Demons Souls Remake — is it actually worth it?

How do i find my hidden games on steambroccoli steamed microwave DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED review okay uh you got my attention Music so its finally here the demon souls remake the big ps5 launch title there is a lot of hype surrounding this game and thats for two main reasons one the original demon souls from 2009 is a beloved classic and two and probably more importantly in regard to hype it looks absolutely stunning on a technical level like seriously this is one of if not the best looking game ive ever played trust me when i say youtube compression will not do this game justice but this video is meant to cut through the hype and let you know what the deal actually is what is this game is it better than the original and more importantly is it worth getting a whole console for thats what this video is going to attempt to answer with very very few spoilers so dont worry so in case you dont know the original demon souls was developed by from software and it was the very first souls game releasing as a ps3 exclusive back in 2009 it was weird experimental and had all these interesting ideas that i found immensely compelling i remember thinking at the time wait so youre telling me actual people can just come into my world and try to kill me sign me up back then i got ps3 just for this game and judging by the amount of from software games plastered across my youtube channel you can probably guess that ive been a fan of the soul series and fromsoft ever since if you want to know more why i love this game so much i recommend watching my other demon souls video i made a few months back but long story short this game has a lot of weird and unique stuff even within the context of other souls games that i think actually holds up if youve played any of the souls games you should probably know what to expect but there are enough interesting twists here to make it compelling even for veterans who never got around to playing it now crucially the 2020 remake was not made by fromsoft instead the demon souls remake was developed by blue point games who up until now were most known for their shadow of the colossus remake and uh if youre looking at the footage on the screen right now this game looks kind of amazing bluepoint did an incredible job a large part of my playthrough was spent just being mesmerized by the environments the animations and the sound design you have no idea how much time i wasted just looking at all the ways environmental objects break apart in more enhanced ways on a visual level this game is an absolute treat to play and experience there clearly was so much love and attention to detail put in by bluepoint for example look at what casting magic is now like the particle effects the sounds the lighting its so so good im loving the new facial animations too i think they really do add a lot just look at this greasy man for example what jolly traveling companions are we pleased to meet you call me matches and i gotta give an honorable mention for the new ps5 controller its got haptic feedback and i thought it would just be a gimmick but it honestly adds quite a bit every swing every roll every little thing in the environment you can actually feel it and the subtlety of it all goes far beyond the simple vibrations youre probably used to also the ssd is a big deal being able to load into a level in just a couple seconds versus the full minute that it used to be is so nice youll notice and appreciate it immediately if you play yourself alright so the visuals and sounds have been updated but what about the gameplay how different is actually playing the game from the original so heres the thing aside from a few quality of life improvements like being able to send items you cant hold back to storage in the middle of a level faster ladder climbing speeds this game plays identically to the original game and i cant stress that enough everything is the same the level design the item locations the enemies and bosses their ai their attack patterns their locations even the frame data of their attacks its all exactly the same as the original if there are any differences which i dont think there are theyre so subtle that i couldnt tell what im trying to say is that if youve played the original demon souls you might as well have played this one in terms of gameplay i think its faithful to a fault how can that be you might ask because i was just saying how much i love the original so why would the remake being too faithful be an issue ill tell you why because the original still had flaws and low points and a full-on remake was an amazing chance to address those as an example for those whove played the original without going into spoiler territory theres this one boss that everyone kind of hates and thats because its not even really a fight you just find two buttons and press them when i saw the original trailer for this game and realized there was a remake i got so excited thinking about how they could turn this into a really cool fight but no its just the same and it still kind of sucks theres also plenty of enemies that could have had their move sets expanded or their ai touched up to make them more compelling and then theres the big one everyone was hoping for it would have been real nice if the fabled sixth zone that was cut from the game originally got added and i want to be super clear here by no means am i suggesting blue point should have removed things like world tendency from the game those sorts of rough edges give the game its charm and uniqueness instead im saying i wish theyd taken those concepts further like adding more differences between white and black world tendency do you get what im saying demon souls has some really cool concepts that could have been refined and added to and they just werent this was the chance to do it so yeah as someone whos played the original its disappointing seeing so many missed opportunities to make this game better now if youve been following any of the discourse online about this game what im suggesting probably sounds a little wild because lots of people are upset about the changes that were made already and here i am suggesting they change even more the difference is that im primarily suggesting the gameplay could have been improved and refined while other people are being critical of the visuals and character redesigns i think these views are compatible we could have had a game that was a bit more faithful visually while also getting one that improved the bosses enemies and potentially even level design im not going to go into any detail in this video with my thoughts on the visual redesigns but ill say that while i think some of the criticisms are overblown some of them are also extremely valid like this fat official redesign they took an enemy that was menacing and creepy and turned him into something thats more gross less intimidating and a little cartoony stuff like this isnt a huge deal but its still kind of a bummer now everything i said sounds really negative but i want to be clear in saying that i still love the remake and youll have a lot of fun if you play it especially if youve never played the original which i know the vast majority havent id even go so far as to say i recommend this version pretty easily over the original for newcomers and im genuinely happy for all the people who will be experiencing this game as their first ever souls game and who will undoubtedly fall in love with the rest of the series like i have but heres the thing if you want to play this game you need to buy a ps5 so thats 500 alone how probably around a thousand dollars if you get it from a scalper 70 for the game and maybe even an extra 20 if you get the deluxe edition for exclusive weapons and armor which side note is lame as hell i hate predatory fomo  __  like that if you follow me id like to think that you trust me and take my opinion seriously and i dont take that lightly as such its really hard for me in good conscience to recommend an entire console just for this game when the original still exists on ps3 or emulator and plays almost identically will you miss out on the gorgeous environments amazing animations quality of life improvement and a functioning online obviously yes but the experience of the game itself is pretty much the same so heres what im trying to say if youre already getting a ps5 then by all means this is the new definitive version of the game and youll have an absolute blast but if youre buying this console just for this game and nothing else or if youve already played the original its a much tougher sell at its core this is the same game from 2009 and you gotta ask yourself if the several hundred dollars is worth what amounts to a new coat of paint do you guys get what im saying like i dont want to come across as too negative the take im giving here is probably not one that youll see other big people in the community making but i feel like it needs to be said but please dont misunderstand im really enjoying my time with the remake and ill continue playing it for a long time its very likely ill continue to make videos for too its very fun and very good if youre hyped by all means keep being hyped im not trying to discourage that demon souls is something that i genuinely want everyone to experience because both versions are some of my favorite games of all time so yeah in the coming weeks i might make another video sharing more thoughts on the game and going into more detail of what i think does and doesnt work but the changes that were actually made so keep an eye out for that i think thats going to do for me though i hope this video made it clear to people that were unsure one way or the other and if you have the game already have fun with it youre in for a great time its a great game and i hope it gets more people into the soul series because theyre fantastic you borderlands 3 steam epic games The Demons Souls remake is finally here, so I took it upon myself you give you all a little video of my impressions so far to help answer the big question: is this game worth buying a PS5 for?twitter: help with thumbnail: who invented the steam boat steam games being played right now steamed steak project zomboid steam charts can i play steam games on a mac