the worst possible location for it to be there it is like i thought i bought the rusted iron ring rusted iron ring just lets us run in sludge like this and in the swamp down in blighttown its quite useful as it would turn out that giant was ready for you or that ogre was ready for you with the rock it shouldnt have the reaction time also dont die if i die its fine Music wow glad he sat there and just let me do that man ive been very close to death a good number of times during this surprised i havent died in some spots like that one right oh no oh youre alive oh i didnt see that phone wheel the first time yeah i gotta play defense on him too cause hell hell get me i dont okay just trying to get to a safe spot so i dont die to mr bonewell creeping up behind Music okay take two of getting out of this hole at this point it would have been fast just die and run back from the bonfire or to just bone back out all right fellas hear me out dont do that again thank you perfect bully wonderful they everything worked out according to plan easy peas who awaits us in the new and improved there is no cutscene for it to know its just we roll in and its there im also surprised we havent seen a single glock gargoyles weve seen all the dark lines sometimes that happens im convinced the randomizer just kind of like sometimes picks an enemy and just sprinkles it everywhere because thats what it feels like Music im happy for that honestly uh do we still got time for me to go check out the depths uh im gonna leave that im gonna talk to the tech crew here really quick and get an answer for that ill start heading that way just in case the answer is yes yes because if the answer is no i can just phone back to here stand by the depths is really fast for what its worth like youll probably depending on the boss three four minutes tops that is pretty cool theres only like a couple important checks down there if you know where they are i know where youre going you just kind of zoom straight through it also helps that i have the shortcut open to get down here faster oh yeah im already to the depths before we have an answer yeah i think at this point youre going to be done by the time you have probably oh hello oh um is that thats not the moonlight button no okay well thats unfortunate oh my goodness there we go this is a very loud place thats affordable this is where the real party is those are the only two important checks down here aside from i think whats on gaping dragon what well okay then seath was very unhappy uh do i have time to go back or should i just go to the boss the final one more shot i think we got a little bit more time this will be the last one i was not expecting see to slam and jam us there but uh it happens go figure man go figure oh oh that was that was great that that was the highlight of the night for me thank you sees all right but if you die this time youre going to go big or whoever whatever randomized onto gwen im going to laugh if its going to that would be there was like you were lying you were lying its just gwen god this is just so jank right here there is im amazed the game doesnt crash with steve doing this yeah its its kind of arbitrary what does trash it and what doesnt youd think that that would do it you wouldnt think artie being just a little bit off screen would do it all right i usually go hard right there or hard left so were going to go hard for grey my god thief is still just oh cut his tail off i dont know what happened to see whos gonna run i dont know what happened to seath there but hey well take that Applause oh there he goes yeah i think he died 30 000 souls yeah do you think he died the only reason why a gaping dragon has an important check on him because i think he has a key on him in vanilla that opens up the doors to upper blight down upper blighton has all right whos that boss theres another gargoyle rigged rigged i tell you the randomizer sometimes i feel just does that it picks an enemy and just places it everywhere Music yo my boys armor lets go i got his chest piece im proud im happy the onion night chest in the united chest thatll definitely be on for fashion souls at the end why they got priscillas dagger nice fortunately couldnt find the cover of artorias ring so we cant see uh how the four kings boss fight is maybe uh you can go check the spoiler log afterwards maybe and uh see when yeah i can look where it was later oh no i never did check this cash oh its only one its only one hey i guess you have enough for a plus it does sure does right Applause who cares about them lets go make this thing a plus three then Music for the inevitable gargoyle that is gwyn we need this to be a plus three so strong yeah i think we dont need to actually go do the four kings barrel we know its just gonna be for days four gargoyles man the four kings really let themselves go Music uh reinforcement please Applause had i not plus dude the other one i could have gotten this to a plus four well he didnt have the tracer thats true i didnt know trace was gonna be there otherwise i would have held them if i had the tracer so do you like the tracer its one of my favorite weapons to get this high dex weapon really fast swings and can cause big bleed now there is a chance gwen spawns as one of the on the way to gwens room which would be kind of funny got wanted to change the scene he was like im gonna go take a walk miles will get my 20. he caught you catch him during his afternoon stroll hes just patrolling the grounds oh yeah these are you its out of mushrooms these are usually the black knight spirits they are randomized and they can be bosses and you can just sit there at that cup and farm that ive had it happened before this is a heck of a run yes it is yes it is wheres my uh marika statue whatever its called the stake of mario yeah those however you pronounce those things are great and then theres some places knowing from software though they wouldnt put one here for laura theres some places in the game that is like why isnt there one here well thats just the thing is sludge sitting over there uh that lighting imp was throwing stuff at me sludge i could have knocked you off i sludge i was such a friendly kiln nice and peaceful i could look in there and see what was in there that would ruin the surprise i feel like weve also seen a lot of these golden golems theres been a couple of them have been popping up everywhere theres been theres been a handful all right here we go if its a gargoyle i swear to god its a pinwheel does that work well this is a little anticlimactic Music are you pundering him i didnt think i could actually keep him stun locked like that but apparently you can 10 wheel punch pretty much so everybody watching right now if you want the top-tier strats of how to easily beat pinwheel why do considered one of the easiest bosses in dark souls as well you can stun lock them yeah apparently as it turns out just go into town oh this this will take a little bit all right should i punch him to death or should i just put him out of his misery so were almost at four bars of health down and we got what one two three four five six seven eight nine ten more to go thatd be about i think thats like six straight minutes of punching poor pinwheel here im not sure if pinwheel deserves it i think you need to put the poor guy out of his misery barrel do it with a fun weapon smiles hammer can you wield that can you just smash him with a smiles hammer i actually dont have the strength for it Laughter its a giant nerf ham it really is what else do i got that we could mess with on that uh get him with a guardian whip oh my goodness this is a wheel this poor pendulum no sponge with a shield oh crystal ring shield is actually kind of cool you can shoot beams with it Music oh i i got the in the kill here if it if i can do it i might not have the strength or it might force this string stat requirement on me to use the special attack of this thing yeah i need the strength requirement unfortunately rip thats the case hey you can just close it out punching them out you know you guys are good yeah down low and soft it up a little bit just sped up the process Music i throw in the jabs 10 wheel its just i feel bad for pen wheels its so pathetic lets try it its best Music and gg pinwheel lord of sender has gone down after a big disgrace that was looking good anything fun for this skinny jeans yeah yeah at a rock skinny jeans uh angbor or sunlight it could be that or the uh i got fashion souls im leaving its like well i guess we got a little boy we really believed in the little onion bro truly blessed the run gave me a good seed oh this little guy yeah you skipped leg day thats why i couldnt wield a hammer yeah that was really funny swinging and just blink you think theres the weight to the hammer at that point wouldnt you would think what a lot to do it was doing eight damage versus my fist doing two though so i mean i got that going for it all right i got i gotta say this is one of the funniest runs ive had on this is im glad dark souls enemy item randomly its funny its really good its its just hilarious all the random situations the the enemy ai just not knowing what to do with it when its not in its regular spot is is so wonderful so wonderful all around you youll learn a lot about the enemies whenever you shuffle them yeah yeah and you know barrel we were done with the show um the run was great so i want to give you an opportunity to shout out yourself talk about your stream where can we find you what kind of content do you do you know you dont sigh at me barrel dont lie just get there and do it i mean you can find me at my twitch channel wooden barrel should be i think its been somewhere showing um as far as what i do it kind of varies based on my mood sometimes its suitors sometimes its this lately its been kaizo iron man im sure some of yall have seen iron man its been on here before kind of the the craze thats been sweeping twitch right now and a new rule sets coming out soon im gonna be tackling that ive beaten kaizo to know so pretty talented in that regard um i also do a lot of other stupid stuff ive done four zooter seeds with one controller before uh twice actually i did a for summary of money i did a 69 zooter seed shuffler where there was 69 different seeds in a bishop shuffler and i set it to triforce hunt and i needed to find one triforce piece from every single one of those worlds to get 69 triforce pieces and i completed that in under 68 hours or about 68 hours yeah it was so close one hour long so close um yeah i do dumb stuff thats kind of my shtick and you know we definitely saw a lot of dumb today oh yeah it was great it was fantastic um and yeah very its been yeah if you ever wanted to do this again and had like a bigger time slot uh there is fog gate rando with this oh my goodness i am vastly worse at that because i dont remember every single fog game but its essentially entrance random Music oh my god thats pretty dumb thats wild entrance rando dark souls Music ill keep in touch anyway barrel thank you again so much for uh showcasing dark souls item at enemy randos it was just wild all all night long its a good time and although we are saying goodbye to barrel and this is the end of game masters for tonights be sure to stay tuned after this for more randomizer action with time capsule and that is going to be featuring super mario 64 randomizer of course tomorrow we have the bargain bin followed by speed runs from the crypt starting at the usual time of 7 pm eastern ive been fans this has been 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